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Comin' at you, like a boom-boom-boom-boom-boomerang!

Jasmin Wagner (born April 20, 1980 in Hamburg, Germany), best known under the artist name Blümchentranslation , is a German singer, actress and TV presenter.

She had her first, and arguably biggest, success under the aforementioned Blümchen moniker in the 90s and early 2000s, when she released four Electronic Dance Music albums in the German language. She scored several big hits during this time, including Herz an Herztranslation  (her debut), Boomerang, Kleiner Satellit (Piep, piep)translation  and Heut' ist mein Tagtranslation  (her only #1, in Sweden of all places).

Her first two albums, Herzfrequenztranslation  and Verliebt...translation  were also released in English in Eastern Europe and Asia, under the names Heartbeat and In Love... respectively. For this, she used the artist name Blossom.

Throughout her career as Blümchen, her sound varied quite a bit, ranging from pure happy hardcore on the first album, to her first ballad on the second, to more Eurodance influences and pop hooks on the third and fourth. This came to an end in early 2001 after her farewell tour, when she retired the Blümchen moniker and decided to continue under her birth name — Jasmin Wagner.

Under her birth name, she took on various different activities, such as theater, a few movie roles, and hosting more TV shows (which she had already done quite a bit in the Blümchen era as well). She also wrote several songs for other artists, such as "Orchester in mir" translation  for singer Christina Stürmer (and later covered by teen pop band Saphir). She also kept releasing music, albeit more sporadically, with a sound initially quite different from her Blümchen-releases. The first release under her real name was a cover of ''Santa Claus is Coming to Town"; her first originally-penned song released under her real name was "Leb' deinen Traum"translation .

Unfortunately, what was originally going to be her first album under her real name ended up never being released, despite releasing a few singles off of it and even performing a few unreleased album tracks live (one of which got released eventually many years later; more on that below). Her actual first album under her real name ended up being a Retraux-style 60s pop album released in 2006, titled Die Versuchungtranslation .

The second album released under her real name was a Cover Album full of songs by late German Schlager singer Alexandra, to accompany a biographical theater show she starred in as the main role. This album was sold exclusively at Reader's Digest in Germany.

In 2019, Jasmin decided to perform again under the Blümchen-moniker, even releasing some new songs in the process. Her comeback single was a cover of "Computerliebe"translation , originally by Paso Doble (just like her old hit "Herz an Herz"). She also released a new remix of "Herz an Herz" featuring Cuban singer Raykuba, as well as several other collaborations, including one with David Hasselhoff.

Then in 2021, she released her third album under her real name called Von Herzentranslation . Unlike her previous works released under her real name, this album is closer in sound to her Blümchen-material (branded "Electro-Schlager" by Jasmin herself), albeit with slightly more mature songwriting. It was clearly intended to appeal to those Blümchen-fans; the singles off the album are even listed under both names on Spotify! (The album itself isn't, however.) This album also contains her old unreleased song "Sonne in mir"translation  in rerecorded and remixed form as the final track.

     Discography & Releases  

As Blümchen

Studio albums
  • Herzfrequenz (1996)
  • Verliebt... (1997)
  • Jasmin (1998)
  • Die Welt gehört dirtranslation  (2000)
Live albums, compilations, and remix albums
  • Für Jasmin – Das Blümchen Remix-Albumtranslation  (1996)
  • Live in Berlin (1999)
  • Meine grössten Erfolge – Das Beste von Blümchentranslation  (2000), also known as Die Singlekollektiontranslation 
  • Für immer und ewigtranslation  (2000)
  • Best Ofnote  (2003)
  • The Ultimate Single Remixes (2007)
Other singles
  • "Bicycle Race" (for the Queen Tribute Album Queen Dance Traxx 1; also appears on Herzfrequenz and Heartbeat) (1996)
  • "Let the Music Heal Your Soul" (as part of Bravo All Stars) (1998)
  • "Computerliebe" (2019)
  • "Herz an Herz (Marquess Remix)" (feat. Raykuba) (2019)
  • "(You Make the) Summer Go Away" (with David Hasselhoff) (2019)
  • "Herzalarm"translation  (with Finch) (2021)
  • "Das Lied über mich"translation  (with Volker Rosin) (2021)

As Blossom

Studio albums
  • Heartbeat (1996)
  • In Love... (1997)

As Jasmin Wagner

Studio albumsAudio books
  • Legenden — Das Leben von Sophia Lorentranslation  (2008)
Other releases
  • "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" (originally by Harry Reser & His Orchestra) (2001)
  • "Die Stadt mit der Nase im Wind"translation  (as part of Hamburg Allstars) (2001)
  • "Hopelessly Devoted to You" (on Best of Mania) (2004)
  • "Der kleine Stern"translation  (to the tune of "Soleado" by Zacar) (2004)
  • "The Love of My Life" (for the soundtrack to the movie 7 Zwerge — Männer allein im Waldtranslation ) (2004)
  • "Won't Forget These Days '06" (as part of Music Team Germany) (2006)
  • "You'll Never Walk Alone" (as part of Hamburg Allstars) (2010)
  • "Oh, dieser Sound!"translation  (for the Tribute Album Oh, dieser Sound! – Stars spielen Superpunk)translation  (2011)
  • "Küss mich"translation  (with the A Cappella group Wise Guys, on the album Achterbahntranslation ) (2014)

As Denim Girl

Tropes associated with Jasmin Wagner:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Her original artist name "Blümchen" was apparently what Jasmin's mother called her as a child.
  • Album Closure: "Outro" on her first album, Herzfrequenz/Heartbeat.
  • Album Intro Track: "Intro" on her first album, Herzfrequenz/Heartbeat.
  • Acquainted in Real Life: The music video for "Herz an Herz" has a boy and a girl meet online not realizing that they live door to door.
  • Based on a Great Big Lie: Her original "discovery backstory", which turned out to be completely fake. For a long time, it was passed off as if Jasmin was coincidentally discovered at a Neue Deutsche Welle karaoke party. The reality however was a lot more boring: she simply auditioned to be the face of the Blümchen project.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Jasmin is half-Croatian on her mother's side.
  • Charity Motivation Song: "Let the Music Heal Your Soul", with the Bravo All Stars. This song was recorded for the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre.
  • Christmas Songs: Several:
    • "Unterm Weihnachtsbaum"translation  from the Blümchen era.
    • A cover of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", released under her real name.
    • "Der kleine Stern", also released under her real name.
  • Cover Album: Singt Alexandra.
  • Cover Version: Aside from the ones listed under Speedy Techno Remake, Translated Cover Version and What Song Was This Again?, she also released a few that don't fall into that category:
    • "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Harry Reser and His Orchestra.
    • Olivia Newton-John's "Hopelessly Devoted to You" (from Grease).
    • "You Never Walk Alone" by Rodgers and Hammerstein (as part of Hamburg Allstars).
    • "Oh, dieser Sound!" by Superpunk.
    • "Der kleine Stern", originally an instrumental by Zacar called "Soleado".
    • The entire Singt Alexandra-album, as mentioned above.
    • She even once pulled somewhat of a "reverse-Speedy Techno Remake" by recording a self-cover of her Blümchen hit "Heut' ist mein Tag" in a more pop-rock style, which was going to be released on her cancelled real name debut. There are live recordings of this version, but unfortunately the studio version was never released in any way, not even as a leak.
    • Under the one-time alias of Denim Girl, she covered "Are You Ready for Some Darkness?" by Turbonegro with Bela B.
  • Custom Uniform of Sexy: Was quite known for her midriff-exposing outfits back in the 90s.
  • Electro House: Crossing over with the German Schlager genre, her album Von Herzen is this.
  • Electronic Dance Music: Her entire tenure as Blümchen/Blossom, as well as her album Von Herzen (despite being released under her real name).
  • Epic Rocking: Especially early on in the Blümchen era, a lot of the album tracks (or album versions of single releases) were over 5 minutes long, with lots of "rave"-y acid loops and breakdowns.
  • Europop: Several of her songs, especially later on in the classic Blümchen era.
  • Hardcore Techno: Of the Happy Hardcore-type.
  • Idol Singer: Her tenure as Blümchen/Blossom could be considered a European/German version of this. She even released music in Asia, and even "graduated" at one point (albeit voluntarily, not pushed by her label/talent agency).
  • Limited Lyrics Song: Was mostly the case early on, on the first two Blümchen albums. Started to be slowly averted from the third album onward, only to be completely absent on the fourth, as well as on all her later releases.
  • Location Song: Two so far, both about her hometown of Hamburg:
    • "Die Stadt mit der Nase im Wind", as part of the "Hamburg Allstars".
    • The self-penned "Hamburg im Sinn"translation  from the album Von Herzen.
  • Loudness War: Unfortunately, many of her Blümchen songs tend to fall victim to this.
  • Medley: There's a hit medley on the "Fanedition" of her album Verliebt... (only on the German version).
  • Multilingual Song: A few:
    • She released a bilingual German/French remix of the song "Du bist die Insel"translation  from Verliebt..., called "Tu es mon Île"note  with French singer Yta Farrow, for her third Album Jasmin.
    • She collaborated with Swedish Eurodance musician E-Type on the German/English bilingual song "Est ist nie vorbei"translation .
  • New Sound Album: Several times in her career:
    • As Blümchen, her third Self-Titled Album Jasmin featured a more pop- and Eurodance-influenced sound compared to the pure rave sound of the first two albums.
    • Her first unreleased album under her real name was going to be this, being regular pop rather than dance compared to her work as Blümchen.
    • Die Versuchung, her actual debut under her real name, which is a Retreaux pop album.
    • Von Herzen is both this and a subversion. It sounds more similar to her Blümchen-work, but when compared to her previous real name-releases it's quite different.
  • Older Than They Look / Younger Than They Look: Both count at different points in time. During her teen years, she could easily pass for older, leading to rumors that she was lying about her age (which are less and less likely to be true as time goes on). Nowadays however, she could easily pass for younger than she actually is; it's as if she simply does not age!
  • Power Ballad: A non-rock example. Most of her Blümchen songs were uptempo and danceable, but from the second album onward she has also been releasing ballads.
  • Retraux:
    • Her album Die Versuchung, which invokes The '60s.
    • Her Cover Album Singt Alexandra could be considered this as well (invoking the same era as Die Versuchung), since all the songs were originally from that era.
    • Some of her recent Blümchen releases could be considered this, invoking The '90s and the Turn of the Millennium.
  • Rewritten Pop Version: The theme song of Sesamstraße, which is the German version of Sesame Street.
  • Self-Titled Album: Her third Blümchen album, Jasmin.
  • Single Stanza Song: Related to Limited Lyrics Song above, this also applied to her first two albums, starting to be averted from the third one onward.
  • Speedy Techno Remake: Several of her Blümchen songs are dance remakes of older, non-dance songs:
    • "Herz an Herz" was originally by Neue Deutsche Welle band Paso Doble.
    • She also covered "Bicycle Race" by Queen.
    • "Nur geträumt" was originally by Nena.
    • She also made one of the Sesamstraße theme song.
    • "Blaue Augen"translation  was originally by German rock band Ideal.
    • "Gehn wie ein Ägypter" is a German cover of "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles.
    • Her comeback single "Computerliebe" was also originally by Paso Doble.
    • She did a duet remake with Volker Rosin of his old children's classic ''Das Lied über mich" in a more techno-inspired style.
  • That Syncing Feeling: Did this a lot in the classic Blümchen era, but not always (especially not during concerts). Like Non-Singing Voice on the Trivia tab, this was common at the time, especially on TV.
  • Teen Idol: Was this during the 90s.
  • Title Track: Only very narrowly averted. Her fourth Blümchen album is called "Die Welt gehört dir", whereas one of the singles released off of it was called "Die Welt gehört mir"translation .
    • Twice, in fact. Die Versuchung has a mostly-instrumental song called "Versuchung".
  • Trance: Some of her songs could be considered to fall into this genre.
  • Translated Cover Version: Several during the Blümchen era.
    • From German to English:
      • There's an English version of "Herz an Herz" called "Heart to Heart". The original German version is by Paso Doble.
      • Likewise with "Nur Geträumt", a German song by Nena, which also got translated into "Just A Dream".
    • From English to German:
      • "Gehn wie ein Ägypter" is a German cover of The Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian". Unlike the other examples of this, which tend to fall under What Song Was This Again? instead, this is a more direct translation.
  • Urban Legend: There are rumors of some unreleased Blümchen songs existing; one of the most persistent ones is probably a song called "Feuerwerk"translation .
  • What Song Was This Again?: A few of her songs, which have new German lyrics written for songs that were originally in English:
    • "Ich bin wieder hier" is a loose German cover of Rozalla's "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)".
    • "Er ist so süß" is a loose German cover of Urban Cookie Collective's "The Key the Secret".
    • "Ich bereue dich so gerne"translation  from Die Versuchung is a loose German cover of "Will You Be Staying After Sunday" by The Peppermint Rainbow.

Alternative Title(s): Blumchen, Bluemchen, Blossom