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Travelers is a Fantasy LitRPG Web Serial Novel available here.

Apocalypse is looming for the world of Rhofir - the Pattern is growing stale, and will soon shut down to update itself. In an effort to stall the apocalypse, the Arcane Asylum are summoning information from foreign worlds-

-and a gaming group slips between dimensions, finding themselves instantiated in a fantasy world.How will they react to Rhofir - and how will Rhofir react to them?


Travelers contains examples of:

  • A Dungeon Is You - one of the protagonists is instantiated as a Dungeon, rather than as a humanoid.
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse - justified - reality in Rhofir is so unstable that they implemented the Tapestry just so they could lock it down and keep things from spontaneously mutating from one day to another.
  • Trapped in Another World - with a twist: the main characters have been copied and pasted, rather than summoned; presumably their Earth selves are still living happy lives.

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