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Spooks or Spook may refer to:

  • The television series, Spooks.
  • The The Spook trope, for a character who is fully mysterious, with nothing certain about them.
  • The Espionage Tropes, as "spooks" sometimes refer to spies.
  • The Silly Spook trope, for ghosts who act goofy instead of scary.
  • The Haunted Index, for when "spooks" refer to ghosts and spirits.
  • The second Bigend Books novel, Spook Country.
  • The The Spook Club roleplay.
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  • The character, Mr. Spook, from the comic book, Tales of the Beanworld.
  • The character, Spook, from the animated series, Top Cat.
  • The character, Spook, a.k.a "Wellington J. Farnsworth Spookingdorf", from the comic, The Wizard of Id.

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