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"Who do you want to be with when the sky turns white? "

The End (Swedish title Slutet) is a Swedish young adult novel written by Mats Strandberg, published in 2018.

The novel takes place in an unnamed town and follows Simon and Lucinda, two teenager whose lives are turned upside down when a comet is going to hit the Earth in a month, extinguishing all life.

This work contains tropes such as:

  • Apocalypse How: A clear example of a class 5.

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  • Historical Domain Character: While not being explicitly named, the president addressing the US is Donald Trump, based on Lucinda's unusually harsh thoughts about him and that he was already elected president when the book was written, meaning that he would still be president by the time the book is taking place.

  • Shout-Out: Simon and his friends are watching Armageddon in one of the earlier parts of the book.

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