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Fan Works / Bendy and the Ink Machine

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  • Abomination: A fan comic about the events leading up to the game itself. Notable for the horror aspects, and quite well known on the tumblr community of BATIM.
  • Bendy and Boris: The Quest for the Ink Machine A Crossover webcomic of Cuphead and also classic cartoons Its also very much well known in the Tumblr community of BATIM

    Fan Songs 
The video game has inspired many musicians to make songs and tributes to the game.
  • One of the most famous, if not THE most famous, is DA Game's Build Our Machine. Watch/Listen here
  • DA Games made a follow up song when chapter two came out, some have called it his best; weather this is true or not, Gospel of Dismay is a VERY good song. Watch here.
    • Many other musicians have done covers of this song, much to Alex's approval, probably the most famous is the one made in collaboration by Caleb Hyles, Jonathan Young, & Adrisaurus. You may watch the masterpiece here
  • Yet another song by DA Games was released, called Instruments of Cyanide which covers chapter 3; has a different style compared to the previous two, but still awesome. Watch/Listen here.
  • Creator OR3O, who had never made an original song before, made a piece called All Eyes On Me. Over 10 MILLION views later, you can watch it here.
    • Alleged "amateur" 3D animator Puccagarukiss, decided she would do a cover on this with the collaboration of Victor McKnight & SquigglyDigg. THIS PAGE ISN'T BUYING THIS WHOLE "AMATEUR" BUISNESS PACCAGARUKISS! Exhibit A: Aka the song
      • And the vocals Squiggly provides, VOICE OF AN ANGEL INDEED!!!
      • Lest we let Victor go as the unsung hero, the instrumentals are perfect.
    • If you love the song and want a male cover, Caleb Hyles has got you covered. He even has the animation from above with the genderbent characters models as well. Can be watched here.
  • Hey, didya expected that Squiggly and Paccagarukiss are done? Nope, with alongside Gabe Castro, Xiospirit and Austin Lee Matthews, they released Welcome Home!, a fully-animated 3D music video featuring SquigglyDigg as Bendy who chases down and torments Henry alongside a cabaret musical. (Beware spoilers for Chapter 4.) You can watch and hear here.
  • Surprise, surprise! This time Victor McKnight, alongside Simul, SquigglyDigg and Swiblet dropped this piece: Face Reality! Can you find familiar song references?
  • Ooooh don't think JT won't get a piece of this action, Can't Be Erased. Everything you want in a Bendy song: creepy, sick vocals, great lyrics, and a tiny bit of humor. See here
  • Fandroid made his own contribution with "The Devil's Swing".
  • Collab by DAGames & Kyle Allen; no name, unfortunately. here
  • YouTuber The Stupendium made 2 songs. The first is called Find The Keys, which features great vocals, original animation and numerous Easter Eggs that nod towards other games, classic animation techniques and prominent animators and cartoon characters. The second is called Cells No More, which centers on Alice Angel and has outstanding vocals and instrumentals.
    • He's gone for the hat trick with a third song, "Art of Darkness", packed full of story references and the usual animation jokes. A special highlight is just how many distinct voices come out of one man all for just one song alongside the astounding visuals to accompany them, including full makeup to resemble Bertrum Piedmont
  • Techno artist CG5 has a few Bendy titles as well.
  • CG5 and OR3O have a collab together labeled "Absolutely Anything".
  • "I'm Still Here" is a fantastic song from Bertrum's perspective. Not only is it jazzy, catchy and upbeat, it also features some beautiful artwork by Maya Fennec.
  • As a note, several of these listed songs also have covers by other artists.
  • "Face Reality" by Victor McKnight is also amazing!

    Fan Videos 
  • "BENDY in - THE BUTCHER GANG!" by "theniftytable" is a voice acted animatic of a theoretical episode of the Bendy cartoons with top-notch and authentic voice acting, music, and sound effects.
  • Dreams Come to Life by "Dominoe Animations" is a web animation that is based on the novel of the same name.

    Game Mods