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CG5, real name Charlie Green, is a singer/songwriter who mainly operates on the internet, with channels on sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud. He is known for creating fan songs based on popular video games, as well as memes.

His YouTube channel can be found here.

CG5's music provides examples of:

  • Amusing Alien: The music video for "Area 51" shows three 3D animated aliens dancing in a funny way.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: The music video for "Let Me Through" ends with Funtime Foxy turning off the power and confronting the security guard in the dark, with heavy implications that FF is going to kill him.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": In "I Wanna Waa":
    "I'm not in the mood, so PLEASE SHUT UP!"
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Pink does this in the music video for "Lyin' 2 Me", where they almost win by convincing Orange to eject the innocent Brown, only to celebrate too early by attacking them before Brown is properly Thrown Out the Airlock, allowing Orange to free them and get Pink launched out instead.
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  • By "No", I Mean "Yes": In "A Man Has Fallen Into The River In LEGO City":
    "I'm not saying that he will die, but it looks like... he'll probably die."
  • Creator Thumbprint: Downplayed. While it's not every song, he has written multiple unrelated songs in the key of C Sharp Minor. Examples include "Let Me Through," "Phantom Dancing," "Every Door," and "A Man Has Fallen Into the River in LEGO City." He also did a cover of "Infinite," which is in the same key.
  • Cunning Like a Fox: Double subverted in "Let Me Through." Throughout the song, different versions of Foxy (A Hostile Animatronic fox) want to get into the security guard's room, presumably to kill him. The Foxys spend most of the song wandering aimlessly and attacking other animatronics, seemingly just to get them out of the way. However, Funtime Foxy eventually gets the idea to find the circuit breaker and turn off the power so he can get into the security room. Unlike the other Foxys, he succeeds.
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  • Dub Personality Change: While "Duolingo" is an ominous Villain Song in both the original English and Spanish cover versions, the Spanish version has a spoken line at the end thanking the viewers for listening, implying that the Spanish version of Duo is just a performer who is playing up the "evil" image for entertainment.invoked
  • Evil Laugh: Charlie pulls off a really menacing one in "Duolingo"... and it accompanies the cute Duo mascot dancing. Even though the song is about a invoked Memetic Psychopath version of the character, there's still a little Mood Dissonance there.
  • Fear Song:
    • Luigi's song "Phantom Dancing" describes both how terrified he is of the ghosts in the mansion and how he will keep on going and save Mario anyway.
    • "Every Door" is sung by a boy being relentlessly pursued by Baldi. It describes both his terror and his wish to be anywhere else. Baldi also has some lines in the song saying he will never stop chasing the kid.
    • "Let Me Through" is primarily a Villain Song by various versions of Foxy as they hunt down the security guard, but the security guard also gets two segments in the song about how Foxy confuses and scares him.
  • Filk Song: His specialty. He writes many of these for horror games like Five Nights at Freddy's and Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.
  • Foreshadowing: "Show Yourself" There have been a few hints to who the Imposter REALLY is;
    • When Grey accused Orange of being an Imposter, he popped of a vent, something only a true Imposter can do.
    • Grey mentioned there was "an actor playing the part" while dressing up. Almost like how an Imposter would pretending to be a Crewmate
    • Grey's reflection was holding a knife before hiding it behind his back.
    • Why would a Crewmate be so worried about "being carried away in a hearse" when an Imposter should be the one freaking out?
    • Grey says that there's an Imposter and "can feel it in his bones" but Crewmates have only 1
    • There was a quick scene of Grey looking like he's thinking about killing someone
    • Grey was eavesdropping on 2 Crewmates simultaneously saying that is what the Imposter's doing.
    • The color Grey wasn't an option at the time the song was made.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: In "Duolingo," a few short lines are sung in Spanish. Justified because the song is about the mascot of a language learning program. Inverted in the Spanish version, where these lines are translated to Gratuitous English.
  • It's All About Me: Baldi in "Every Door" clearly thinks highly of himself. He has a Never My Fault attitude towards the protagonist failing to answer his questions, and one segment near the end has him repeating the phrase "That's me!"
    Baldi: Oh, oh, that's me, that's me, that's me, that's me! Me, me, me! Me, me! That's me!
  • Irony: "Show Yourself" is a suppose to be a song about a supposed Crewmate trying to find the Imposter and is suspicious of everyone. But guess who's really the Imposter?
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Area 51" ends with the singer panicking as he and his friends are gunned down by Area 51 guards... and it's set to the same, peppy tune as the rest of the song.
  • Never My Fault: In "Every Door," Baldi blames the protagonist for being unable to answer his incomprehensible math problems.
    Baldi: Did you say my system's broken? Pathetic that you can't understand.
  • No Sympathy Between Mooks: The music video for "Let Me Through" at one point shows a giant Nightmare Foxy killing the original Foxy (possibly in a dream, but it's hard to tell), showing that the Foxys' bloodlust is so strong that they'll even hurt each other. There's also the issue of Funtime Foxy dismembering the other Funtime animatronics to get them out of his way.
  • Self-Deprecation: "Let Me Through" has the security guard get so annoyed with Foxy's poetic yet threatening song that he calls it a "dumb lullaby."
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: He generally has a calm tone while singing, but sometimes briefly shouts:
    • "I Wanna Waa"
      "I'm not in the mood, so PLEASE SHUT UP!"
    • "Every Door"
      "It echoes through the halls, I think it's getting FASTER!"
    • "Area 51"
    • "Show Yourself" and "Lyin' 2 Me" start calm, but the choruses have shouting.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: In the music video for "Let Me Through," Funtime Foxy is shown dismembering/killing some of the other animatronics. The lyrics make it clear that he's doing this because he really wants to be the one to get the security guard.
  • Translated Cover Version: "Duolingo" was originally written in English, with a few lines of Gratuitous Spanish. CG5 also did a Spanish version, where those few lines are translated to Gratuitous English.
  • Villain Song:
    • "Let Me Through" is song from the perspective of various incarnations of Foxy, and how they desperately want the night guard to let them into his room, presumably to kill him.
    • "Duolingo" is based on the invoked Memetic Psychopath take on the Duolingo owl, singing to a user about how he forces people to do his lessons by kidnapping and threatening their families.
    • "I Wanna Waa" is sung by Waluigi, and it's basically a Badass Boast while showing how irritable and mean he is.
    • Inverted with "Show Yourself"; It's about a Crewmate worried about the Imposter, but guess who the Imposter is.
    • Downplayed with "Every Door." About 1/3 of it is Baldi singing about how he'll stop at nothing to hunt down the child protagonist, but the other 2/3 is the protagonist singing about how terrified he is in his situation.
    • Downplayed again with "Failure to Success" and "I'ma Walk Right In", both of which are sung by the Villain Protagonist Henry Stickmin chronicling Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond respectively.
  • Villainous Lament: "Let Me Through" has a melancholy waltz tune, and it features Foxy singing about how lonely he is, and how sad he is that the security guard won't let Foxy into his room and listen to Foxy's song. Subverted in that Foxy also makes some thinly veiled death threats, and the music video shows him violently attacking the other animatronics, implying that Foxy's sadness is just an act.


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