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    Chapter 1: Moving Pictures 
  • Bendy's cutout following you, while creepy, is also amusing.
  • Vivisected Boris is scary. Vivisected Boris with Wingding Eyes? Hilarious.
  • Before the April 18th update, Inked Bendy would move around like someone who just woke up from a night of heavy drinking, like he was almost saying "What in the—?! Where the hell am I?!"
    • Though the Inked Bendy Jump Scare is still as scary as ever in the Chapter 4 update, the fact that Henry falls over afterwards is worth a few chuckles.
  • Using the Seeing Tool in this chapter has a few secrets, like a message saying "Can I get a little privacy?" in the bathroom, and "Devilishly Handsome!" over The Meatly's Easter Egg.

    Chapter 2: The Old Song 
  • Going back and forth between the orchestra room and the projector's balcony will spawn in Bendy cutouts. It's entirely possible to get enough to fill the orchestra when you're on the balcony, and when you go down into the room itself, they're all crowded onto the other balcony, peering out to watch you.
  • Henry eats bacon soup to regain health. And by eat, we mean he opens and consumes an entire can's worth of soup in under a millisecond. It gets cartoonish when you find a shelf covered in over two dozen cans, and you can chug all of them in less than a minute. He must be taking the Bioshock way of regaining health! Hey, he is stuck in a flooded facility with audio logs of how everything's getting worse and abominations against nature, so it only seems appropriate.
    • The soup cans say “EAT WITH FORK”.
  • There's a piece of (fan-submitted) art of the various faces of Bendy on one of the desks, with all of Bendy's expressions, ranging from happy to angry to sad. They're all the same grinning expression all the Bendy drawings have.
    • Even better is the note beside it, which reads "DO NOT LET JOEY SEE THIS". It seems Joey doesn't have a lot of patience for jokes.
  • What's the final objective for Chapter Two?
  • You can find a radio on one of the desks and turn it on. What song does it play? An instrumental version of 'Build Our Machine'.
  • It's possible to axe the Bendy cutouts, but any that were leaning against walls with symbol circles will reassemble off-camera. At first, it's extremely off-putting, but it becomes less so once you find out how entertaining it is to repeatedly demolish a cutout that just won't stay down.
  • If you're ever brave (or dumb) enough to look behind you when Inked Bendy is chasing you, you'll probably find that he seems to be wearing heels.
  • As of the Chapter 4 update Sammy's sanctuary now features his own private toilet.
    • Sammy now has The Illusion of Living in his office's waste basket. He gave Joey an In-Universe example of Take That!
    • Sammy himself got dramatically improved animations... and muscles.
  • There's now an interactive pool table off by the Sent From Above poster. Presumably, Henry uses his axe as a cue stick.

    Chapter 3: Rise and Fall 
  • The reveal trailer for Chapter 3 gives us a clip of a Bendy cartoon, "Tombstone Picnic." Bendy tries to have a picnic in a graveyard, only to be terrorized by a living skeleton and have his lunch stolen by Boris.
    • In order to leave the safehouse, Henry has to bribe Boris with soup. Apparently, the Toon Wolf's appetite followed him into the real world.
      • Boris uses the same Bioshock-esque methods of soup consumption as Henry. If you look back after making the choice to leave the safehouse, but before actually doing so, you’ll find the bowl of soup Henry gave Boris is empty, despite being full about at least 1.6 seconds ago.
  • There is a can of bacon soup stuck in a toilet. It's just there. And you can also flush the first toilet you see.
    • The can of bacon soup in the toilet can even be fed to Boris.
  • Henry doesn't have a reflection in the mirror just like your typical vampire.
  • You can give Boris a bone and you also get an achievement as a little bonus.
  • Boris jumpscares Henry with a Bendy cutout.
  • The first Piper's jumpscare - He just had to comically fall to the floor, before starting to attack Henry.
  • There is an achievement involving squeaking 25 different Bendy dolls.
  • If you pay attention in room, where Alice makes her jumpscare - her cutout and almost shelf full of plushies ends up disappearing after her first physical appearance, for some reason.
  • The Swollen Searchers, engorged versions of Chapter 2's ink monsters. They pose no threat to the player because they're seemingly too fat to move.
  • Among the cryptic messages written on the walls is one reading "I don't want to work here anymore," which can be either Nightmare Fuel or worthy of a chuckle.
  • There are times when “Bendy”, while chasing you, will get stuck someplace. Yes. You read right. He, the Ink Demon, gets stuck.
    • Among these places is a large plush doll of Boris. Even in the real world, that lovable wolf is still giving Bendy grief.
  • Listening to Shawn Flynn's recording and realizing it's JackSepticEye who's talking.
    • What Shawn actually says is pretty funny too; he's wondering why the hell Joey is so mad at him for painting some Bendy dolls with crooked smiles and what he's supposed to be doing with Alice Angel merchandise that's apparently selling quite poorly. Ouch.
    • The seeing tool even reveals the words "Top of the Morning!" painted over the recording.
  • Having a plunger as one of the weapons given to you by “Alice”.
  • Little Miracle Stations are resembling outhouses with halos drawn on them, and they are used as hiding spots from monsters.
  • One of the posters introduced in Chapter 3 (also a winner of the fanart contest) is for "Hell in a Hand-Basket." From what we can tell in the picture, Boris and Bendy are being flung out of a flaming roller-coaster. While Boris looks appropriately shocked, Bendy is riding a hand-basket out, complete with raising his arms and trademark grin.
  • The Chapter 4 update adds a recording, showing a conversation between Wally Franks and Thomas Connor, the latter of whom is trying to tell him how the valves work, but Wally Franks keeps shirking him off and ignoring him.
    • It also added the hallway from the trailer. The Little Miracle Station in that room had its door ripped off, with the message "LOOK FAMILIAR?" written in there. Also doubles as mild Nightmare Fuel.
  • The Chapter 4 update adds an adorable new layer to Boris's character: He's afraid of the dark.

    Chapter 4: Colossal Wonders 
  • One of the contest winning posters has Bendy hosting a magic show... with Alice preparing to saw a very nervous Boris in half. The darkly humorous parallels to their current situation are almost too obvious to have been unintentional.
  • Henry can use empty Bacon Soup cans as throwing weapons. In the Research and Design department they're actually used as distractions, by tossing them to lure the butcher gang away, so you can safely find hidden levers. You can still hit toons with them, but they don't seem to deal damage.
  • The Plunger returns in Chapter 4. Which means we can get to fight Franken-Boris with it. The only requirement is after unlocking horror ride to return upper floor of the Maintenance department just to find a secret ink printer's wheel in trunk. It even has an achievement involving completing the chapter with it. The name of said achievement is “An Unlikely Victory”.
  • If you spend too much time goofing off in the unfinished amusement park, Alice will snidely ask you if you're 'having fun,' and sarcastically says that Boris probably won't mind waiting to be rescued while you're busy playing games.
  • The recording from Joey Drew which starts out as a Disney-esque speech... only for him to start complaining about having to do this. Then he realizes the recording is still going.
  • Although the Bertrum boss fight can be considered pure and unfiltered Nightmare Fuel, there's just one detail that we all know is worthy of a chuckle. Guess what it is? You can actually RIDE THE OCTOPUS RIDE in said boss fight! You can get an achievement too.
  • Henry can take a photo of himself being behind a fat sailor cutout as a souvenir, sadly you only get an achievement of it, so no face reveal for you.
  • Mostly a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment but while you're crawling through the vents after the Bendy Jump Scare, you'll come across a Lost One... banging his head against the wall. Just you, in the vents and him, smacking the wall with his face. Also, mild Tear Jerker, he'd rather be unconscious than be in the Studio.
  • Apparently, someone painted an otherwise invisible moustache on one of the Bendy pictures.

    Chapter 5: The Last Reel 
  • Allison telling Henry him watching her is creepy. Huh, who's the ink-based Humanoid Abomination here, lady?
  • When the trail leads to "Bendy's" lair, Allison starts to rattle the things she needs to open the door — only for Tom to punch the way open.
    Allison: Huh. Well, that works too... I guess.


Let's Plays

  • Generally, more people have mistaken Boris for Goofy and even imitated his catchphrase "Gawrsh".
  • Dawko screams loudly every time he sees Bendy.
  • Jacksepticeye suggests that since Bendy is made of cardboard, you can pee on him. His You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! moment after falling into the hidden room is also priceless.
    Jack: "The Creator Lied to Us." Well boo hoo! People lie all the time!
    • Jack is understandably happy when he finds his recording... so much so that he plays it three times, the second time for the sake of speaking along with it, and the third time because he forgot what was on his own tape.
      • Also hilarious is that, while playing through chapter 3, he can't remember what Alice Angel's name is at the start... then he finds his tape, where the character he voiced also forgets what her name is.
  • Markiplier
    • Mark challenges cardboard Bendy to a fistfight after the second jumpscare. He also launches into a Cluster F-Bomb towards the end before saying, "oh hi!" to Inked Bendy.
    • In Chapter 2, we get this gem of a line from him after hearing Sammy's first tape and entering the inky corridor:
      Mark: "Ugh. Ugh! It's his sweet embrace, all over the floor! Goddammit Bendy, clean up after yourself."
    • Mark enjoys whacking as many boards as he can. This means he completely misses seeing Sammy Lawrence. On realizing that he can axe the Bendy cutouts, and that certain ones will regenerate, he exploits it to chop up Bendy multiple times.
    • He also plays the banjo and comments that it's a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • While streaming Chapter 3 during a charity livestream, Mark decided to take the advice of the comments section and kill the Projectionist. After several minutes of bludgeoning the monster, he ended up giving up and running away... only to discover he'd stopped whaling on the monster one hit away from dispatching him.
    • In chapter 4:
      Mark: *after riding over the chasm* Oh I see, that's how you're gonna be game, huh? Oh, you're gonna fake me out. Well I'm a veteran of hundreds and hundreds of horror games. It's gonna take a lot more than that to give me the spook. But this hallway-
      [inky arms come out of the walls]
  • Poiised Screams Like a Little Girl at every jumpscare.
  • Manga Minx is understandably unsettled after Bendy's cardboard cutout peeks around the corner at her, but her Cluster F-Bomb afterwards is amusing, as is her telling herself that "we're not gonna poop ourselves today."
  • DAGames:
    • Will gives an Aside Glance to the camera when he sees more cutouts of Bendy sitting in among the band chairs while he's checking the projector.
    • "Hey. Hey how 'bout you don't? And say that you did?" Followed by Will doing a Mickey Mouse impression.
      • Will, in Mickey Mouse voice: "Boy, Ya done real fucked now! Ah-ha!"
    • Sammy Lawrence has him tied up and calls him a sheep. His reaction? A long, distressed, "BAAAAAAA!"
    • Taking a sip of Monster is a bad idea. He does a Spit Take when he sees Boris walking in
      • It happens again in Chapter 4! He takes a swig when mourning the death of Boris, only to do a Spit Take when Alice charges at him with a Scare Chord.
    • His first reaction to Jacksepticeye's cameo: a Double Take, and then...
      Will: Who's this douche? Nah, I'm just kidding...
    • How does he respond to a jumpscare from part 4 where dozens of arms pop out of the walls?
      Will: I am not making a chapter four song!*hands go away* Well alright then.
    • Will is so shocked by the ending that he spurts out some very fast gibberish while opening a Monster with his teeth.
  • Razzbowski
    • He starts the first chapter playing appropriate Ragtime music to go with his exploration. He also inserts The Land Before Time onto the old movie screen.
    • "'Dreams come true.' If your dream was to shit a load of ink, then you've succeeded."
    • "My nipples are tingling now through fear!"
    • After the second jumpscare where Bendy peeks out at him, he initiates a Groin Attack.
  • Game Theory:
    • After starting their livestream, they first notice the projector. Matt and Stephanie try to see if they can do shadow puppets.
    • Matt says he was asked to come up with a theory. He presents the following: Henry is dead because he doesn't cast a shadow. Which would make sense up to the point that Sammy can knock out and tie up Henry, which shoots that theory to bits.
    • After being scared by Inked Bendy, they take a moment to peer closer at the space where he vanishes. The Delayed Reaction that they have to run for the exit.
    • Matt gets lost and ends up back where he started.
    • Matt high-fives Stephanie after she sneaks in a "draw" pun.
  • This parody of game theory videos.


  • The Bendy GIFs in "Build Our Machine". Bendy smiles gleefully as he sings about how "You're the creator, you traitor!" Following a Jump Scare, you then see DJ Bendy and Boris rocking it out.
    • Said Jump Scare also counts, considering the captions freak out!
    • DaGames made a remix of the song... called Build Our McQueen. It combines Build Our Machine and Life is a Highway and features Lighting McQueen drawn in Bendy's old-timey cartoon style.
  • The five Stickman vs Bendy and the Ink Machine videos here by JzBoy Animations, which have the titular Stickman taking Henry's place in the game. Highlights include:
    • The Running Gag of various enemies charging Stickman, only to comically splat against obstacles in their way. Bonus points for Alice Angel doing the same splat against the glass during her infamous Jump Scare moment.
    • The implication that it was Bendy who barricaded the path to the Ink Machine.
    • Stickman discovering the expiration date on the bacon soup. Cue Squick face.
    • Stickman falling asleep during Sammy Lawrence's villainous monologue.
    • Stickman getting the Tommy Gun... and proceeding to snipe The Projectionist during Alice's dramatic monologue about the threat the character poses.
      • Hell, everything Stickman does with the Tommy Gun qualifies, given that he almost immediately goes on a drunk, homicidal, murder killing spree.
      • The Tommy Gun is also referenced during the Chapter 4 video when Stickman finds the gun used in one of the Bendy land games. In his gun-crazed stupor, he also fails to land a single shot!
    • Every single encounter with the Butcher Gang.
    • Stickman's increasing frustration with the timed puzzle in Chapter 2.
      • He also gets frustrated at the, "stop go," process with cleaning ink out of the barge at The Ink River.
    • Stickman's shenanigans with the Ink Maker in Chapter 4. He completely misses the wheel on the side of the machine, causing him to get increasingly frustrated as he keeps making coffee cups. And the he mistakenly thinks he can get a gear from the first area, only to find the path sealed. He returns to the cavern... and then sees the wheel. Cue Face Palm.
    • At one point, Brute Boris' jumping is paired with a jump sound effect from Super Mario Bros..
    • A new running gag is established of Allison and Tom's numerous Offscreen Teleportations being explained... by the two of them hacking the game. Then they get banned for it just before the final battle as a way to explain why they stay behind.
    • The End Reel also contains the logo for Avengers: Endgame, as well as footage of the game being put in the Recycle Bin.


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