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Stock Parody Jokes

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Luigi: Mario, it's me Luigi. I just can't stop eating the mushrooms. Hahaha...It's such a funny joke. I'm such a very, very funny fucking guy! [angrily throws bag]

PSA: Mario mushroom jokes kills six million each year. Help the [sic] find the cure. Donate today.

Many parody jokes are not very original but are commonplace nevertheless. They get routinely reused in skits, comics, and the like. Sometimes these parodies are Shallow Parodies.


Any work that includes magical or otherwise fantastical elements will inevitably get parodies in which the work is set in a naturalistic world and they are due to mental illness or drug hallucinations. Many examples also relate to moments of Never Live It Down. If a parody uses some of the Black Comedy stock jokes (like drug use, apocalypses, etc), it's a Dark Parody. By far, the most common kind of joke (at least listed here) are characters being gay.

Compare to Stock Epileptic Trees for common general theories, Stock Parodies for works that get parodied frequently, and Fandom-Specific Plot for plots common in fan-works. Related to Memetic Mutation and Stock Shticks. This may also be related to Corrupted Character Copy.


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