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"Udoroth, the demon lord! / Laying waste to man's dominion with his horde! / A reign of fear and carnage that shall be restored!"

"I steal your sanity, betray your heart and let it bleed./ Burn down your paradise and drain your love./ I stain your purity, become thy faithful enemy./ Defile your womanhood before his eyes."

Put on some headphones and listen to these tales of utterly heinous villains.

For acts with multiple entries, the entries are sorted by release date.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Accept's "Koolaid": Jim Jones is the psychotic leader of the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ. Establishing a settlement in Guyana dubbed "Jonestown", Jones convinces his followers to ingest poison-laced drinks, resulting in the deaths of over 900 of the cult's members. Anyone who didn't voluntarily drink the concoction, such as the children, were force fed it. The narrator, along with 33 other survivors, were the only ones who managed to escape the horrors of Jonestown.
  • Amon Amarth's "Where Silent Gods Stand Guard": The Viking is an cannibalistic, undead Blood Knight who opens the song by beheading 10 men, relishing in their pleas for mercy. Devouring their eyes and drinking their blood to make them his slaves while additionally barring them from the afterlife, the Viking mounts their skulls on his shrine as "macabre trophies", of which he has at least a thousand.
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  • Anthrax's "The Enemy": A "solitary man whose prejudice will spread like a flame throughout the land" takes over. His rule results in "enslaving those who would be free", with "those accused" having to wear yellow stars and propaganda hiding "screams in the night" and "scars so deep that they won't mend". In the end, the "Final Solution was mass genocide", with six million lives lost all due to this one man.
  • Bathory's "Woman of Dark Desires": Elizabeth Báthory is a vain countess obsessed with eternal beauty. To this end, she lures virgin women to slaughter and bathe in their blood. By the time that she was punished for her crimes, Bathory had killed sixty women in a mass bloodletting. Her narcissism, combined with her sadistic lusts, earned Bathory the title of the Blood Countess.
  • Battle Beast's self-titled album & Beast in Black's Berserker (especially "The Fifth Angel"): Griffith, the mercenary captain leading the Band of the Hawk, is a narcissistic, coldly ambitious sociopath with a cruel demeanor. Expressing his egotistical views and cold ambition, he betrays his mercenary comrades without a second thought, allows them to all die in a monstrous manner, and, with glee, rapes Guts's beloved Casca just to spite the two.
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  • Bewitched's "The Night Stalker": The Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, is introduced breaking into the home of one of his victims and slitting their throats after forcing them to promise not to scream. A staunch Satanist, Ramirez would sacrifice his victims to the Dark Lord with sheer glee and enthusiasm. Throughout the song, Ramirez left rows of corpses in his wake after mutilating and raping his victims.
  • Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle-Earth: Morgoth, the Enemy, was a former Valar who turned against his fellows and destroyed the lights of Valinor. Fleeing to Middle-Earth after murdering the Noldor king, Morgoth kills countless elves in their pursuit of him, even slaying their king Fingolfin as painfully as he can in single combat after wiping out the Noldor host. It is revealed Morgoth tortures many prisoners in his dungeons, boasting that nobody ever escapes him. When the hero Hurin defies Morgoth, Morgoth tortures him and forces him to see the ruin of Hruin's own kin for "troubl(ing) (his) day", obsessed with his own power and domination, declaring that all who stand oppose him shall be damned in the end.
  • Blue Öyster Cult's "Nosferatu", from Spectres: The titular Nosferatu is a malevolent vampire who leaves Transylvania for Germany with plague rats under his command, killing the crew of the ship transporting him. Upon arrival, he unleashes a deadly epidemic and terrifies the population. When a pure-hearted woman named Lucy sacrifices herself by offering her blood to him, he spends the night slowly killing her by feeding on her until dawn.
  • Casket Robbery's "Blood Bathory": Countess Elizabeth Báthory is described as having "...amazing beauty" yet a "soul so filled with evil". She "bathed in the blood of the innocent letted from Virgin Sacrifice". Her victims are specifically noted to include "little girls". Her victims are stated to be "600 lives extinguished".
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "The Curse of Millhaven", from Murder Ballads: Loretta, better known as Lottie, is a psychotic 14-year-old whose sadistic, prolific murders are mistaken for some sort of curse upon her hometown. First, she murders a young boy by bashing in his head, and hides his body in a creek. She then decapitates a handyman and leaves his head in a fountain, and stabs her neighbor to death. After getting caught, she happily describes the rest of her crimes in detail: on top of the murders, she had taken down warning signs around a lake in late winter, resulting in the deaths of 20 children, and committed arson around a slum, burning it and its inhabitants to the ground. When captured, her only regret is that she couldn't do more.
  • Celtic Frost's "Into the Crypts of Rays": Gilles de Rais was a French marshal who fought alongside Jeanne D'Arc as her personal guard. A rich nobleman, de Rais found himself deep in debt after squandering his wealth on lavish living, resorting to dabbling in mysticism and the occult to increase his riches. He enticed several children into partaking in his black masses where he sexually abused and sacrificed them to different demons. He took sadistic delight in snuffing out the lives of his 140 victims.
  • Creature Feature's "Such Horrible Things": The unnamed Villain Protagonist talks of all the things he's done while stating outright that he should be killed gruesomely for having done it all. It starts off with him being just a kid who pranks people in cruel ways. His first known crime is causing one of his friends to vanish in the woods, never to be found. He then burned down his own house because he hated its color. At twelve, he tossed his sister down a well to her seeming doom. When recounting what happened when he was 14, he says that nothing happened, but then he remembers "that one time" and chuckles. Cue a series of screams and about 50 seconds without any narration. His reign of terror ended when he tried to bury his brother alive. The brother just barely survived, but got the narrator locked in an asylum for the rest of his life.
  • DA Games's "It's Time to Die" (remaster) & "I'm the Purple Guy" (remaster): William Afton, otherwise known as the Purple Guy, is a sadistic Serial Killer who murdered several children and stuffed their corpses into the animatronics, making him responsible for their bloodlust. Returning to the pizzeria to relive the thrill, one instance results in Afton getting crushed to death inside of the Springlock Bonnie suit when the spirits of the children he killed approach him for vengeance. Upon becoming Springtrap, Afton embraces the immortal, undead nightmare he had become, his thirst for murder never diminishing.
  • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets's The Shadow Out of Tim: Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, is the malevolent herald of the Outer Gods and the one responsible for every atrocity in mankind's history. Spreading "mutilation and death in every land", Nyarlathotep gives the book of the dead to marine biologist Tim through which he learns that Nyarlathotep's endgame is unleashing the other gods to destroy the world. The song concludes with Tim speaking unintelligibly, his brain having melted at the revelation.
  • Das EFX's "Hard Like a Criminal": The Thug is a trigger-happy Card-Carrying Villain who loves his gangster lifestyle. While imprisoned for murders, the Thug would pick fights out in the prison yard until he passed out or was beaten. After being released, he returned to his criminal lifestyle of selling guns with his neighbor, all while bragging about how he "has the devil in [himself]" and is "sick", willing to kill for little to no provocation. While going to a party with his "troops", the Thug and his men kill a group of people they recognize, then causally smoke blunts afterwards. When the Civilian politely asks him if he knows where a party is, the Thug threatens to kill him for daring to speak to him, then kills him when the civilian shows no fear and talks back. Arrested for the murder, the Thug only expresses rage at being "back upstate".
  • Deathspell Omega's The Furnaces of Palingenesia: The unnamed narrator leads the totalitarian political faction known as the Order. The Order uses fear and paranoia to force absolute loyalty from all citizens, encouraging citizens to turn in their own loved ones for suspected crimes or even kill each other for perceived disloyalty. As a result, countless innocents are subjected to horrific punishments or murdered. The narrator is proudly aware of the terrors that the Order inflicts upon the world and in fact pushes it forward to the point society completely collapses under his rule.
  • The Decemberists' The Hazards of Love: One of the two main villains of the album, the Rake is a self-centered sociopath who only married his wife to slake his want for sex, and believed fatherhood was a curse. Glad about the deaths of his wife and third daughter in childbirth, the Rake decided to murder his remaining children in order to gain the freedom of a new, carefree life. In "The Rake's Song", he reveals he poisoned his elder daughter, drowned the younger, and beat his son to death then burned his body because the boy dared to fight back. Assuring the listener he's never really been bothered about murdering his own kids, in the second half of the album he begins his new life by abducting the heavily pregnant Margaret with the intent to rape her.
  • Draugûl's "Kazikly Voyvoda" ("Impaler Lord"): "In a land beyond the forests", a fearsome warlord by the name of Dracul was known as the Devil's son. This "foul and sinful beast" delighted in impaling his victims, of which he had multitudes. At one point, he even ate a meal while his victims screamed. He was eventually killed, but some say he made a Deal with the Devil. His tomb was empty, and, as Dracula, caused peasants to become "corrupted to a realm beyond the grave", as well as many more deaths. The legend is that "the Dark Prince of Wallachia haunts his fortress to this day".
  • Dream Theater's "The Dark Eternal Night": Nyarlathotep is as twisted as ever. Descending from the stars, the Outer God subjects worlds to madness and death, annihilating entire planets and leaving nothing but ruin and death in his wake, glorying over the destruction he creates.
  • DulcetRefrain aka Aria Rose's version of "Megalovania": Chara, aka the Fallen Child, is here portrayed as significantly worse than their video game counterpart. Having gone on a massive killing spree against the monsters of the underground, they now battle Sans, cruelly taunting him about the victims they've claimed, including his younger brother Papyrus. Insistent that Sans will inevitably lose, Chara vows to "erase it all", even wishing to do another run so they can destroy the world all over again.
  • Edge of Sanity's Crimson & Crimson II: The Crimson Queen, the first-born child for a decade after the world has been rendered infertile, masquerades as a messiah and a symbol of hope, but is in reality a willing servant of Hell. She first wipes out the elders, scientists preserved for their knowledge, to prevent humanity from being able to breed again. She locks up her predecessor in a crimson tank to be tortured for years, and takes pleasure in the sound of his screams. Told by her master that she will leave the world defiled, she enacts a plan to exterminate the last of humanity. She uses her mind-control powers to trick her loyal court into killing themselves in front of their loved ones, condemning their souls to a Fate Worse than Death. When humanity gathers together to oppose her, the Queen sends her knights to kill everything they come across and attempts to fuse the mortal world and hell together to rule over all that remains, before being defeated and imprisoned. In Crimson II, after her spirit is released by an unsuspecting nun and she is reborn as a baby, she holds an entire monastery under mind control, and drives anyone who suspects her identity into insanity. When a group of the nuns attempt to imprison her again seven years later, the Queen tries to murder every single one of them, including the one who released her.
  • Exodus's "BTK": Dennis Rader, aka the BTK ("Bind, Torture, Kill") Killer, is a sadistic murderer posing as a family man, church leader, and boy scout volunteer. A narcissistic sociopath who views himself as above all else, he sent several letters to the authorities gloating about his murders, including of an entire family and the children ages 9 and 11, respectively.
  • "False Sir John": The eponymous knight, Sir John, charmed women into marrying him only to reveal his sinister designs by robbing, stripping, and casting them off a cliff to drown in the waters below. Having given this fate to 7 women, Sir John woos May Colvin, vowing to marry her in return for a portion of her father's wealth. He then tries to repeat the process on her, gloating how she'd be the eighth woman to drown.
  • Aaron Fraser-Nash's "The Nun Sings a Song": Valak is a demonic entity taking the form of a nun in mockery of the Catholic faith. Promising its victims lavish lives if they forfeited their souls under the threat of killing everyone they loved, Valak makes enmity with the Warrens, boasting that it would drag Ed to Hell as a "worthy prospect" to spite Lorraine. Valak freely admits to haunting families and possessing young girls as being just a game to it, revealing that it was nothing more than a psychotic abomination hellbent on destruction for its own end.
  • Geto Boys' "Mind of a Lunatic":
    • Bushwick Bill starts his part off shooting someone in the head, taking delight as the guy bleeds to death and draws his last breath. He later stalks a girl outside of her house, grabs her by the mouth as soon as she leaves, drugs her, drags her back into the house, and proceeds to rape her, threatening to kill her if she screams. He slits her throat anyway and continues to rape her corpse. Bushwick Bill ends his part wielding a shotgun and a few explosives, ready to face the cops.
    • Scarface is much more Ax-Crazy, fondly reminiscing about the people he's killed and mutilated. He kills his girlfriend and a nearby guy who said girlfriend's grandmother alerted. As he is about to kill the grandmother, the police arrive to stop him. Scarface proceeds to kill them with his guns, loaded up on angel dust at the same time. Surrounded by the police, he kills an innocent bystander and takes the rest of them as hostages, declaring that he will murder them unless the cops let him go.
  • Ghost's "Elizabeth": Elizabeth Báthory is a cold, unfeeling woman notorious for her cruelty. Making a pact with Satan, it was revealed that she regularly murders several innocent peasant virgins in order to bathe in their pure, fresh blood, with the intention to stay young forever.
  • Gloryhammer: Zargothrax, the Dark Sorcerer of Auchtermuchty, opens Tales from the Kingdom of Fife by raining fiery death on the populace of Dundee, raping and kidnapping its fair princess and proclaiming himself Dundee's dark emperor. Freed from his icy prison a thousand years in the future by his loyal Chaos Wizards, Zargothrax throws the galaxy into a bloody war to set the universe on fire by setting free Kor-Virliath, Elder God of the 18th Hell Dimension, allowing it to destroy all life in the universe. Zargothrax then flees to an alternate dimension which he takes over and corrupts utterly, corrupting the noble warrior Proletius and his Knights of Cail and having them massacre peasants with aplomb. Zargothrax, finally destroyed moments away from becoming a god, even manages to plunge his Knife of Evil into the heart of Angus Fife, forcing him to throw himself into a volcano to prevent Zargothrax's evil from taking him over.
  • The Great Old Ones' "Nyarlathotep": Nyarlathotep is the plague of mental madness and the peddler of total sadness, the wicked voice and soul of the Outer Gods who as he always does ruins lives and spreads the disease of madness among humanity to control and influence them toward their destruction. Silencing the conscience of all those who would dare defy him, Nyarlathotep manipulates crowds entire before allowing his father, the idiot chaos Azathoth, to "blow Earth's dust away".
  • Hate Eternal's "Fury Within": The unidentified Ruler is a cruel tyrant who has already burned down cities for rebelling against him, and intends to lay waste to the realm, burning survivors at the stakes, refusing to show any mercy whatsoever to his rebellious subjects. As a matter of fact, the Ruler takes pleasure in tormenting his subjects as they beg for mercy-—mocking their weakness as he does so—and intends to override the ideology of his enemies. Throughout the song, the Ruler can be heard cursing his subjects for their disloyalty, and vowing revenge.
  • Iced Earth:
    • The Dark Saga, based on Spawn:
      • "Dark Saga": Malebolgia, the self-proclaimed destroyer of light, is the demon who is responsible on creating Spawn. Making a deal with the deceased CIA soldier Al Simmons, Malebolgia rigged the deal, resulting in Al's soul becoming corrupted and tormented, becoming the present Spawn. It was soon revealed that Malebolgia tries to manipulate Spawn for his own bidding in order to destroy mankind and the heavens.
      • "Vengeance is Mine": Billy Kincaid is a seemingly friendly man who is revealed to be far worse. Defined as "malignance personified", Kincaid is revealed to be the Serial Killer and molester of innocent children who has countless victims under his belt before being brutally murdered by Spawn himself.
    • "Damien": Damien himself, from the song based on The Omen, is as wicked as his film counterpart. Having always known of his dark roots, Damien, "when the boy becomes a man", paves the way for the apocalypse and for his father's minions to pave the way to famine, destruction, and corruption, to show mankind what Hell really means until humanity exists no more. Damien showcases every inch of his evil through the song's near-ten minute length, even vowing to make Jesus suffer as none have ever suffered before.
    • "Attila": Attila the Hun is the barbaric ruler of the Hun Empire defined by his hegemonic lust. Trying to expand his own empire and developing a seething hatred towards the Christians, Attila makes an alliance with other clans and starts his bloody conquest by attacking The Roman Empire, several cities of which his troops plunder and burn while getting several innocents killed.
  • Iron Maiden's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: Lucifer himself, fearing the power of the titular child, tries to sway the baby's mother into murdering her child and handing her soul off to him. Lucifer poisons the world with evil, tempting people to death and damnation, and attempts to seduce the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son into sin and vice, causing disasters to kill people in the village, eventually damning the Son and plotting the ruin of mankind.
  • Kamelot's Karma (last three songs): Countess Elizabeth Báthory is a vain woman who desires eternity and divinity. After striking a virgin servant, Bathory believes she has discovered what she has sought and begins abducting girls to torture them and bathe in their blood, mocking them about walking beside her for all time after. After killing countless women, Bathory realizes she has nothing awaiting her but hell, and any attempt at repentance is hollow because she regrets nothing.
  • Glenn Leroi's "SCP-106 Song": SCP-106, The Old Man, is just as monstrous as his canon counterpart. 106, trapping the narrator in his own Pocket Dimension, tormented him daily, resulting in the narrator trying to warn the protagonist regarding the dangers of 106. 106 also torments the protagonist in his own dimension and brutally murdered a "D-Class" person, and has far more victims to be tormented in his pocket dimension.
  • Ludo's Broken Bride: King Silias is the King of what remains of civilization After the End. Not satisfied with his power, he makes a Deal with the Devil to destroy the rest of the world in exchange for magic. He uses this dark magic to burn and boil the dead into zombies with the sole purpose of wiping out the rest of the world. When a little boy suggests fighting back against the horde, he uses this magic to Mind Rape the mayor into a Despair Event Horizon and kill himself in front of said boy. Silias is amused by this and all his other crimes, never showing remorse, and using his dying breaths to still try to destroy the world.
  • Macabre's Grim Scary Tales: In an album about the most notorious murderers throughout the ages, these three stand out as the absolute worst:
  • Machine Head's "Night of Long Knives": Charles Manson is a vengeful man "burning with malice past the point of no return". Founder of the Family, Manson describes his vision of an apocalyptic war to his followers, convincing them to kickstart it with a series of murders. He personally oversaw the deaths of 5 people, one in particular being Sharon Tate and her unborn child. It is with these deaths that the innocence of the 1960s ended.
  • Madame Macabre:
    • "In the Cove": The Skin Taker is a mysterious creature that lures children to their doom. He lures a girl into going onto his ship and to his cove, keeping her enthralled with his magic. At the cove the girl hears a cacophony of screams and begs the Skin Taker not to "take my own". The Skin Taker then boasts about how he will "grind your skin" to "make them into clothes" and others finding "your remains scattered on the beach".
    • "Regret Game" (A Slender Man Inspired Song): This song presents a malicious take on Slenderman to deconstruct the idea of summoning monsters as a game. The narrator describes how she and their friends thought it was a good idea to summon Slenderman, ignoring the warnings not to do so. When summoned, the Slenderman chases down and kills the narrator's friends throughout the forest, during which he verbally mocks them for their stupidity and how their bodies won't be found. When the narrator hides and prays for help, the Slenderman tells her that prayers mean nothing to him. While it's implied the narrator made it out of the woods alive and learned her lesson, it's also implied in one form or another that Slenderman would haunt her for the rest of her life.
    • "Only Monika": Monika, bereft of the sympathetic qualities her canon counterpart has, is the self-appointed club president of the Literature Club. Envious that the player spends time with Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki, Monika hacks the character files, amplifying their negative attributes to win the player over. When that fails, she mind rapes Sayori and Yuri, increasing their mental disorders, climaxing in both girls' suicides. Monika disposes of Natsuki for no other reason than standing in her way and decimates the world. She expresses little remorse over her actions, instead cackling like a lunatic giddily bragging about breaking her friends' minds.
  • Malevolent Creation's "Jack the Ripper": The titular killer showcases all his lurid atrocities and more, ripping apart prostitutes in the shadow of Whitechapel and performing "living autopsies" upon them. An "unconvicted maniac", Jack is indicated to see Whitechapel's prostitutes themselves "tempting" their eventual grisly fate in his demented mind.
  • Man on the Internet:
  • Maximum the Hormone's "F" note : Frieza is a sadistic tyrant who makes a living off of purging planets of their inhabitants. Frieza has invaded countless planets and slaughtered their inhabitants, even if they surrender. Those who survive under his rule are stripped of all rights and regularly tortured while Frieza ruins the planet. Longing for immortality, Frieza declares war on Namek upon finding out about the Dragon Balls, not even bothering to offer the Namekians the opportunity of peacefully giving them to him. Gleefully killing countless innocents in his pursuit of eternal life, the chorus notes how all the galaxy can do is cry out in fear of the tyrant.
  • Metallica's "Phantom Lord": The Phantom Lord, the titular antagonist, is a warmonger who wishes to conquer an unnamed territory. The Phantom Lord is introduced flogging captives, and is stated to flog them frequently. The chorus recounts how the Phantom Lord enters into battle, intent on conquering the unnamed territory, and upon victory, forces the masses to bow to him. The following verse cuts to a group of the Phantom Lord's captives crying out in their captivity, dying while bound by chains. In the final verse, the Phantom Lord emerges victorious with his leather armies as the smoke clears.
  • The Misfits:
    • "Last Caress": The Narrator gleefully sings about murdering a baby and not caring about the consequences as long as the baby dies. He proceeds to unapologetically boast to the person he's speaking to about raping their mother, then proudly clarifies that the baby he killed was the person's child. The Narrator proves himself to be a remorseless sociopath, even in the face of death.
    • "Jack the Ripper": The narrator of the song, indicated to be the titular serial killer relishing blood in his hands slipping through his fingers "like lives I take", viciously taunts and mocks his victims all throughout the song, hounding with the repeated chorus of "where you gonna go / whatcha gonna do?" The song ends as the narrator concludes with his slaughter, gleefully summing up how he hasn't any remorse, thanking the victim for "everything they did" to fulfill his desire.
  • Mrs. Dyer, The Old Baby Farmer: In this Victorian Ballad, Amelia Dyer is an old woman notorious for violating a Victorian Britain taboo by practicing an activity known as baby farming, a practice of accepting custody of accepting custody of an infant child in exchange for payment. During her tenure as a baby farmer, it was soon revealed that she callously murdered several infants under her care before meeting her end in the gallows.
  • Randy Newman's "God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)": God himself is a cackling narcissist endlessly laughing at the joke he's played upon humanity, committing atrocity after atrocity—-like the pointless murder of Israel's children, the burning of cities and an existence full of "squalor and filth and misery"-—while saying man means utterly nothing to him. The reason why he "loves" mankind, as God concludes, is because of the blind reverence they show toward him, even as he continues to torment them endlessly.
  • Poets of the Fall: Hamartia is the lord of the Tragic Mistake, who delights in leading people to ruin. A devilish Monster Clown, Hamartia, in the "Daze" music video, presides over a Masquerade Ball of decadence and revelry, mocking the desire for freedom and friendship from one of the guests. When she attempts to leave, Hamartia decides to "let the whole world burn" and incinerates the entire ball with everyone inside, the flames eventually engulfing the woman's car, all while Hamartia celebrates amidst the fire.
  • The Protomen: Dr. Albert Wily, once the partner of the brilliant Dr. Thomas Light, decided to take Light's revolutionary idea of robotic labor and twist it to his own ends. As "The Hounds" shows, Dr. Wily destroys his former colleague by having Light's love, Emily, murdered, and pinning it on him, even gleefully waxing that any chance for him to go back on his monstrous deeds has been passed up and forgotten by him. In the present day, Wily has absolutely taken over the city, purging all "undesirables" and having anyone who speaks up shot by his one-eyed sniper, even naming later models of it after Light's fallen friend Joe simply to spite their attempt at rebellion. In "Sons of Fate," after Light's final attempt to topple Wily ends with his champion Protoman seemingly killed, Wily reveals to Light's other son Mega Man that he converted a broken Protoman to his side, seeing Mega Man kill Protoman to destroy his will—and once he succeeds, orders the large crowd of people amassed to see the fight utterly massacred by his robotic army. Wily is a monster who revels in every single moment of his treachery, never even buying into the rhetoric he uses to control the masses and simply glorying in his status as the untoppled ruler of all there is.
  • Queensrÿche's Operation: Mindcrime duology: Dr. X is the mysterious and charismatic leader of Operation Mindcrime. Dr. X preys on the disillusioned and hopeless, taking advantage of their dissatisfaction with society and their addictions to make them assassins to kill "political" targets, actually just people in Dr. X's way, so that he can amass more wealth and power for himself. When Nikki attempts to leave the group, Dr. X arranges for the death of Nikki's lover Sister Mary and frames Nikki for the crime to send him to an asylum and keep Dr. X's involvement secret. Years later when Nikki escapes, he discovers Dr. X has simply taken advantage of society to grow more and more wealthy and powerful, his rhetoric after defeating corruption a total lie.
  • Rhapsody of Fire:
    • The Emerald Sword Saga:
      • Akron is a ruthless warlord and champion of the Hell God Kron. Akron begins by destroying the city of Ancelot and capturing its princess Airin. He lures the Warrior of Ice into giving him the famed Emerald Sword by threatening to execute all his prisoners, but has already killed them all. Akron has princess Airin raped to death by his demons in front of the men who love her, before having her beloved Arwald tortured and executed by being thrown into an acid pool. Akron's armies run rampant, destroying everything they encounter and slaughtering all they can. After a long campaign, when the Warrior of Ice is captured, Akron has him tortured and then decides to execute him by having him fed to the ravenous water snakes in the swamps.
      • The Queen of Dark Horizons, the ancient bride of Kron, is reawakened by Akron and proceeds to bring down torture, rape and pestilence upon the world. Unleashing hordes of demons and bringing the dead with her, the Queen helps to sweep over the lands with Akron, massacring countless innocents and subjecting others to rape and torture in order to build a kingdom for Kron where all who live submit, die, or both.
    • The Dark Secret Saga: Nekron, the son of Kron, led horrific wars that depopulated entire regions. Knowing his demise was imminent after the betrayal of the dragon Thanor, Nekron tortured Thanor hideously and turned him into stone before leaving ways to restore himself. Upon being returned, Nekron plans to lead demons to enact torture, pain and blood upon all living things until he is the master of everything.
  • The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil", from Beggars Banquet: The Devil himself initiates the song by fondly reminiscing on the many crimes he had committed on mankind such as compelling Pontius Pilate into sentencing Jesus to death; orchestrating the October Revolution and the execution of the Romanov family; pitting warring monarchs against each other to his amusement; and relishing in the stench of the rotten bodies left behind in the aftermath. Throughout the song, while the Devil tries to convey himself as a "Man of Wealth and Taste", his thinly veiled threats to damn the souls of anyone who disrespects him exposes the unbridled monster he truly is.
  • Sabaton:
  • Seven Kingdoms' "Kingslayer": The Mad King Aerys Targaryen lacks any empathy, raping and murdering at will across the kingdom as seen by the young Kingsguard Knight Jaime Lannister. At risk of losing a rebellion, Aerys plants wildfire beneath the streets of Kings Landing, intending to have it "burn so beautifully" if he should lose, to take everyone in the city with him to death.
  • Sigh's "In the Mind of a Lunatic": The titular lunatic is Jack the Ripper himself. He has been "killing off the corner whores", bringing "a scene of gore". He manages to blend into the crowd, with London having no idea who he is. Eventually, "the killings ended but the case was never solved...It's a mystery that's lasting 'till this very day."
  • Slayer's "Angel of Death", from Reign in Blood: The titular Angel of Death, infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, is a "sadist of the noblest blood, destroying, without mercy, to benefit the Aryan race". This "infamous butcher" conducts all sorts of hideous, torturous, brutal experiments on the "human mice" at Auschwitz.
  • A Sound of Thunder:
    • Tales from the Deadside (Music Inspired by Shadowman): Master Darque, after murdering his father and countless innocents to strengthen his dark powers, pursues his fleeing sister Sandria, killing all in his path to recover her. After being defeated and banished to the Deadside, Darque proceeds to build a tower of souls, yoking countless tortured spirits to harness their energy in order to pierce the veil of the living world, allowing him to "challenge God by killing all who live and dream".
    • "Udoroth": The titular Udoroth was once a barbarian warlord who slaughtered and raped everything in his path before being slain and forced to pay for every crime in his mortal life. Udoroth became a merciless demon lord by killing his way to the top, assuring a cruel reign over the domain he rules over. To slake his perpetual lust for agony and torture, Udoroth enslaves, slaughters, and tortures everything within sight, eventually leading his hordes to conquer Earth and rule a land of the living and dead with no divide.
  • Tyler, the Creator's "Garbage": The Serial Killer is initially just an ordinary drug dealer who later found joy after killing a guy for trespassing his territory. Addicted to killing, he then goes on to commit numerous murders and slaughters a task force that tried to arrest him. He also keeps a number of victims alive in his house basement, rips out their arms and legs so that they wouldn't leave, and tortures them for his own amusement. It is also implied that he killed children or at least drugged them to the point where they are beyond saving.
  • Vocaloid franchises and continuities:
    • Rin Kagamine's "Fear Garden": The killer (portrayed by Rin) is a psychotic and vile teenage trickster who obsesses over human hands. She will act friendly and chipper while in public or at school, but will proceed to stalk her "friends" until she can get them alone, and will then proceed to use a knife to torture her victims, eventually using the knife and her own strength to rip their arms off of their bodies, then finish the victims off by continually stabbing them even after they die. She will then plant the arms with their hands out in her garden and flowerpots, decorating them and rearranging them. She muses about her malevolent actions and even flashes back to her first victim, her own twin brother, who she killed and hid in a closet
    • Kagerou Project: The Snake of Clearing Eyes/Wide-Open Eyes Snake is the Big Bad of the franchise. The only one of Azami's snakes to develop consciousness, the Snake manipulates Azami into freeing him and the other snakes, escaping to the real world and possessing Kenijrou Tateyama. Promising to reunite Kenijrou with his dead wife but never fulfilling it so he can exist forever, the Snake arranges for the murders of his students, tricking Kenijrou's daughter into killing herself when she discovers his plan. Forcing the girl's stepbrother to help him cover it up, the Snake goes on to carry out his murder spree uninterrupted. Possessing Konoha to try and kill the protagonists for discovering his plan, the Snake forces the timeline to be reset indefinitely, killing his victims over and over again to remain immortal and satisfy his sadism while leaving the whole world locked in a "Groundhog Day" Loop.
    • Steampianist's "Secrets of Wysteria": Based on the real life Serial Killer, Albert Fish is also a serial child molester, sexual sadist and cannibal. The song tells of his infamous murder and later cannibalization of Grace Budd after luring her away. It is then described how he'd torture and mutilate numerous children in his "game". The depths of his evil are revealed in garbled backwards message at the songs end; being Fish's (real life) confession to Grace's mother, gloating about eating her daughter and the only reason he didn't rape her was because he didn't feel like it.
  • Within Temptation's "Angels": The unnamed Serial Killer is a demon who dresses up as trustworthy people—such as a cop, a doctor, a construction worker, and a clown—and lures women into his home, pretending to be a friendly individual, only to kill them after he's gained their trust by chloroforming them and burying them alive in the desert. He has succeeded at least 16 times, and keeps newspaper clippings of their disappearances on his wall. He intends to do the same thing to the protagonist under the guise of a priest, after her friend has seemingly abandoned her on the side of the road.

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