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"A little bit o' pain never 'urt anybody... if you know what I mean. Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, 'fuck-off' shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use 'em. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro."

There are two things about knives that make them special in movies and television. First, they are badass, since there is nothing more humiliating than being beaten with a blade shorter than your palm. Second, they are scary, as a single glimmer from its profile in Ax-Crazy hands has been known to provoke screeches of horror (that and the possibility that they're more painful than any gunshot will ever be). And sometimes, it is both.

Finally, they're generally easier to obtain and own legally than guns. Not to mention being significantly easier to conceal. In many countries, even in the modern day, pocket knives are perfectly normal to carry and barely garner a second glance. Laws abound about carrying knives, but generally, if the blade is less than 5 inches long, and there's no spring involved anywhere, it can be carried without worry. This is because knives are extremely useful everyday tools, for cutting tape, ties, or apples. Speaking of, knives made for cutting or preparing food are found in pretty much every home on the planet, so this trope can be pulled off with a simple steak knife.


Knives have been a common tool since for all of human history and very well might have been the first thing humans invented. Prehistoric knives made of stone or natural glass have been found all over the world. Obviously, since they've been in our hands for pretty much forever, they've been used as weapons for just as long.

In Fantasy settings, knives are the iconic weapon of the Thief, the Fragile Speedster, or the Combat Pragmatist and are typically Dual Wielded. The latter has some basis in reality, as historically, daggers have been used as off-hand weapons alongside a rapier or tomahawk, but mainly for utility or defensive purposes such as parrying where a shield couldn't be carriednote . Knives are typically also associated with Poisoned Weapons, despite the fact that a knife makes a poor poison applicatornote 


Also common in the hands of a Cowboy, in which case the knife in question is probably a big Bowie knife that may as well be a small sword, and the Ninja, where it is likely a kunai. Often found in the hands of the Badass Native as well, being probably the first invention and all. You can also typically find them as a sidearm for any martial character; medieval knights carried daggers as a last resort weapon alongside their massive polearms.

In more modern settings, especially in action-oriented ones, all kinds of tactical fighting/combat knives are especially popular in the hands of soldiers, action heroes, assassins, etc. Usually said knives are all colored completely black (from blade to handle) to appear more tactical or stealthy and such. They are also made from modern materials. Another popular knife in modern settings is all sorts of kitchen knives, from chef's knives to butcher's knives, hell even bread knives can come to use. These ones are usually a tool for self defense for civilians or a murder tool for most slasher killers.

In video games, knife-wielding playable characters tend to fit into at least one of the following categories: the blade's ability to slip through cracks in armor is often exploited by a Critical Hit Class, and its short reach makes it most effective in the hands of a Stealth Expert or Fragile Speedster, who can use either the element of surprise or superior agility to close the distance.

Overall, the vast majority of characters who wield a knife as their primary Weapon of Choice fall somewhere on the "Chaotic" and/or "Evil" sides of the Character Alignment grid. The nicest you can expect is a Chaotic Good Lovable Rogue. Lawful Knife Nuts are practically unheard of.

For those wondering - a knife is any short instrument with a sharpened edge and point intended to slice or puncture. A dagger is a type of knife, but with an edge on both sides instead of just one. So if it has one edge, it's just a knife, but if it has two, it's a dagger, which is a type of knife.

Throwing knives are also a very popular ranged weapon in fiction, despite not being very well-suited for combat: in Real Life, it's very hard to get them to hit tipped-end-first when aiming at a moving target. But at least they were made for throwing compared to normal knives, which have a higher chance of actually not landing on the pointy end.

Subtrope of Weapon of Choice. Contrast with Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight. May lead to a Knife Fight. Related to Kukris Are Kool, Machete Mayhem, Sinister Switchblade, and Bayonet Ya.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Despite the fact that nearly everyone else uses machine guns and other firearms, Chane Laforet of Baccano! uses small throwing knives as her weapon of choice. She's skilled enough to deflect bullets and throw them with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Basilisk has Akeginu, Hotarubi (from the Iga) and Kagerou (from the Koga) using knives as their Weapons of Choice, in addition to their own powers.
  • In Berserk Judeau's weapon of choice is throwing knives. They're later incorporated into Guts's arsenal following his death in the Eclipse.
  • Shenhua of Black Lagoon is as good with knives as Revy is with guns.
  • After being blackmailed and broken by her teacher, Chizuru Honda of Bokurano started to carry a knife with her at all times. She threatens Kako with it when he's about to rape her in her house, and in the manga, she stabs him in the neck and slits his jugular with it when he freaks out during his battle. And before dying, she passes it down to Kirie, who later uses it to injure Hatagai.
  • Played for Laughs in Carnival Phantasm with Grail-kun, whose response to everything is to give people a kitchen knife and tell them to stab their problems.
  • In Cells at Work!, this is the Weapon of Choice for Neutrophils like U-1146. Each of them possesses both smaller knives to be thrown at enemies and six larger combat knives strapped to their legs and hips.
  • City Hunter: Saeko may be a good shot with a gun, but it's with her scalpel-like knives that she's really dangerous.
  • Code Geass:
    • Kallen has a knife disguised as a wallet that she ends up pulling on several of the main characters. The only reason it doesn't show up more is that she's also The Ace.
    • Rolo Lamperouge's weapon of choice tends to be a switchknife that he uses combined with his Geass.
  • Count Cain: Godchild's Cassian is a fan of throwing knives. He's actually a rather calm person, though.
  • Hei from Darker Than Black mostly uses knives and a retractable steel wire (used sort of like a cross between a whip and a Grappling-Hook Pistol). The knives are usually attached to said wire so even if a thrown knife doesn't kill someone (which is usually the case), he can still use it to zap them.
  • Durarara!!:
    • Izaya is quite fond of using a switchblade (hidden under his sleeve) as his main weapon of choice. He even uses it to shave a man half bald at one point!
    • Haruna Niekawa, while possessed by Saika, uses one to stab people with in order to spread Saika's "children" before she snaps out of it.
  • Throwing knives are Ken's specialty in The Daughter of Twenty Faces. It's worth noting that he isn't very "nutty" about it, however, just very good with throwable sharp objects.
  • In Endride, both Felix and Mischa are intense, dangerous people and quick with the knives, both magical and mundane.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Maes Hughes uses push knives, of course adding to his status as Ensemble Dark Horse. His skill makes him the fastest to kill a homunculus, and he even does it twice. Of course Death Is Cheap... for them at least. He can throw his knives, which are not in any way suited toward throwing, to impale skulls. They're called push knives for a reason.
    • Barry the Chopper likes to cut up helpless people for fun, so he carries a giant meat cleaver and a couple of carving knives to help with the process.
    • Lan Fan and Fu are both adept in their use of knives, particularly kunai.
    • Fully justified for Mei Chang, because kunai are necessary for alkahestry. She can throw them five at a time with enough precision to create remote transmutation circles.
  • Full Metal Panic!:
    • Xia Yu Lan likes machetes, at one stage battling Melissa Mao with one in each hand. Even though Mao was armed with a rifle she was lucky to escape with her life.
    • Yu Lan's skill can be traced back to its origins: Gauron. After all, he was the one that took her in and trained and raised her. It's revealed in the novels that Gauron's Weapon of Choice and specialty is knives. Sousuke learned this the hard way during his first fight with him.
  • Future Diary's Yuno Gasai is a knife nut, which makes sense, because she's nuts in general.
  • The Garden of Sinners: Ryougi Shiki, despite her main ability being with swords, favours knives for the convenience of being able to carry them around unnoticed in public. The sixth movie pokes fun at this trope when Shiki steals a school dining hall knife only to be discovered by Azaka, who immediately takes it away from her. Shiki looked pretty sullen after losing it. In the novel, she then subverts this by pulling out the other knife she stole, once Azaka locks up the first one in her cabinet. She then reveals that the real reason she was sullen was that she wanted one to use, and one for a souvenir... not that a mere lock would have kept her away from it if she really wanted it, but still.
  • Kuro(u)do(u) Akabane (aka Dr. Jackal) from Get Backers pulls off Diagonal Cuts in rapid succession with his (wait for it) scalpels, when he's not throwing them en masse ("Deadly Rain!"). And you don't want to know where he stores them...
  • The Nightmare Fetishist narrator in Goth becomes one of these over the course of the series. He gets his first set of knives from a collection left behind in a home that a Serial Killer had abandoned and quickly becomes proficient with them, his own homicidal urges being a strong source of motivation.
  • Colice from Gun Blaze West has throwing knives as her weapon of choice.
  • Gunslinger Girl's Pinocchio (particularly the manga version) cites knives to be his favorite weapon.
  • Gunsmith Cats: Professional Killer Natasha Radinov uses a Spetznaz knife that shoots its spring-loaded blade.
  • Lin Xianming of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens prefers knives, and even uses a knife pistol at one point.
  • Asakura Ryouko, the Girl with Psycho Weapon in Haruhi Suzumiya. Worse yet, it's a combat knife with nasty spikes on the backside. And Asakura can be scary. Very scary.
  • Alexander Anderson from Hellsing could be considered a Knife Nut, if you just replace knife with holy socket bayonets. Much like Akabane, he can shoot countless amounts of these blades with deadly accuracy and slice entire subway cars in half with them easily. In one author's note section, Hirano goes so far as to say that the reason Anderson can produce so many out of Hammerspace is because he's actually fourth-dimensional.
  • Bell of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? uses daggers.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • Valmet from Jormungand, while not gun shy in the slightest, seems to enjoy opportunities to do some knife work. In fact, her solution to taking out a bullet-proof van chasing her car in the first chapter is to draw her blade and tell her driver to get closer.
  • Kino of Kino's Journey is in one episode ordered to disarm at gun-point, and proceeds to spend a considerable amount of time pulling knives out of her clothes- and this from a character who also carries two pistols at all times. Said knives include one with a blade surrounded by four .22 firing chambers (an actual design, though without the Laser Sight). In the novels, Kino is shown to buy knives from nearly every shop she visits, often just because they "look pretty."
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Cinque comes equipped with an Eyepatch of Power and a set of exploding throwing knives, and had killed an S-Rank mage on one of her earlier missions. Generally not someone you want to mess with.
    • Corona's Intelligent Device, Brunzel, takes the form of a knife, though she never actually uses it as a bladed weapon. Instead, it acts as a Magic Wand to help her summon her Improvised Golems, and she fights barehanded whenever she gets at close range.
  • Rin from Mnemosyne is virtually a female version of Hughes, barring the fact that she's immortal. Stoic Spectacles? Check. Investigative line of work? Check. Obfuscating Stupidity? Check. And of course, push knives? Check.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and the Cosmic Era works in general:
    • The Strike Gundams' and Impulse Gundam's standard armaments include a pair of anti-armor combat knives stored in the hip portions of their armor. A pair of rocket-propelled ballistic knives (the "Stiletto") can be found in the same place on the Earth Alliance's mass-produced Dagger-L's and Windams, and a trio of those can be found on the shoulders of the Blu Duel. As the Strike Gundam's pilot, Kira makes use of the knives numerous times, while Mu La Flaga, as the Brainwashed and Crazy Neo Roanoake, uses a Stiletto to destroy the shield of Kira's Freedom Gundam a few years later.
    • For a specific example we have Gai Murakumo, the badass mercenary from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray. One of the plot points of the SEED universe is that mecha run off of finite batteries (rather than fusion reactors as in most other Gundam works), so many pilots prefer to have a non-powered weapon to preserve energy. While Gadgeteer Genius Lowe Guele prefers his "Gerbera Straight" katana, Gai's mecha almost always wield combat knives. His Astray Blue Frame takes it even further with its upgrades, with Blue Frame Second L gaining blades in its feet and the most recent iteration, Blue Frame D, being literally covered with Attack Drone knives with varying functions.
  • My Hero Academia has a few examples:
    • The villain Stain, known as the "Hero Killer", uses several different types of knives in addition to his katana. Justified in that he has to cut his opponents and taste their blood in order to use his Quirk against them.
    • The villain Himiko Toga mainly fights with a switchblade, and in her costume she has more knives. Again Justified, as she too needs to drink blood to use her Quirk.
    • Spinner initially has a sword made up of knives. No reason here beyond him likely thinking it was cool and being a Stain fanboy, and after this sword gets destroyed he switches to a normal sword.
  • Naruto:
    • Throughout the series, mass-produced, disposable kunai are commonly used by ninja.
    • Ten Ten carries thousands of knives and knife variants in her scroll which she summons and throws at high speed from midair.
    • Suigetsu is an Ax-Crazy rogue ninja who sees it as his goal in life to collect all seven blades of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen.
  • Chloe and Lady Silvana in Noir and Nakhl in Madlax (almost) never use any weapons other than ritual daggers in combat and are nigh undefeatable with them.
  • One Piece:
    • Dracule "Hawk Eye" Mihawk kicks Zoro and his three sword technique's butt with a 4-inch manicure knife.
    • Not half the badass Mihawk is, but we briefly meet a villain named "Big Knife" Sarquiss because... well, his knife is really big.
    • Buggy the Clown has also shown a tendency to use knives.
  • Popee the Performer is shown in several episodes, such as "Knife Thrower", to have extreme accuracy with knives... and by accuracy, it means he always ends up killing whatever is on the receiving end of that knife, including himself. In the aforementioned "Knife Thrower", Popee can't hit the apple on Kedamono's head, but he always hits Kedamono, and when Popee gets tired, he misses Kedamono and the knife bounces right into his own body.
  • Reborn! (2004): Belphegor. He's a knife-wielding psychopathic assassin in the Varia.
  • Tomonori Komori from Shadow Star not only carries a knife of his own, but his shadow dragon, aptly named Push Dagger, is also shaped like a giant knife.
  • Obi of Snow White with the Red Hair has a dagger Zen gave him hanging sheathed from his belt, along with as many hidden throwing kunai and other smaller knives as he can fit in his current outfit on him at all times. He even sleeps with his knives.
  • In Sword Art Online, Sugou Nobuyuki fights Kirito in the real world outside the hospital where Asuna just woke up from using a combat knife, but is ultimately defeated and is arrested by the police.
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Juuzou Suzuya. As a child, he was trained to butcher people for the amusement of upper-class Ghouls, and he carried those knife-skills into his work as a Ghoul Investigator. His original Quinque is Scorpion 1/56, a mass-produced knife, and this leads to a scene where he flips open his jacket to reveal he's been collecting the whole set. He proceeds to make a Human Pincushion out of his opponent using all 56 knives. In the sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re, his prosthetic leg includes a compartment for hiding these blades.
    • :re has Mutsuki, who was trained by the aforementioned Juuzou. Emphasize "nut". Especially in the second half of the manga.
  • Toriko:
  • Tsukihime:
    • Shiki Tohno is the prime example. Early in the story, he uses a fruit knife to cut someone into 17 pieces over the course of... one second. This isn't even touching his main ability; he can see the "concept of death" on anything under Gaia. Cutting the lines causes irreversible (and often dismembering) damage; striking the very center of something's "meaning of existence" ends its lifespan, destroying it so completely only memory remains. He could actually cut the lines or points with anything from a pencil to a corkscrew, because it's just a matter of tracing lines with something sharp for him. But since Shiki prefers his knife over everything else, and because of certain sides of himself that he's not initially aware of, he's the ultimate example. Despite being a carefree, somewhat-irresponsible goof. Shiki even mentions that, for him, there can be no other weapon than the knife. Fortunately, the knife suits his fighting style very well and his ability to erase anything with a single precise stab.
    • When trapped in a dreamworld, Shiki's swisscheesed and patchwork memories, unique heritage, and personal fears of himself lead to the creation of an evil reflection of himself called "Nanaya", with whom he has some crazy knife-fights in Kagetsu Tohya. In Melty Blood, "Nanaya" later makes a reappearance, but in the real world, thanks to The Night of Wallachia's rumor-materializing power.
    • Roa also fights with a knife... mainly because his host wants to. Roa, having gone through reincarnation so many times, can actually see the "life" in living things, similar to how Shiki sees "the end" in anything.
  • Vinland Saga: Daggers were Thorfinn's Weapon of Choice for close combat pre time-skip, but he is good at throwing knives too.
  • Violence Jack. Due to not remembering his name, he named himself after his signature jackknife. His real name is Akira Fudo.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Malik/Marik has a fondness for using the concealed dagger in the Millennium Rod.

    Comic Books 
  • In Asterix, Brutus is usually seen playing with a knife as foreshadowing to a certain event between him and Caesar. Caesar, at one point, tells him to put it away before he hurts himself.
  • Batman:
    • Victor Zsasz. His signature weapon is a carving knife.
    • Dagger, a minor member of Batman's Rogues Gallery, who once disabled the Batmobile with a single well-aimed thrown knife.
    • The Joker becomes very much one of these in Batman R.I.P., in which he makes frequent, borderline fetishistic use of twin switchblades to mutilate not just enemies and loose allies, but himself.
    • Knife, an assassin from Batwoman (Rebirth), uses throwing knives as her primary weapon (as if her name didn't give it away).
  • Blade. Seriously, he's called that for a pretty good reason. He isn't crazy, but he's plenty scary and deadly accurate in throwing blades, not to speak of his swordsmanship.
  • Mack "Clownface" Delgado in Body Bags doesn't need a gun, because he's "learned how to throw a knife at a velocity that makes its impact like a mortar round." In addition to that trick, he's been shown to perform a Diagonal Cut on two guys in one swipe and cut a gun in half.
  • Corporal "Smiler" Dawson from Commando's "Convict Commandos" series. He has any number of knives up his sleeves which he can throw by means of spring-loaded feeders. He's an expert shot with his De Lisle carbine, too.
  • Zolo of Copperhead has a large, curved knife he uses to menace captives that's clearly his signature weapon, if not the one he uses most commonly.
  • Here's some obscure ones from DC Comics: The assassins Hellhound, Brutale, and Lady Vic all make use of a variety of knives, as does the serial killer Murmur. Wonder Woman occasionally ran into a mercenary who called herself Moot, who favored a stiletto she called "The Moot Point". On the heroes' side, Nightblade and Black Condor II are both noted as skilled knife throwers.
  • Examples from Diabolik:
  • Many members of the G.I. Joe team (as well as Cobra) are skilled with knives, but Snake-Eyes has collections of them. His spike-knuckled trench knives get mentioned more than a few times during the Marvel Comics run alone, and his third costume (assembled from parts taken from his Cobra interrogators) has a pair of knives mounted right on his chest.
  • Slice from the revival of Harlem Heroes favours knives and carries a ridiculous number of them around at any one time. When a rival gang holds the Heroes up and gets them to drop their weapons, Slice starts chucking dozens of knives out of his pockets.
    "He's heeled with more blades than a cutlery store!"
  • Johnny C. from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is this trope. The guy detests guns, and twin daggers are his trademark weapon of choice (though he does use a taser occasionally).
  • Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass adores butterfly knives and swords, although she is a pretty good shot as well.
  • Laal Khanjeer, a Pakistani Badass Normal superhero who makes occasional guest appearances in Ms. Marvel, has a hero name that actually translates as "Red Dagger". Although he's an expert knife thrower, he doesn't appear to be crazy or mean (actually, he's written as a Nice Guy), and he hasn't actually yet been shown to use his blades on a living target. His Improbable Aiming Skills do make for intimidating entrances and are effective on inanimate objects, though.
  • The Corinthian, in his first appearance as a villain in The Sandman, seems very fond of knives. This is both for creepy purposes (menacing a victim with one in his hand, taking a felled mugger's switchblade and opening it in front of his face while commenting on how nice a knife it is...) and for much more practical ones.
  • Hondo Karr of Star Wars: Legacy is a Stormtrooper that favors twin vibrodaggers.
  • Superman: Post-Crisis, both General Zod and his equally insane wife, Ursa, carried knives with Green Kryptonite blades for use against their fellow Kryptonians.
  • Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uses sais as his Weapon of Choice. Well, he calls them sais, but real life sais aren't sharp.
  • Van Grote, a Hessian Torture Technician from Tomahawk #112 who fancies himself the finest knife thrower in Europe.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Sensation Comics: Mimi Mendez's weapon of choice is a massive amount of throwing knives, which she enjoys tossing near her prisoners until she gets bored of them and lands one in their eye or heart.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): P'Q'Rort Antar Ftt B'Jan hides throwing knives up his sleeves that he's always eager to use in addition to the knife at his belt.
  • X-Men:
    • Warpath dual-wields knives made of vibranium as his signature weapons in X-Force. Noteworthy in that he is not Ax-Crazy at all.
    • Short-time X-Man and heroic sociopath Marrow almost always uses bone knives which grow from her own body as weapons. She is drawn with them on nearly each cover she appears on.

    Comic Strips 
  • Saxon Kenchu in Candorville collects knives, and at one point gives a speech about how they were the first weapons ever developed and they allowed humanity to triumph over a world full of hostile predators. He initially seems Ax-Crazy, but this is partially subverted—having to survive as a Dhampyr has left him Properly Paranoid and somewhat hardened, but he's a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire and is trying to keep the main character alive.
  • Willie Garvin in Modesty Blaise, who is a horrible shot with a handgun but a dead aim with thrown knives.

    Fan Works 
  • While not a psychotic example, Crow from The Sage's Disciple uses a married pair of magical knives as his main armament. Made from a stag's antlers and imbued with the concept of "purification", they work similarly to a low-powered combination of Black Keys and an Origin Bullet.
  • Snow White in So Rot Vie Blut frequently toys with a knife and is into unsafe knifeplay during sex. Even from a young age she showed an interest in the weapon.
  • In A Thing of Vikings, both Alvin and Heather are Knife Nuts, in contrast to their characterization from the TV series, but justified as Alvin is more of a credible threat, and he trained Heather. At one point, Alvin visits a former ally and notes that he has a dozen knives hidden around the room when he gets up to leave, and Heather performs an Extended Disarming as proof of her martial skills and for comedy, showing that she's carrying at least half a dozen knives on her person (excluding the last one, strapped someplace where only her lover usually sees it).
  • Yognapped's Minecraftia is filled with swords carved from solid diamond, yet Sben still insists on using his personal dagger. Justified in that it's stated to be diamond-edged.

    Films — Animation 
  • Lord Shen, the Big Bad of Kung Fu Panda 2, is dangerously skilled in the use of feather-shaped throwing knives that he conceals in his own feathers.
  • A non-villainous example is Vitaly the tiger from Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, who also uses throwing knives, although he is skilled with any sharp, pointy object. He uses them to threaten the main characters early in the movie and later throws them as stepping stones to help another circus animal escape Captain DuBois.
  • Peter Pan consistently wields a dagger, and is able to match the rapier-wielding Hook in combat with it.
  • Colette in Ratatouille, revealed when she "briefs" Linguini. She's never killed anyone (so far as we know), but is a bit disarmingly comfortable around knives. Well, she is a professional chef.
  • Mother Gothel in Tangled is shown using knives to threaten people and actually uses it on Flynn.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Avatar: Colonel Quaritch doesn't go in for half-measures; he outfits his AMP Suit with a freakin' huge combat knife.
  • Barbarella: The insane Black Queen of Sogo wields two double-bladed knives quite adeptly, and she drives them through Barbarella's attackers.
  • Beyond Sherwood Forest: Will Scarlet is a butcher by trade, and an expert with knives of all kinds.
  • Cherry Falls: The killer has all sorts of knives, including ballistic knives where the blade can be fired out of the handle.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Kyra and Riddick use a lot of knives throughout the film. though they're not above using guns if necessary.
  • Circus: Troy and Roscoe favour knives for threatening their victims. When threatening Leo, Roscoe opens his jacket to show the inside is lined with knives.
  • Conan the Destroyer: Malak, Conan's thief sidekick and lancer is skilled with knives, able to both throw them accurately and cleanly slit a man's throat from behind.
  • Crocodile Dundee: The eponymous character always carries a gigantic hunting knife around with him as a trademark. When a New York mugger tries to menace him with a switchblade, Dundee is famously unimpressed and presents his own, saying, "That's not a knife! That's a knife!" in his Broad Strine.
  • The Crow: Tin-Tin, whose predilection for knives is so great that he's the only gangster in all of Detroit who doesn't carry a gun. In a bit of cruel irony, Eric uses these same knives to take Tin-Tin's life (and his jacket) after beating him in a fight.
  • Cyborg (1989): Van Damme awesomely uses dozens of knives as he carves his way through gangs and bandits in an After the End setting.
  • The Dark Knight: The Joker carries a number of knives on him. He states that they're his preferred weapon because he can savor his victims' subtle changes in expression as they die. He even carries a potato peeler.
  • Dick Tracy, Detective: Splitface hacks his victims to death with a surgeon's knife stolen from an undertaker.
  • Dust Devil: It's the Dust Devil's weapon of choice when he cuts up his victims.
  • El Dorado: Mississippi (James Caan) is brilliant with throwing knives (in his first scene he goes face to face with a gunman across a table and kills him before can bring his gun up).
  • Elysium: Aside from being a fan of katanas, Kruger has a big combat knife strapped across his chest, plus explosive shurikens. He also uses a shard of broken glass to kill Delacourt.
  • The Expendables:
    • Christmas, who gets into occasional discussions with Stallone's character over the age-old "guns vs. knives" debate.
    • Gunnar also uses a huge bowie knife, but it doesn't get much usage until the end.
  • From Beyond the Grave: In "The Gatecrasher", the ghost that confronts Edward in his vision is carrying half a dozen knives in his belt, and uses one of them to stab Edward. Later, under his influence, Edward commits all his murders with a knife.
  • Gamera vs. Guiron: A rather unusual example is Guiron. His own head is a giant knife which he uses to slice his enemies to pieces.
  • Gang of Roses: Maria is inordinately fond of throwing knives and uses them instead of a handgun.
  • Gangs of New York: Bill "The Butcher" Cutting, who is a gang leader and a professional butcher who practices knife-fighting on meat. The character was based on a real gang leader/butcher called Bill "The Butcher" Poole.
  • Halloween: Perhaps the greatest example of a knife-wielding murderer in film history is Michael Myers. Sure, tons of movie murderers use knives, but none as iconic as Myers.
  • The Hobbit: Throughout the film trilogy, Fili carries a ridiculous amount of blades and knives.
  • Hooded Angels: Psycho Lesbian Ellie is obsessed with knives. She starts the massacre of the Posse by stabbing one of the deputies with a stiletto she keeps in her boot. Afterwards, she makes certain they are all dead by slitting their throats with a Bowie knife. She takes her time over the first one, obviously relishing it, until Hannah tells her quit wasting time and get on with it.
  • Hostile: Juliette flags down a vehicle by blaring her van horn at it. When the guys in the van come for her, one of them comes at her with a knife.
  • House of Flying Daggers: Throwing knives are the signature weapon of the eponymous underground rebel group, and feature in some very impressive camera shots.
  • Hudson Hawk: Alfred the Battle Butler has spring-loaded knives hidden under his sleeves, which eventually lead to his death.
  • The Hunger Games: Clove, the female tribute from District 2, is highly skilled with throwing knives and becomes one of Katniss Everdeen's fiercest opponents in the arena.
  • The Hunted (2003): Could be more appropriately titled "Ode to Knife Nuts". For the final fight, the two fighters subconsciously agree to stop the chase just long enough to chip/sharpen their own. Then they rip each other to freaking shreds.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Mutt and his switch-blade, which he can be seen playing around with in a couple scenes.
  • Inglourious Basterds: Lt. Aldo Raine and Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz love their knives. Stiglitz's knife even has the phrase "My Honor is Loyalty" engraved on it, which is ironic since he is a German traitor who killed thirteen Nazi officers. Presumably it's an SS-issue dagger.
  • Intruder: The killer is fond of using huge kitchen knives.
  • Joshuu Sasori: Matsu favours a common kitchen knife generally, or on occasion a tanto or a scalpel.
  • Kick-Ass: Has a scene where Mindy (aka Hit-Girl), when asked what she wants for her birthday, replies (after first worrying her father by pretending to want a puppy and a doll) that she'd love "a Benchmade Model-42 Butterfly Knife". On the day in question, she receives a matching set of them and is overjoyed. She even proceeds to demonstrate just how good she is with them in a display of twirling.
  • Kill Bill: Vivica A. Fox's character "Copperhead" is apparently a knife nut. The Bride seems to know this about her and chooses to face her in a knife fight rather than bring along her Cool Sword. Once they reach an impasse, they make plans to square off in a second knife fight. Although Copperhead ultimately tries to shoot the Bride with a hidden gun, she's apparently a terrible shot and misses her at point blank range. Shoulda stuck with the knives.
  • Knife for the Ladies: The Ripper's weapon of choice is a large hooked knife.
  • Last Flight to Hell: Reb Brown's character is a heroic example, but about as sane as any Reb Brown character.
    Spoony: It's not quite as fun as watching Reb loudly massacre people with a heavy machine gun hefted under one arm, but you can't complain about Reb murdering people with knives.
  • Life Gamble: Has two Anti-Hero protagonists whom are both knife nuts skilled in throwing knives, and the climax involves both of them in a throwing-knife duel.
  • The Locals: homicidal farmer Bill favours the knife, and all of his kills are made with one.
  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Soap reveals that he has a collection of large knives ("big fuck-off shiny ones"), and delivers a speech about how they're more practical than guns because they're quiet, concluding, "Guns for show, knives for a pro." The rest of the gang is creeped out. As the sole member of the group with an honest trade, this is both ironic and fitting. His job as a cook would presumably make him comfortable with knives and butchering.
  • The Lord of the Rings: When his bow isn't practical (which, given his skill, isn't often), Legolas brings out a pair of fine elven knives.
  • The Losers: Roque is the resident knife man, first confirmed when, while the others are betting their various souvenir weapons, he continues to bet bigger and bigger knives. It reaches a rather ridiculous zenith when they even task him with cutting loose tied up people he'd rather not merely because he's "the knife guy".
  • Machete: Robert Rodriguez often casts Danny Trejo with these types of roles, most famously in this film.
  • The Magnificent Seven (1960): Britt's (James Coburn) weapon of choice is a throwing knife. His introduction to the audience is him being forced into a face-off against a guy who fancies himself a gunslinger: his gun against Britt's throwing knife. Britt wins. This isn't to say that he's not also a very good marksman with a gun.
  • The Magnificent Seven (2016): Billy Rocks has dozens of knives on him. He kills more people with them than he does with his guns. His attempt to instruct the townsfolk in the basic principles of knife-fighting does not go so well.
  • The Matrix Reloaded: The Twins initially fight with straight razors.
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats: Ben Echmeyer briefly demonstrates his "shock and awe" knife technique with two bayonets from his knife collection. Among other skills.
  • Near Dark: Diamondback is a serious knife enthusiast and ace knife thrower. She's useful to her gang, as vampirism in this movie is hard, messy work.
  • Nightbreed: The serial killer Dr. Decker prefers to use huge carving blades to kill his victims, often appearing with one in each hand. He's briefly seen in his apartment with an entire collection of knives and blades laid out in front of him on a conference-style table.
  • Night School (1981): The killer's weapon of choice is a kukri.
  • Pacific Rim: Hannibal Chau has his butterfly knife, which he's quite proud of and adept with.
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Saso, though he doesn't limit himself solely to knives.
  • The Professional: Leon explicitly postulates that the better you are, the closer you can get to your victim: sniper rifles are for beginners, and only a real pro uses a knife.
  • Psycho: In the scary category, the shower scene of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece involves a screaming woman, a big knife, and scary music.
  • Pulp Fiction: Mia Wallace describes her character from Fox Force Five as the knife nut of the group.
  • Rambo: Rambo just can't live without one. He actually makes a knife himself in the fourth film.
  • Razors: The Return of Jack the Ripper: Jack the Ripper uses a box set of knives, each of which has a special meaning to him. The knives are so much a part of him that they constitute an Evil Weapon and allow his spirit to return to Earth.
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera:
    • Luigi Largo. He's known to have sex with the stab wounds he's inflicted, among other delightful things.
    • The Repo Man himself, though his "companion" technically makes him a Scalpel Nut.
  • Ripper: Letter from Hell: The killer's Weapon of Choice is a large butcher's knife.
  • Scream: Every killer that takes the mantle of Ghostface. Has almost always used a rather unique Buck 120 hunting knife, although how they appear usually changes quite a bit. An interesting fact about the Buck 120 is that it was seen on the film posters of Friday the 13th 4, 7 and 8. The knife's appearance on these iconic horror film posters may be why it was chosen as Ghostface's primary weapon.
  • Se7en: Detective Somerset is a completely sane heroic example, always carrying a switch blade wherever he goes and practicing throwing it at night.
  • The Sentimentalswordsman: Li the "Flying knife", who alway carry up to a dozen throwing knives which always find their mark, fitting his nickname.
  • Sha Po Lang:
    • Jack, the psychotic Triad assassin played by Wu Jing, does most of his killings with his tanto knife.
    • Ah Zai, the evil browless assassin from the sequel, does knives as well. His weapons of choice are folding knives that he uses both for melee and for throwing. He ultimately faces down Chan Chi-Kit, who is played by Wu Jing, in a furious duel that is reminiscent of Jack's final battle with Ma Kwun from the first movie.
  • Sherlock Holmes:
  • Sockbaby: Though initially he might seem to be a wacky ninny, Davis The Grey is still deadly with a switchblade. He uses one to murder Burger in the car and steal Sock Baby while Ronny is distracted, and very nearly defeats Ronny with it.
  • Special Female Force: The Dragon Lung is a deranged Sadist that favors using a wicked-looking serrated knife as his weapon. Right in his first scene in the Action Prologue, he's seen practicing his skills by scattering a box of cockroaches all over the road he's sitting on, and then using his knife to skewer roaches. Later his Hand Stomp method on the heroine who's Hanging by the Fingers is to gleefully drive his knife underneath her fingernails, slowly tormenting her until the pain gives away, causing her to fall to her death.
  • Summer Camp Nightmare: Stanley Runk (a.k.a. Runk the Punk) is rarely seen without his hunting knife, which he uses throughout the movie, including when he accidentally murders the Camp North Pines director Mr. Warren with it.
  • Suspect Zero: Serial Killer O'Ryan uses a long, curved dagger as his Weapon of Choice, both for killing his victims and his signature of removing their eyelids.
  • Swashbuckler: Cudjo, a knifethrowing rogue who helps the main character stage a revolution against the Big Bad Governor Durant.

  • All Tomorrow's Parties:
    • The Taoist assassin Konrad, who takes meticulous care of his tanto, practices an Argentine school of knife fighting considered mythical within the setting, and is ridiculously deadly with his blade.
    • While not knife nuts per se, Rydell and Chevette wind up carrying a ceramic switchblade and a knife with a pattern-welded blade made from the drive chain of a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, respectively. Both are used at crucial points in the plot.
  • Angels of Music: Rollo is the knife-thrower in Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in "Guignol" who is dismissed for collaborating a little too willingly with the horrors. He returns in "Deluge" equipped with dozens of blades and looking to extract vengeance on the Angels by skinning them.
  • The Apprentice Rogue: Black Knights prefer short weapons like daggers and short swords to a BFS because it would conflict with their fighting style.
  • In The Belgariad, Silk, Liselle, Sadi, Relg and Beldin all have a fondness for knives in combat. Silk usually carries at least three or four, Sadi poisons his, and Relg's has all sorts of sticky-out bits note  that do all kind of nasty things both on the way in and on the way out again. Beldin's have hooks. Liselle is straightforward and discreet about hers, at least compared to the others. She only carries a couple of small, simple daggers.
  • Each member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood gets a custom-made, matched-to-the wielder set of black knives, perfect for stabbing the Lessening Society members back to the Omega. They are hand forged (literally) by Vishous.
  • Isaac Asimov's "Breeds There a Man...?": Inspector Darrity always carries a switchblade. He uses it to clean underneath his fingernails and to have something to play with in his hands.
  • In A Brother's Price, it's said of the Whistlers going to court that Summer carries one six-shooter and three knives, Corelle carries no knives but two six-shooters and a derringer, and Eldest matches Summer with knives, Corelle with guns, and also carries two pairs of brass knuckles and a wire garrote. Even Jerin has a knife.
  • In Andrew Vachss's Burke books, Michelle is said to be very fast with a straight razor.
  • Circleverse: Former thief Briar Moss always has a few daggers on him. Seems to be Tamora Pierce's favorite weapon for commoners.
  • Alex from A Clockwork Orange carries a straight razor, or as he terms it, his "fine starry horrorshow cut-throat britva".
  • Osprey in Devils Cape uses special knives strapped to her fists as her primary weapon.
  • Terry Pratchett's Discworld series features a multitude:
    • Jonathan Teatime is a knife-wielding, psychopathic assassin in Hogfather.
    • Carcer Dun is a knife-wielding, psychopathic Serial Killer who always has an extra one.
    • Pteppic is a certified assassin and Pharaoh of Djelibebyi. When he finds out that his "companion" feels naked without her many bracelets, he has to admit that he feels naked without his knives.
    • Assassins in general are known to conceal so many knives on their person that they could qualify as a live-in kitchen.
    • In Jingo, Carrot runs across a knife nut boy. After a brief interview, Carrot discovers that the boy does not have enough gum to share with his playmates, but has more than enough knives for everyone.
    • Lord Vetinari keeps a drawer full of sharp, pointy greetings for rude callers.
    • In Carpe Jugulum, Shawn Ogg is in charge of development of the Lancrastian Army Knife. Mainly Played for Laughs here.
  • Amy in Dorothy Must Die uses this as her Weapon of Choice.
  • In Dracula, Quincey Morris carries around a large bowie knife as part of his characterization as an American cowboy. Later he's upstaged by Arthur Holmwood, who busts out a kukri from his days in the military.
  • In Dragaera, the knife is often the preferred weapon of Jhereg assassins, such as Vlad Taltos, who keeps a small arsenal of them hidden about his person. He uses quite a bit of throwing knives, but they're mostly useful as distractions: they hit hilt first, make the other guy flinch, or just make a minor wound. His wife Cawti is a fellow assassin who is known as "The Dagger of the Jhereg".
  • The Dresden Files:
    • "Gentleman" John Marcone seems to materialize them from thin air and is very good with them.
    • Vittorio Malvora also uses them. Harry points out that when you've had centuries to practice and can launch them at a hundred miles per hour, you make up for the fact that thrown knives aren't particularly good weapons. Hell, even when one misses the hit from handle causes Harry's hand to go numb.
  • The Fremen of Arrakis from the Dune series are a society of knife nuts. Every man, woman, and adolescent wields a curved crysknife made from the tooth of a 400 meter-long sandworm, and they train their lives to become impossibly deadly with it. They practically worship their knives. For instance, their knives are never allowed to leave the planet, anyone who owns one cannot leave the planet without their permission, and any outsider who sees the blade of a crysknife must either be cleansed or killed. Their obsession comes in surprisingly handy given that shields have made melee combat the standard for infantry soldiers.
  • In The Edge, Declan is quick with his blades and has a canvas roll of knives he cleans regularly. The little boy Jack is awed by the display. Later Declan baits a trap for Jack with a particular knife he'd been eyeing, and then bribes him into cooperating with the knife.
  • Blade from the Endworld series carries a pair of Bowie knives that he loves obsessively on his person at all times.
  • In the Fingerprints series, one villain says the memorable lines, "I wonder how many cuts it will take you to die? I bet thousands and thousands..."
  • A number of characters from Joe Abercrombie's The First Law series fall into this category, most notably Logen Ninefingers and, to a lesser degree (or, at least, to a less obsessive degree), Ferro Maljinn. One of Logen's many Catch Phrases is, "You can never have too many knives."
  • The Ysabel Kid from J.T. Edson's Floating Outfit series is an expert with the Bowie knife.
  • Almost everyone in the titular unit of the Gaunt's Ghosts books is able to use a knife well. In particular, Rawne's skill with them is demonstrated through the conspicuous aversion of There Will Be Toilet Paper when using his straight silver to shave in Ghostmaker.
  • The original novel version of Goth has several of these.
    • The café owner uses a case of knives to carry out his murders. After deducing the café owner's identity, Itsuki takes the knives for himself. He later lends one knife to a little girl so that she can kill her abusive stepfather with it.
    • Mr. Shinohara uses a meat cleaver to cut off the hands of his victims.
  • Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book plays this trope, ahem, to the hilt in its very first line, using it to draw the reader in and establish a frightening mood.
  • Hannibal by Thomas Harris: Doctor Lecter knows his knives. He engages a knife-dealer at a fair, where they discuss blades before he settles for a serrated Spydecro, used for gutting a deer.
  • During his adventures, Will Parry from His Dark Materials receives the subtle knife, a magic knife that can easily cut through any material. It can even cut windows into other worlds. After Will gets this weapon, he almost always fights with it.
  • Sopy Kratides in The Hound of the D'Urbervilles, a Greek assassin who works for variously the Greek government, the Department of Supplies, and Moriarty's Firm. She mentions that she prefers knives because you get to look into the eyes of your victim as you kill them.
  • Clove's preferred weapons in The Hunger Games are a jacket full of knives. And she never misses.
  • I Become Shadow: Ren can fight with many weapons, but her favorite is daggers. She has a pair of trench knives that she's very fond of.
  • Chisel of Illegal Aliens, who carries hundreds of them at any given point in time. He survives being stomped by a giant robot due to the sheer number of knives providing impromptu armor.
  • In Insurgent, Tris can't bring herself to use a gun, but has no problems using a knife.
  • Kings of the Wyld: Matrick uses two dangerous, named knives. At first he appears to subvert the stereotype, but it turns out that when he gets going, he's a wickedly cruel fighter who can give Ganelon a run for his money.
  • Although Legolas in The Lord of the Rings prefers bow and arrows, he also has a long knife for when he runs out of arrows, such as at Amon Hen.
  • In the Malazan Book of the Fallen, knives are the Weapon of Choice of most assassins, and there's a bunch of them running around:
    • Long-knives are assassin Kalam Mekhar's favourite weapons. He usually has two on him and in House of Chains he acquires two Wickan-style long-knives, one of which is alloyed with Otataral.
    • Crokus Younghand, who later renames himself Cutter, starts out as a thief who is rather inefficient in combat, but learns the trade of an assassin from his Love Interest Apsalar and becomes scarily competent with knives. Competent enough that he catches Hitman with a Heart Rallick Nom by surprise.
    • Rallick Nom's beloved weapons of choice are two oversized, hooked knives which Cutter calls "pig-choppers" and which are instantly recognizable as his.
    • Knives are also Apsalar's favourite weapons. Quick Ben and Kalam recall an incident from when she was still named Sorry in which instead of killing a man, she basically mutilated him until even the seasoned killer Kalam could not watch any longer and had to step in and put the poor sod out of his misery. Apsalar retains her preference for knives even after her possession by the Patron God of Assassins ends.
    • Smiles is obsessed with her knives. Though she's a soldier and is supposed to use her shortsword in close combat, she prefers to fight with her knives and gets off on watching Koryk kill enemies. Her squad mates consider her an Axe-Crazy would-be assassin who cuts people out of boredom.
  • Bèbelle from Malevil. A Creepy Crossdresser who pretends to be a woman to get close enough to cut throats.
  • One minor villain from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn not only always carries at least one knife, but seems intent on seizing every opportunity to tell people as much, to the point where he's earned the nickname "Avi Stetto" (which means "I have a knife" in the local Conlang). He's nowhere near as scary as he thinks he is, though, and he eventually makes the mistake of trying to take Duke Isgrimnur prisoner while warning him not to make any trouble because "I have a knife." Isgrimnur promptly demonstrates the superiority of Good Old Fisticuffs by laying the villain out with a single punch.
  • Mistborn: The Original Trilogy: Both good and evil Mistborn use obsidian knives as their Weapon of Choice, since metal ones are vulnerable to Allomancy.
  • The Nightside books:
    • Razor Eddie, Punk God of the Straight Razor, who unsurprisingly wields an absurdly sharp straight razor. It's mystically bonded to his very being.
    • Bad Penny carries a brace of silver daggers, one blessed, the other cursed. When she uses both simultaneously, it's noted that some gods would die from such a blow.
  • Vivian from Orbital Lily will attack large man-eating space-bugs with only her pocket-knife.
  • Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Knives are used by clever fighters according to Luke, and since she is a child of Athena, she uses one as her weapon of choice.
  • In The Princess Series, Talia is skilled in hand to hand combat and can use many weapons well, but knives tend to be her primary weapon of choice.
  • Cavanaugh in the novel The Protector gushes at length about the construction and abilities of the Emerson CQC-7 folding knife, at one point using it to tear through a car door. This is fitting, as the author, David Morrell, is most famous for creating another well-known knife nut.
  • There's about one every other Redwall book.
    • Ferahgo in Salamandastron is notorious for his knife collection and skill with using them. He even has different knives assigned to different tasks, such as "the killer" and "the skinner". It varies in which order he uses them.
  • Rasconza in Pearls of Lutra is never seen without at least ten knives on his person.
  • In River of Teeth, Adelia spends most of the time she is with the gang with polishing and sharpening her knifes, of which she is extremely fond and which she uses exclusively when fighting, despite having access to guns. Justified, since she is a known contract killer, so nobody is particularly surprised.
  • The Saint: Simon Templar prefers knives to guns; his ability with his favorite throwing dagger, "Anna", saves his and others' lives numerous times.
  • Roderick Whittle, aka Jack the Ripper, from Richard Laymon's Savage.
  • Multiple people in The Shadowhunter Chronicles:
    • Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices prefer throwing knives in combat. But if necessary, they also fight with other weapons.
    • Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments carries knives under her clothes everywhere so she won't be unarmed if she gets into a fight.
  • Lots in Terry Brooks' Shannara series. Brooks seems to view the knife as a nice, lightweight weapon, and many characters, heroic and villainous, carry them in addition to (or in some cases in favour of) heavier blades. This leads to an awesome Knife Fight between one of the heroes and The Dragon in the climax of The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara.
  • In Snow Crash, Raven, named by Hiro Protagonist as "the baddest motherfucker in the world", is an Aleut from a tribe that perfected the art of making glass knives with monomolecular edges that cut right through kevlar. Raven carries an arsenal of them, using them for throwing and fighting. Before the story begins, he steals a nuclear warhead from a submarine after slaughtering the entire crew with his knives. Uncle Enzo, the leader of the Mafia as well as an ex-commando, always carries a straight razor in his pocket. In the end, the two have themselves a knife fight. Enzo manages to shatter Raven's knives, but gets the worst of the exchange.
  • Sergeant Zim in Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Not only does he train the boot-camp recruits in knife fighting and throwing, he likes to make and balance his own rather than use the perfectly good service-issue knives.
  • Sonia Steiglitz, the beautiful and sadistic daughter of the ex-CIA chief/archaeologist villain of The Takers, a modern Two-Fisted Tales homage by Jerry Ahern. She uses guns when necessary, but prefers a knife.
  • Tarzan is defined by his hunting knife, to the point that those who only know the character from adaptations can be forgiven for not knowing that he's also a gifted marksman.
  • Tortall Universe: This seems to be a Cooper family specialty. First, George Cooper — the King of Thieves — uses knives as his Weapon of Choice and has several on his person. His daughter Aly wears at least half a dozen hidden in her clothes at any given time. And their ancestor Beka Cooper did the same, being a cop who was often in dangerous places with other Knife Nuts.
  • Treasure Island:
    • Israel Hands is a ruthless pirate, who, in an infamous scene, chases Jim Hawkins around the ship wielding a dagger.
    • Long John Silver, one of the most feared pirates in the book, slits an honest crewman's throat with a knife.
    • In one scene, pirate Billy Bones threatens Dr. Livesey with a knife and later uses it against Black Dog.
  • Mary in Twig prefers throwing knives to guns, enjoys figuring out new ways of hiding them on her person (sometimes without sheathes, which seems to make her feel more secure), and delivers a Love Confession to a boy she likes while holding a knife to his throat.
  • David Gemmell's Waylander is best known for his trademark two-shot crossbow, but carries a crapload of knives for use when he's fired both bolts. He's specifically described as a capable swordsman, but a brilliant knife-fighter.
  • A large number of the characters in the Wheel of Time series seem to be knife nuts, as Mat, Thom, Min, Faile, and many Aiel, at the least, are all experts at wielding and throwing knives, usually pulled from all around their person with no explanation how so many weapons could fit on them.
  • Much, in Will in Scarlet, is known for always carrying, and wielding, multiple knives. This is in part because, as the Sweet Polly Oliver of the Merry Men, she can't rely on strength of arm to defend herself.
  • Worm:
    • Jack Slash — his power allows him to extend the cutting range of any bladed weapon apparantly indefinitely, hitting distant or even multiple targets with a knife. That he's more dangerous as a The Chessmaster and does almost no direct fighting in the series.
    • Contessa's Weapon of Choice is a stiletto no longer than a finger, although she's got no prolbems with using other weapons when needed.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • There's Faith and her large knife.
    • Willow attacks Glory with a bag of knives as part of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • During a nightmare Faith has about bring hunted and killed, Buffy becomes this.
    • Not to mention class psycho/revived corpse Jack O'Toole.
      Xander: You gave your knife a girl's name. How very serial killer of you!
  • Burn Notice: Larry prefers to use knives.
  • Chuck:
    • Sarah Walker embodies this trope. In the pilot episode alone, she manages to take down three NSA agents in a crowded nightclub while dancing, and follows this up by stopping an NSA SUV by throwing a knife into a one-and-a-half-inch button from twenty feet away. A later episode reveals that this is a skill she already had before the CIA recruited her. In another episode, she hurls a knife through her beeping alarm clock instead of simply pressing the snooze button. So clearly she really likes knives.
    • The Greta played by Summer Glau has a tendency to get out her switchblade for everything.
  • Deadliest Warrior:
    • Apache vs. Gladiator: Used to lethal effect at both medium and close range by the Apache.
    • Yakuza vs. Mafia: Yakuza break out the sai for both attack and defense.
    • Green Beret vs. Spetznaz: With a spring-loaded blade that can launch out of the hilt, the Spetznaz can stab at a distance.
    • Willam Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu: Wallace wields the quintessential Scottish dirk in combination with the targe spiked shield.
    • Jesse James vs. Al Capone: James wields a large Bowie-style knife that can be used for stabbing and throwing.
    • Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior: Both parties wield traditional blades as ceremonial execution tools.
    • Comanche vs. Mongol: The Comanche deploys a small, pocket-sized knife that can be used for multiple stabs in quick succession (as well as scalping).
    • Navy Seal vs. Israeli Commando: The NAVY Seal Rob Roy... goes a little crazy. Just a little.
  • Deadwood: Al Swearengen is a skilled knife-fighter who cuts a number of throats through the series. He is a self-confessed terrible shot with a gun, and at one point curses himself for sticking with knives rather than learning to shoot properly.
  • Defiance: Irisa is both shown and stated to have a fondness "for edged weapons".
  • Firefly: Jayne Cobb has a number of large, heavy, nasty-looking hunting knives in addition to his collection of guns.
  • Forged in Fire: Almost all the blades made for the first two rounds are knives, because they're simple to make and fit the weapon parameters set out for the round. Most of the bladesmiths also make knives in their day-to-day life.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • When not using Needle - her signature sword - Arya Stark has used knives and daggers to kill enemies When facing down the White Walkers, she kills the Night King with a dagger of Valyrian steel- the same one used in an assassination attempt on her brother Bran in Series 1.
    • Through the generations, House Bolton has passed down not an ancestral sword, but an ultra-thin knife used in their traditional flaying practices. Their motto "Our Blades Are Sharp" applies to this and other knives as much as their swords. If you think Ramsay was sadistic with his mind-games, wait until he brings out the knives...
    • Night's Watch deserter and cutthroat Karl Tanner learnt to fight in the slums of Flea Bottom. He uses two knives to devastating effect during his mutiny. Apparently, he always fights with knives rather than a sword.
    • Locke's main Weapon of Choice before joining the Night's Watch was a rather huge knife (which he used to sever Jaime's hand).
  • Harrow: In "Finis Vitae Sed Non Amoris" ("The End of Life, but not of Love"), a former soldier suffering from PTSD has a huge collection of knives, which makes him the primary suspect when a body is discovered in his backyard.
  • Heroes: Season 4 character Edgar mainly uses knives with his Super Speed combat skills.
  • Kingdom Adventure: One character is actually named "Dagger", heavily implying him to be this. Downplayed, though, as Dagger is a messenger, infiltrator, and spy, and doesn't often fight or kill, but he has pulled a knife on at least one occasion when it was his assignment to do so.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan Amnell uses two daggers in battle.
  • Leverage: Eliot can edge up on this sometimes. Justified as he's also a chef when he's not killing people.
    Eliot: Hold a knife like this [holds a knife normally], cuts through an onion. Hold a knife like this [switches to a backhand grip], cuts through, like, eight yakuza in four seconds. Screams, blood, carnage. People are like knives. Everything's in context.
  • Lost: Locke boarded the plane for a survivalist adventure in spite of his handicap and brought a bag filled to bursting with various knives. When Locke shows off his collection, the other survivors are creeped out, which goes along with the way the first few episodes tease Locke as some sort of psycho-killer. He later proves adept at hunting and butchering wild boar with only his knives.
  • Lost in Oz: The Wicked Witch of the West is this, even wearing knives over her hands.
  • Lucifer (2016): Mazikeen is a perfect example, often carrying her blades (and knowing how to use them).
  • Merlin: Morgana carries a knife with her at all times in Series 4.
  • NCIS: The team follows Gibbs' Rule No. 9: "Never go anywhere without a knife." Ziva David is especially enthusiastic, with an extensive collection. In one episode she holds a knife-throwing class for the team, naturally hitting the target over the heart in her demonstration. Tony hits the stomach, McGee doesn't even get the knife to the target, and Lee lets the knife slip out of her hand, almost hitting Gibbs in the face. Mostly averted in the end though, as they simply use their knives as tools.
  • Power Rangers:
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
      • Trini Kwan and her successor Aisha Campbell wield twin daggers known as the Power Daggers.
      • Tommy Oliver's Dragon Dagger, which is also a flute.
    • Power Rangers Wild Force: Jindrax wields an apparently endless supply of small, wavy throwing knives, which he can turn into longer swords at will. He also qualifies for the "nut" part early in the series before his voice actor is changed, and he goes from "what if The Joker were a Power Rangers character?" to, well, what you think he always sounded like if you haven't watched the series recently.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Ronon has as many knives on him as you need concealed in various places, including in his hair. Sheppard jokes that he must have a hell of a time getting through airports.
  • Star Trek:
    • Everyone in the Mirror Universe, although the women seem to be the only ones who actually use them.
    • Star Trek: Picard: In "Nepenthe", Narissa digs the tip of her large dagger into Hugh's neck, causing him to bleed. She carries at least two knives during her confrontation with Elnor, and she murders Hugh by throwing one into his neck. In "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2", she grabs an intruder from behind and places her knife against the man's throat, although he turns out to be her brother.
  • Supernatural: Joe Harvelle likes to play with a knife that used to be her father's.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Cameron, despite being an emotionless cyborg, seems to have a thing for large hunting knives. She also carries what looks like an Exacto knife on her for when she suddenly has the need for cutting things, as opposed to punching them through walls.
  • Top Gear': In the Bolivia special in 2009, the normally even-tempered James May seems quite pleased to get his hands on a machete.
    James: I'll cut your ***ing head off; you will need to beep that, BBC 2.
  • Yancy Derringer: Yancy's sidekick Pahoo carries a Sawed-Off Shotgun which he wields in emergencies, but most of the time he uses a throwing knife sheathed on his back.

  • Jim Croce:
    • Based on what Slim does to Big Jim in "You Don't Mess Around With Jim", he likely qualifies. To clarify, "And when the cuttin' was done the only part that wasn't bloody was the soles of the big man's feet. Yeah he was cut in about a hundred places..."
    • The guy "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" tangles with at the end:
      Well, the two men took to fighting
      And when they pulled them from the floor
      Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle
      With a couple of pieces gone
  • While the Insane Clown Posse are more associated with hatchets, Violent J has a solo track on The Amazing Jeckel Brothers titled "I Stab People". He follows up with a song called "Still Stabbin'" on the later album Bizaar.
  • "The Sentinel" by Judas Priest: Knife Nut + Cold Sniper.


  • Fourvel from Comedy Bang! Bang! is an orphan who stabs people to death over perceived insults, and often carries an array of knives with him.
  • Sid from Sequinox has a knife on her at all times, even when dreaming. Even when transformed. It's not her actual Magical Girl weapon. She even does her eyeliner with a knife! And her mom is the same way.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • At a 2009 Apache Army show, Gosaku concealed a knife and used it to cut Mammoth Sasaki and Yoshihito Sasaki during a match.
  • The Briscoe Brothers generally don't bring knives to the ring, but have been seen fighting with concealed knives off ring. Mark is more of a gun nut, but he's not afraid to "cut you deep."
  • Subverted with Dementia D'Rose, who carries a shiny knife in her teeth because it looks pretty but doesn't want it to scare anyone. She is a wrestler, more than capable of making people bleed without a weapon.
  • Ivelisse Vélez was left to fend for herself when Madison Eagles pulled out a fork at the start of their SHINE 22 match, but the referee finally decided to intervene when Eagles was disarmed by Velez, only to produce a knife in its place.

  • Dead Ringers: Brian Perkins, gangland boss of BBC Radio 4, has a large knife he likes to use on those who incur his displeasure. He also occasionally uses it to help people in non-deadly ways, like opening lunchboxes. While calmly recounting his murder victims screaming like "stuck pigs".

  • Darwin's Soldiers: Dr. Kerzach's Weapon of Choice is his amorphous metal switchblade. He is quite proficient with its use as a weapon too.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, several assassins and thieves like using knives and daggers in their line of work. Sinlarine shamans have ceremonial daggers which are mostly for show but with which they can focus their innate powers to travel between the Void and the Land of the Living by shifting from one plane of reality to another.
  • Rhianna von Adolph from Open Blue uses a diamond-coated combat knife, which she tends to playfully toss into the air and catch whenever she's talking to somebody. She can either chuck this at people with alarming accuracy, or cut them up seven times before they hit the ground.

    Tabletop Games 
  • One possible Madness Talent from Don't Lose Your Mind grants you a knife that can kill anything; Automata, ghosts, immortals, up to and including ideas. Fall over the deep end with this power, and you turn into The Knifeman, a Nightmare whose goal is to create a beautiful world, by "cutting off all the flaws".
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5:
  • The Soul Knife is a Psionic Class. Their mind is a weapon, and that weapon is a knife.
  • The prestige classes Daggerspell Mage and Daggerspell Shaper, arcane caster/rogue and druid/rogue hybrids, respectively, that gain special abilities when wielding daggers.
  • The Whisperknife is a halfling-only prestige class that specializes in light thrown weapons, usually daggers.
  • Many rogues in Fourth Edition use daggers as their Weapon of Choice. One Paragon Path, Daggermaster, even allows the rogue to specialize in using them to deadly effect.
  • Merisiel, the iconic Rogue from Pathfinder, carries double-digit numbers of throwing daggers on her person.
  • Games Workshop games:
    • Warhammer 40,000:
      • Wickedly sharp and barbed knives are the most common close combat weapons used by the Dark Eldar with Lelith Hesperax, the leader of the Wych Cult of Strife, being the most proficient with a blade. Lelith takes great pride in her skill and is capable of killing any foe she faces with nothing but a pair of simple knives.
      • Catachan Jungle Fighters forge their own knives, which can reach up to twenty inches long for Catachan Fangs and four feet long for Devil's Claws. Even orks find them impressive, and their basic weapon is a five-foot-long axe/machete/backscratcher.
    • In Inquisitor, characters with the Blademaster talent, such as the twin Death Cult Assassins Severina and Sevora, are masters of knife fighting, able to cause more damage with a knife than other characters can cause with a sword.
    • Mordheim has the special mercenary character Johann the Knife, the most famous assassin in the Empire, whose skill with knives is legendary. In-game he counts his knives as swords when fighting in close combat and has a special rule called Knife Fighter Extraordinaire that allows him to bypass the usual limit of three knives thrown during his turn.
  • Knives are part of standard Al Amarjan dress in Over the Edge. They're mostly used to open up chip packets and the like.
  • Arimite Knife=Fighters in Talislanta are masters of the throwing knife.

  • Billy Bigelow in Carousel uses a knife in the robbery-gone-wrong that results in his suicide.
  • After she is rescued from the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods is rarely if ever seen without her knife. It's implied that she becomes rather obsessed with hunting down wolves for her fur cloak, with which she replaces her red cloak (taken by the Baker).
  • The Mrs. Hawking play series: Mrs. Hawking's preferred weapons are knives of all kinds, from a thin, sharp letter blade to throwing knives to a plain sturdy Bowie.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Sweeney Todd's weapon of choice is the straight razor. Between him and Jack the Ripper, the razor soon developed a reputation as a murder weapon.

    Theme Parks 
  • Universal's Halloween Horror Nights:
    • As you might expect from such a classic horror weapon, scareactors wielding these have shown up quite a bit over the years, including horror icons like Michael Myers and Norman Bates.
    • Chance is often seen with knives, be it throwing knives or her own personal switchblade.

  • Dark Hunter Lariska in BIONICLE uses poison-tipped throwing knives.

    Video Games 
  • Used for melee by the Cajun Cutthroat enemy and thrown by boss Lighting Rod in The Adventures of Bayou Billy.
  • Alpha Protocol:
    • Konstantin Brayko is a both a nutter and a knife fanatic. A Knife Nutjob, if you will.
    • Michael uses a knife for stealth kills.
  • In American McGee's Alice, a knife called the "Vorpal Blade" is Alice's primary weapon. It gets deadlier in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • Stiletto Anyway in Anachronox uses plenty of throwing knives.
  • One of the most fun parts of Assassin's Creed is to kill as many people as possible with your hidden blade. This is particularly fun with the beggars, who constantly harass you for coins, or the lepers, who are apparently well enough to push you two metres back whenever you get remotely near them.
    • Altair from Assassin's Creed I carries a sword, a long knife for close combat, a whole bunch of throwing knives, and, of course, the traditional Hidden Blade. He is also the only assassin in the series to only use blades and no other long range weapons like a crossbow or a gun until he builds one a good seventy years later.
    • Ezio Auditore packs a couple of them in Assassin's Creed II, with extra features included. Along with a collection of knives (also swords and hammers) in his home, a couple of which border on BFS (BFK?) territory. The same assortment of knives are favored by NPC courteseans, friendly thieves, and Fragile Speedster enemies.
  • Several mooks in Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel. Zsasz definitely counts in both games as well, being a Serial Killer who carries a knife whenever he shows up and uses it to cut a tally mark on his body for each of his victims.
  • The Game Mod Batman Doom replaces Doom's Demons with "Strakes", muscled thugs armed with knives.
  • Players are encouraged to use the knife in Battlefield 2142, as it is always a one-shot kill. Although lag will sometimes require you to make a second swipe, despite the "stab" noise.
  • Peketo from The Black Heart. All his specials and some of his normal attacks involve the use of knives.
  • Blame Him: The first enemy you encounter in the game will stab you to death with a knife if she catches you.
  • Hazama in BlazBlue uses twin butterfly knives in combat, and has several more hidden within his pockets.
  • In Bloody Wolf, you're forced to use your knife in several sections, which is typically justified in the limited narrative (the boss destroyed your gun, you're just trying to incapacitate a brainwashed friend, etc). But at one point, a boss named Knife Guy appears and you put aside your gun seemingly out of shared enthusiasm. When you re-encounter Knife Guy as a midboss in the final stage, your character hilariously shoots him in the face, killing him instantly.
  • Commandos:
    • The Green Beret character is something of a Knife Nut, even quipping that they should help an isolated group of Allied soldiers by "offering a hand. Or a knife."
    • The Diver can throw knives from the second game on.
  • Knife kills in Counter-Strike are a particularly badass Cherry Tapping. Not the case of a backstab, however, which is a one hit kill.
  • Crush Crush: Ayano repeatedly tries to Murder the Hypotenuses with knives and cleavers, although she does use other methods like Tampering with Food and Drink.
    Ayano: [describing her new knife] Guaranteed not to slip, even when covered in... milk.
    Like with Pamu:
    Pamu: Wow! Some broad has been stalking me with a knife! She's so disturbed and adorable - I love her!
    Ayano: I think that Pamu might not be human... She laughs when she's stabbed... I hear.
    And Alpha:
    Alpha: My handlers told me that I received some poisoned chocolates.note  I wonder if by accident?
    Alpha: I think someone tried to hack my servers today. And by "hack" I mean with a meat cleaver.
    And Quill:
    Quill: Are Cat-Catchers allowed to use steak knives for their jobs? Because the one that's chasing me sure is.
    And regarding Elle:
    Ayano: I heard people with narcolepsy sometimes slip and fall and stab themselves with knives 20 or 30 times. How awful!
  • In Cultist Simulator, knives are a common symbol of Edge, the aspect of struggle and strife. Particularly the case for one Edge-aspect cultist, Elridge, "an elegant man of inelegant habits". He becomes better at hiding the tools of his hobbies and other telltale signs thereof as he progresses within the cult, but at first:
    He has almost learnt not to pick his teeth with his knife. He has not yet learnt to keep his knife in his boot.
  • The Ancestor in Darkest Dungeon was good with a knife. Preternaturally good. Even before ever getting involved in Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, he managed to defeat an arch-vampire in combat — normally an impressive feat even for someone fully armed and armored — using only a mundane knife.
  • Destiny:
    • The Hunter class is filled with Knife Nuts, especially the Blade Dancer subclass. However, only their Gunslinger subclass can throw knives.
    • Some Titan armors have knives strapped on them, but only for aesthetics, as their primary means of dealing melee damage comes from the lampshaded punching of their enemies with their Power Fist.
  • Devil May Cry:
  • In Divine Intervention, the little girl comes with a pair of knives and will stab you to death if she can.
  • Riki the Stealth Assassin from Dota 2 uses a dagger for his weapon and prefers striking from the back for extra hurt. And he can easily do it by sneaking behind your back without being seen, or he jumps straight at your back.
  • In the Double Dragon series, the knife is one of the most lethal weapons, and is most often wielded by Williams. In Double Dragon Neon, it can stab through multiple enemies at once.
  • Dragon Age II has many characters who wield knives, but three named characters shine above the others.
    • The first is Hawke, who can be turned into one if played as a rogue and specced in Dual Wielding.
    • The second is Isabela, whose specialty is fighting battles of attrition against multiple enemies.
    • The most notable example of this trope in the game is DLC-only Tallis, who not only has two daggers that cannot be un-equipped for use in hand-to-hand combat, but also has a seemingly infinite supply of throwing knives, making her the only party member in the game who uses thrown weapons outside of cutscenes.
  • Dragon Quest:
    • Dragon Quest II: The Princess of Moonbrooke can equip a Magic Dagger, although it is only her second weakest weapon.
    • Dragon Quest III: Wizards and Thieves can equip knives and daggers.
    • Dragon Quest IX: Morag, a demonic witch, wields one knife during her Boss Battle.
    • Dragon Quest XI: Knives are one of Erik's weapons of choice, which have low attack power but deal status-altering effects.
  • The Elf of Dragon's Crown has this as a potential build, being able to equip a dagger at any time with the Holdout Dagger skill. While fighting with a dagger limits her range and attack options, she can deal a lot of damage with it using the Back Stab skill, and she can add poison and fire properties to her dagger with the Toxic Extract and Salamander Oil skills.
  • Although Lucas Kane in Fahrenheit never uses a knife outside the opening sequence, he is depicted holding a bloody blade on every box art to underline the psychosis surrounding him throughout the game.
  • Fallen London has Jack-of-Smiles, an Expy of Jack The Ripper. Actually, Jack-of-Smiles is his knives, which explains his plentiful bodies to use. The knives are alive, have a mind of their own, and will take over yours if you hold one for too long.
  • Quite a number of characters in Far Cry 3 use knives as close combat weapons when they're not using guns.
  • Ryuji Yamazaki from Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters always carries a knife around wherever he goes. Just try not to get too close to him.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Kiros in Final Fantasy VIII, double armed knives. His standing battle pose even makes him look like an Ax-Crazy assassin at the first grace.
  • Rem from the game Final Fantasy Type-0 dual wields daggers.
  • Tonberries, just Tonberries.
  • Fire Emblem: Thief/Assassin/Rogue characters. In the early games, these are just swords animated as knives (particularly cool for the assassins). In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, knives became their own weapon type, which thieving characters use exclusively and Sages can also use (though they have to forgo staves to do so), although this latter feature is no longer in effect in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Knives return in Fire Emblem Fates as the weapon of choice of Ninjas, their promotions (Master Ninja and Mechanist), Dread Fighters, and oddly enough, Maids and Butlers.
  • Funtime With Buffy: If Buffy catches you, you're treated to a cutscene of him pulling out a knife and stabbing you.
  • In the original Goldeneye 007 for the N64, one level opens up with James Bond in a jail cell within a Russian satellite facility. Naturally he has no guns, but he can use the electromagnet in his watch to get some throwing knives from a drain(?). Said knives can be used to great effect, and re-used if retrieved. There's also a "hunting knife" available as a melee weapon via a cheat code.
  • The Guild Wars franchise:
    • The Assassin class from Guild Wars. Even though the dagger is the lowest-damage weapon in the game, Assassins use them to great effect, often drawing out huge amounts of bonus damage from their skills. They also have a few skills that allow them to throw knives for different effects.
    • Guild Wars 2 features two classes that can dual-wield knives: elementalists and thieves. However, only thieves make actual use of the knives themselves. Aside from a super-fast attack rate, Dagger Thieves can throw daggers to damage and cripple a target, leap at an enemy with a quick strike, stack copious amounts of bleeding on enemy groups, and even turn invisible — which sets up a devastating Backstab move for at least double damage. Heck, even their normal auto-attacks will poison enemies continuously. Thieves can also use daggers in their offhand with a sword, and can dual-wield a dagger/pistol combo in either hand for different results. A favorite trick among players is to use the pistol skill Black Powder Shot and leap through the cloud with the dagger skill Heartseeker. This renders the player instantly invisible and sets up a backstab. Suffice it to say, knives are at the heart of any good thief's offense.
  • Halo:
    • Warrant Officer Emile-A239 from Halo: Reach is never seen without his signature kukri, and is introduced while sharpening it on his armour. He only uses it once.
    • The expanded universe establishes that Fred-104 is the best knife-user among the Spartan-IIs.
  • In the card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the Rogue class from World of Warcraft is represented by Valeera Sanguinar, who dual wields fel-powered daggers and can infinitely summon them each turn (for 2 mana) for her heroic power. She can also equip various dagger-like weapons if they're in her deck and many of her spells are based on how one uses a knife, as many of them depict someone putting a knife in someone else (Eviscerate and Shiv are such examples). There's also Fan of Knives, where she throws a lot of knives at any enemy minion on the board. Valeera herself, while not appearing much in the main game, has always been fighting using knives during her comic debut.
  • Hotline Miami:
    • Choosing Dennis the Wolf as your mask lets you start off with a knife.
    • The Biker's primary weapons are a butcher's cleaver and three throwing knives.
  • Jagged Alliance 2:
    • You can make a custom Knife Nut character. Stealth and night ops specialties plus throwing knifes equals one-hit death for everyone on the opposing team.
    • One recruitable mercenary, Bill "Razor" Lamont, is crazy about knives, and talks about cutting throats or how knives "never run out of ammo" with disturbing regularity.
  • Kevin Smith in Killer7 uses throwing knives as his primary weapon and a larger knife for close quarters combat.
  • Killer Instinct has Maya, a monster hunter who fights with a pair of enchanted daggers known as "Temperance" and "Vengeance". They have given her a telepathic link to the sorcerer Kan-Ra, who once possessed them himself.
  • Kindergarten:
    • Cindy is a kindergarten-aged Alpha Bitch who will stab the protagonist in the head with a knife if he makes her angry enough. For example by not playing house well enough.
    • Buggs carries a knife on his person due to paranoia of authority figures trying to kill him. Considering the principal's idea of expelling a child is shooting the offender in the head, his paranoia isn't misplaced. It gets confiscated in the sequel, and his mission revolves around getting it back.
  • Larxene, the Psycho Electro Dark Action Girl of Kingdom Hearts. Though the way she holds them make the knives look like Wolverine Claws, reminiscent of Volgin.
  • As of a class revamp in October 2013, Disco Bandits in Kingdom of Loathing have a number of skills involving stabbing their foes with knives, as artfully represented in the skill description of Disco Shank: "There are very few problems that cannot be solved with the judicious application of a very, very sharp knife."
  • As with almost every weapon-to-personality trope,note  Last Scenario completely averts this—the knife-using party member is the closest thing available to a Science Hero.
  • Katarina from League of Legends is known for dual-wielding daggers that really hurt when thrown or slashed with. She's capable of wiping the whole enemy team with a few accurate dagger throws.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • In the Marathon scenario Courier 11, the Hunting Knife replaces the bare knuckles as the player's melee weapon. One level has hostile BOB's with Deflector Shields who can only be killed with the knife.
  • Mass Effect:
    • While Kai Leng appears in the games for the first time in Mass Effect 3 where he's gunning for Shepard, he first appeared in the book Mass Effect: Retribution, where he kills a krogan with a knife and later kills six turians by himself with just a knife. In Deception, he also kills the most powerful biotic in the galaxy (basically an individual with a bunch of very powerful psychokinetic powers, and the ability to summon miniature black holes and energy balls at will) with... a sharpened toothbrush.
    • In Mass Effect: Andromeda, we have the Firaan, a small dagger made by the Angara that has the highest attack speed of any melee weapon in the game. There's also an electrified version of the Firaan that has a chance to stun enemies.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2 has a signature knife and is obviously quite nuts. He apparently has kind of a knife fetish.
    • See also Naked Snake/Big Boss in games where he's the protagonist. Notably, he carries a special CQC knife that he holds along with his pistols at the same time, so he can switch from shooting to close-quarters combat in an instant. Sometimes he'll also have a separate survival knife.
    • Gene from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is pretty good with a knife.
  • Daggers are the Weapon of Choice of the Miis from the Thief class in Miitopia. Granted, they do not all look like daggers (there are some that are shaped like fishes or Moai statues), but the difference is purely aesthetical.
  • Subverted and played straight with Mitadake High. The knife is the weakest weapon in the game except for the dead taser and the empty can of paint, but that doesn't stop people from enjoying them. This may have something to do with the fact that, besides the Hammer and the weaker Nanatsu Yoru, the Knife is one of the only weapons that can kill without draining all of your energy.
  • Mitsumete Knight:
  • Modern Warfare 2:
    • A popular class combination in is an honourable mention. Using the "Tactical Knife" pistol attachment (holding a knife and a pistol out at the same time to strike faster), the "Marathon" perk (to sprint forever), the "Lightweight" perk (to move faster) and the "Commando" perk (to be able to strike with the knife from farther away), you get a class that even Penny Arcade notes its effectiveness.
    • In the single-player campaign, you fight the Big Bad with nothing but your knife, but you seem to drop it when he stabs you into the chest with his own. After passing out for a minute or two, you pull that very same knife out of your own chest and throw it through his eye.
  • Mogeko Castle: Moge-ko is seen wielding a knife on several occasions, and doesn't use any other weapon. It's heavily implied that she uses them in torture sessions, and possibly during sex.
  • From the Mortal Kombat series:
    • Kano and Frost both dual wield knives.
    • Mileena uses paired sais (which aren't actually sharp in real life).
  • In Murder!, the murderer is given a knife, with the ability to both sprint and throw it at their opponents (as well as stab them with it).
  • Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour introduces Meredith Huxley, a psychopathic woman who murders people with an ornate dagger.
  • Persona:
  • The Twin Daggers weapon type in Phantasy Star Online and its successors averts the usual connotations surrounding daggers. They aren't any more "scary" than any of the other weapons. (It helps that they often look flashier than the usual knife; many look like wings.) You're more likely to find a badass Action Girlnote  using one than an Ax-Crazy character.
    • Phantasy Star Universe has an exception that, oddly enough, cannot be used by the players. Some criminals use more standard-looking photon knives to mug people.
  • Aht in Radiant Historia dual wields daggers as her weapon of choice. Most of her non-trap special abilities involve her throwing them, as well.
  • Resident Evil has its fair share:
    • Resident Evil 4's Leon is a knife fighting expert who uses his knife for everything from breaking locks to taking down giant mutants, but his Ax-Crazy Worthy Opponent Krauser cements his status as the game's Knife Nut by having a design on it, and a little notch so he can twirl it. Leon then gets Krauser's knife when you beat him in the knife fight sequence. Ironically, Krauser's weakness in his boss battle is Leon's knife.
    • Resident Evil 5:
      • While calling her a nut would be an insult, Sheva stabs Wesker seventeen times with a knife.
      • Jill is portrayed as stabbing with her knife when other characters swipe.
    • Claire's opening video for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has her throwing a special forces knife into a zombie.
  • In Rise of the Kasai, while Tati does have access to other weapons, including a huge axe, a deadly spear, and a supply of exploding toxic mushrooms, her favorite weapon is a pair of twin knifes that she especially uses to maul Kasai warriors.
  • There's a reason Edge from Rival Schools chose his nickname. He loves to play with knives and uses them frequently in his arsenal of dirty tricks.
  • The main character from Rush'n Attack squares off against an army of soldiers, all clearly holding rifles (although few of them actually use them), but other than the occasional bazooka, he fights solely with his knife. In the HD remake, most of the enemies also fight with knives or punch knives.
  • Kyrie of Sands of Destruction uses knives for his basic attack. All his attack spells involve either knives or throwing several knives. His Limit Break can throw up to sixteen knives that, due to lazy programming, hit every enemy.
  • The 1982 Synapse Software Berzerk-style computer game Shamus has the titular robot detective fight his enemies by throwing Ion SHIVS at them, rather than use a gun. These Laser Blade knives stand for Short High Intensity Vaporizer and they're effective against your enemies, who are all fellow robots.
  • Shank uses two knives as his main melee weapons, if you couldn't tell by his name.
  • Loki as portrayed in Smite comes with two daggers he hides on sight (they don't even appear in his hand if he's being idle), and he can go invisible, and sneak up to an unknowing enemy, and strike at their back for massive damage. Or just plain teleport behind them and strike.
  • Danette of Soul Nomad & the World Eaters uses two of them.
  • StarCraft:
    • Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft I, before and after her transformation. Before her transformation she likes killing with knives (no in-game ability, but in the novel Liberty's Crusade she takes out a room of guards on Antiga Prime), and after her transformation, she not only has knives on the end of each fingertip, but has wing-like appendages growing out of her back which end in, you guessed it, more knives. It's no wonder she got the moniker of "Queen of Blades".
    • Starcraft II presents Gabriel Tosh, who flips around an oversized butterfly knife. And also uses it on Voodoo dolls.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: Imperial Operatives specialize in knife attacks, and all Imperial Agents get an equipment slot for them. They are always used more like daggers, though gigantic daggers.
  • Dolph in Suikoden V could carve out your liver and hand it to you, despite having one of the goofiest fighting stances ever.
  • The Tales Series has a few examples of characters using knives, but given the series' love of playing with tropes, it avoids most of the usual implications; It's most common for the knife-wielder to be the group's healer:
    • Tales of Symphonia has knives that can be used by Kratos or Zelos. They're treated as swords with a smaller hitbox.
    • Tales of the Abyss has Tear Grants. She uses throwing knives for her physical attacks and in cutscenes, although her equipped weapons are staves.
    • Ange Serena of Tales of Innocence. For a character whom most would dismiss as a White Magician Girl, she sure has some impressive melee combos with that knife of hers.
    • Tales of Graces has Cheria Barnes, party healer and Team Mom who fights with magic-infused throwing knives.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • The Spy wields a variety of butterfly knives that, in addition to any number of other abilities, can be used for a one-shot kill backstab.
    • The Sniper is an Awesome Aussie with an even bigger knife (though in-game it's usually used in extreme emergencies only).
  • Ayame from the Tenchu series uses a pair of knives. Specifically, kodachi.
  • Sherudo Garo, the Stage 2 boss and Big Bad of Time Crisis. Given how annoying knives are in the Time Crisis series, this also has the effect of making him into That One Boss.
  • Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project series fights by throwing a seemingly infinite number of knives that she actually recovers between volleys by stopping time. It's speculated that she can do more than just stop time, and that her many knives are actually the same knife. Of course, it is mentioned that she carries many knives as well. Best exemplified in her conversation with Alice in Perfect Cherry Blossom:
    Alice: So, far what reason do you worry? About yourself.
    Sakuya: Because I'm carrying only three changes of clothes. For myself.
    Alice: Ah, good reason.
    Sakuya: That, and a spare set of knives too.
    Alice: Ah, I- KNIVES?!
  • Hawkeye of Trials of Mana demonstrates Dual Wielding with knives. One of his techs, the "Flying Swallow Toss", involves tossing a barrage of knives at every target on the screen. One wonders where he keeps them all...
  • An option for traitors in Trouble in Terrorist Town is to buy a knife, which can cause a One-Hit Kill if used to stab an innocent or a detective in the back. To prevent it being too broken, the knife can only be used to kill one person.
  • In Undertale:
    • In the encounter with the Mad Dummy, after you hit it with its "dummy bot" attacks a certain number of times, it fires them, angrily declares "I DON'T NEED FRIENDS!!! I'VE GOT KNIVES!!!", and pulls out a knife to throw at you. Too bad it only has one knife, which it wastes with its first attack.
    • Take the genocide path, and your character will start to show a fondness for knives. And the last weapon you get, instead of being a stick or ballet shoes, is the Real Knife. However, by the time you get it, the only enemy whom you can actually fight, Sans, is smart enough to just dodge your attacks, so it's really just for show.
    • For a more benevolent example, you can also find a toy knife early in the game. Which belonged to the human who possessed the Light Blue heart. Appropriately they are represented by spinning knives during the Photoshop Flowey battle.
  • Archduke Maximilian Von Reginrave, Big Bad of Valkyria Chronicles, has a collection of thousands of knives, and often carries several hidden on his person. He can use them very well. This is yet another manifestation of his raging paranoia, the result of him growing up as the hated bastard child of the Imperial royal family whose brothers constantly tried to get rid of.
  • Seether from Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom uses a double-bladed knife, first threatening Blair with it, then slitting Captain Paulson's throat.
  • The Rogue class in World of Warcraft is a good example of this trope. All three of its specializations have been able to make use of them at some point in the game's history:
    • The Assassination and Subtlety specializations require using daggers. Some of their strongest moves can only be used with daggers while others are adjusted when wielding a dagger to compensate for the weapon's low damage per hit. The dagger's fast speed also makes it good for triggering poisons and other effects.
    • Before Cataclysm, Combat rogues who take the Close Quarters Combat (dagger and fist weapon spec) talent get a bonus while using daggers and fist weapons that they won't if they use other weapon types.
  • Becoming a Knife Nut is actually the Boring, but Practical choice for Yandere-chan in Yandere Simulator. Sure, it's not as cool as a katana, but Yandere-chan can easily hide it on her body (even, ahem, when she's nude) until an opportune moment to commit murder presents itself. Besides, there are just more knives to use than any other possible weapon — the kitchen knife in the Cooking Club (and if she joins the Cooking Club she gets the added bonus of not being seen as suspicious if she carries it openly), the ritual knife in the Occult Club (which can become a flaming knife), and the box cutter in the Art Club. It should be noted that update videos demonstrating game mechanics usually have her wielding a knife.
  • Madotsuki from Yume Nikki is frequently depicted as one because of a widespread Player Tic which involves killing everyone, with the knife being the only weapon available.

    Visual Novels 
  • Min from Butterfly Soup is a fan of butterfly knives. When she is asked to hand over the rest of her knives, she takes her jacket off and several knives fall to the floor.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: Yuri is one. If you go down the Yuri route in Act 1, it's revealed that she has a large collection of knives at home, and the one she brings over to the MC's home is so sharp that gently touching its tip causes bleeding. Yuri even says it "cuts through skin like paper". Her Self-Harm tendencies are hinted at, as well, creating a real Uncanny Valley Girl feeling about her. This is brought to full light in Act 2, where Yuri basically goes full on Yandere, courtesy of Monika's Mind Rape combined with Hostile Show Takeover, which takes her obsessive traits and self-harm tendencies Up to Eleven. You end up with some indiscretion shots of Yuri cutting herself (both of which are hijacked by Monika; one is rewound and the other has her physically manifest over the entire GUI), as well as the climactic ending of Act 2, where Yuri stabs herself to death, either as a show of pure despair at the player refusing her confession, or a show of pure ecstasy at the player accepting it. Either way, she dies.
  • The mysterious killer in the Yarudora game Double Cast primary uses a knife, giving much tension in the scenes where he assaults the protagonist and/or his friends.
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Yumiko always carries a box cutter with herself, usually only to scare off her classmates when they get on her nerves, but she actually tries to attack protagonist Yuuji with it after he makes a particularly bad first impression on her.
  • Guilio The Knife/Knifer from Lucky Dog 1 is extremely skilled with a knife, citing that it's his favourite weapon - Ivan comments that he's practically useless without one. It becomes very useful when he needs to do knife tricks so the team can pretend to be performers after escaping prison.
  • The [9]th Man of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors threatens Clover with a knife at the start of the Game. Ace later takes a knife (either his or finds his own) and kills Clover in the "Safe" ending, and the rest of the cast in the "Knife" and "Submarine" endings.
  • When sweet little Kotonoha Katsura from School Days snaps after all the Break the Cutie and her own emotional instability, she grabs a cleaver and shows how well she can use it. Seeing the kid slash Sekai's throat open with it in one of the bad endings is... horrifying. In The Anime of the Game, it's even worse. Sekai fatally snaps on Makoto via stabbing him repeatedly in the chest with a kitchen knife, and then Kotonoha stabs and cuts Sekai's stomach open afterwards with another huge knife... after revealing that she beheaded Makoto's corpse. And then she carries the head with her.
  • Souji in Suika always carries a silver knife in his pocket, but isn't actually a murderer or anything. But he does consider using it at several points and appears to have a fairly violent side that he suppresses. It's finally justifiably used near the end, but he doesn't kill anyone.

    Web Animation 

  • Black Mage in 8-Bit Theater carries a dagger, which he most frequently employs against his nominal teammates, Fighter and Red Mage.
  • Vekken va Kapo from Ley Lines is definitely a knife nut. It's plain to see and confirmed by Wordof God. He carries at least four knives, hidden in his shirt.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • Part of Ryan Haywood's Token Evil Teammate shtick in Achievement Hunter videos is that he loves knives and his first objective in games is to murder. He also keeps a cup filled with them at his desk.
    Ryan: Why do I need a cup full of 37 knives? I don't, but I like it!
  • The Call of Warr has Prince. He's quick to pull out his knife at any moment, and is just as willing to kill anyone who even so much as startles him.
  • Evan of Everyman HYBRID is an absolute fiend for knives, switchblades, cleavers, daggers, and knife gloves a la Freddy Krueger. He's rarely seen without some kind of cutlery in his hand, which is getting increasingly worrisome, as he seems to be on a greased slide to Ax Craziness. Oh, and he's occasionally possessed by a disembodied homicidal maniac.
  • Played for Laughs in the Gus Johnson sketch "your friend who always has a knife". The friend doesn't use his knife as a weapon, but he seems convinced it's always the best answer. One of his friends gets sick of it, but tensions soon rise after that friend has to make a sandwich and realizes there are no knives in the drawer.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Shirai Ryu commander Hanzo Hasashi's talents with the kunai were so well-known that they earned him his nickname (later, his codename): Scorpion.
  • The Nostalgia Chick had some Licking the Blade action when she tried to stab Allison Pregler.
  • Defied in the case of sword reviewer and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) practitioner Skallagrim, who makes it clear that while he is enthusiastic about bladed weapons, he only advocates safe, responsible weapon collecting and handling.
  • The nameless interviewee in the "Terrible Interviewees Montage" episode of Trope of the Week from Echo Chamber makes Tom rather uncomfortable with his knife play.
  • Venturian Tale: Jimmy Casket really, really likes stabbing people.
  • Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series is this even more than his canon self. "I like knives. They make me feel all tingly."

    Western Animation 
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mai uses throwing knives as her Weapon of Choice.
  • The Dragon Prince has Rayla. She has two large knives, which are loosely based on real butterfly knives, which she uses in almost every fight. With these knives, she can switch between the blade and the hook, thus adapting her combat tactics to it.
  • Roberto, a mentally unstable robot from Futurama, has an obsession with stabbing things with his trusty "Stabbing Knife".
  • An Anti-Hero example is Razer from Green Lantern: The Animated Series, who seems to keep an unsettlingly large number of knives on his person at all times. Considering he has a Red Lantern ring on his finger, one wonders why he does so.
  • Kaeloo: Mr. Cat. While he sometimes uses more dangerous weapons like a bazooka or a chainsaw, he uses knives fairly often. Usually he just throws them at people.
  • Early Cuyler from Squidbillies seems to have an infinite supply of identical buck knives along with his Sawed-Off Shotgun.
  • Brock Sampson of The Venture Bros. carries a large knife instead of a gun. Tim-Tom and Kevin, the Murderous Moppets, also show a particular fondness for stabbing things with their switchblades.
    Tim-Tom: We could take out his tongue.
    Kevin: With a knife!
    Tim-Tom: Remove his heart.
    Kevin: Yeah, with a knife!
    Tim-Tom: A bigger knife!
    Kevin: Fucking knife!
  • Frances from The Weekenders, judging by her catchphrase "I like pointy things!"

    Real Life 
  • A Philippine Urban Legend warns that Batangueños (people of Batangas province in Southern Luzon) all carry a balisong and will use it to settle matters of honor. While the Filipino martial art of Eskrima is well-known for teaching its practitioners to Dual Wield a pair of rattan sticks, or to put Machete Mayhem into practice, it does have forms specifically for knives of any type, including the aforementioned balisong.
  • Getting one's first puukko is a ritual of coming to an age in rural areas of Finland. For both boys and girls. The knife doubles as a handy tool, a dining utensil and a close combat weapon in the Finnish Army. A knife is actually the only civilian item (besides eyeglasses) the Finnish conscripts may carry while in uniform. Most Finnish conscripts bring their own knives with them from home when entering the service.

    The Finnish Army also produces ceremonial puukko, which are awarded in the same way other armies award ceremonial swords and daggers. Finnish soldiers had a history of not bothering to carry their issued bayonets, feeling their puukko is a better close-quarters weapon and more useful out of combat as well. After World War II, the Finnish Army clued in and started issuing a bayonet that basically is a puukko, even having a scabbard similar to the ones that are normally hand-made for puukkos. Basically, a fighting knife that just happens to also fit on the end of a rifle, whereas with most bayonets it's the other way around.
  • Spanish people of Renaissance times developed straightforward — and often dirty — swordfighting techniques for street brawls, which developed into knifefighting techniques as the decades passed. This produced a strong knife culture throughout Spain, with the Andalusian navaja becoming ubiquitous. Latin American countries seem to have developed strong knife cultures in the past as well, likely from both Iberian and native influences; the gauchos of the South American grasslands are commonly identified as both good horsemen and deft hands with knives.
  • Tony Atlas had this much to say when asked about why it took so long for Bruiser Brody to get medical treatment after he was stabbed by Invader #1.
    Tony: So I get Brody to the hospital and I told them that I got a friend that got a stabbing. Now one thing about Puerto Rico that a lot of people don't know, a stabbing in Puerto Rico is like a cold in America. They don't take it seriously because they get stabbed, it's a common thing there. You may be in San Juan, a nice area, but once you get out of San Juan, let me tell you, Puerto Ricans believe in stabbing people, maybe not in American but over there stabbing is very very common... I told it was stabbing, he opened up the door, he showed me a bunch of people standing there with stab wounds, but not as severe as Brody's.
  • Everyone in medieval Europe. Everyone. Daggers were ubiquitous across most European cultures throughout the early and late middle ages - how else were you going to cut your food and do a million other little tasks throughout the day? Everyone carried a knife almost everywhere. Medieval dining etiquette, according to some researchers, evolved partly because literally everyone at the table had to trust everyone else when all of them were armed. note 

    Special mention goes to medieval Scandinavian and Finnish women, who regularly owned daggers as part of their clothes. One would suppose it figures. The symbols of the lady of the house were knife and keys on belt. As a matter of fact, the seax is a knife even Scandinavian children were given... mostly to use as a tool.

    Knives were so ubiquitous that Europeans horrified the Chinese. The Chinese considered having a knife at the table gauche; the cooks were expected to cut the meat up beforehand into tiny pieces so no knives would be needed at the table.
    When the Chinese first saw Europeans eating food with knives, they were aghast. "The Europeans are barbarians," they would say. "They eat with their swords."
  • Jim Bowie is the namesake of a particular type of large hunting knife that he carried and used in several knife fights.
  • A few notable designs were made around WWII:
    • The Nazi SA were famous for their use of knives in street conflicts during the Weimar Republic, as opposed to the Communists, who preferred beer bottles, bats and chair legs, and other clubs. It was said at the time said that if you went to the hospital you could tell who won the latest street brawl just by the type of injuries: crushed skulls and blunt-force trauma meant that it had been the Communists, while mostly stab wounds meant that it had been the Nazis. After the Nazis rose to power, the SA celebrated its knife-fighting roots with ceremonial daggers (copied from a Swiss design) with "Alles für Deutschland" ("All for Germany") inscribed on the blade. The Schutzstaffel (SS), which started out as a branch of the SA, used the same dagger except with the inscription "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" ("My Honor is Loyalty").
    • During their time in the Shanghai Police, William E. Fairbairn and Eric A. Sykes would create a modern dagger that would be heavily associated with the S.A.S., and a fighting style to go with it: the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. Most people will remember it as the knife Bishop uses to play Five-Finger Fillet with Hudson in Aliens.
    • Because the USMC found that the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was too specialized as a weapon (its needle point profile was too fragile for anything else), they never adopted it for widespread use in WWII. What they got in 1942 was a knife that would be heavily associated with the USMC: the iconic KA-BAR knife, a design that was useful both as a weapon and a tool.
  • The Sicarii. You don't get a name that means "dagger-men" without trying.
  • Hong Kong Triad gangs most commonly wield knives and machetes due to the difficulty of obtaining firearms in the city.
  • There are a fair number of self titled "Knife knuts" scattered around the internet on various forums and the like. In a distinct subversion of this trope, they tend to be well spoken, gentle, and good-humored individuals that just happen to collect knives and enjoy talking about them. They have their own magazines, conventions, and are generally a friendly sort like any other group of hobbyists.
  • The story goes that John Henry "Doc" Holliday once literally brought a knife to a gunfight — and used it successfully. It wasn't the one he's most famous for participating in, of course, but he did make short work of an obnoxious and dishonest poker player who barely got his gun out of his holster before Holliday took up his blade and lay him out dead.
  • Much like the middle ages, knives were ubiquitous in antiquity; they were just as useful then. Copper daggers predate Sparta's heyday by over two millennia. Speaking of which, prior to the Scandinavians, all Spartan women carried a small, easily accessible knife on their person, and were trained in its use. The primary purpose of this blade was cutting an abusive husband across the face. That way, the moment he stepped foot on the street, everyone would know exactly why she was divorcing him.
  • Gabe Newell has a very large knife collection in his office. He has at least one knife for every month that Half-Life 3 hasn't come out.
  • Medieval German laws prohibited serfs from carrying swords. Since swords were defined as having a double-edged blade and pommeled-handle, knife makers made meter-long, two-handed blades that were still legally knives by being single-edged and riveted-handle. To ensure that they were still not referred to as swords, they were known as the Kriegsmesser or the Großesmesser, effectively giving the German peasantry the European variant of katanas.
  • During World War 1, the Italian Army created some of the world's first shock troops called the "Arditi" meaning "daring ones". Their main armament was their daggers, and their most valuable use in battle was to charge enemy lines during artillery bombardment, and leaping into trenches just as the shells let up. Most Arditi didn't even bother carrying carbines or pistols, their knives were all they needed to secure victory and hold it Untilt he main italian force arrived. The Arditi training regimen was so harsh that many recruits actually died just during basic.


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