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Andrew Kepple is a flash animator from New Zealand (currently residing in Canada). He started out in 1999 under the online handle Too Much Spare Time (or just TmsT) and have since then produced quite a few viral and semi-viral animations. It is probably safe to say that he has been with the Internet since it really started to go big, and has had a hand in laying the foundation for quite a bit of Internet culture.


In 2003, after making and running a few webcomics, from which the most well-known is perhaps Goodbye Cruel World, Kepple took great interest in Flash animation. His first big break was his Animutation videos, amongst them the famous Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ fanimutrilogy, which became quite popular in the fanimutation community. Kepple would later have a couple of rather fruitful collaborations with the father of Animutation, Neil Cicierega, which resulted in some Animated Music Video based on some of Neil's early Lemon Demon songs.

Also noteworthy is Kepple's own voice acting and keyboard music which is featured in a couple of his videos, and which really isn't half bad. He is also very fond of Creator Cameos and Easter Eggs.

While all of Kepple's official sites appears to be down at the moment, most of his work can be viewed through his Albino Black Sheep page and Newgrounds page


Andrew Kepple's body of work includes:

Kepple's work provides examples of:
  • Transformation Sequence: The two protagonists in Sophisticus go through a parody of a Sailor Moon transformation in which they acquire facial hair and spats, complete with sparkly skin and whipping coattails.
  • Take That!: At House's fangirls. Or at least the ones who think of him as a nice, kindly individual.
  • Belief Makes You Stupid: Two Guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle, Lampshaded somewhat in Becausemos.