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A song remade into a fast Techno version. Could be a remix, which uses most of the actual recording, or a rearrangement, which is a whole new recording which incorporates the lyrics or tune of the song, but adds in a lot more.

Could be any kind of song, even Gregorian chants if someone felt like it. Many of the songs in the DanceDanceRevolution games are these kinds of remakes, since "speedy" also means "harder" most of the time.

Note that if only part of a song is used in a speedy techno song, that's just Sampling.

Examples (sorted by original song's genre):

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     Alternative Rock  

  • Dj Tiesto's version of Barber's "Adagio for Strings". Doesn't seem speedy until you realize the original plays at half the tempo.
    • Before that, there was the Ferry Corsten remix of William Orbit's version.
    • A more speedy version is K-Complex "Adagio".
    • Also, Albinoni/Giazotto's "Adagio in G Minor" was remixed by Above & Beyond, as well as Tiesto.
  • "Carmina Burana", remixed by Apotheosis/Excalibur.
  • "Speed over Beethoven" by Rose (not to be confused with the Eurobeat artist) is a happy hardcore rendition of "Fur Elise". "Can't You Feel My Love" by the same artist is based on the "Presto Agitato" movement of the Moonlight Sonata.
  • V (for Extreme) from DDR is a dance remix of the Allegro movement of the Winter concerto from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.
  • Trance versions of the "Canon", "Ave Maria" and "Air on the G string" by Angels.
  • Mars - "Pachelbel 8000" (remake of Pachelbel's Canon in D)
    • And his remix of the Jungle Brothers' "Ital Stew", as "Ital Step".
      • Pachelbel's Canon is a very popular candidate for remixes. Here's one by Ban Ya (Canon D: Part of The Memories) that appears in Pump It Up. It's not as sped up, but it's still an awesome remake. In fact, it seems that the Koreans are very fond of this trope with classical music- At least a quarter of Pump It Up's track list is made up of sped up classical music.
  • "Raving to the Fifth" by Tecknophonia Ltd. is, as its name suggests, a rave remix of Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
    • Walter Murphy did Beethoven's 5th in disco format as "A Fifth of Beethoven". This was used on the soundtrack to the 1978 version of Ice Castles.
  • Take Christian Petzold's Minuet in G Major, slap lyrics on it, give it the 50's equivalent of a Speedy Techno Remix, and you get "A Lover's Concerto''. Then run it through this trope the second time around a few decades later, and you get SA's Delight.
  • Aria's "Willow" and "Dido" are neoclassical electronica remakes of Verdi's "Willow Song" and Purcell's "Dido's Lament", respectively, and in turn received awesome trance remixes by DJ Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, respectively.
  • The Swan Lake overture was remade as "Swan Rave".
  • Joy by Apollo 100 is an instrumental remake of "Ode to Joy", by Beethoven. There's also "End of the Century" in the DanceDanceRevolution series.
  • The "Finale" of Gioacchino Rossini's William Tell Overture was remade as "Tell" by Symphonious (one of Kyle Ward's many names) for In the Groove 2.
  • Edvard Grieg's "In the Halls of the Mountain King" has been remade as "This Club Is Closed Forever" by Razzia, and "Dream a Dream" by Captain Jack.
  • Wendy Carlos adapted the March movement of Henry Purcell's "Music For the Funeral of Queen Mary" for the main theme of A Clockwork Orange, then two decades later, German trance artist Cygnus X remade that as "The Orange Theme".
  • Andrea Bocelli's "Con te partiró" has a speedy trance remake as "I Will Fly With You" (not to be confused with the Gigi d'Agostino song) by Revolution.
  • Art of Trance remade Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1" as "Panorama".

  • "Hampsterdance" was the result of speeding up and looping a section of Roger Miller's "Whistle Stop". Technically, the techno mix was made after that.
    • Also by Hampton the Hampster is "The Birdie Song", a techno version of "The Chicken Dance".
  • DJ Speedo feat. Angelica - "There You'll Be", a eurospeed/eurobeat cover of the Faith Hill song. Lyrical Dissonance, of course.

  • Dune did a happy hardcore remix/cover of Rozalla's "Are You Ready to Fly". Although not quite as speedy as the former (but faster than the original), Blümchen did a loose German cover of "Everybody's Free" titled "Ich bin wieder Hier", and Richard "Humpty" Vission remade EF with Rozalla herself in 2000.
  • Leland Jazz Radburn - "Never Gonna Give You Up"(!)
    • The same label, Disko Warp, also did a happy hardcore remake of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".

  • The TIME Eurobeat label did this with many of their old Italo-disco songs. For example, "Perfect Time" by Rose and its 2007 remake.
    • Asia Records/SAIFAM also did this with several old songs, eg FCF - "Bad Desire" => FCF - "A New Bad Desire", and Mike Hammer - "Divine" => Mark Foster - "Kiss Me Divine".
  • Coo Coo - "Upside Down (Hyper Euro Mix)", which got sped up even further by Y & Co.
  • ABBA: "Lay All Your Love on Me", remade by Sylver, and "Mamma Mia", remade by Veronica.
  • The Nolan Sisters' "I'm In The Mood for Dancing" received a Eurobeat remix by Ventura (under the artist name Sharon, though the original vocals are still used) for Dancemania Happy Paradise Vol. 2, which was licensed in DDRMAX and DDR Extreme.

  • King Kong & D Jungle Girls - "Boom Boom Dollar: Red Monster 2000 Mix" and "KOG G3 Mix".
  • The Hi-NRG Attack label did a number of "hyper techno" remixes of their old-school material.



  • "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk uses a sped up version of "Cola Bottle Baby" for its sample. Kanye West then reversed it by slowing it down and remixing it as a hip-hop song. Impressively, all three are actually pretty good.

     Hard Rock  

     Heavy Metal  


     Industrial Metal  
  • Marilyn Manson - Almost every single contains at least one, if not several, sometimes only on some nations' editions. It started with the I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) single's remixes, and just sort of exploded from there. With Slo-Mo-Tion he seems to have finally have gotten bored with these... in favor of speedier dubstep remixes.

     New Wave  



     R & B  




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     Soundtrack - Western Animation  

  • "Under My Skin" by a project known as Paffendorf is sped up to create the Paffendorf series, affectionately called the "Paffendorf Dance" or the further evolved version. The dancing girl is Momoko and the main cast from Lucky Star respectively.
  • While not inherently this, some of the more famous Nightcore artists do choose to add techno elements and slightly heavier bass to some of their remixes. The style itself focuses on speeding up a song and including a higher pitch, but not (as a rule) as high as "Chipmunk-ing". What delineates this for most outsiders is the faster speed, bringing the style back around to this trope.
  • The chillout tune "Silence" by Delerium f/ Sarah MacLachlan was given the speed-up treatment at least three times; by Airscape, DJ Tiesto, and later Above & Beyond.

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