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Many trope pages come to be from a troper writing up and drafting their idea at the Trope Launch Pad. Others however, are mandated by discussions in the Trope Repair Shop (TRS), major clean-up threads, and other authoritative forums on the site with the express purpose of splitting existing tropes. This index covers all tropes created for such a reason.

A trope is eligible for this index if it was created:

  • As a result of a TRS crowner or moderator in such a thread calling for its creation without a crowner.
  • In accordance with one of the major Project Threads through consensus.
  • From a concept that was sent to the Trope Idea Salvage Yard by one of the above forums.

This is not an index for tropes that were renamed because of a Trope Repair Shop decision. Those belong on Renamed Tropes. See also Launch Displacement, a sub-index for tropes whose definitions and contents were moved to new pages so a more appropriate article could take the old name's place.

Note: If adding to the index, remember to add a link to the TRS or project thread that led to the trope's creation at the end of your summary for referencing.


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