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Nice Hat

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Clearly not a hat to be trifled with.

A discerning hero/villain just can't be seen without their Nice Hat! Harming the nice hat may be akin to kicking the dog, with disastrous results.

To show that you mean business, it's important to have style. Enter: the nice hat. It may actually have utility — even conveying special powers — but more often than not it just looks cool, or even just sexy.

Fedoras are the most common Nice Hat, probably because they inherently invoke 1920s to 1940s era Gangsterland and Film Noir we all know and love.note  Wizards have their own style to worry about. Commissar Cap is also a common enough version of this to have its own sub trope. The crowns of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs (since crowns are always cool) make this Older Than Dirt. In fact, the Cool Crown as Requisite Royal Regalia always overlaps with this trope.


A Sub-Trope of Costume Porn.

A Super-Trope to:

Compare Cool Mask, Pimped-Out Dress, Pimped-Out Cape, Nice Shoes, Coat, Hat, Mask, High Class Gloves. Often an important part of a character's Iconic Outfit.

Has nothing to do with Planet of Hats, unless it's taken to literal proportions.


  • Donatello's David (in bronze and not to be confused with Michelangelo's David in marble), which is made all the more amusing when you realize he's only wearing the hat and boots.

Alternative Title(s): Cool Hat, Sweet Hat, Fezzes Are Cool


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