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  • Vincent's actions somehow serve the Grand Plan. The Director could have overwritten him when his wife took a picture of him, but instead chose to (with uncharacteristic wastefulness) kill his wife in a way that seems almost calculated to make him want revenge. It also allowed information of the Traveler conspiracy to spread in the second season finale, which several characters noted it could easily have prevented. The simplest explanation is that the Director is playing some sort of Batman Gambit, and that everything Vincent does to fight it is somehow going to end up instrumental to its success.
    • Further fueling this theory is that the Director overwrote the partner INSTEAD of Vincent when he clearly had a lock on him, and sent yet another message through is son instead of overwriting Vincent. Finally, the Director did not overwrite the Vincent body until AFTER Vincent had already transferred his consciousness into the Doctor. The Director could have easily prevented the transfer by overwriting the crazy Traveler in the schizophrenic body when he was inside the Traveler hideout - who was going around announcing he was from the future and drawing pictures of it, and who also happened to be the ONLY one with the knowledge to help Vincent. The Director clearly has some kind of plan for Vincent that doesn't involve just killing him. Even the message that he sent Vincent is suspect 'Traveler 001 you are off mission', is not exactly a big threat.
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    • At the beginning of 2.12 when he watches home movies, Vincent is clearly shown in one of them.

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