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The Priestner brothers, and Lubo.

Rare Americans is an Punk Rock band from Canada. The lineup currently consists of the Canadain Priestner brothers and the Slovakian Lubo. They're particularly notable for how their songs are promoted. They chose to promote their songs as ads on YouTube as full music videos. They currently plan an Album to be released on August 10th. Their website can be found here, and their YouTube account can be found here.



  • Cats, Dogs, & Rats
  • Moss Park
  • Balmoral Hotel
  • I vs I


  • Animated Music Video:
    • Cats, Dogs, & Rats.
    • Brittle Bones Nicky.
    • Milkman.
    • Ryan & Dave
    • Hullabaloo.
    • Berlin
    • Gas Mask
    • The Moneyz
  • Broken Bird: Nicky from "Brittle Bones Nicky", wearing a bitter expression and having suffered abuse from his father. He fights back and throughout the video, continues to fight until he dies of old age.
    • Byronic Hero: Crosses into this because Nicky does show a soft side to his girlfriend and his prison buddy. Later on in Gas Mask, Nicky can be seen helping the boxer through his drug addiction, having gone through similar struggles himself.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Oh good lord, Uncle Graham from "Hullabaloo." He overworks, guilts, and drugs his employees into being subservient to him, and then morphs into some sort of eldritch creature and eats his own employees. It's gotten to the point where his own security is afraid of him.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The music video for Moss Park.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Ryan and Dave. Despite the very different lives they lead, Dave isn't willing to give up on Ryan, and helps him go through rehab.
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  • Rule of Symbolism: A lot of Rare American Music Videos run on symbolism while also telling a story.

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