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The is a disambiguation page. In case you didn't know, The Office is actually the name of both a British sitcom and its American remake. There do exist some other international versions of the show, but odds are the wick is referring to one of these two. To point the wick you came from to the correct page, here's what to do:

Step 1: Figure out if the link you got here from is referring to:

Not sure which? Look at the context and search up some key terms in the example if you have to. You can also look at the character pages: Characters.The Office UK and Characters.The Office US.

Step 2: Go back to the page you were linked here from and correct the link so it refers to the correct page. Is it referring to both? Then include links to both pages. Remember the link should look like Series/TheOfficeUK or Series/TheOfficeUS.

Step 3: You found what you were looking for? Good. Time to reap the rewards!

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