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Stock Parody Jokes

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Luigi: Mario, it's me Luigi. I just can't stop eating the mushrooms. Hahaha...It's such a funny joke. I'm such a very, very funny fucking guy! [angrily throws bag]
PSA: Mario mushroom jokes kills six million each year. Help the [sic] find the cure. Donate today.

These are the most common jokes that one will find reused in works of parody, skits, comics and the like.


Keep in mind that just because these jokes tend to be routinely repeated a lot it doesn’t mean that they have to be bad. While many of them have become discredited due to how overused and tired they have become, many can still be as funny as they have always been, and many of these repetitions don’t necessarily have to come from unoriginality/plagiarism as much as they can come from we as people coming up with the same jokes and observations as others when enjoying media, and just like it’s impossible to come up with a story with no tropes whatsoever, it’s impossible to come up with a joke that no one has ever made before.

Common types of stock parody jokes include, but are not limited to:

  • An unrealistic scene in a work of fiction being recreated now with a Surprisingly Realistic Outcome, probably something dark and/or graphic (e.g. characters severely injuring themselves after trying to dive into money like Scrooge McDuck)
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  • A scene in a work of fiction being recreated with characters doing something smarter or more sensible (e.g. Jafar wishing to be more powerful than the Genie instead of becoming a genie himself)
  • Trying to give a logical explanation to a character's odd behavior, probably something dark/mature (e.g. Shaggy and Scooby Doo — the former, especially — are stoners, due to their cowardly personalities and big appetites)
  • Trying to give a logical explanation to a character's odd looks, probably something dark/mature (e.g. Charlie Brown, Caillou, or any other bald children are chemotherapy patients)
  • Trying to give a logical explanation to a work's fantastical setting, probably something dark and/or depressing (e.g. Teletubbies is set After the End, and the titular characters are alien settlers of the deserted Earth, or mutants created as a result of radiation)
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  • Making the hero of the story look like a jerk or outright villainous, and vice versa with the villain (e.g. Mario is a Sociopathic Hero who goes around mercilessly stomping on enemies)
  • Questioning any of the work's plot holes (e.g. questioning the third rule in Gremlins about not feeding Mogwai after midnight, as the film never says when it's okay to feed them again, thus meaning it's always after midnight)
  • Making a play on words with a character's Catchphrase or a Signature Line (e.g. Jigsaw inviting a victim to play a regular game, such as soccer, video games, or board games)
  • Accusing two characters of the same gender that have a close relationship with each other of being gay or lesbian (e.g. C-3PO and R2-D2, Timon and Pumbaa, Peppermint Patty and Marcie)
  • For works based on altered real events, recreating the work to be more historically accurate, probably using dark/graphic events (e.g. Pocahontas, Back to the Future Part III)

Compare to Stock Epileptic Trees for common general theories, Stock Parodies for works that get parodied frequently, Dark Parody for parodies that make works a lot darker from what they are, Shallow Parody for parodies that only make fun of the most superficial aspects of a work, Fandom-Specific Plot for plots common in fan-works, and Obligatory Joke for jokes that frequently arise in certain story situations. Related to Memetic Mutation, Never Live It Down, and Stock Shticks, as well as Small Reference Pools (the biggest things the general public knows about a topic are also the most likely to be parodied). This may also be related to Corrupted Character Copy.

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