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Tori: Maybe this is just some dumb girl thing.
Daniel: Like... wearing a skirt over jeans?
Tori: Yeah, what's up with that?

A fashion choice in which a woman wears a skirt (or dress) over a pair of pants or shorts.

In Anime, it's common for some girls to wear bike shorts under their skirts, the characterization usually being one of shyness or tomboyishness (athletes are popular users of this trope). See also Modesty Shorts, for when a girl wears shorts under her micro- or miniskirt to avoid Panty Shots, Proper Tights with a Skirt (the sister trope to this) and Tights Under Shorts. It's also a very common outfitting choice in Kid Com shows.

Note that this is applicable only when either the skirt or the pants could be done away with completely without making the outfit too risqué. Oddly enough some shows will still grant the wearer a Magic Skirt even though there's no panties to see.

Often seen in Real Life.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Naruto:
    • Sakura is an example of both variants. Before the Time Skip, she wears tight shorts underneath a quipao-like dress, afterwards she keeps the shorts and wears them with a short skirt and a sleeveless zipper vest.
    • The standard attire for Sound ninja follows a similar design as Sakura's first outfit. The top is a long tunic that falls to mid-thigh with a split on the sides, worn over either slacks or shorts.
  • Pretty Cure:
  • Done with tunics by the main characters in Dangaioh, including The One Guy.
  • Haruhi Fujioka in Ouran High School Host Club often wears a dress over jeans in the anime when she's not required to dress as a boy.
  • Sasami in Pretty Sammy actually wears the bike shorts over skirt variant in the OVA.
  • Eva from Umineko: When They Cry, which also resembles a Chinese Cheongsam.
  • Chihaya in the first five minutes of Chihayafuru when she is tacking a karuta club flyer to the bulletin board. Miyauchi-sensei was not pleased.
  • In March Comes in Like a Lion, Hinata Kawamoto's casual wardrobe mainly consists of dresses over jeans.
  • Mekakucity Actors: Takane Enomoto/Headphone Actor/Ene wears tight black shorts to mid-thigh beneath her plaid skirt. Hiyori also wears similar shorts beneath her pink dress.
  • In Xam'd: Lost Memories, Yunbo, the Team Mom on the Zanbani postal ship, wears what appears to be a long skirt over a collared work shirt, pants, and work boots.
  • Word of God is Tohru from Fruits Basket wears shorts underneath her school uniform, though we never see them.
  • Kirin of Gourmet Girl Graffiti often wears a pair of sporty shorts under her skirts. In episode 8, she even took her skirt off in front of Ryou, showing her sportswear underneath.
  • Fumina Hoshino of Gundam Build Fighters Try wears bike shorts underneath her school uniform skirt. So does MS Girl Super Fumina, a model made by Minato of her.
  • In one chapter of Aishiteruze Baby, Kokoro wears pants to school under her skirt to hide bruises from a near-rape.
  • Saki: Inoue Jun wear pants under her skirt. Justified, as she would otherwise show her underwear every time she plays mahjong because she sits cross-legged.
  • In My Hero Academia, Mina Ashido wears bike shorts underneath her U.A. school uniform, much to Minoru Mineta's displeasure.

    Comic Books 
  • Supergirl:
    • In Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Supergirl wears a pleated red skirt over her Supergirl outfit (which is otherwise identical in design to Superman's usual costume).
    • She was drawn with shorts under her skirt in the regular comics and stories as Bizarrogirl as well before her costume changed with the universe reboot in 2011. A positive example of Executive Meddling as the editor at the time asked the artist joining in to do so because he was tired of seeing Supergirl's panties.
    • Pre-Crisis Supergirl wore a pleated red skirt over her blue leotard in The Eighties.
  • Misfit, the teen member of the Birds of Prey, usually wears knee-length bike shorts under her short skirt, probably for the same reasons as Supergirl, above.
  • The Transformers (IDW): The tomboyish Verity Carlo wears a skirt over leggings-style pants.
  • Kamala Khan's superhero outfit is technically made from a repurposed burkini, but it's functionally a minidress over leggings plus a Scarf of Asskicking. It also has a very similar silhouette to a salwar kameez (see Real Life), possibly as a reference to Kamala's South Asian heritage.

    Fan Works 
  • Shugo Kino in Pretty Cure Heavy Metal already wears her gym shorts (which actually resemble shorts) under her uniform whenever she goes to school at Isuten Junior High, but this trope is a LOT more obvious in the colder months, where she wears blue jeans under her uniform instead (as seen in later season 1 episodes), which allows for a non-Fanservicy variation of Dress Hits Floor in one scene in episode 41.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Hoodwinked!, Red Puckett's outfit is a white shirt, a red-hooded cloak, and a blue skirt worn over blue jeans. She eschews the skirt entirely in the sequel.
  • MK's attire throughout Epic is a skirt over leggings paired with a pink hoodie.
  • Some of the humans in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls:
    • Rainbow Dash with bike shorts.
    • DJ Pon-3 with tight pants, as seen in the Rainbow Rocks shorts.
    • Sunset Shimmer's Good Costume Switch post-Rainbow Rocks has her wearing a translucent skirt over blue leggings.
    • Sugarcoat in Friendship Games. Possibly because her skirt is half the average length in comparison to other Shadowbolts.
  • Edith from Despicable Me wears this with her regular outfit and her ballet tutu.
  • Ash the porcupine's signature outfit from Sing is a plaid skirt over a pair of jeans.

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • Gossip Girl: Serena wore outfits like this in the early seasons. In later seasons... not so much.
  • iCarly: Carly and Sam, on occasion.
  • In Smallville, Chloe Sullivan favours this look early on.
  • Victorious:
    • Jade regularly wears black leggings with black skirts. In Tori Goes Platinum, Tori wears a sparkling gold skirt with black jeans and knee-high boots as part of her makeover.
    • Tori and Cat's Boyfriend mention how they hate it.
  • Sonny with a Chance: Tawni, Zora, and Sonny all have worn clothes like this from the start of the show, and for Tawni, it's pretty much every episode.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex has this in the title sequence.
  • Averted in Austin & Ally. Ally wears dresses or skirts on their own, often achieving various high grades of Zettai Ryouiki. The few times she wears pants or shorts she doesn't match them with skirts. Trish averts the trope despite using layering of long t-shirts to achieve a similar but not as pronounced effect to what it would be if she were wearing actual skirts as per the trope.
  • Tosh does this in an episode of Torchwood because she wants to dress up to impress someone, but it's also really cold out.
  • Power Rangers:
  • Super Sentai:
  • Naomi Wildman in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy occasionally wore this in the first season. In season two, they got a new costume designer who didn't get the appeal of the look and did away with it.
  • Eureka: Holly Martin the dorky nerd wears this type of clothing.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Daenerys's usual Dothraki outfit has riding leathers with a skirt over it. Her maternity clothes have a larger skirt over her normal outfit.
    • Irri wears a skirt over leggings.
  • Rocky Blue on Shake it Up wears these sometimes, however, most of the time, if she took off the pants, the skirt would be highly inappropriate for any show, let alone a Disney Kid Com.
  • Degrassi: Maya wore a plaid schoolgirl skirt over black leggings in episode 23, season 12.
  • Almost Home (re-tooled 2nd Season of The Torkelsons) has Molly, a very fashion-conscious teenager, frequently sporting this look.
  • Schitt's Creek: David Rose often wears a man's skirt over pants, usually black.

  • In A Brother's Price Jerin wears tight trousers with a codpiece. He notes that the long tunic worn over it makes it a bit less indecent. (The codpiece is very much in fashion at court, but farmer's boy Jerin is used to a bit higher standards of decency.)
  • The Berenstain Bears: In the chapter book The Berenstain Bears and the Dress Code, Queenie wears a very, very short mini-skirt to school twice. The second time, it's over a pair of jeans that are mostly holes.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • Va 11 Hall A: Anna Graem wears a black Sailor Fuku and, when you get to see a shot of her below the chest, she's wearing blue jeans. Jill is plain stupefied by her fashion sense.

    Web Comics 
  • Sock in Welcome to Hell is a rare male example of this. He wears a purple skirt over his pants.
  • Abby in Ctrl+Alt+Del wears a skirt over ripped pants/leggings which was recolored as a skirt over tights after it was discovered she looked exactly like another artist's drawing.
  • In The Zombie Hunters' extended Flash Back, the youngest Zombie Hunter Katie sometimes sports this look, in contrast to her more utilitarian teammates.
  • In Bandette, Bandette's usual costume is a red minidress over a black Spy Catsuit, plus a cape.
  • In Sleepless Domain Zoe, a recently out trans woman, is still pretty unused to presenting as a female, so wears shorts under her school uniform skirt. Cue Heartful Punch, who's surprised there are girls that don't do that, and Outrageous Apple, who freely admits she wears them for the Modesty Shorts trope.
    Apple: Your clothing should always be prepared for sick flips.

    Western Animation 
  • Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Suki during and after "The Boiling Rock", and the Fire Nation girls in their Beach Episode.
  • Code Lyoko
    • Sissi wears a miniskirt over jeans as part of her standard outfit during Seasons 1-3.
    • Also, Aelita's dress over pink pants in Season 4.
    • Aelita's Season 4 avatar has arguably a translucent skirt over spandex leggings.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Yumi wears a black skirt over what looks like purple bike shorts.
  • Sissy from Johnny Test wears this.
  • Alice, Vici, and Ms. Mimi in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps.
  • In the Looney Tunes short, Hold the Lion, Please, it was done hilariously. At the near-end of the cartoon, the antagonist lion was revealed to be a Henpecked Husband, leading Bugs Bunny to boast that he wears the pants in his family. At that moment, Mrs. Bugs Bunny appears, and after Bugs slinks back into his burrow at the sight of her, she turns to the viewing audience, and says...
    Mrs. Bugs Bunny: Eh, WHO wears the pants in this family?
    (she immediately lifts up her dress, revealing a pair of men's slacks)
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Kimiko in "The Return of Pandabubba".
  • Pepper Potts in Iron Man: Armored Adventures
  • Hey Arnold!: Amusingly believed to be the case of Arnold's standard clothing, the character design made it look like he was wearing something like a plaid kilt over blue slacks. It was actually a plaid undershirt that was longer than the blue sweatshirt he wore over top, which makes sense because his collar is also plaid. One episode showed him getting dressed for school and made that clear, another has a character mention Arnold's "kilt" as being rather cool and he shows them it's just his undershirt.
  • Kaeloo: The bunny twins' standard outfits have black shorts under their skirts. However, the trope is usually averted when they, or Kaeloo, wear other outfits with skirts.
  • Clarence has a tomboyish Genki Girl named Chelsea who sports a yellow skirt over what are either green pants or green leggings.
  • Hilda: Hilda pretty much always wears a skirt over a pair of leggings, weather she's wearing her regular clothes, her Sparrow Scouts uniform, or her school uniform. Only her pyjamas do not include a skirt.
  • The Mighty B! has Gwen wearing her skirt over her track pants.
  • The title character from Pepper Ann wears a skirt over her blue pants.

    Real Life 
  • The Churidar Kameez & more traditional Salwar Kameez of the Middle East and India are "default" versions of this trope; they retain the appearance and the practicality of the skirt-over-slacks theme, but are not usually worn without the pants, because the tops have two cuts on either side, going up to the waist. This actually serves two purposes: one, it gives more freedom of movement, and two: it looks pretty stylish. They're also practical in the Middle Eastern and South Asian countries where they're primarily worn; skin covering is essential to prevent sunburn, but the outfit also has to be loose to allow air to circulate.
  • The concept of "bloomers", puffy pants under a skirt, was an attempt to do this in the 19th century. But some still found it indecent. One early Feminist who tried the style gave it up; according to her every time she gave a speech on women's rights to a male audience they were so busy staring at her ankles they didn't hear a word she said.
  • "Skorts" are a play on this. They're one item of clothing that is either a "skirt" with individual leg holes inside of it, or a pair of shorts made to look like a skirt, depending on how you want to think about it. Common for female golfers to wear, between helping stay cool in the summer heat, leaving the legs largely free to function during a golf swing, avoiding any accidental panty shots by design, and nonetheless allowing the wearer to show off about 80% of their thighs.
  • Quite apart from any cultural reason, this was a favourite look of Trinny Woodall of What Not to Wear fame... and one of the few that never did creep into the mainstream of the UK for much of the 2000s. T&S got their way about A-line skirts, wedge heels, stretch-sided knee-boots, and fitted t-shirts. This one, assigned usually to tall or short-legged women never convinced anyone.
  • Male example: Toshiya, bassist of Visual Kei band Dir en grey, has been known to sport a skirt over his jeans.
  • Another male example: Kanye West has been known to sport a leather skirt/kilt over jeans, debuting the look in his Watch The Throne Tour with Jay-Z.
  • This style is popular in schools because it allows somebody to wear whatever length of skirt they want without breaking the dress code since the shorts/leggings/pants would be counted as part of the bottom outfit.
  • Wearing leggings underneath a skirt is a popular style in areas that experience cold weather, as the leggings would keep the usually-exposed legs warm.

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