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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth turning on The Machine for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Bendy and the Ink Machine fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. No name recommendations will have to face Bendy.

Authors, and Websites

Zanza Flux

  • Recommended by: The Cosmic Troper
  • Status: Active!
  • Portfolio: She has so far written at least a dozen short Slice of Life stories for the 2D Bendy AU and they're all so engaging and amazing. Even better, she has no plans to stop! and she's also written for other alternate universes too, like Toon!Henry and Abel Angel!
  • Comment: I have gone through the entirety of them and it's safe to say that they're golden quality, aside from spelling errors. Bendy is adorable and sweet, and his familial relationship with Henry is even more so. The characters of each story are believable and absolutely delightful to get to know.

General Fics

The Good Bend(y) AU by whatisthisnonsense

  • Recommended by: Night-Waker
  • Status: Dormant; last updated October 2017
  • Synopsis: Henry finally has a way to stop Bendy. However, it ends up having a much different effect on the ink demon than what he had in mind.
  • Comments: Not only does it have an original plot that sounds like it could actually happen in the game, but the author really knows how to capture not only the characters, but the mood as well in a 'show, don't tell' way. Fair warning though, you might need a box of tissues with you when you read this.
  • As of now, the original fic Breaking the Spell is a proof of concept for the entire AU, while the first 'proper' story in the series is The Devil's Swing
  • Tags: Alternate Universe

Learning the Ay Bee Seas by The Author (Yours_The_Author)
  • Recommended by: Phoenix Fire 69
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Whilst in an abandoned office, a newly-toonified Henry teaches Boris and Alice some "real world" logic.

Finding My Voice AU by Dat_Ashe_Tho
  • Recommended by: Mikuru 15
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: After years of development hell, the "Bendy and Friends" cartoons are getting a reboot! Developed by a crew led by none other than the descendant of Henry himself, you jumped at the opportunity to take part. With a nerve-wracking audition at the HQ, you've waited for over a month to hear back if you made it or not. Today, you check your mailbox, and find a letter with the signature Bendy face on it.
  • Comments: I really like how the story is developing. Bendy and the reader (Y/N being replaced by "Micah" as a placeholder name to avoid taking you out of the story) have a nicely developing relationship and there is an entire backstory being developed. I like the ideas presented behind the relationship between Bendy, Joey, Henry, and other characters. Overall, well written with only some minor errors.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Reader x Bendy, Roger Rabbit Effect

Kid Protag AU by Twinkling Cupcake
  • Recomended: Uguns Greka Fans
  • Synopsis: What if instead of Henry, it was his niece, little nine-year old Mary, who went to the studio?
  • Comments: The idea might seem a bit odd, but it is actually pretty interesting. Aside from little Mary, we also have a Cute!Bendy to assist her. Author has stated that things will diverge from end of Chapter 2 onwards, so that this isn't JUST a 'BATIM-with-a-kid-instead-of-Henry' kind of story.
  • 1st Story Status: Children Are Naturally Curious ( FF and AO3 ) - Complete
  • 2nd Story Status: Shelter ( FF and AO3 ) - Complete
  • 3rd Story Status: (Not A) Kid's Show ( FF and AO3 ) - Complete
  • Tags: Alternate Universe

Toon!Henry AU by Keyblack
Optic Ink AU by Metamatronic
  • Recommended by: Diyoke
  • Comments: An AU that revolves around the concept of Sammy and The Projectionist trying to escape the building the same way that Henry and Boris do.
  • Status: In-progress
  • Tags: Alternate Universe

A different loop by BoredKidLikesBatim
  • Recommended by: Dudujoint
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: At the start of another loop, Joey decides to turn Henry into a child to finally get rid of him. Instead, the confused boy begins to slowly befriend the ink creatures. That doesn’t mean he isn’t stil in danger, but he’s making progress saving people.
  • Pairing(s): Susie Campbell/Sammy Lawrence, Thomas Conner/Allison Pendle
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Happy Ending, Child!Henry

Crossover Fics

Blood and Ink by NexusTheDark

  • Recommended by: Major Session
  • Crossover: Bendy and the Ink Machine x Worm
  • Synopsis: When locked inside her own locker Taylor Hebert goes mad. When she does though it's not a starfish alien that ends up in her head, but a dancing demon and his two pals. Locked inside her own mind Taylor goes to the asylum until the gift of a bottle of ink sets her free and lets her bring her friends to life. And oh me, oh my, does this band have plans for the traitors who hurt little Tay-Tay.
  • Comments: A fantastic and heart warming story of a girl making friends when the world itself seems hell bent on trying to get her down. Adn what friends they are. The antics of Taylor and Bendy end up a combination of hilarious and silly because real life cartoons are only different from eldritch abominations because cartoons look cute.
  • Status: In Progress
  • Has its own trope page here.

Bendy and Boris in The Inky Mystery by ThisAnimatedPhantom
  • Recommended by: R1pp 34
  • Crossover: BendyAndTheInkMachine mega crossover
  • Synopsis: Bendy and Boris are humble mechanics until the day came that their lives kinda blew up. Now the pair find themselves in the middle of danger and secrets. If they can't put the pieces together in time everyone will pay the price. With the help of new found friends and the question of who they can and can't trust hanging over their heads the boys fight against the odds. What is the ink machine? And what roll does it play in the possible destruction or salvation of their world? Jump in the rabbit hole and find out!
  • Comments: A mega crossover that blend the characters from bendy in an overarcing world where the bad ending of Cuphead serves as a key plot point.
  • Status: In Progress