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"It's too late! They already have it on YouTube! And someone even made it into a music video!"

More proof that people on the Internet have too much free time.

So, you just heard the latest stupid thing some celebrity said. It's astonishingly and hilariously stupid; in fact, every time you hear it, it gets funnier and funnier. Actually, after a while, it seems to have its own peculiar rhythm. All you need to do is loop it a few times, set it to a drumbeat, and add a couple of instruments, possibly Auto-Tune it... tada! It's a new song! Make a simple video for it, slap it on YouTube, and you're good to go!


Note that the statement does not have to be stupid. It could have odd diction, or idiosyncratic pronunciation, or something else that made it the grist in the mill of Memetic Mutation. Whatever it was, it's got a nice techno beat now. Real Life examples may be Auto-Tuned to make it even more danceable. To make things even easier, there are now apps for Android and iOS that would automatically do that for you!

Compare Voice Clip Song and Speedy Techno Remake. See Caramelldansen Vid for specific examples of this trope that have gotten out of hand. Subtrope of Instant Humiliation: Just Add YouTube!, although it can be done just in audio instead of video.



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  • Among the new songs written for Monty Python's farewell performance was the "Nudge Rap/Theme From Blackmail", which doubled as a SSDM of their "Nudge Nudge" skit and a segue into their "Blackmail" skit.

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  • Harry Potter: Invoked by Peeves in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, who makes a Stupid Statement Dance Routine out of Ginny's Valentine card to Harry. Everybody sing it with me! "His eyes are as green as a fresh-pickled toad, his hair is as dark as a blackboard..."
  • Solarstone's "Sky" incorporates an SSDM of a passage read from A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Mastering The Art of Oneironautics.

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    Pro Wrestling 
  • When Candice Michelle Took a Level in Badass in 2007, challenging Melina for the Women's Championship, WWE composer Jim Johnston took her previous entrance theme "What Love Is" (a fairly straightforward R&B number with a rap breakdown toward the end) and remixed it into a new version that started out like the old one and sounded like it for about four seconds, but then veered off into wacko repetition mode and stayed like that for the rest of the song; with its mind-numbing techno beat and ad nauseam repetitions of "Move your body", "Raise your hands up", and "All eyes on muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-me!", it's easy to interpret this as a parody of Stupid Statement Dance Mixes...but no, it's dead serious. (You can hear the "What Love Is" remix on the 2008 album WWE The Music Volume 8.)

  • Sandi Toksvig pronouncing "Eyjafjallajökull" on The News Quiz, with additional material by Andy Hamilton. This was played on the show itself the following week.
  • The immortal and legendary Karl Pilkington gave us "I Could Eat a Knob at Night" from the first series of The Ricky Gervais Show podcast. Example.
  • Back in 2000, The Jim Rome Show received a tape of a remix of frequent caller John in C-Town set to music, prominently featuring the phrase "Lunch with the monkey". note 
  • The end of Big Finish Doctor Who's "The Holy Terror" contains a crowd chant from the story ("ALL HAIL FROBISHER, ALL HAIL THE BIG TALKING BIRD') set to a driving Eurotechno beat as an Easter Egg.
  • An artist called DruBoogie has been featured on Opie & Anthony, remixing both clips from the show and from popular internet videos.
    • Another remix played on the show was a remix of Bob Kelly breaking his knee ("I broke my knee, man!")
  • The final episode of the 2015 Vote Now Show ended with a Stupid Statement Dance Mix of all the "best" quotes from the election campaign.
  • A collection of Mo Rocca's ums and stammers, characteristic of his sorting out the answers aloud, were turned into one for one of the roundup review episodes of Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!.

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