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From left to right, top to bottom: Slendy himself, Hunson Abadeer, an Enderman, and a Silent.

Slender Man started as a strange little experiment in urban legends on an online forum and a handful of Youtube channels — sort of a modern day, internet-born Bloody Mary or Hook-Handed Man. Considering the memetic, viral way Slendy crept into popular consciousness, it shouldn't be surprising that he's spawned numerous Expies, often attempts to duplicate the formula or just outright parodies.

A Slender Man Stand-In usually has at least a few of the following characteristics:

  • Human shaped, the emphasis being on "shaped";
  • Tall, thin build, sometimes with Creepily Long Arms and/or Creepy Long Fingers;
  • Often The Blank. They may have features of some sort but almost never complete faces;
  • Dark, concealing clothing, most commonly a business suit;
  • Love to discreetly stalk people, and may be masters of Offscreen Teleportation;
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  • Mysterious but probably malicious intentions;
  • In-universe, they're probably the subjects of urban legends or conspiracy theories, especially ones found online. Expect them to specially target anyone who investigates these legends.

A subtrope of Fountain of Expies.


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    Fan Works 
  • LittleKuriboh parodied Marble Hornets with "Concrete Giraffes", in which Marik and Bakura attempt to make a student film but are harassed by an annoying grey featureless guy called "Jack Slenderman" who keeps ducking into shots and interrupting to ask if he can be in the movie.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Bye Bye Man is a shadowy creature of urban legend who seeks and kills anyone who knows his name. His appearance is shrouded by a hooded raincoat but he has eerily long, slender fingers.
  • Smiley has a killer who looks more or less like Slender Man but has an smile-emoji carved into his otherwise blank face. He is, naturally, summoned by performing an online ritual.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who has the Silence starting in the 6th series. Visually they are a cross between The Greys and The Men in Black, and can give you Laser-Guided Amnesia so they always seem to pop out of nowhere. The similarities to Slender Man might have been coincidental, but they are definitely there.
  • An episode of Law & Order had some kids brutally stab a friend in the woods while trying to catch "the Glasgowman" on video. note 
  • Supernatural:
    • Season 9 has an episode revolving around the Thinman, a strange ghostly being who has quite an internet presence but no apparent pre-death identity. Turns out to just be a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax.
    • Early on, the series did a few episodes based around sinister creatures who came to life through a combination of magic and memetic urban legend status. However, these predated Slendy.

    Video Games 
  • Don't Get Spooked included Slender Man and the parodies Squat Man and Regular Man.
  • Minecraft has enemies called Endermen (get it?). They're tall, thin, pitch black creatures who can teleport and move blocks around.
  • The Bogeyman of The Secret World. The unnaturally lanky inhabitant of the abandoned Atlantic Island Park, he stalks and preys upon any trespassers - most commonly children. He's always dressed in the tattered remains of a ringmaster's costume, including a top hat, and his right hand has withered into a single impossibly long finger. The comparison is even stronger in The Park, in which the Bogeyman is even more elusive, more prone to the Mind Rape, and more feared by the local children.

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-1810, creepy marionette who tries to protect children, but is really very bad at it; the creator was jokingly worried people would nickname it SLENDERSITTER.
    • SCP-4666: The Yule Man. It's a tall, thin, Humanoid Abomination that kidnaps children during the Christmas season. At least one commenter referred to it as "Slender Claus".
    • SCP-582 appears to be Slenderman itself, being described as an "adaptive, self-propagating meme" whereby if anyone writes fictional accounts about it, it will become reality. SCP-582 also has a habit of appearing and disappearing at will.

    Web Videos 
  • Marble Hornets had The Operator, based off of the original Slender Man concept but tweaked to fit their own story; for this reason, they changed his name. However, funnily enough, a lot of Slender Man works used their ideas for the monster and ran with them, making The Operator both an expy and a codifier for Slender Man.
  • Crypt TV has the Look-See, who resembles Slender Man quite closely, but with burlap-textured skin, a "face" made of necrotic scars, a huge Slasher Smile with More Teeth than the Osmond Family, and a hilariously out-of-place pair of bright red hobo-style Fingerless Gloves that clash horribly with both his monstrous appearance and his standard-issue Slendy-expy business suit. He also has a more consistent MO: hunting those who are burdened by grief and/or guilt.
  • In the Smosh video "THE NEW SLENDERMAN", Ian and Anthony discover that they are being photobombed repeatedly by someone that looks like Slenderman. When they catch him, he confesses that he is actually Slenderman's little brother Skinnyman, who has been trying to make it on his own as a meme ever since his brother retired at the height of his popularity. When Ian and Anthony insist that he looks exactly the same as Slenderman, he gets so angry that he kills them.

    Western Animation 
  • Hunson Abadeer from Adventure Time may be borrowing from from SM stylistically. He is iconic for wearing a suit and tie, his lanky limbs and tentacles, and his habit of moving in various unnatural ways.
  • The Summerween Trickster from Gravity Falls, while mostly based on No-Face from Spirited Away, spends most of his episode in a form inspired by Slender Man. His overall body has a very similar design, with a humanoid look, though one with long legs & hands and his face hidden behind a mask. He's also a bit of an urban legend, who likes to stalk and eat children and likes to keep to the shadows.
  • The Beast from Over the Garden Wall is a Humanoid Abomination resembling a tree that stalks unsuspecting victims in a forest called "the Unknown". His true form is concealed by the shadows, making him appear dark and featureless, save for his eyes. Finally, the Beast, like Slender Man, has zero qualms against abducting and killing children.


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