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"More troubling to us must be the fact that this regime chose to swat an internal problem with a weapon of mass destruction in a way that we would surely know what had been done. As is the case with the Chinese population, we are meant to take away from this a sense of abject horror and fear: an understanding that this regime is capable of anything. And while the Chinese people, locked within the fortress created by thirty years of Communist rule, must grovel in fear to this insanity, we are now no less immune. We may not live under this Lesser Mao, but we could as surely be the victims of his madness should the whim strike. The man has made himself the master terrorist of the Earth through this single act."
Richard Nixon on Mao Yang-jin, better known as the Lesser Mao, Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72

Web Originals come in many forms, and are not bereft of heinous villains.

Examples from Webcomics can be found here; examples from Fan Works can be found here; examples from Web Games can be found here.

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  • The Anglo/American – Nazi War : Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS and The Gestapo, succeeds Adolf Hitler as Germany's leader following the latter suffering a debilitating stroke. Overseeing The Holocaust, Himmler also executes political dissidents and kills tens of millions as he conquers much of Europe, going on to oppress the conquered Soviet Union with demands for slave labor and natural resources. Enacting a strict scorched earth policy to avoid the Allies being able to use resources of cities, Himmler causes millions to die and cares nothing for the countless European cultural and artistic works destroyed by his barbaric order. Using chemical warfare, Himmler devastates the UK and Italy, even as the latter surrenders. Facing revolt from both France and the Soviet Union, Himmler immediately responds by attacking both with nerve gas, killing hundreds of thousands and plunging the latter into a civil war. When the Allies move to conquer Germany, Himmler, unwilling to relinquish power, orders the bombing of any town planning to surrender.
  • As One Star Sets Another Rises: Johann Ratka, despite being a minor villain, stands out as among the worst of the Nazis. An SS officer in occupied Netherlands with a fanatical devotion to Hitler and the pagan Germanic deities, he's introduced sadistically taunting a group of forced laborers about how their "Jew-boy" hasn't come to save them. Just the week before, he had a group of clergymen, along with their families, tortured to death when they said they couldn't work on the Sabbath. When a group of laborers tried to take a stand, he has them all shot and tells the rest that if they rebel, he'll have there whole families murdered. In addition to murdering those who refuse to work, any rebellion is dealt with by means of extreme brutality. He particularly enjoys preying on the Christian population, due to his belief that Jesus was a "cowardly Jew" unworthy of worship. Remembered as a "modern day Herod" in the Netherlands and considered an example of a Serial Killer given a high position, Johann Ratka was the perfect representation of the evils of the Nazis.
  • Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72: The world in general in this Alternate History story has become a major Crapsack World, but some dictators outshine all others in heinousness.
    • Mao Yang-jin, aka The Lesser Mao, is Mao Zedong's successor as dictator of the Chinese People's Republic. Seeing himself as a second Qin Shi Huangdi, he manages to be even worse than his predecessor, banning literacy, instituting massive purges, and turning all of China into a horrifying hybrid of post-Cold War era North Korea and Khmer Rouge-era Cambodia, with totalitarianism ramped up and the country turned into a giant death camp and killing field, where people are forced into making opium. He even starts a war in Southeast Asia to keep the heroin trade up and running. When the military rebels against him for his regime's excesses, he destroys the rebel-controlled city of Kwangsi with a nuclear missile. Later, he creates a virulent strain of influenza that kills the better part of a million people worldwide, none more so than in China itself. This creates the worst health year since the Spanish Flu. By the end of the century, China and its people have become one giant ruin.
    • Magnus Malan is a power-hungry white supremacist bent on killing or enslaving all that don't meet his racial standards. Malan first launches a coup against the South African government, killing and imprisoning political dissidents, and greatly expands The Apartheid Era to include non-Afrikaner whites, putting them in concentration camps. Malan starts wars against all of South Africa's neighbors, regularly massacring civilians, and using chemical weapons and dirty bombs without regards for consequences or civilian casualties. When the tide of war begins to turn against him, Malan decides to use South Africa's nuclear arsenal to destroy its neighboring nations, killing tens of millions out of spite.
    • Douglas Coe, known among his followers as "The Great Teacher", is a fundamentalist preacher who seeks to spread his particular brand of Evangelical Christianity across the United States at all costs. Coe first works closely with President Rumsfeld, helping the President turn the country into a kleptocracy and remove political dissident. When Coe feels that Rumsfeld is no longer politically useful to him, Coe arranges for the latter's impeachment and arrest. When Congress refuses to cooperate with him, Coe launches a coup that leads to destruction of the Capitol and numerous deaths of Washington's political leadership. Under his rule, Coe turns the US into the "Christian States of America", where dissent is outlawed, and non-Evangelical Christians and "degenerates" such as homosexuals or drug addicts are designated for death. In his campaign to bring the rest of the country to heel, Coe has at least a dozen American cities destroyed with nuclear weapons. In order to stop a Cuban invasion of Florida, Coe uses several more nuclear weapons, indifferent to the millions of innocent people killed due to his actions. When the nuclear stockpiles begin to run low, Coe authorizes the use of chemical and biological weapons in his war against the resisting American populace. Believing himself to be the messenger of God, Douglas Coe created one of the most oppressive and violent regimes in American history.
  • How Silent Fall the Cherry Blossoms: In the Timeline, this duo are some of the worst that Imperial Japan had to offer.
    • Vice Admiral Jisaboro Ozawa, nicknamed "the Gargoyle", from the Imperial Japanese Navy, stands out as one of the worst war criminals of this timeline. Working with the infamous Unit 731, Osawa orders the Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night and sends suicidal units to drop fleas with the Bubonic Plague virus in Los Angeles, infecting thousands, killing hundreds and causing riots in multiple cities in a futile effort to slow the American war effort, horrifying even his own Emperor. Overconfident at his initial success, Osawa personally convinces his German allies to try chemical warfare and—as part of the operation—tries to infect American crops with anthrax, stopped only for the timely response of the American health organizations. A stubborn man willing to let his compatriots die for the sake of his own pride, Ozawa committed suicide during the last days of the war after—despite his small role in the biggest picture—managing the feat of changing the tone of World War II for the worse, having started the normalization of biochemical weapons in all sides.
    • Shirō Ishii himself, the leader of Unit 731—infamous for their horrific experiments on humans, POW and civilian alike, and their use of biological weapons—is the intellectual author of Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night and works with the aforementioned Osawa to carry it. Continuing with his experimentation on humans in a region of China, Ishii is killed by Allied forces as part of Operation Frankenstein as revenge for his role on the Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night as he was preparing to experiment with another prisoner.
  • Twilight Of The Red Tsar: Joseph Stalin, having survived the stroke that killed him in OTL, launches massive purges of Soviet society that kills hundreds of thousands, with many Soviet leaders, even loyal veterans, like Zhukov, being gruesomely executed. Continuing with the "Doctor's Plot", amplified by his paranoia, Stalin orders a purge of Jews from Soviet society, included loyal followers, persecuting them badly enough to have his actions labeled as the "Soviet Holocaust" or "The Great Pogrom". When the Sino-Soviet split happens due to disagreements with Mao Zedong, leading to the Sino-Soviet war, Stalin uses chemical weapons, unleashes smallpox on the Chinese, and destroys many villages before finishing the war by nuking Chinese cities just to spite Mao as Stalin starts to feel his own death, killing 50 million Chinese in the war. Out of prejudice and paranoia, Stalin orders an ethnic cleansing campaign in the Caucasus region and the Baltic states, save Lithuania, deporting its indigenous people into prison camps in Siberia, killing hundreds of thousands. Having destroyed many nations due to ambition, hatred and paranoia, Stalin left a bloody legacy that eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union itself, now the most hated nation in the world.
  • What Madness Is This:
    • Prince Viktor is a violent, unhinged lunatic who becomes the leader of Russia and England once his parents die. Before becoming a world leader, Viktor murders three prostitutes for no reason, and kills his two brothers when he learns that he will be skipped in the line of succession due to his belligerent behavior. Once he obtains power, Viktor immediately sets out on a war of aggression with Persia and China with the intent on expanding his territory and power. Viktor organizes genocides in Afghanistan and Baluchistan, partly out of a desire to keep them in line and partly to fuel his own sadism. Viktor also organizes massive pogroms across Russia, killing many thousands of Jews. When England rebels against him due to his actions, Viktor orders his troops to raze London and kill every man, woman and child. When France and Sweden blockade Russia's ports to stop his depravity, Viktor seriously considers starting a global war with them, prompting the armed forces to launch a coup and have him killed.
    • Charles Oswald, also known as John F. Kennedy, or the Beast of America, slowly rises through the ranks of the Republican Union to become its most feared and hated leader. Born in a ghetto for Catholics, Slavs, and the Irish, Oswald kills his family, fakes his death, and kills a forger after the latter gives him a new identity in order to blend in with the rest of society without concern. Becoming a major figure in the Union, Oswald demonstrates his brutality during the World War when he has every person marked as an Inferior rounded up and murdered en masse, and organizes random massacres of southern civilians to terrify them into obedience. Once Joe Steele dies, Oswald takes control of the government, expanding his violent spree across the entire south. Oswald also organizes several false-flag terrorist attacks in order to give himself more power and control of the country. To show the other nations of the world that he's as serious as Steele, Oswald has Rio nuked, killing over three million people. To expand the Union's power, Oswald supports genocidal dictatorships in Indonesia and South Africa, and conquers England, Scotland, and Ireland, using massive force and excessive collateral damage. After Kaiser Wilhelm expresses disgust with Oswald's actions, Oswald tries to have him murdered. Oswald also orders the extermination of black people in the Union, killing many millions. When people all across the Union start to rebel, Oswald nukes a rebelling city, planning to do the same twice more. When a coup is launched against him, Oswald orders the capital of Philadelphia to be nuked to spite his enemies.

    Critical Role 
  • Kraghammer Arc: The mutated beholder, K'Varn the Mad, is the Arc Villain of the Kraghammer Arc. After finding one of the horns of Orcus, K'Varn attacked and enslaved the cities of Emberhold and Yug'voril, intending to build up an army to launch an attack on the surface world. K'Varn launches attacks on Kraghammer while having his army capture as many dwarves and Underdark creatures as possible to warp into horrific abominations, his experiments resulting in countless deaths. When Lady Kima and a group of adventurers venture into the Underdark, K'Varn has nearly all of them slaughtered while having his men torture Lady Kima for days on end. When Vox Machina defeats Queen Ulara, to ensure she can't give any information about him to the party, K'Varn kills her from the inside out.
  • Vasselheim Arc: The rakshasa Hotis, a shapeshifter from the Nine Hells, is the second monster hunted by Vox Machina for the Slayer's Take. Disguised as a dwarf, Hotis creates an establishment for the rich named the Velvet Cabaret for the sake of gathering information about who the richest people in Vasselheim are. He then tracks them down and brutally mauls them to death before taking their belongings for himself. When discovered by members of Vox Machina and the Slayer's Take, Hotis tricks them into falling in a river of acid when they chase him down in an attempt to have them be slowly dissolved alive. When they survive, Hotis offers the party a deal to cease hostilities and work as business partners, intending to find an opportunity to kill them in the future. After finding himself at a disadvantage during the fight, Hotis promises to kill the loved ones of the party, including Thorbir's young daughter, all to spite them. After reforming when Vax kills him, Hotis attempts to exact revenge on Vox Machina. Hotis hires assassins from The Clasp to murder the rest of Vox Machina while Hotis disguises himself as Gilmore to lure Vax away from the group and tricks Vax into wearing a cursed robe that will slowly rip off his flesh in case Vax survives. Hotis then attacks Vax, taking pleasure in torturing the half-elf to near death. Despite his limited screen time, Hotis proves to be among the most vicious of minor villains within the series.
  • Chroma Conclave Arc:
    • The ancient red dragon, Thordak the Cinder King, is the leader of the Chroma Conclave, a faction of chromatic dragons with the goal of destroying the system of order within the continent of Tal'Dorei and dividing it amongst themselves. Centuries ago, Thordak was the tyrannical ruler of the desert continent Marquet, regularly killing and eating those who lived there. When the city Ank'Harel began to rise to prominence, Thordak unsuccessfully attempted to destroy the city. Hiding in the seas to recover, Thordak destroyed any ships that passed by before being captured and empowered by the necromancer Opash. Thordak then killed Opash and took over the Island of Viscan before deciding to expand his rule. Destroying multiple towns and killing countless innocents within Tal'Dorei, Thordak was eventually sealed away within the Elemental Plane of Fire. When Raishan the Diseased Deceiver freed him, Thordak killed the majority of the Fire Ashari, and established the Conclave along with Raishan. When he discovers that fellow member Brimscythe intended to rule over territory that Thordak desired, Thordak planned to kill Brimscythe. Thordak later led the Chroma Conclave to attack numerous major cities within Tal'Dorei, costing thousands of lives. When Thordak discovers that residents of the floating archipelago, Draconia, are gathering information on the Conclave, he has Draconia attacked, causing the cities to fall into the ocean. When Vox Machina leads an army to take back control of Emon, the capital of Tal'Dorei, Thordak attempts to create a volcanic eruption to wipe out enemy and ally forces alike.
    • The ancient green dragon, the aforementioned Raishan the Diseased Deceiver, is a powerful sorceress and the most intelligent member of the Chroma Conclave. Prior to the story, Raishan murdered a group of followers of Melora, the Wildmother, for her own amusement. When a follower laid a deadly disease on Raishan before dying, Raishan pledged servitude to the aforementioned Thordak in exchange for him telling her how to cure her disease. Raishan later establishes the Chroma Conclave, making her responsible for the deaths and destruction caused by the faction. When Thordak was sealed in the Elemental Plane of Fire, Raishan disguised herself as an outcast girl to deceive the Fire Ashari, who guarded the portal to the plane, into taking her in. After living with them for years, Raishan found the opportunity to free Thordak, not caring that Thordak would wipe out the majority of the Fire Ashari. Later, Raishan and the Chroma Conclave destroy the city of Emon, Raishan kicking off the attack by murdering Sovereign Uriel and several council members. After coming to the conclusion that Thordak won't honor their bargain, Raishan betrays the Conclave and offers to help Vox Machina kill Vorugal and Thordak. While negotiating, she makes sure to mock Keyleth about the genocide of the Fire Ashari. When the party kills Thordak, Raishan steals Thordak's corpse and multiple dragon eggs, intending to reanimate the corpse of the former and raise the latter as minions for when she attacks a different continent in the future.
    • Kevdak is Grog's uncle, and the leader of the Herd of Storms. For years prior to the story, Kevdak had the Herd destroy countless settlements, killing or enslaving as many inhabitants as they could. When Grog refuses to kill a helpless elderly gnome, Kevdak beats Grog to an inch of his life, and exiles him from the Herd, leaving him for dead. During the Chroma Conclave arc, after witnessing the might of Umbrasyl the Hope Devourer, Kevdak pledges servitude to the dragon with the intention of finding an opportunity to kill him in the future. Kevdak then has the Herd take over Westruun, killing any citizens who don't give offerings to either Umbrasyl or the Herd. Kevdak also has the Herd take citizens away from their families, having them work as slaves under the Herd or to be imprisoned and left to starve. When Kevdak finds out that his son Zanror is planning a revolt, Kevdak has him along with Zanror's pregnant mate Worra enslaved with intention of executing them both. When Grog calls the rest of Vox Machina to help him fight Kevdak, Kevdak orders the Herd to kill every innocent civilian in the area, including a little boy, all out of spite.
  • Cult of Vecna Arc: Vecna, the Whispered One, is the mastermind behind the Briarwoods who revived Sylas as a vampire in exchange for him and Delilah going to Whitestone, massacring the de Rolo family and many innocents, all to revive Vecna. Upon his return, Vecna manages to ascend to godhood, killing Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan, before setting off to create a "miracle of terror" to make him feared across the world for more power. Vecna uses the loved ones of Vox Machina as shields, trying to trick them into killing those they care for, while intending to obliterate the city of Vasselheim and all within, wiping out a seat of power for good and condemning the entire world to evil and nightmares. The true villain of the first campaign, Vecna shows why he is the most wicked and monstrous foe Vox Machina encountered.

  • The Boogeyman House: The protagonist's estranged and crazed Uncle Ryan is revealed to be the truth behind the local urban legend. In their youth, Ryan did something to her sister that caused them to separate, before he sought her and his family out years later. Living on a farm with his parents where he used to butcher animals, Ryan would kill his parents and feed them to the pigs. He was then responsible for several child murders, which started the urban legend, and stalked his family before finally making his move. He was able to kill his sister and nephew but was unable to find the protagonist before his arrest. The protagonist concludes that while there is no such thing as the Boogeyman, just something children make up in the face of pure evil.
  • Case File No.56: Stitch is a murderous, undead entity responsible for a string of brutal murders in Seattle. In life, he was said to be a wicked man, punished for his crimes by drawing and quartering. He has killed many victims across the globe, and kicks off his spree in Seattle by stalking and ultimately ripping a woman to shreds in her own home; kills her cousin in the mental hospital shortly after; then murders a paranormal investigator. When the heroes of the story catch onto him, Stitch infiltrates their personal lives, stalking their homes and haunting their dreams, and killing a helpful Redditor in front of the lead hero and his intern. One of the detectives goes into hiding, and he murders her along with her family. After the hero has the case taken out of his hands, Stitch reveals to him that he's kept him alive to provide him with victims by instilling fear in their hearts, driving him to kill his intern and then himself out of shame.
  • Dr. Margin's Guide to New Monsters: The Man in the Mask sends an email to Doctor Michael Margin, a researcher into new monsters, taking him to a website of his own design filled with numerous videos of his victims—among them a six-year-old child—which first show them begging to be released before cutting to them calmly admitting that they wish to die, at which point the Man in the Mask, without any resistance, slits their throats. When asked what this was, the Man in the Mask replied that is was the "Theory of Preposterous Evil," the idea that some men are so evil that they are monsters in disguise. After the Man in the Mask kidnaps Michael, the Man gives his reason for killing people as being that they asked for it—when he had convinced them of this. After he kills himself and wipes all evidence of his crimes, save the video of his suicide, Michael realizes that the Man in the Mask had one good point: Some men can turn into monsters.
  • I Dared My Best Friend series: David King is the Overarching Villain of this series and was a manipulative, murderous sociopath even as a child. In the first installment, he obsessively tries to destroy the life of Zander Jones, threatening his girlfriend, killing one of his roommates, and then murdering his own mother to frame Zander for it, sending him to prison. After realizing that he'd get bored without his favorite target, David frees Zander from police custody to continue tormenting him, killing two cops in the process. He later kills his own accomplice and tries to kill Zander's girlfriend out of spite. Despite his death at the end of the first series, David's evil continues to drive the conflict of the sequel series, with it being revealed that he had formed a group of similarly-sociopathic individuals that would systematically destroy the lives of complete strangers, including selling some people as sex slaves. Holding no loyalty to said group, David is all too willing to abuse or dispose of them once he grows tired of them.
  • I Don't Have a Good Feeling About This One: Kristen Cullen is a seasoned and respected nurse who is known for her alleged ability to correctly predict which of her patients will die during surgery merely by looking at them. In truth, she engineers her own predictions by overdosing her patients on epinephrine so that she can convince others that she has some sort of supernatural gift. She has been responsible for the deaths of at least 27 patients. It is also implied that she had something to do with the death of her own husband. When Elle, another nurse at the hospital, catches Kristen in the act, Kristen smugly tells her that nobody will believe her if she says anything about it. Due to Kristen's good reputation at the hospital, Elle's attempts to expose her do indeed fail. When Elle has to go in for surgery at her own hospital, Kristen subtly taunts her with the implication that she will kill Elle during the surgery. An attention-seeking, self-serving narcissist, Kristen's need for admiration ended up proving fatal to those who trusted her with their lives.
  • I Was a Professional Internet Troll: The story's narrator, known by his online alias "Resisilobus", is an overzealous internet troll who manages to be particularly vile even by those standards. Not content with simply being an unpleasant individual online, Resisilobus intentionally drives two people to kill themselves by relentlessly harassing them. He then befriends a teenage outcast and manipulates the boy into killing seven of his classmates and then committing suicide. To indicate how little he values the lives of others, Resisilobus considers the aforementioned "achievements" to be inferior to his comparatively minor hacking of a popular Bible app and the confusion it causes among Christians. A remorseless sadist who openly revels in the power his crimes make him feel, Resisilobus is an example of how internet anonymity can bring out the worst in people.
  • I had to psychologically evaluate a serial killer; I don't know what to report: Howard is a vicious sadist who enjoys ruthlessly torturing people. Starting first with his son, Adam, Howard regularly beats him, puts out cigarettes on his skin, and wraps his arms and legs in barbed wire. When Adam's mother tries to stop Howard's abuse, he strangles her to death. Fearing that Adam's Split Personality will go to the police with this information, Howard fulfils his sadistic desires by killing women he picks up at bars, torturing them in the same manner he tortured Adam, killing a total of twenty two people. When Adam kills Howard in revenge, Howard simply comes back as a ghost, and demands that his son bring him more women to torture and kill. Adam and his split personality lures three women to their deaths in this manner, and once caught by the police, begs for the death penalty to escape his father's grasp.
  • I was born on a child farm: Headmaster Ranon Xinon, real name Clark P. Ganes, is a mysterious man with the power to steal people's life force and experiences. Ganes targets people with good lives, stealing their precious memories and reverting them back to children with no sense of happiness. Ganes, as Xinon, abducts hundreds of children and treats them like livestock on his farm, poisoning and abusing them for fun, and devouring one child daily. When the authorities finally track down the farm, Ganes poisons half of the children's meals and hunts down the rest who escape to axe them off, even gloating how proud he is of everything he's taken from the children when he's killed.
  • I wasnt carefull enough on the deep web (sic): Culture 045 is a ruthless, murderous pedophile who recounts his horrific deeds on the Deep Web site "All The Gore". He is introduced by recalling how he broke into an innocent family's house, killing the mother and father, and abducting their 8-10 year old daughter who he proceeded to torture and rape for an unknown period of time before brutally killing her, even posting photos of the act. After John threatens to call the police and have the site shut down, Culture 045 sets his sights on John and attempts to kill him twice. After John survives both encounters, Culture 045, still determined to ruin John's life, forces him to watch a livestream of a preteen boy being killed on camera. Culture 045 then sends the livestream to all of John's friends and family, making it appear that John was the one who sent the livestream, turning all of them against John. Even after he and three other accomplices are arrested, John wonders how many madmen like Culture 045 lurk in the world.
  • It Only Takes The Good Kids: The creature dubbed the Dark Man is a mysterious but sadistic entity responsible for decades worth of child murders, having a sweet tooth for good children. In addition to being stated to eat its victims, the Dark Man has a habit of framing mentally handicapped people for his crimes. When he learns that the protagonist and his friends are on to him, the Dark Man abducts the latter's younger brother—taking a break from his usual streak—to lure them. When confronted, it reveals he impaled said brother to slowly die, kills two of his friends before battering the protagonist to an inch of his life. The Dark Man mocks the protagonist for trying to be a hero before leaving him and his brother to their fates. While the protagonist survives to adulthood, the Dark Man is implied to still be on the loose.
  • The New Fish: In this story set in a prison, an inmate known as "the kid", an inhuman and dreadful monster behind his beautiful appearance, habitually kills and cannibalizes prisoners and guards. Notable instances include causing a guard to commit suicide out of fear of him, and killing another who discovered his past. It's revealed that the kid lived back in the 1800's and was originally arrested for murders, cannibalism and Satanic rites before eventually being sentenced to death after additional killings inside. After a bungled attempt to execute him, revealing his supernatural side, the kid is eventually sealed away in an unused room. Living onto the present day, the kid at one point goes on a murderous rampage during a blackout, butchering an entire wing of prisoners, mutilating and eating a terrified cop alive in front of the other prisoners. Years after hearing its story and being released, the narrator learns the kid killed some of his friends in prison, leaving one of their heads on a bed, and drove his surviving friend into having a nervous breakdown.

    The Heaven Cycle 
  • Ashton "Ash" Sharpe is a despicable and depraved beast of a man defined by his thrill-seeking nature. A low-functioning sociopath with a constant craving for stimulation and a seeming inability to feel empathy who has bullied his way through life, Ash joins up with Red Clover alongside his partner Chayne Summers in From Heaven's Door. Ash becomes one of the top scientists of the P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. experiments, using his influence to torment the 100 test subjects as he pleases, culminating in him brutally raping and torturing the teenage girl Tango, leaving her mute and partially disabled. Throughout the story, Ash becomes addicted to the godlike sensations that come from contact with Heaven, becoming ever more unstable, ultimately resulting in him teaming with Chayne to unleash Heaven onto the Earth to wipe out humanity, after which he will kill Chayne herself to put in place his "perfect universe" of himself as a god. His crimes only increasing in the prequel story Before Heaven, Ash is revealed to have conceived a son whom he horrifically tortures and rapes, and, as is revealed in Heaven and Hell, forces the boy to do the same to sex slaves Ash buys. In his free time, Ash dabbles in human trafficking, subjecting his victims, often children to satisfy his pedophilic tastes, to dismemberment and flaying. Ash was a hedonistic monster who cared not for anyone or anything but how much fun he could get out of a situation, even if it meant dooming the entire Earth just to get his ultimate "high".
  • Alison "Alice" Witzenberg is a cold, amoral sociopath with a sick fascination with hurting others stemming from their own feeling of "weakness". Having grown up bullied and ignored, Alice becomes determined to never be overpowered again, and takes their first step towards this by befriending a homeless drunk, then driving him to suicide. Joining up with the human trafficker Scott Niles after abandoning their old life, Alice gleefully abused the slaves they were given charge over, until they brutally murdered Niles in a paranoid rage. Next signing up for the P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. Project just for the fun and fortune it would bring them in Before Heaven, Alice took to manipulating Jackson into becoming their "friend" and ruining his life, and later attempts to murder him. Returning in The Touch of Heaven after overpowering their new personality of Mint, Alice immediately sets an occupied hospital aflame to serve as a distraction before approaching then manipulating the mentally unstable Jango into leading a full-scale slaughter against the city of Haven. Alice's final plan is to have Haven's thousands of residents murdered, leave Jango to die in the process, then unleash the forces of Hell onto the city to trap the souls of the deceased and torture them for all eternity. After failing to trap Tango in their mind for all eternity to torture them for fun, Alice returns in Heaven and Hell one final time and attempts to destroy Mint's conscience just to ruin their peaceful mindset. With a drive to be powerful and dominating at all times, Alice stands out as the youngest villain in the story, yet still one of the most wicked.
  • Heaven and Hell:
    • The brutal Uriel, the lord of Heaven, is a violent, egotistical archangel who runs Heaven as a nightmarish dystopia. Any angel who puts a thought out of line or incurs his displeasure is used for fuel in Heaven, with Uriel slaughtering countless angels in a fit of pique whenever he is displeased, as well as being the one backing the Children of Heaven and their evil activities. After cravenly fleeing when Naberius is loosed upon Solomon, allowing trillions of Heaven's residents to die, Uriel returns to kick-start the war against Hell and sends his forces to massacre everything on Earth, along with every demon. Uriel begins killing countless humans himself, proclaiming that he alone is the will of Heaven and he intends to kill every human, demon and even angels who hesitate, murdering his loyal Co-Dragons Saraquel and Raguel just for delaying in a response to him. Intending to construct a new "utopia" of endless torture for all he deems below him as he builds a new order above it, Uriel proceeds to attempt to annihilate half of the universe, showcasing that an angel can be far worse than most demons.
    • The aforementioned Naberius, the Fallen Savager, the Poet of Agony, is a depraved Tulpa wicked by even their usually low standards. Having helped kick-start the Heaven Cycle that has led to trillions of deaths, Naberius uses his time to harvest, torture and murder countless innocents while also resurrecting the depraved Alice Witzenberg to commit their crimes. Naberius destroys the city of Solomon and trillions within before taking the chance at the final Cycle to collect as many humans as he can before revealing his Pocket Dimension where he keeps trillions of innocent being in endless suffering, in pain from eternal tortures he devises. Naberius even forces them to breed so he will never run out of new victims to torture, and attempts to subject Tango and the others to the worst tortures he can think of. One of the worst beings in heaven or hell, Naberius constantly shows why his boast of being ten times worse than even Chayne Summers herself is nothing idle.
    • The Ambition of Hell: Scott Niles is an obese, disgusting human trafficker who mentors young Alice in the ways of power and pain. Working in the slave trade for years, Niles sentences countless women to horrific lives of rape and torture, regularly "testing" the women out himself beforehand, and keeps several women in his makeshift dungeon to use and abuse at his leisure. Dealing in victims as young as four years old, Niles's cruelty and viciousness extend beyond torture, as he shoots a slave in the head for fun, cracking an awful pun about her ethnicity, and beats a child slave to death with a towel rack when learning that he is severely sick. Though terrified of Ashton Sharpe's psychotic savagery, Niles nevertheless sells him women and children, knowing they will be tortured to death. In his final appearance, Niles attempts to rape Alice in a drunken lust, and, though halting his advances when Alice fights back, Niles never once apologizes or shows remorse for the act, having earlier stated that he wouldn't care one bit if Alice lost their "precious virginity" while dealing in his business. Though lacking the supernatural resources of other villains, Niles is no less vile.
    • The Radiance of Heaven:
      • Azazel, Lord of Hell and one of the most powerful Tulpas alive, is a ruthless, brilliant schemer hell-bent on seeing Hell rise supreme in the final cycle. Introducing himself to Tango and Mint by subjecting an innocent couple to a horrible death, Azazel steadily unveils his machinations: Having sacrificed billions to the twisted, murderous pleasures of his brother Naberius, Azazel manipulates Tango so he may place Naberius in the Heaven-controlled city of Solomon, extinguishing trillions of lives, angel soldier and civilian alike. Azazel also cultivates sects loyal to Hell so he may lead them to their deaths, taking the strongest and most rebellious and subjecting them to agonizing transformations to serve as demonic servants. Azazel further manipulates his adopted son Erebos, a survivor of a Greek city Azazel handed to Naberius, to strengthen Azazel's own position in Hell, planning to wipe out Heaven and lead the demons to exterminate all human life with only a few human survivors twisted into grotesque parodies of life, with no care of the cost to build his diabolical paradise.
      • Pluto, born Lazaros, is the leader of the Children of Heaven and The Dragon to archangel Uriel. A vicious, depraved sadist who commits a multitude of grisly murders to further his master's goals, Pluto relishes using his mental powers to dominate others, even having a nurse claw her own throat out—while she's aware of what she's doing—and attempting to force a child to eat his own mother alive. Pluto attempts to twist the soul of Mint, threatening to unleash the Phantom virus in a global pandemic to blame on Mint, and later murders Tango's father for sheer spite. During the Battle of Yonkers, Pluto sweeps through the city and has everyone within massacred just to be "done with these apes". Upon the start of the great war, Pluto leads the Children and indulges his sadism, having thousands kill and eat one another while leaving them enough self-awareness to be horrified at their actions, even killing his own ally Leviathan when Leviathan loses against Tango. Pluto reveals he always intended on wiping out the other Children in his attempt to cleanse the earth of life and rule it like a god, seeing Heaven itself as nothing more than a means to an end to deliver him the power he craves. Of all the villains in the Heaven Cycle, Pluto stands as one of the worst: a revolting, despicable man who'd sell the entire world to avoid facing up to the pathetic sadist he truly is.


  • 3 Terrifying Tales:
    • Heinrich Strauss, the Big Bad of 73 Years Later, when sent by Adolf Hitler to find the key to immortality, occupied a village in Norway, where he released captured Jewish families out in a field to be used as target practice; forced Harold to watch as his dogs killed his soldiers; and shot Harold in front of his boyfriend Alfred. Slipping into a coma, he killed the witch Alitha and decided to become immortal. In present day, he made himself look like Harold and killed Alfred himself, visiting his funeral just to spit on his grave. Desiring to kill Alfred's grandson Michael, he has Danielle lure them to his hideout, where he kills her and Michael's boyfriend Lucas. Resurrected in Electrocution, Heinrich kills the scientists who brought him back to life and escapes with Vincent North. Establishing an underground concentration camp, Heinrich has Vincent torture a captured Michael for years while he gleefully executes captured survivors of all ages. Once Natalie Walker's men storm his base, Heinrich murders Vincent for failing him, leaves his men to die, and orders every one of his injured soldiers killed.
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    • The aforementioned Vincent North, debuting in Cold Winter Nights, is a Serial Killer who murders women of all ages by freezing them to death overnight, taking photos of their corpses and selling them on the Dark Web. As a child, he let his injured mother die in the freezing cold, disappointed when her screams and suffering proved too quick. Resurrected alongside Heinrich in Electrocution, Vincent killed the scientists there and escaped with Heinrich. Working with Heinrich in his underground concentration camp as his Torture Technician, Vincent tortures Michael for three years, while also taking random women from the camp and freezing them to death, storing the frozen corpses in his room as trophies.
    • Electrocution: The aforementioned Natalie Walker is a selfish businesswoman who seeks to become the Earth's goddess. Finding a staff that resulted in a huge meteorite crashing into the Empire State Building, Natalie cared nothing for the thousands of deaths, and killed her girlfriend for witnessing the event. Cutting the breaks in her parents' car, she took over her father's company and began researching the meteorite's substances on animals. Using the serum on Heinrich and Vincent, she left her scientists to die by their hands, then decided to have people kidnapped, killed, and experimented on once she found that she could control the resurrected mutants. Unleashing these mutants onto New York, she establishes an underground base where its citizens view her as a goddess and the women are kept as sex slaves. Sending Maggie to kill Heinrich, she turns her men into mutants against her wishes, kills Michael, and tries to use Maggie and her soldiers as a way to spread her virus across the world.
  • Alessa’s Fantasies:
    • Alessa:
      • Nicholas, later revealed to be Old Scratch himself, is a sadistic Fallen Angel. Cast out of Heaven after attempting to slaughter humanity, Nicholas joined forces with Alexander Brimstone and conspired with him to poison the young Princess Mary. When that plan failed, and Mary survived, Nicholas turned Alexander's men into demonic creatures and lead an assault against her kingdom, killing everyone there and leaving her as the Sole Survivor and with amnesia. After tossing her into the ocean, Nicholas attacks the kingdom Mary washes up on, destroying the watchtowers that lined the coast and killing all the men inside. Striking a deal with Mary, now Alessa, Nicholas promised to spare the kingdom is she managed to get her powers back. Not only was he lying, he undermines the deal by sending Cynthia Wilson to kill both her and Lola before this happened. When Lola manages to help Alessa get her powers back, Nicholas, who had been watching them, panics. Killing Alexander when he talks back and strangling the High Priestess to death, he attempts to slaughter the kingdom anyway. When Alessa arrives and forces his army to surrender, Nicholas kills them all in rage before attempting to kill Alessa himself.
      • The aforementioned Cynthia Wilson is a vicious teenager with a nasty homophobic streak. Having caused several LGBT girls to commit suicide prior to her first appearance, Cynthia is introduced mocking Lola about her girlfriend, Faith, who she had earlier bullied into jumping off the roof. When Nicholas arrives and word spreads of his deal with Alessa, Cynthia, having no faith that Lola will successfully return her powers, makes a deal with Nicholas to kill them both to save herself, selling out her kingdom and killing her "friends" to seal the deal. Tracking Alessa and Lola to a village, she slaughters everyone and sadistically tortures the son of the innkeeper to the hotel the two stayed at. After the woman told her where they went, Cynthia killed them both anyway. Confronting Alessa and Lola, she takes the latter hostage. She then attempts to kill them both, bragging about what she did to the village all the while.
    • Alessa and the Kingdom of Shadows: The Shadow Queen is the wicked ruler of the Shadow Kingdom. Originally a queen who desired godhood, she struck a deal with the dark forces to acquire power, relocating her entire kingdom to the dark world to achieve said power. Kidnapping numerous people for over a century, she either converts them into Shadows by showing them propaganda, or sacrifices young girls to get the power she desires. Having little care for her own civilians, she allows corrupt policemen to kill anyone in their path and at one point blows up an entire block in an attempt to kill Alessa. With Alessa in her grasp, she plans to indoctrinate her in her army, where she will have her lead her soldiers to slaughter Annabel's kingdom once she's done sacrificing her.
    • Phillip: Dr. Samuel Valentine is a vampire supremacist who seeks to inhabit the world with daywalkers in order to fully diminish humanity. To this end, Valentine kidnaps fifteen women and rapes them to produce dhampirs, with eight of them dying from their babies bursting out of the wound. When Phillip, Luna, and Serenata invade his hideout, Valentine has his six remaining captives doused in gasoline and threatened with being burned alive should they not let him go.
  • Alice Isn't Dead:
    • The mysterious Police Woman, also known as Thistle, is a relentless hunter who hounds Keisha across the US to murder her for getting too close to the secrets of the Thistle Men and Bay & Creek Shipping. Along the way, the Police Woman leaves a trail of bloodshed and destruction, killing multiple people to take their vehicles, with Keisha stumbling upon her gruesome murder of a cop at one point. Upon capturing Keisha, the Police Woman reveals herself as a monstrous sadist who tries to force Keisha to "understand" everything, just so she can take cruel pleasure in her despair before killing her. Even after her supposed death, Thistle awakens later and reveals she is the one who creates the cannibalistic Thistle Men and sets them on the world to watch the carnage, gleeful about the murders and chaos she will continue to sow.
    • Lucy, a high-ranking member of Bay & Creek, is apparently a close friend of Keisha's wife Alice who cares for Keisha. In truth, Lucy is a willing participant of The Conspiracy to make others believe that her group are fighting the Thistle Men instead of working with them. Lucy betrays her own allies, letting them be murdered and directs the Thistle Men to claim more bodies before leading them to massacre Keisha, Alice and their group of survivors, showing no remorse in attempting to murder Alice and Keisha with her bare hands.
  • The Angel's Game series: Jack Collector Sullivan, The Collector, is the Big Bad of the series's second part and an interdimensional Serial Killer with over 250 victims to his name. A Riftling hybrid, Collector took the mind of Stephen Patrick and forced him to commit a series of killings in his own reality which culminated with the death of his father. Travelling to another dimension, Collector went on to murder many more people For the Evulz. Collector's crimes include stabbing a paranormal investigator with a fork so he could drown in his own blood; making a sick woman suffocate on her vomit; throwing a grenade in a van with a family inside; detonating an entire school; and many more atrocities. Exploding a gas station, Collector killed two police officers who had arrived at the scene and then devoured a child before slitting the throats of her parents. Setting up a game to challenge the organization hunting him, the SMD, and his targets, Collector murdered three people and used their blood to write the game's rules on the walls of a church. Regularly tormenting Josh and his friends, Collector has Josh's girlfriend, Courtney, kidnapped and agreed to return her if Josh killed a SMD agent for him. Despite his deal, Courtney had her face ripped off and sent to Josh in a cooler. A depraved and remorseless entity who sees serial murder as a personal hobby, The Collector was the worst Riftling that Josh had to face.
  • The Angel of Vine: Samuel Tensch is an artist who grew up in France. He was raised by a caretaker until one day he murdered her and tried to turn her into an art exhibit. Unsatisfied with his work, thinking it too crude, Tensch set the caretaker's body ablaze, burning down his house and killing his parents in the process. He moves to Los Angles and becomes a famous artist. He is secretly a Serial Killer, who murders 27 people and uses their blood to create several paintings; his masterpiece is his Angel of Vine, where he murdered a young actress named Marlene Evans, removed her spine and several other bones and used them to create a halo around her head.
  • The Arkn Mythos: In a Forever War with a vast cast of morally ambiguous characters, a few stand out as the absolute worst:
    • The Hooks Killer is among the worst, particularly in the Extended Universe canon.
      • He is a repulsive murderer whose crimes include torture and mutilation; rape—with a particular preference for infants—and consuming the flesh of his victims; he's also been known to make masks from the skin of his victims, in order to hide his own disfigured face. He has part of The Carver's soul in him—and uses the knowledge it bestows to become a "perfect killer", jumping between various timelines and eras and reinventing himself under a different identity in every reality to ensure that he will never get caught. His vast Historical Rap Sheet includes murdering over 100 people as The Dreaded, mysterious Wild West outlaw Barnabelt Kinnard; inflicting torments on an entire kingdom as the English monarch Comshine Orok; and eviscerating an entire religious cult, including his own pregnant sister—whose baby he cut out and devoured was possibly his own—as Adam Spirit. He later becomes a Psycho for Hire, assisting The Carver in his plans; during The Hooks Killer Documentary, he cuts open a young filmmaker who has been making a documentary about Hooks and raises The Carver into his body—possibly while the original host is still alive—allowing him to roam freely throughout .Reality. In one of his final onscreen appearances, Hooks confesses onscreen to having committed 643 murders—in one town—over the past 40 years. His final body count is suggested to be in the thousands.
      • His Universe A incarnation, who may be a descendant of that continuity's original Kinnard, is, while seemingly confined to a single timeline, virtually identical in terms of his sadism, twisted nature, and love of atrocities—such that the Carver himself refers to him as a "monster". This version of Hooks is also Carver's partner and is hinted to have given him a vessel in a similar manner. Not content with this extremely risky act—which, due to The Carver's Hethian power, causes a power surge in .Reality—he decides—just because he could—to go public about the Arkn and Dekn—setting off the May 15th Catastrophe, which causes a system-wide crash that obliterates multiple timelines and countless lives. The last time he's seen onscreen, he guts Michael Knight, sending him to the Infernous to be tormented by the Carver, who then claims him as a vessel. Hooks may be a mere human, but he proves himself to be far more deplorable than most Arkn or Dekn.
    • Elius'Exe'Deus, or Elias Exodus, aka Elliot Kenneth, is Asmodeus's teenage, sociopathic, power-hungry Nephilim son. As a child, he and his fellow Nephilim survived genocide by being hidden in a realm called the Hybrid Grounds; once left to his own devices, Elias wasted little time in slaughtering his fellows and absorbing their souls and powers. In 2015, as an amnesiac boy suffering from voices inside his head, Exodus has his powers re-awakened when one of the Dekn who saved him from the massacre, Vine, stops him from committing suicide; once his memories "return", Exodus reveals that he's been faking his amnesia—the "voices" he hears are his victims, screaming inside him, much to his delight—and thanks Vine for saving him by absorbing his powers and trapping him inside a cube Prison Dimension—leaving him to rot in the Hybrid Grounds for eternity. After departing from the Hybrid Grounds, Elias is intent on consuming both Arkn and Dekn to become a living god. He visits his uncle, Raphael Tobit Kestler, tortures him, and sends him to the Vale of Nightmares before murdering Raph's twin brother Tobias, all the while gloating and laughing about having effectively driven his own race to near extinction.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Mechakara is a robot from an Alternate Universe where Linkara's Robot Buddy Pollo turned evil, killed him, and robots overthrew humanity. His plans revolved around sending Linkara into a mental breakdown; and, when that fails, he captures him and plans to kill him slowly, simply because his death went too fast the first time around. While that would normally make him just another killer robot, he stands out when, after getting the magic MacGuffin that he came for, he decides instead to destroy all organic life in the multiverse. During the Silent Hill Dead/Alive videos, Mechakara slowly mind rapes Linkara into thinking he's the (actually long dead) man who tortured his daughter to create Linkara's Magic Gun and almost convinces him to kill himself. In To Boldly Flee, Mechakara passes himself off as Linkara and infiltrates the USS Exit Strategy, intending to kill the entire crew with the help of the forcibly assimilated Todd and Nostalgia Chick. Mechakara would later assimilate the crew of the Caelestis space station and drained the life force of one astronaut in an attempt to recharge the ship. Only working with others when his goals coincide with theirs and perfectly willing to kill them otherwise, Mechakara is fueled only by his hatred for Linkara and all organic life forms.
  • Blood After Midnight: Cult leader Kelvin seeks to summon a demon to dominate the world. As the power of the summoning rests in one's right arm, Kelvin has dozens of innocents murdered with their arms taken to use for the ritual. When a reporter named Bryan Cyon gets too close, Kelvin has his friend Vivian murdered and causes a massacre at a hospital to abduct him, before revealing to his followers his true intentions and murdering them all, intending on summoning his demon to control the world himself.
  • Camouflage: Argile, the corrupt Archbishop of Tigue in this anthropomorphic web novel, is initially portrayed as a self-righteous, hypocritical zealot obsessed with persecuting gay men and verbally abusing and mocking others, including his own clerics. He enters the story with his previous actions having a grim impact on the setting, and he later accepts Danilo's offer to pay for Luc's "crime" so Danilo can save Luc's life. Argile watches with glee as Danilo goes through with said offer, which is to have one of Danilo's testicles removed. Even after the deed is done, Argile sentences Luc to death anyway and blackmails Danilo to keep him under his control. It is later revealed that Argile has been raping the convicts—many of whom were also castrated under his orders—right before they are executed; Luc is also raped as well before his planned execution. Danilo finally confronts Argile and proposes to save Luc's life again by offering his body to him. Argile responds by sending his servant to strip and tie him, blackmailing him into getting raped anyways and not intending to save Luc's life at all. A complete sociopath with no altruistic qualities, Argile is seen by Danilo as a cautionary tale against homophobia, and what would happen if he did not fight for LGBT rights.
  • Captain Canuck: Mr. Gold is a petty Arms Dealer who wants to move on to grander things, wanting to possess Captain Canuck's nano tech for himself. Mr. Gold lures Captain Canuck to Ottawa on Canada Day, planting a bomb at Parliament Hill, which endangers thousands of people. Gold does this so his henchman, Blue Fox can get some skin cells from Captain Canuck. When Blue Fox complains about Mr. Gold not telling her about the bomb, Mr. Gold attacks her. Although Mr. Gold claims he wants to use Captain Canuck's nano tech to make the world a better place, it's clear from his thirst for power and disregard for human life that he only cares about himself.
  • Carmilla the Series:
    • Baron Vordenberg from season 2 is an elderly Austrian baron who is a member of the Silas Board of Directors. When he is first introduced, he seems to be a kind and friendly man, despite his apparent disdain for vampires. Once Laura gets him voted as the Chairman of the Board, he immediately shows his true colors by ordering a detainment of all vampires and anything supernatural in Silas University. He has some of the students, including Laura's friend Danny—to whom he lies that he will stop after arresting Carmilla and Mattie—recruited into his militia , and preaches anti-vampire propaganda. It is discovered that, despite the potential consequences, he intends to kill Lophiiformes, all to make a name for himself. After killing Lophiiformes, he intends to execute Carmilla and Mattie, along with any students protecting vampires; the attempted arrest indirectly leads to Mattie's death. After he almost callously shoots one of his men, Laura starts a resistance against him. In the battle, he has his henchman Theo betray them and kill Danny. In the finale, he has the other board members shot over the announcements and prepares to behead Carmilla, in front of Laura and their friends, taunting them all to their faces while doing so. Despite his seemingly doddering demeanor, Vordenberg is far more dangerous than meets the eye, his claims of heroism being lies he tells to fuel his ego, not caring who he has to kill to live out his fantasies of personal glory.
    • The Carmilla Movie: Elle Sheridan was a noble woman who, discovering her lover Carmilla was a vampire, betrayed Carmilla to her mother before her death. Unable to cross into the afterlife with the other souls of the sacrifice victims, Elle grew to resent Carmilla and Laura's life together. Elle began to torment Laura with nightmares, luring her, Carmilla, and her friends to her mansion. Gathering the souls, Elle manipulated them into preparing a ritual that would help them move on to the afterlife, with Carmilla willingly giving up her human life. Unbeknownst to them, Elle plans on stealing Carmilla's life for her own, and condemning the rest of the spirits back into the hell dimension forever. Despite her past, it's pointed out she wasn't the only sacrifice and the others never turned evil, with Elle admitting to her jealous and selfish motives, with disdain and indifference to everyone else. Elle picks off Carmilla, Laura and their friends, trapping them in their nightmarish hell; Carmilla's in particular reliving Elle's betrayal over and over again. When Laura rescues her friends and the other ghosts to prepare the ritual, Elle makes one final attempt to disrupt them, holding a knife to Carmilla's throat. Originally seen as a tragic figure of Carmilla's past and even a benevolent force in the first season, Elle ended up becoming a dark far cry of her previous self.
  • Caught Not Sleeping: The Showtime Killer is a merciless Serial Killer who views the Butterflies as his perfect victims. Having murdered at least 17 people in different cities from the West Coast prior to his involvement with Caught, Showtime makes his presence known by invading chat rooms and demonstrating his knowledge of his targets' private lives. Following a Butterfly, Showtime sends him a disk containing a video titled "The Show Must Go On", which shows the bloodied corpse of one of his victims. In one of his "murder trips", Showtime goes to Seattle and abducts two Butterflies, taking them to a secluded location and torturing them with scissors and other tools while filming their agony. Showtime stands in contrast to other antagonists as an entirely human threat who takes pleasure in hurting defenseless people.
  • Counter Monkey: Tempus Thales, from the Thieves World story, is the most powerful soldier in the Ranken Empire, and only finds joy in war, murder, and rape. Charged with keeping the peace in the city of Sanctuary, he is initially an ally to the players, torturing twenty guards to death for robbing them. He then starts sending the players on jobs for him, planning on overthrowing the Ranken Prince in charge of the city with their help. Both Tempus and Noah's plans for the players are ruined when one of the players accidentally hits Tempus in the face with acid. His patron goddess then refuses to heal his face until he gets revenge on the players. When Tempus gets fed up with his failed attempts to catch the players, he starts taking more extreme steps, bringing in the Ranken military to brutally punish anyone who breaks the law. He then publicly declares that he will kill a random person every day, before brutally raping one of the players' Love Interest to death, and enacting a massacre on the citizens in the ensuing riot. When the players finally confront him, Tempus kills one of them, declaring that everything is their fault for not turning themselves in, and rips out and eats the heart of another to reclaim his healing.
  • Crypt TV: Roger is the ultimate villain of The Sunny Family Cult series and revealed to be the founder and original leader of the titular murder cult before being kicked out. First appearing in season 2, Roger goes on an independent killing spree searching for his niece Taylor, tormenting her and her friend Janine and killing Janine's boyfriend. Roger also chases down and maims Allie Anne in an attempt to intimidate her and her mother. Posing as a friendly teacher and detective, Roger gets close to and abducts Taylor. Season 3 reveals that when he first founded the cult, their goals to kill the corrupt and cleanse society were simply an outlet for his own misanthropy. Roger used to bully and abuse his brother Elias into accepting his worldview and authority, threatening and attempting to kill him for his "defiance" before he was defeated and exiled; Roger claimed the cult was his true family, only to decry them when they immediately chose Elias over him. After butchering the guests and staff of a motel, Roger reveals his true goal is a ritual sacrifice to transform him into a "divine being of darkness", and he needs Taylor broken to fulfill that prophecy. When Elias comes to rescue his daughter, Roger fatally wounds Elias before Taylor finally kills him, starting Roger's transformation.
  • Eclipse: Freiherr Eighinn Stossuhl is a brutish, Trigger Happy thug who firmly believes that Might Makes Right. In his first appearance, he threatens to attack Cessair, a neutrally-aligned country if they failed to turn in the main character Alice Sitchri. When Sitchri actually leaves peacefully, Stossuhl attacks Cessair anyway, in a war that cost the lives of 86,492 people and eradicated Cessair's entire infrastructure. When he gets hit by a sniper, Stossuhl responds by destroying an entire building; he admitted that the sniper probably wasn't there anyway. He incinerates an entire platoon of his own soldiers when they took too much time to get through a maze. When an injured soldier grabbed his ankle, Stossuhl destroyed his entire upper torso because he was stopped from sprinting. When another soldier offers to patch him up after a fight, Stossuhl pushed his skull into his torso because "Real men never disarm themselves." When an informant reveals that all of his targets had escaped, Stossuhl immediately chokes the informant to death, while still demanding to know where they went. He proceeds to order the eradication of Cessair, and when his colleagues called him out on it, Stossuhl continues the shelling out of spite. At a public speech, Stossuhl attempted to divert his culpability in the invasion by claiming his colleagues supported it, when in fact they didn't. Finally, Stossuhl publicly executed close to a hundred Cessair prisoners—and his own bodyguards—by unleashing a stream of magma that morphed them into a mesh of dry, organic rock.
  • First: Do No Harm: Even before he became a demon, Marshall Eccelstein was a horrific monster of a husband who kept Violet chained to a wall naked and brutally beat her bloody every day. By the time of the story, he has figured out a way to reach Vanilla, Katherine, and Kidari, and sends specialized assassins to kill them and capture his daughter Rosalina, planning on making the assassins torture Violet to death afterwards. When Astaroth turns him into a demon, he rapes and kills Amy and then kills and zombifies Daniel, planning to force Vanilla to kill him. After he is expelled from his body and takes the name Cerununnos, he drives an entire military base insane before driving violent criminals insane and releasing them from prison, taking sick joy in the chaos that ensues. He then begins killing random officers and civilians for fun before being stopped by Vanilla's brother Shoji, learning that there are 16 alive members of the Jackson family in the process. Cerununnos, while planning to kill the Jackson family, encounters a bus and stops it, intending to slaughter everyone on the bus and then kill a family on the bus before being defeated.
  • Four Kingdoms & Four Kingdoms, Continued: Karju, the Head Boar of the Scrofa tribe, is introduced torturing an adulterous woman by shoving a hot rod into her womb before throwing her into the wilderness, where she dies. When Jabali, his then-fiancée, calls him out on this, he intimidates her before eventually beating her to force her to submit to his will until she runs away, with him giving chase. He proceeds to kill anyone who gets in his way and even stages an invasion of the Aves' city, killing even more people. He eventually has Jabali captured and brought to him, at which point he beats and rapes her. He does this again the next two days; on the third day, he grows tired of her continued "disobedience", and takes a branding iron and brands her like a wild pig. When Jabali's husband, Cal, tries to rescue her, Karju fights him, taunting and toying with him all the while, nearly killing him before Cal's horse, Xanthus, steps in trying to protect Cal only to get himself killed by Karju.
  • How I Escaped from a Cult: Charlie Stocke was the self-appointed prophet of the Third Reincarnation of the King, as well as the alleged third reincarnation of Christ. Stocke convinced several of his followers into going with him into the wilderness, and he forced them to work eight hours a day. He placed most of the members on the "prayer list" as a means of breaking them into submission, and he purposefully starved them. He later sentenced a married couple to death when they tried to leave the cult, and he also executed the narrator's parents. Four more members died from execution while the remaining members of the TRK either died from starvation or resorted to cannibalism. Stocke eventually tried to orchestrate a mass suicide, but he was ultimately burned alive and eaten.
  • Kadu'av: The Beginning of the End: The wicked Windsor is a member of the Gilded Cross, a human supremacist group who seek to murder any race who are deemed unclean. Tasked with slaughtering caravans containing Yeshu, Windsor kills plenty of Yeshu people—including children—with sick glee, mocking his partner Jess for refusing to partake in the murders. After butchering another caravan, Windsor waits for Eden and Rachel to arrive and tries to kill them.
  • The Last Lamia: Dr. Theodore Erswick works for Avatech, aiding their hostile takeover. He assists Avatech in committing mass genocide on the Lamia species to harvest their DNA and use it to genetically modify humans. He experiments with his genetic rewriting by performing horrific and torturous experiments on innocent people just trying to survive, killing them or transforming them into mindless monsters in constant agony. When Rebel leader Xander makes a deal with Erswick to turn over his allies in exchange for Erswick curing his sister Lani's fatal disease, Erswick betrays him and instead kidnaps all four members of the rebel group, injecting them with his experimental formula. He then mocks them as they succumb to the formula's effects, with Lani burning to death from the inside and technician Brec transforming into another monster. When Xander confronts Erswick, Erswick tortures and kills him with a Tesla coil. He then commands the monster to capture the survivor, Jason, for further experimentation.
  • Legatum:
    • Smirvlak's Stone: Lorko Maeliss is the dreaded leader of the Yellow Fang, a gnoll tribe which pillage, rape, and slaughter their way throughout the country of Glorsdale under his cruel direction. With a fondness for rape and torture, Lorko furiously pursues the Corveel brothers and their ally Stilyk after they rob him of a powerful magical stone, massacring the Corveel brothers' village and cutting a wide trail of mayhem and murder across the countryside with countless creatures slaughtered by his gnolls. Possessed of a propensity to murder his own minions for any reason he can think of, Lorko tosses unending waves of them to their own deaths, personally butchers many of them for simply contending his authority, and enslaved his adviser after having massacred her family and "tamed" her by letting the other female gnolls rape her into terrified submission. In the end, after using what remains of his own band as suicide bombers to create a distraction wide enough for him to corner and rape Nickolas Corveel, Lorko reveals his designs to use the stolen stone to conquer the entire planet and annihilate millions, fancying himself the god of a new age where all who oppose him are crushed.
    • Help Not Wanted: Ogrell Syn'Gorrsh, seemingly a simple-minded ogre in search of his missing daughter, harbors a much, much darker secret. Ogrell is in fact a Serial Killer, having already long ago butchered and ate his own daughter after her whining annoyed him to the point of violence, following up with his wife and then countless innocents afterwards he lured in or kidnapped to brutally murder and eat. Not satisfied with simply killing and eating his victims, Ogrell psychologically and physically tortures them for weeks on end, with a priest Ogrell's left a skinned, maimed mess and a goblin Ogrell reduced to a feral monster only a few of his endless menagerie of victims. When the goblin contractors he lured in try and stop him, Ogrell beats a child to death in front of one of them to lure him out and later tries to simply murder them all himself after his first attempt to break them fails, laughing away their morals and simply telling them they're all animals at heart like him.
    • Scrambled Egg: Trellorv, a disgusting, monstrous troll who–-after having butchered his parents and his entire village for being punished for his first murder of a mentally-handicapped troll—had an existential crisis which led to him avowing himself to what he feels is the source of joy in life: wanton carnage. Trellorv dismembered a priest shortly after confessing his sins and went on to murder and rape hundreds of people for pleasure, even desecrating a settlement and leaving a portion of the populace not killed but maimed to near-death, begging to be mercy-killed. After he met the omnicidal mage Sonya, Trellorv plans to betray her to take the mystical egg she's seeking and initiate an apocalypse of his own to bask in the everlasting suffering that follows.
  • The Pirates Covered in Fur: Captain Lyle Krinkor is the vicious leader of an army of pirates. Wanting to start his own empire, Lyle amasses his entire army and leads an assault on Diamond City. Thousands perish during his initial attack; the survivors are all taken hostage by Lyle's troops and stowed away in a hotel. As his troops continue to destroy the city, Lyle instructs one of his lieutenants to set off a bomb on the bridge the survivors are using for evacuation. After the bridge is demolished and Lyle personally kills three of Michum's friends, he orders Pryllic to start killing all the hostages in the hotel; shortly afterwards, he also contacts Michum and brags about how his friends are all dead. During his final confrontation with Michum and Tully, he beheads Pryllic for failing to defeat them in combat, then proceeds to fatally wound Tully and subdues Michum. Even after defeating Michum, Lyle proceeds to taunt him over his loss.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Chairman Malcom Hargrove is the corrupt CEO of Charon Industries. Using his position, Hargrove illegally used UNSC soldiers as a private security force. Starting up investigation against Project Freelancer, Hargrove used it to take Freelancer's technology for his own use while arresting anyone involved in the project, even going as far as releasing a serial killer from prison to help him. Finding alien artifacts on the planet Chorus, he hired a group of Space Pirates to kill everyone on the planet by manipulating them into a Civil War. He sent ships containing cargo for the mercenaries to use to the planet, where the mercs killed everyone on the ship and steal the cargo for their own use. When the Reds and Blues got involved, Hargrove took advantage by having them escalate the conflict with the intention to kill them when they were no longer necessary. When the mission was jeopardized, he threatened to kill his lead mercs by sending a new agent to finish the job. When exposed, he decided to kill as many of the people as possible out of spite rather than surrender.
    • Sigma, representing the Alpha's ambition and creativity, is the most evil AI in the Meta. Interested in becoming human, Sigma gradually took over the mind of Agent Maine and increased his violence. He also manipulated Agent Carolina into getting two AI, leading to a mental breakdown, and helped torture the Alpha. Using Maine, Sigma stole Carolina's AI before nearly killing her. As part of the Meta, Sigma hunted down other Freelancer's for their equipment and AI. The AI would be forcibly implanted into the Meta, whether they were willing or not. He also slaughtered multiple simulation teams as well as any recovery agents encountered. In a final bid to steal the Alpha, Sigma and the Meta attacked Freelancer Command, killing everyone stationed there and cornering and almost killing Agent Washington. Even with his destruction by EMP, Sigma's manipulation ensured that the broken Maine would continue to act as the Meta.
    • Felix, real name Isaac Gates is a Psycho for Hire with a love for killing. When he fought in the Great War, he never showed any mercy to his enemies, even those that were trying to surrender. When one of his teammates, Locus, was broken by the war, Felix kept him from getting help and molded him into his partner. Hired to create a Civil War on the planet Chorus, the mercenary took pleasure in infiltrating one the sides while he was leading them to their deaths. He also led the raid on a prison ship where the entire crew is killed and the prisoners who are not worthy to join forces with him ejected from the ship. Hearing about the Purge, he was unable to resist being the one to personally kill off everyone, showing that he doesn't care about the orders and more about just killing for the hell of it, perfectly willing to sacrifice his own men to do so. When the Purge temple was destroyed, Felix pointlessly went after the Reds and Blues just so he can kill them.
    • Genkins "The Trickster" was part of a false pantheon of God's "cosmic powers" meant to trick other species. He grew bored with the "mundane" nature of the universe and so eagerly accepts the titan Chrovos's offer of legitimate godhood in return for helping him out of the eternal prison. He then uses time travel abilities given by Chrovos to set off a chain of events and setting the Reds and Blues up. Later, he exploited Wash's PTSD he gained from a battle injury to deteriorate his mental state. To ensure Wash had a mental breakdown when he found out, Carolina kept how bad the injury was a secret, thus inspiring the Reds and Blues to go back in time to stop the injury. When the cosmic Agent Huggins finds out that they intend to alter time and attempts to tell the cosmic powers, Genkins sadistically murdered her by generating a mini black hole—knowing black holes were her biggest fear. After confronting and revealing his true nature to Grif in the past, he makes Grif think the team won giving his friends enough time to save wash...only for Genkins to reveal he wanted them to save Wash as doing so would cause a time paradox, thereby shattering time to free Chrovos. He succeeds as time shatters, freeing Chrovos and allowing Chrovos and himself to remake the universe In Their Own Image.
  • RWBY:
    • Cinder Fall is the mysterious villain of the first three volumes. Working for Salem in her mission to be "strong, feared and powerful", Cinder recruited two young fighters named Mercury and Emerald, attacking Amber, the Fall Maiden, to drain her of her powers. In the Vytal tournament, Cinder exploits Emerald's powers of illusions to make the noble warrior Pyrrha accidentally rip apart the sentient robot Penny with her magnetism power, before using the ensuing panic to let the Grimm attack Vale and Beacon Academy—commenting how "beautiful" the carnage is while having the attack filmed. Murdering Amber to take the rest of her powers, Cinder defeats Pyrrha in a pitched fight before coldly executing her with an arrow that burns her from the inside out. Injured by Ruby's White Eye powers, Cinder recovers in volume five where she coerces Raven and her tribe to join Salem, later sadistically mocking Jaune over Pyrrha's murder, impaling Weiss in front of Jaune to put another death on his conscience, and killing Raven's apprentice Vernal to take her Spring Maiden powers for herself. Cruel and ambitious, Cinder leaves the kingdoms and alliances of Remnant shattered in her quest for power.
    • Adam Taurus is the embodiment of spite and cruelty. A high-ranking member of the Faunus liberation group the White Fang, Adam begins verging into extremist terrorist attacks with no care for innocents who die, prompting his Love Interest Blake Belladonna to flee the group. Adam later assists in the aforementioned attack on Beacon Academy, during the Vytal Festival, unleashing Grimm on the city. When encountering Blake, Adam vows to kill everything she loves, maiming Yang when she tries to defend Blake and trying to murder Blake herself. When the high leader of the White Fang, Sienna Khan, objects to what Adam has done, Adam murders her and takes her place before ordering Blake's family killed to "keep his promise" to her. Adam then leads a White Fang attack to destroy Haven Academy, spitefully attempting to detonate explosives to kill himself, Blake and all the Faunus present, White Fang or innocent, when he's cornered by the authorities. Adam later savagely slaughters his own former followers of the White Fang when they question him and returns to stalking Blake, hellbent on murdering her and making her suffer for "ruining his life".
  • The Strange Cases of Detective Jackson Valley:
    • A body was found in Chamberlain Park: Vincent Stone tracks down struggling people, offering to pay off their debt by loan, then having his nephew, Zach, kill them when they fail to repay. When word of a man's death reaches the police, Vincent threatens to murder his own nephew if he does not kill the man's wife before she talks to the cops. After Zach gets caught by the police, Vincent has one of his "suicide goons" kill Zach and himself to tie up loose ends.
    • Velak: The titular Velak is a sadistic demon and servant of Lucifer. Having the power to possess people, Velak likes taking over couples and having them kill their loved ones before offing them as well, with his victims fully aware of what's happening. Participating in Lucifer's plan to destroy all life in the multiverse and dethrone God, Velak is awakened by Lucifer and goes on a killing spree, slaughtering multiple people, including an entire family. When Lucifer threatens him with damnation should he not kill Jackson Valley, Velak possesses Valley’s kindly neighbor Georgina and tries to murder him.
  • TalesFromTheSpidersWeb: Clowny is an utter monstrous Psycho for Hire tormenting David and his friends for fun. A cannibalistic Serial Killer, Clowny was revealed to have been the one behind the disappearance of Madison White. Initially appearing to be a simple hacker, Clowny proved himself to be much more than that by visiting David's underage friend, Chance, and stabbing him to death, burning his parents alive in a house fire which he had started. Setting his eyes on Kyle, he did the same to his relative, savagely devouring his body afterwards. An animal in human skin, Clowny overshadows his compatriots in terms of sheer cruelty and brutality.
  • To Welcome Oblivion:
    • Nyarlathotep is the ultimate architect of the plot's conflict and a wicked Outer God who delights in nothing more than madness and misery. As the herald of Azathoth, Nyarlathotep has plunged countless universes and trillions of lives into eternal agony within the grip of the Outer Planes, with entire planets and civilizations driven to destroy themselves under his influence. On Earth, Nyarlathotep arranges events like The Black Death and the rise of Adolf Hitler for his own amusement, and seamlessly arranges the events of the plot by setting up the rise of both Peter Grallman and Dr. Lilith Madison into their positions, the former by killing his young sister Marissa to drive Grallman to darkness. Arranging the opening of the Outer Gate while disguised as Madison's assistant Noah T. Trepaly, Nyarlathotep eventually betrays both Grallman and Madison, torturing the former into his possessed slave and unleashing the populace of the Outer Planes onto Rielington. Finally cutting loose in the climax, Nyarlathotep slaughters thousands of people in the most creatively depraved ways he can think of—such as tricking an cafeteria's worth of children into cannibalize themselves and forcing hundreds of the Old Brotherhood's members to become either breeding fodder or food for the eldritch monsters he summons—and attempts to plunge the entire universe into the Outer Planes, and finally gloats to Grallman as one last spiteful move that he'll resurrect Marissa and torture and rape her for centuries in Grallman's form to hurt the both of them. With a mile-long sadistic streak underscored by a psychopathic sense of humor, Nyarlathotep commits every atrocity he does purely to satisfy his sense of amusement, intent on one day betraying even the Outer Gods to torment the rest of the multiverse himself.
    • Dr. Lilith Madison is a callous sociopath of a scientist with an utter disdain for any life other than her own. Obsessed with finding out the secret to life at any cost, Madison turns to murder in some desperate attempt to stimulate herself—the deliberate suffocation of an infant she is trusted to take care of just one example—before eventually finding out the existence of a Deep One's carcass in the Antarctic. Killing her own research team to use the carcass for her own ends, Madison allies with the Old Brotherhood and its leader Grallman to kidnap hundreds of innocents and forcibly implant them with organs from the Deep One to spread Eldritch Energy across the world, more often than not resulting in the painful deaths of those forced to bear the transplants. Causing a series of bombings that lead to over 250 deaths to cover the actions of the psychopathic Rhett Talbot, Madison eventually unleashes Talbot onto Rielington to slaughter and rape as he will to take care of the Seratin sisters and their ally Robin Lockwood. Ultimately, Madison betrays Grallman and tries to open a gate to the Outer Planes in her attempt to find the secret to existence, fully willing to let the denizens of the Outer Planes pour out on Earth and ravage humanity in the process.
    • The aforementioned Rhett Talbot is a sadistic supervillain and the Arch-Enemy for Elara and Kaya Seratin. As a teenager, Talbot raped and molested several children while posing as a babysitter. After he was taken by the Old Brotherhood and experimented on, he used his newfound powers to murder his parents, and later conducted a series of massacres—one of which took place at a playground Kaya was playing at, where he cut off her arms and attempted to rape her—all for his own enjoyment. Several years later, Talbot goes after the Seratins again, where he murders several civilians and police officers in and around a restaurant. Talbot also participates in raping and killing members of the Brotherhood alongside the eldritch monsters in the breeding chamber, and when he's confronted by the Seratins again, he tries to kill them both. Even after Sera tells Talbot that Madison and Nyarlathotep are going to destroy the whole universe, Talbot coldly tells her that he doesn't care, moments before he tries to rape her.
  • T.O.T.: Maximus Slade is a childish, sadistic werewolf with a love for all things destructive and whatever he deems "fun". His evil ways extending back to his childhood of torturing animals and ultimately strangling his best friend to death, Maximus was turned into a werewolf in his teenage years, and has spent all his time since indulging in whatever violent impulses his heart desires. On Halloween night in a small neighborhood, Maximus goes on a rampage, something he implies he has done plenty times before, slaughtering dozens of men, women, and children, devouring parts of their bodies, and littering the streets with their corpses. Along the way, Maximus tries to force a teenager to murder his friends, massacres an entire police station, and decorates trees with children's disemboweled bodies. To make his night extra "fun," Maximus plays a sick game with a group of young friends, culminating in him ripping one's chest open and burning another alive while attempting to force his parents to listen as he dies. Though claiming numerous times to just be having fun and play games, Maximus is nothing but a vile monster who puts his own lust for carnage and killing over the lives of countless innocents.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Deathlist is a psychopathic, Nigh Invulnerable cyborg who gets off on widespread carnage and considers the world to owe him a debt of pain. The most horrific thing he's done so far was to kidnap a mutant superheroine, jam a power-neutralizing device into her skull, then hack off her arms and legs and give her to his troops as a sex toy. Then, when she died after more than a month of torture and rape, he impaled her corpse on a pole with a thank-you message to one of her former teammates carved into her chest. Not even his Freudian Excuse—that his parents tried to kill him by crushing him in a garbage compactor—nets him any sympathy after that.
    • Hekate is a wizardess supervillain-in-training whose rap sheet includes using a spell to enslave two of her classmates for a year, during which they were repeatedly raped and otherwise abused while being completely aware of what was happening but powerless to stop it, as well as the fact that the athamé she used in the spell was empowered by the ritual sacrifice of two young children. Not only that, but during a magical battle with Fey, after trying and failing to ensnare her in the same enslavement spell mentioned earlier, she summons a trio of iron elementals using the promise of dozens of future sacrifices. To top all that off, she used her athamé to stab Jade in the heart beforehand, just to torment Fey.
  • Worm: Jack Slash is a psychopath obsessed with being remembered throughout history as one of the most wicked human beings to have ever lived. The leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine, a group of superpowered serial killers, Jack uses them to cause death and destruction across the country, regularly wiping out huge cities and their entire populations just for fun. Routinely looking to replace current members of the Nine with stronger individuals, Jack and the Nine subject any possible candidates to horrific "tests" in an attempt to corrupt them into evil, these "tests" ranging from psychological torture to murdering the candidates' friends and family in front of them. Along with massacring hundreds of innocents at a time and carving numbers into them to keep a kill count, Jack targets a hospital and, before murdering all of the staff and sickly patients, has the Nine kill off the entire maternity ward, while threatening a hero's baby sister to keep him in line. Using an army of superpowered puppets as his minions, Jack uses them to inflict horrible And I Must Scream fates on innocents, wipe out dozens of civilians, and plans to send them out into the world with the simple order to kill everything in sight. Even when beaten, Jack uses his secondary power of manipulation to convince Physical God Scion to kill billions of people across the multiverse as a final act of villainy. With a pathological lust for notoriety and a sadistic streak a mile long, Jack Slash committed his various atrocities for no reason other than his own amusement, and was more than happy to embrace his position as the catalyst for the end of the world.


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