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Nightmare Fuel / Bendy and the Ink Machine

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages on the wiki. Unmarked spoilers ahoy!
New Objective: RUN AWAY
Above all, fear the machine.

The tagline above is not for show. In its relatively short run, Bendy and the Ink Machine has proven itself to be one of the scariest games of 2017. With a gloomy atmosphere that's rife with Paranoia Fuel, gameplay elements that change with each update, disturbing enemy designs that are guaranteed to make you lose hours of sleep, and a dark, cryptic story that increasingly sounds like something out of a Cosmic Horror Story with an ending that has to be seen to be believed, by the time you're done playing, you will learn to fear the machine...

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  • As of the Chapter 3 update, hacking or glitching into certain areas where you're not supposed to go (or going to these areas prematurely) will reveal a Bendy cutout holding a sign that reads "WANDERING IS A TERRIBLE SIN." Unlike the other Bendy cutouts scattered throughout the studio, this one is smudged, has realistic eyes that make him all the creepier, and appears to be bleeding ink from his eyes and mouth. Apparently theMeatly put it into the game to discourage hacking, and boy is it a deterrent.
    • As a bonus, getting up close to them produces an audible rumbling sound, as if Bendy is getting very angry that you're not listening to him, and you should go back to playing the game normally.
  • As of the Chapter 4 update, dying now sends you to a swirling vortex of ink filled with whispering voices where you have to physically walk into the light at the end to get back to reality.
  • The Chapter 4 update also comes with a new redesign for Ink Bendy and it manages to make him look even more terrifying than before. In general, his new look seems to be a twisted fusion of his old beta design and his alpha design. Ink Bendy has a skinnier torso, making him look positively gaunt to the point that his spine is sticking out grotesquely, looking like the spikes of that of a reptile's, his perpetual Slasher Smile is wider and more deranged (helped by the fact that his head is smaller and more human sized), and the ink on his body is far more detailed and is seen dripping off his body. All in all, Ink Bendy's new look manages to give the Ink Demon a far more horrifying visage.
    • Looking at him closer up, one can see that while Ink Bendy's mouth may not emote, it does move. It jitters around on his face like a dirty film projection, as if he's only choosing to have it there to mock or terrify anyone who encounters him.

    Chapter 1: Moving Pictures 
  • The entire first chapter exercises Nothing Is Scarier at almost every given moment. The animation studio is utterly bereft of life, but the claustrophobic corridors, occasional creepy sound, unexplained off-screen changes, and clear evidence that something very wrong happened before you showed up keep the nerve-wracking atmosphere constantly high.
    • The studio is cluttered with cardboard cutouts of Bendy. There seems to be no end to them as you explore the corridors at first, running into a new one in every intersection... until you backtrack and find the room you last visited missing its cutout. The Bendys are fewer than you initially thought, and don't seem that inanimate anymore...
      • As of the Chapter Three update, you can open the door to the left of Wally Frank's audio log. A Bendy cutout is in there and it peeks out at you as you open it. And the door will be locked if you try again... And it's still staring at you...
  • The exit door is locked. Who locked it?!
  • As of the update that came with Chapter 3, you can hear music coming from a locked room that's lit up. The light shuts off loudly as you pass it after collecting at least two objects, and that's when you can open it. But nobody's inside and the music has stopped playing...
  • Not long after you step into the game, you'll turn a corner and find your first major clue that something is amiss - Bendy's old co-star, Boris the Wolf, dead on a table with his torso cut open, his ribs pried apart, and all his insides removed. The horror here is twofold: 1. The explicit shock of "Holy crap, a vivisection of an adorable cartoon character", and 2. the more implicit horror when you realize that this is supposed to be the real world and, even in-universe, Boris is supposed to be fictional. And yet here he is, very much in the flesh, having been dissected like a rat. It's made all the worse by him being an Expy of Goofy, of all things.
    Henry: Oh my god... Joey, what were you doing?
    • Even more horrific is that we find out in Chapter Three the supposedly innocent Alice Angel, one of two of Boris's cartoon colleagues, did it. Not Joey, though he may have had a hand in it...
  • Also from the Chapter 3 update, once you've pressed the Flow button in the theater room, a pipe will burst and ink starts gushing out, flooding the room.
    • As you head back to the break room, you hear something clanging around in the pipes, as if something became unclogged...
  • Though there are minor startles littered throughout, the first chapter only has one real Jump Scare. After the tension-filled process of repairing the Ink Machine is finally over, you pull the final lever and go back down the hall to where the machine sits, ready to find out what this thing Joey worked so hard on actually does. Curiously, the doorway is now boarded up from the outside, and there's nothing of interest to see from a distance, so you move closer. You peer hard through the wooden boards. The machine is further back in the room, now humming away... and then, up from below, something pops up into your field of view. It resembles Bendy in a loose sense of the word, but unlike the cardboard cutout that had been stalking you the entire game, this thing is a fully animated 3-D model, and actually looks like a proper Humanoid Abomination. It has no visible eyes, a painted-on grin, and is made almost entirely of oozing, unstable ink. Perhaps most disturbing, it looks far more human-like than anything else you've encountered in the game, with a proportionately-sized head atop a clear neck and shoulders, plunging it deep into the Uncanny Valley.
    • The update that came with Chapter 2 made it worse, he now reaches out to grab you from behind the boards.
    • The Chapter 4 update revamps the ink machine room as a giant pit going down the entire depth of the studio with the Ink Machine suspended on chains and in each chapter, if you know where to look you can see the Ink Machine riding down the shaft like it's following you.
    • The escape sequence is also revamped, with Henry backing away from Ink Bendy and falling to the floor, the shutters closing herding Henry to the exit and stemming the waves of ink, pipes bursting and the building shaking like it's about to explode and the exit door ajar to provide false hope.
  • Upon being jump scared by Ink Bendy, ink immediately begins pouring down from the ceiling and walls around you, flooding the studio in a matter of seconds. In the update that came with Chapter 3, everything gets dark as ink rains down inside the whole studio, threatening to drown you as you run for the exit.
    • All paths to every other section of the studio are closed, and as still true to the first time, you fall through a trap door that wasn't there before...
  • Just before you trigger Ink Bendy's jumpscare in the Chapter 4 update, you see footprints leading from the Ink Machine to the nearest door.
  • There's a new recording by Thomas Connor. He states that the noise the Ink Machine makes sounds like a dying dog on its last legs and he recognizes the abnormality of it all. But "dying dog" sounds like Boris, doesn't it?
  • Also, now you have to drain all the ink that flooded into the "basement" as you work your way down. And you see how high it is. It seems up to your waist. We truly see, in one way, just how the workers were struggling.
  • The end with all the flashing images. Made even scarier with the update, as it includes the inky webbing and a Scare Chord.

    Chapter 2: The Old Song 
  • The second chapter ups the ante, as the player is now in genuine danger of being killed.
  • You'll notice throughout the chapter that there are a lot of pentagrams and coffins around. One has to wonder if the coffins are empty or not...
    • As of the Chapter 5 update, using the Seeing Tool reveals that every coffin has a name painted on it. Names you'll know from every audio log that you've listened to.
  • If you try and see if you can go back to where you fell through, you'll see that it's boarded off and ink is dripping... either it was to prevent the flood of ink from flooding the Music Department, or someone doesn't want you to leave... it also would leave people to wonder who did it...
  • As you're walking through, you'll come across yet another pentagram across from the gate you'll have to open. But this one is different. This one has a blob of ink in the middle of it, that pulses and beats much like a real heart. It's not really known what it's supposed to do or how that pulsing blob came about, but it's most certainly not good.
    • Though we still don't know what the pulsing blob is, when Chapter 3 came out, it was updated to be a Respawn Statue.
  • There are far more audio logs littered around the basement. Some are pretty harmless, talking about things like a new voice actor getting excited for her new role as a new character in the Bendy cartoon, but then you find one that has a deranged employee called Sammy Lawrence talking about how "he will set us free". His entire speech sounds like a cultist praising his deity. That's creepy enough as is... but then the tape ends, and Sammy keeps talking.
    Sammy: (on the tape) But sometimes... love requires sacrifice. Can I get an amen? (tape ends; in the room, out of view) I said... can I get an amen?
    • You find another one later, hidden and locked in a closet. Here, Sammy sounds more and more like he's lost his mind, talking about sanctuaries in the basement, and gives instructions on how to open his personal one.
    • Yet another one talks about just how bad the actual working conditions really were in Joey's studio: Most of the employees had to work in a stuffy basement with no visible ventilation, all the while the noisy ink machine rattled above them and made it impossible to focus. The real kicker came when several of the pipes above started bursting, flooding parts of the basement with ink. It's stated that this even happened at the stairwell, leaving employees trapped down there until the mess was cleaned up.
  • Early in the chapter, you find several moving puddles of ink on the ground. Shortly after turning on the power, one of the puddles of ink takes the shape of a human-shaped ink monster that's called a Searcher, and charges straight at you. Shortly after you kill it, more Searchers spawn around the area to attack you.
    • In the Chapter 4 update, the puddles of ink aren't there anymore when you first enter the music department hall. Shortly after turning on the power, a thick drop of ink (presumably from the Ink Machine) splashes in front of the music department sign and becomes a bubbling lump of ink, and if you approach it, it takes the shape of a Searcher that immediately attacks you. If you kill the pack of Searchers, the bubbling puddles from which they came do not disappear.
    • Even worse is what happens if they manage to overwhelm you: The screen goes black, and you hear the sounds of Henry choking and gurgling on ink as he's slowly drowned in it. What exactly happens after that? Is he turned into one of them, or does he end up much like Sammy Lawrence?
    • Chapter 3 seems to shed some light on this. Twisted Alice says that she had been "returned to the ink", and that the ink is a "well of voices". Perhaps Henry becomes a victim of this, becoming just another voice in the ink?
  • When playing the organ, there is a very faint cry, groan or whimper heard after the organ stops being played. It might be the Searchers... or something else...
  • The Bendy expression sheet: his expression is always the same, which may mean that the cardboard cutouts that have been stalking you all the time with that creepy smile of theirs may not even be smiling...they may be planning your demise. And if you chop them off? They could very well be pissed at you.
    • It's more or less implied that the drawing was a joke, and overall they seem more curious and perhaps helpful if anything. Still.. in Chapter One, there was a drawing of Bendy with a surprised expression on Henry's desk. And "NO" was written next to it... and that same image is on almost every desk.
    • As of "Tombstone Picnic", we see Bendy himself pulling various expressions. But if Joey didn't want this, then who managed to get the episode on air? Unless it didn't...
      • Apart from a single frame, all of his teeth are still showing.
    • As of Chapter 3, Twisted Alice states that Ink Bendy gets angry when his cutouts are destroyed. The situation surrounding the cutouts themselves is still a little ambiguous...
  • Finally, the climax and ending.
    • You finally activate the ink pump, clearing the stairwell of the ink leaked from the broken pipes. You head for the exit... and suddenly get knocked out. When you wake up, you're tied up and greeted by Sammy Lawrence, who turns out to have been trapped here ever since Joey's experiments went horribly wrong. He doesn't even look human anymore; he's just a human-shaped blob of ink, clothed in what looks like paper overalls, with a Bendy mask for a face.
    • Sammy sounds like a cultist the whole way, praising Ink Bendy as a god. He states that he plans to sacrifice you to Ink Bendy, which would hopefully cause his "god" to free him of his warped body. What's more, one of his lines implies that he recognizes Henry, so they could once have been friends a long time ago. Sammy leaves the room, and is immediately attacked and either murdered or tortured by Ink Bendy. You then have to run away from the Ink Demon down several boarded-up halls, frantically chopping away for your life to escape. Then your axe breaks, leaving you without a weapon.
    • Even worse is the appearance of Ink Bendy himself (as pictured above). Before the revision of Chapter 1, he looked like a nondescript pile of ink with a human head, but after the chapter's update and the inclusion of Chapter 2, he now has a mostly-formed humanoid body, complete with gloves and a bowtie.
      • The objective is merely "RUN AWAY". You can't fight him at all, especially without the axe, so that's all you can do.
      • The update that came with Chapter 3 now has you running through a maze-like corridor as you run from Ink Bendy. Any wrong turn can lead you to a dead-end where Ink Bendy can corner and kill you.
    • The real kicker is the ending. You see Boris, completely alive after his vivisection in Chapter 1. This implies that there are either multiple copies of each character, or that the ink characters can't be fully killed. But in this case it can double as Heartwarming or a moment of Awesome. Or both.
      • Oh, Chapter 3 confirms that there are copies. But so far they're only of the Butcher Gang and Boris...
    • And then, after the credits, you see an axe, a pile of ink, and a Bendy mask. The mask is almost definitely Sammy's, seeing as it has the same faded and damaged paint in the same places, and if you look to the left you can clearly see one of those damn Bendy cutouts.
  • Rather minor, but the interactive pool table added in the Chapter 4 update has an honest-to-the-Ink-Demon EYEBALL on it.

    Chapter 3: Rise and Fall 
  • The trailer:
    • The ending of "Tombstone Picnic", which is entirely based on Nothing Is Scarier. A large, humanoid shadow looms over Bendy, who's backed into a corner and looks awfully scared and helpless, and then the short abruptly ends. There's speculation from this that Ink Bendy isn't in control and that it may be Foreshadowing...
    • The studio looks even darker and more grim than before, and hiding now seems to be in play.
    • Henry seems downright terrified, running and panting for his life down the dreary hall. And still with no axe.
    • There appear to be two Bendys running around, but it's uncertain whether the other one is evil too.
      • Note that this is actually some of the Butcher Gang.
    • As Henry appears to be hiding, Ink Bendy jumps at the screen at the end.
  • When you hear Joey's tape and how he mentions cheating death as an idea... he may have actually done that through the Ink Machine...
  • Twisted Alice's Establishing Character Moment. We are lead into a recording room filled with television screens that play what seems to be Alice's Theme Song. This goes on for quite a while, until... "I'M ALICE ANGEL!!!"
  • Twisted Alice herself. She has a grotesque Two-Faced look, with the right side being an Uncanny Valley "angel's" face and the other seemingly molten, with a distorted eye that is either a half-formed "pie eye" from classic rubber hose animation, or more likely, a large, empty socket, and melted/torn-off lips exposing her teeth at all times. Her normal voice has a creepy Voice of the Legion effect going on, but every so often, Susie's voice breaks through, causing her to speak in a chillingly human voice that sounds all too much like a frightened young woman.
  • The hostile, Body Horror copies of The Butcher Gang, antagonists from one of Bendy's cartoons. The first Butcher Gang member you encounter is "Piper", who jumpscares you by bursting out of the Bendy cartoon poster of "The Butcher Gang" at the second switch you need to open a locked door. Unlike his cute and tough appearance you saw on the poster itself, Piper is a snarling, mindless ink monster bent on harming you. The same applies to the other Butcher Gang members you face later on.
  • The ink room containing multiple dead copies of Boris and The Butcher Gang on operating tables or floating in the surrounding ink pool. Twisted Alice states that their insides were harvested to make her more beautiful. The copies that weren't perfect were discarded.
  • Twisted Alice describing her first attempt in becoming Alice Angel. She mentions being stuck in the puddles of ink, hearing waves of voices and feeling her own mind scrambling bit by bit. After being "born" from one of the ink monsters, she was a wiggling lump of ink. Being born a second time gave her her current disfigured appearance.
    • Heck, Twisted Alice's personality. Her mood swings make her a little unpredictable, but her constant mood, murderous and callous, is the more unnerving.
  • Ink Bendy. He still hunts for you and you never know when or where he'll emerge from.
    • When doing Twisted Alice's tasks, Ink Bendy can teleport through ink portals at random and even spawn close to you. When he is nearby, the area around him darkens and the walls and ceilings dribble with ink, not to mention the player can hear a heart beating as a warning sign of Ink Bendy's presence. To avoid getting detected, you have to avoid or hide from Ink Bendy in the Little Miracle Stations littered around. If he spots you, Ink Bendy's signature Scare Chord plays and he will pursue you relentlessly unless you hide in the Miracle Stations or escape into the lift to another floor.
    • What's even worse is that you can't fight him with your weapons, not even with the Tommy gun. Even when you are armed, Ink Bendy is invincible and can still instantly kill you.
    • When you destroy the last Bendy cutout in the area, Twisted Alice reveals that Ink Bendy hates it when she destroys the Bendy cutouts and instructs you to hide. By that moment you realize that by destroying the Bendy cutouts, you've angered Ink Bendy. What's worse is that he'll spawn near or in the area where you destroyed the last cutout and you have several seconds to move out or hide.
  • The moment you find out what happened to Norman Polk, the studio's projectionist. He is no longer human, and has become an ink-drenched, Mechanical Abomination with a running projector serving as his head and wires connecting from the projector to his back. Whatever human consciousness he had is long gone, reducing him into a feral monster that constantly stalks the dark studio halls in search of prey, ironically living up to his role as a projectionist.
    • The most unnerving part, however, is the Norman's audio log in the Projectionist's lair. It's like he knew and accepted what was going to happen or was happening to him.
    • If he spots you, the Projectionist will let loose a horrifying roar and attack you if you don't hurry and hide inside a nearby Little Miracle Station.
    • You have the option to kill the Projectionist, putting him out of his misery in a way. However, he takes a lot more hits than other enemy faced beforehand. If killed, he will release a high-pitched scream of agony before shutting down and collapsing to the inky floor, lifeless.
      • And then he comes back in Chapter 4, foreshadowed by his body not dissolving into ink after he collapses, unlike the other ink creatures.
  • There's apparently more than one Ink Machine...
  • Those clones of The Butcher Gang? They've got actual hearts. Not only are they all cartoons, but they've been given organs, like human beings. What on Earth happened to make them like that?
  • After you complete all of Twisted Alice's tasks, she finally agrees to let you go. As you return to the elevator and start ascending, with Buddy Boris in tow, you seem well on your way to freedom. But then Twisted Alice starts crying, which then transitions into laugher... then the elevator begins crashing downwards at an alarming rate. As it turns out, Twisted Alice was never really going to let you go...
    Twisted Alice: Did you really think I'd let you steal from me?! Did you really think I'd just let you go?! No Henry! I know who you are! And I know why you're here! And you will not stop what needs to be done! Now come down and bring me back my Boris! It's the most perfect Boris I've ever seen and I want it! I need it. I need its insides so I can be beautiful again! Don't you understand? Don't you get it?! Give him to me!! Or better yet, I'll take him!'re...dead!
    • It doesn't get much better after the crash. As you lie there motionless, Twisted Alice slowly emerges from the darkness while Buddy Boris tries in vain to rouse you. Unable to warn your new friend, all you can do is watch helplessly as Buddy Boris is dragged into the darkness, visibly terrified and unable to scream for help.

    Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders 
  • Both of Ink Bendy's appearances in this chapter. Both times he appears, he seems to know exactly where Henry is (he intentionally scares Henry in the vent, and peers directly into Henry's Miracle Station after killing the Projectionist), yet both times, he does nothing to harm him, instead walking away and completely ignoring him, a far cry from his behavior in the previous chapters. Which begs the question: what exactly does Ink Bendy want?
    • Though it's also admittedly rather awesome, Ink Bendy's fight with the Projectionist only underscores just how dangerous he is not only to Henry, but to anyone or anything unfortunate enough to cross his path. After chasing Henry into the Little Miracle Station, the Projectionist peers in and reaches for the door, only to be stopped by Ink Bendy, leading to a fight between the two ink monsters. Though the Projectionist gets in a few good hits, he is ultimately no match for the Ink Demon, who proceeds to rip his head off like the wings of a fly. Ink Bendy then peeks into the station as if he's about to attack Henry, but instead leaves, dragging the Projectionist's headless corpse with him. Beware the Ink Demon indeed.
  • Grant Cohen's Room Full of Crazy: writing on the wall? Check. Audio log with crazy gibberish? Check. Inexplicably crooked vents and objects in the room? That's a new one.
    • Not only that, but the gibberish seems to actually be someone, most likely Grant, choking on ink and seemingly turning into a monster at the end of it. Yeesh.
      • Confirmed. The audio file itself is called "CH4_grant_transformation_TEMP.ogg". Not a very pleasant experience, right?
  • The Archive room: you enter to find what look like ink statues around a Bendy statue, then as you look for switches disguised as books the whole room goes crazy as Henry starts to hallucinate... and the ink figures are gone.
    • Within that room, you find an audio log from Susie. Suffice to say, she sounds and acts a lot closer to how Twisted Alice is than the Susie we first heard from in Chapter 2.
  • The "Private" room: a big pit with scaffolding and hanging cages, other highlights include:
    • Having to repair a machine by tearing a boil of ink from an immobile Swollen Searcher and put it in a machine to fabricate a gear.
    • Riding to the other side of the chasm and having the game fake you out by making you think you're about to fall.
    • The hallucination of multiple whispering Searchers grasping at you from behind the walls.
  • The room full of the Lost Ones. You come across a room with a Lost One on a balcony talking to himself, walk into the door underneath and you find a whole crowd of them. Fortunately, these are sane. Unfortunately, they can't leave.
    • Most theorize that these are the workers who managed to maintain sanity at the cost of livelihood.
    • Not helped when you get into the vent and you turn around to see two of them staring in at you.
    • One path in the vents allows you to see one of them endlessly slamming his head into a wall, almost in a suicidal manner. Can you really blame him, though?
  • Ink Bendy doing a Jump Scare when you crawl through the vents.
  • The hostile sentient octopus ride that is the result of Bertrum Piedmont being fused with it. After lashing out at Joey Drew over the park he created for him being scrapped, the poor guy is killed and turned into this mechanical monstrosity that attacks any who draws near. And at the center of the ride, you can see Bertrum's face, staring lifelessly at you and twitching as he attacks. Although, his final audio log seems to indicate that he wanted to become this way.
    Bertrum Piedmont: You may think I'm gone, but I'M... STILL... HERE!!!!!
  • The introduction of Brute Boris. Henry is riding the ghost train ride as Twisted Alice taunts him, the doors in front of him open to reveal darkness, then a large pair of arms grabs his train car and Brute Boris looms over him, Henry panics and Brute Boris tosses the train car and Henry across the room. Boss fight time.
  • As Twisted Alice comes charging at you to attack, she is suddenly stabbed in the back with a sword. Thankfully, her assailant is at least passive towards you.
  • One of the audio logs is from a mechanic that used to work for Mr. Piedmont and becomes worried about the Bendy animatronic that's being worked on. You can find it lying on the table next to the recording; it doesn't move, but judging by everything else that's happened...

    Chapter 5: The Last Reel 
  • theMeatly posted a video on his channel. It's only 82 seconds long, but it packs a lot into that amount of time. The video consists of an audio log from Henry, saying that somebody has taken him prisoner, and that there is a "secret in the shadows." His recording is interrupted by... something (most likely doors) opening... then it just cuts out.
    Henry: If anybody finds this... my name is Henry. And I'm trapped far below Joey Drew Studios, a man I used to work for. There's crazy things happening down here: Monsters, demons... Angels. And right now, 2 of them are holding me prisoner. I don't know how to get out of here... but there's more. There's a secret hiding in the shadows. I-I just feel like I'm being watched. There's something else at work here. If anyone finds this, you must not- (loud clanking noises) Hold on... They're coming back!" >Tape Ends<
    • Also worth mentioning, who were the last people Henry saw before Chapter 4 ended. Allison and Tom. What if they were the ones Henry was talking about? Is it possible they didn't intend to save him..? Thankfully, the actual game revealed that they're exactly who they seemed to be, although Tom is a bit of a jerk. They only locked Henry up because they weren't sure if they could trust him.
  • When Allison gives you the tool to see invisible messages, what is the first one you find? SHE WILL LEAVE YOU FOR DEAD. And sure enough, when Ink Bendy is heard coming, and Allison and Tom decide to drop you like a hot potato because they don't have time to free Henry from his prison. What makes this worse is that Tom has an axe that could smash down the boards in the way, but he doesn't even bother trying because he thinks you're dangerous.
  • The unidentified ink monster that lurks in the depths of the ink river in the tunnel. The only thing you see of it is its large toon hand that grabs and pulls under anything that moves. It soon comes to notice you when you are using the barge and pursues you to try and pull you under. The chase is made all the more frantic as the barge's wheel periodically jams due to the ink, forcing Henry to stop and get the ink off the wheel, all while the creature is closing in on you.
  • After the boat ride, Henry comes across the village of the Lost Ones... and has an unexpected reunion with his old pal Sammy Lawrence. Only Sammy's not too happy to see Henry. Being betrayed and nearly killed by Ink Bendy has turned the soft-spoken cultist into a literal Ax-Crazy lunatic complete with a Voice of the Legion and he's all too happy to take his rage out on Henry, leading to an impromptu boss fight. After knocking Sammy's mask off (revealing him to be completely faceless), he knocks Henry to the ground and prepares to kill him. Thankfully, Allison and Tom arrive in the nick of time.
    Sammy Lawrence: You lied to me! You said I'd be free! Well, I'm going to free you now. Free your head right off your shoulders! Sheep, sheep, sheep. It's time for... sleep.
    • Unfortunately, killing Sammy wasn't the best of ideas. Turns out he was the only thing keeping the Lost Ones and the Searchers in check. Now that he's gone, they decide to come after them, forcing Henry, Tom, and Allison to fight off a seemingly endless wave of hostile ink monsters.
  • Henry falling into the studio after attempting to navigate some planks. He survives, of course, but it's still an effective Jump Scare.
  • While in the studio, through audio recordings, we finally learn the truth of Ink Bendy's origin. It turns out that Ink Bendy is actually not a monstrous form of Joey Drew at all, or any person for that matter, but actually a literal demon. Ink Bendy was Joey's first attempt at creating a living cartoon character with the Ink Machine. However, because Ink Bendy had no soul, he came out as a gangly and misshapen abomination with a Blue-and-Orange Morality and, for whatever reason, an insatiable desire to slaughter other ink creations (and Henry). And instead of finding a proper way to destroy it, Joey just left it to wreak havoc on his traumatized, horrifically mutated employees until he could send Henry to clean up his mess. This line from Joey Drew makes it all the worse:
    Joey Drew: And in response to your previous memo: if you claim your failures are because these things are soulless, then damn it, we'll get them a soul! After all, I own thousands of 'em!
  • Near the end of the chapter, Henry is forced to head to Ink Bendy's lair alone. The Ink Machine that's been seen descending down into the depths of the studio? That's just a small part of a larger Ink Machine. And when we get inside it, we see test tubes for Joey's sick experiments, some containing Lost Ones.
  • The ending. It is easily the most mind-bending ending in a horror game. After defeating Beast Bendy, Henry awakens to find himself in an apartment. There, we finally come face-to-face with Joey Drew himself, who has become a kinder and gentler man with age. However, the truly frightening part comes after his monologue where he asks Henry to come down to the studio. Henry goes through the door... and finds himself back at the entrance of the studio. And it only gets worse from there. Playing through the game a second time using the searching device that Allison gave you reveals hidden messages all over the studio. Messages like TURN BACK or I ALWAYS FALL that seem to be written by Henry himself. All this leads to a horrifying implication: Henry is trapped in a never-ending time loop, unable to escape and forced to relive the horrors of the studio again and again. And judging by the number of tally marks seen at the beginning of Chapter One, he's been at this routine hundreds of times by now. And I Must Scream doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • The sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival makes the above point even more horrifying with The Reveal that the "Henry" we've been playing throughout the game was never the real Henry, but an inky clone of him created by Joey Drewnote . And the reason Joey created him? So he could have him tormented endlessly out of hatred for the real Henry for abandoning their cartoon empire. That's right. All the suffering, all the nightmares Henry has had to endure throughout the game? All the product of one man's madness and spite. Humans Are the Real Monsters indeed.