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Bubbly Clouds

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"Wow! We're in the clouds! We're floating! It feels comfy, but I just don't quite trust it. Mario, am I sinking? Am I?"
Goombario, Paper Mario 64

A video game area that takes place on solid clouds in the sky. The characters may be seeking out a landmass or building in the sky, but they also might just be wandering through a huge field of solid clouds. Naturally, not falling to one's death is the biggest challenge of such an area, which can be made worse by the presence of annoying flying enemies. Fluffy Cloud Heaven is often this in video games. It's interesting to mention that already the first sidescrolling platformer — Jump Bug, released in 1981 — contained solid clouds.

Typical enemies encountered in these levels include aggressive birds, animated clouds and airborne variants of previous enemies.

Compare Levels Take Flight. Solid Clouds is the supertrope.




Card Battle Games

  • Baten Kaitos features Diadem. Heck, there's even a castle entirely made out of clouds. Even more relevant in the appropriately named "Cloud Passage" level.

Fighting Games



Puzzle Games

Racing Game

Role-Playing Games

Shoot 'em Up


  • Stage 2 (Clouds Island) of Miracle Girls for the Super Famicom.
  • Sky is set in the ruins of a fallen kingdom built upon the surprisingly solid cloudtops.

Non-Video Game Examples

  • Brawl in the Family: Strip 237 plays with this, showing Mario reaching a cloud level on a vine to different results, such as him falling through the clouds or getting hit by a plane. Strip 238 does it again by having Lakitu deliberately making Mario believe he’s in Heaven and step on non-solid clouds.
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Lair Assault module Temple of the Sky God. The clouds are solid ground. When characters reach the half-way point of the mission, the clouds mostly dissipate, and the ones remaining become electrified (harming those who stand on them).
  • In a story set in Larry Niven's The Magic Goes Away universe, wizards can cast a spell allowing them to walk on clouds. Any wizard who makes a habit of this had better have a firm grasp of meteorology, though, because it's not a good thing to be far above solid ground when the weather starts to clear up.
  • In the Rubbadubbers episode, "Amelia the Babysitter," a land of clouds that represent diapers is the setting for the "if only."

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