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The Amazon

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The Amazon may refer to different things on the site:

  • The Amazon Rainforest: A Useful Notes page with factual information about the real life Amazon Rainforest.
  • Don't Go Into the Woods: Forests portrayed as dangerous and ominous places.
  • Enchanted Forest: A wondrous, ancient deep forest teeming with magic.
  • Ghibli Hills: Gorgeous, untouched natural landscapes of wonder next to human settlements.
  • Hungry Jungle: A jungle portrayed as deadly, savage and dangerous setting.
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  • Jungle Japes: Stock jungle settings in Video Games
  • Wild Wilderness: A remote, pristine woodland that acts as a mysterious and ominous setting for the adventure.
  • The Amazon warriors from Classical Mythology:
    • Action Girl: A female fighter who engages in action, who many times may be part of or have her character be inspired by the Amazons.
    • Amazon Brigade: A fighting unit of warrior women.
    • Amazonian Beauty: A female character portrayed as attractive due to her athletic phisique.
    • Amazon Chaser: A character finds a woman attractive because of her fighting skills.
    • Lady Land: A place exclusively commanded and mostly populated by women, which may be inspired by the Amazons.
    • No Guy Wants an Amazon: A male character refuses to date a woman who is stronger or better at fighting than he is.
  • Amazon: An e-commerce, delivery and web services multinational company.

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