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Heartwarming / Bendy and the Ink Machine

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to all Heartwarming pages on the wiki. Unmarked spoilers ahoy!
Some dreams do come true!

For a game that is known for being littered with tragedy and horror, it does have a few moments that will put a genuine smile on your face.

  • Scary as Bendy might be, his squeaky doll is quite adorable.
    • In Chapter 3, it gets better. It turns out there are dolls of Alice Angel and Boris as well! Heck, there is even a huge version of plush!Boris that is so cute, it made Jacksepticeye squee!
  • In Chapter 2, Susie Campbell's tape has her sound so happy that so many people love her work as Alice Angel. She also said that (an apparently pre-Sanity Slippage) Sammy claims Alice will likely be as popular as Bendy one day. She also seems to love the character of Alice and feels an affinity with her. Awww!
  • The ending of Chapter 2 has a big moment: Boris is alive! And he's not hostile — in fact, he actually wants to help Henry!
    • Chapter 3 reveals that Henry has been recovering for an unknown time in Boris' secret lair, where the two of them have been playing games and sharing meals. Heck, your first "task" in Chapter 3 is to cook Boris some soup.
  • Two examples for the end of Chapter 3: upon hitting the bottom of the elevator shaft, Boris tries his damnedest to get Henry to wake up. Most gamers, however, care less about the PC's probable concussion and more about the fact Alice is trying to kidnap Boris. Many even yell at the screen for him to turn around and save himself!
  • The Chapter 4 Reveal Trailer has come out and it has come with the best reassurance. In the end of Chapter 3 Boris gets captured by Alice. This has left many of the players hoping that they could rescue Boris in Chapter 4. The end of the trailer shows that the hopes of the players were answered.
    Henry: Hang in there, Boris. I'm coming.
    • The first objective of Chapter 4? This:
    New Objective: Rescue Boris
  • In Chapter 5, Joey Drew seems to have realized how awful he had treated his employees and asks Henry to help put an end to the aftermath of his mistakes by giving him the one thing that can destroy Bendy once and for all: A film reel labeled "The End".
  • The very last image in the game? A small drawing of Bendy, Alice and Boris holding hands, dedicated to Joey by his "best pal", Henry Stein. There is reason why this picture is on this page.
  • A corkboard in Joey's apartment reveals that some of his former employees wrote back to him. Who exactly?
    • Wally Franks was astounded that Joey even remembered him since all he did was sweep the floors. He now lives in Florida with his wife.
    • Thomas and Allison were implied to have gotten married at some point. Allison had a new job at a film studio and Thomas still continues to work on machinery.
      • A possible case of Fridge Heartwarming? You just need to remember that it was "Tom" Boris being protective (albeit a bad thing for Henry at first) and concerned over "Allison" Angel.
  • Tom Boris and Allison Angel, who's human counterparts are implied to be married, have merchandise of each other next to their beds.