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The Titansversenote  is a Shared Universe of live-action series based on DC Comics characters, produced by and airing on the DC Universe streaming service since late 2018. This is notably the third concurrent live-action universe made by DC, after the Arrowverse and DC Extended Universe. Constructed by Geoff Johns, Akiva Goldsman and Greg Berlanti (notably the main guy for the aforementioned Arrowverse), the Titansverse is an attempt at a new universe that's not held back by network restrictions.

The universe has Darker and Edgier installments as the direct result of not abiding to either the rules of cable TV or the trappings of film, and it's been reported that it will have R-rated content.

Shows in the Titansverse include:


It's been hinted that these are just the first of more to come.

Note that this is a work in progress and will be improved over time.

Tropes found in the series:

  • Action Girl: The Titansverse is quite full with action-oriented ladies.
    • Any woman who has a little bit of a significant role in the Titans (2018), can and will kick your ass, whether they are an alien Warrior Princess, an amazonian, a McNinja metahuman, an human-demon hybrid or a Badass Normal.
    • Doom Patrol leading ladies, Crazy Jane and Rita Farr are no slouch either; the first one has access to multiple personalities who give her a wide range of super-powers, while the latter is more of an Action Survivor, but still badass in her own way.
  • Adaptational Diversity:
    • Characters like Mercy Graves, Don Hall and Wintergreen are played by black actors, whereas they were white in the comics, with the first receiving even an Adaptational Sexuality, while the latter receiving an Age Lift.
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    • The entire Wilson family is Race Lift-ed, Slade and Adeline go from white to Latino, and respectively Asian-american, Jericho is even played by an actual deaf trans actor, and Rose instead of being half white, is half Latino now.
    • Crazy Jane, who is white in the comics, is played by latina actress Diane Guerrro.
    • The series makes Larry Traynor a gay man, played by Matt Bomer.
  • Adult Fear: Filled to the brim with it, from witnessing your parents or surrogate parents dying horribly (Dick, Dawn, Donna, and Rachel), to waking up suddenly with no memories of your life or even what kind of person you are (Kori, Connee), to losing yourself to your inner demons and becoming a monster (Dick), to having an aspect of yourself that you can't control making you a danger to your loved ones (Gar and Rachel), abusive parental figures (Dawn, Gar and possibly Dick) and the threat of sexual abuse towards minors (Hank and Don). One way or another, these characters have hard lives and face some truly frightening things outside the typical superhero fare.
  • Alternate Company Equivalent:
    • This universe can be easily compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix shows as Darker and Edgier superhero stories set in a Shared Universe and exclusive to streaming. The primary differences being that this universe is completely separate from the DC Extended Universe (whereas the Netflix series are ostensibly tied to the movies) and that this universe is much more open about being part of the Superhero genre (whereas the superhero aspect was downplayed by other genres with strong Noir influences).
    • Alternatively, it could be seen as the streaming equivalent of DC's old Vertigo line and new Young Animal imprint. These being Darker and Edgier versions of lesser-known heroes, rather than the PG-13 versions of the A-listers people are accustomed to.
  • Alternate Continuity: Takes place separately from the DC Extended Universe. Revealed in Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019) to be Earth 9 & Earth 21 in the Arrowverse.
  • Alternate History: A notable feature is that in this world, unlike the two other worlds, the series doesn't start with one superhero that exists while more join along the way, building the universe from scratch. Rather, superheroes are already established as a thing in this world before anything begins. For example, Titans starts with Robin breaking away from Batman and Doom Patrol has the team gathered by Cyborg.
  • Body Horror: All members of Doom Patrol and Cyborg underwent various forms of this. Beast Boy, Robotman, and Cyborg's cases double as Emergency Transformation.
  • Celebrity Paradox: Rachel is a big fan of Game of Thrones, especially the character of Daenerys Targaryen. Bruce Wayne is slated to be played by Iain Glen, who is a main cast member of the show and whose character is strongly connected to Daenerys.
  • Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames: So far, the only superheroes within The 'Verse to be addressed by their comic book monickers (either currently or previously) are; the two Robins (Dick and Jason), Donna Troy, the Hawk and Dove duo, Batman, and Superman. Strangely, this applies to the supervillains as well, as only members of Batman's Rogues Gallery were addressed by their comic book monickers on-screen (and they are all unseen characters).
  • Darker and Edgier: The universe will take full advantage of being on streaming as opposed to being on network TV, and will be comparable to the Netflix MCU in content, though more unabashedly about superheroes in nature. This is represented by the first two series Titans (2018) and Doom Patrol, which in the comics have a history of being very dark and mature.
  • Ensemble Cast: Unlike the Arrowverse whose first two series are about single protagonists, this Shared Universe's first two series are about a group of individuals.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Both sides have shown here. Mysticism, aliens, metahumans, badass normals, science and more will be present.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Already shaping up to be this. Unsurprising given the world it's based on.
  • Shared Universe: The second one for DC TV shows, after the Arrowverse.
  • Team Title: The first two series, Titans (2018) and Doom Patrol, were named after the eponymous teams from the comics.
  • The 'Verse: A new live action universe based on characters from The DCU.


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