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"My mother's Puerto Rican, my father's Negro, and we lived in a big Jewish tenement building — in an Italian neighborhood. So every time I went outside, they'd yell, 'Get him! He's all of them!'"

Maybe you are the child of that army guy who married The Chief's Daughter. Or perhaps dear mum left home and joined dad on his ancestral family homestead back in rural Smalltownington. (This of course is assuming both your parents are alive and love each other. Star-Crossed Lovers have a tendency to have it rough.) Or you might be the product of less than consensual sex. Or perhaps two people from different parts of the world (or, sometimes in fiction, different species) happened to meet in the course of day-to-day life, fell in love while spending time together, married and decided to start a family. And then you were born.


To describe story elements, this trope encapsulates both mixed ancestry in the sense of ethnicity (real-life and fictional ones) and mixed ancestry with human and/or non-human beings (for example, a half-human half-elf) despite the difference between the two.

Please note that in Real Life, the term "half-breed" is a highly offensive slur. Also note that while being of mixed ancestry is sometimes depicted as either a good or a bad thing in speculative fiction settings, there's no such questions in the case of real-life ethnicity.

Subtrope of Liminal Being. Child of Two Worlds, Extra Parent Conception, Lineage Comes from the Father, and Semi-Divine sometimes make use of this trope. See also Nephilim, an obscure Biblical race that are sometimes described as the hybrid offspring of angels and humans.


Compare Cultural Personality Makeover.

Examples (not covered in the sub tropes):

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    Films — Live-Action 
  • Noni, the main protagonist in Beyond the Lights, is the daughter of a white mother (Macy) and a black father (whose identity is unknown).
  • Lo Dorman, the eponymous protagonist of The Half-Breed, is half-white and half-Native American, and as a consequence lives alone in the forest, not really welcome in either community.
  • Elvis Presley plays a man with a white father and an Indian mother in Flaming Star.
  • Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo is half Native American and half white, and has a foot in both cultures.
  • In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, one of the treasure hunters in the prologue is credited as "Half Breed".
  • The main character, Zen, in Chocolate is the child of a marriage between a Japanese Yakuza and an enforcer in a Thai mob.
  • In White Comanche, William Shatner plays a pair of (fairly stereotypical) half-white, half-Comanche twins.
  • In Billy Jack the main character is half-white, half-Native American (played by a fully white actor).
  • Darwin from X-Men: First Class is Black/Hispanic.
  • In Within Our Gates, one of the oldest surviving films made by a black director with a black cast, the hero, trying to figure out why the heroine won't marry him, eventually discovers that it's because she is ashamed about having a white father.
  • Thunderheart: Ray Levoi is a quarter Lakota, and his ancestry features heavily in the plot. Also the tribal council president Jack Milton (Fred Ward), though it isn't outright stated. Both he and Val Kilmer (Levoi) really do have native ancestry (though Cherokee, not Lakota) so Fake Mixed Race is thankfully averted.
  • Free State of Jones: Newt and Rachel's son Jason. Rachel herself is mixed race too. It's also the issue at Davis Knight's trial as to whether his great-great grandmother was Rachel or Serena Knight. Assuming the former, he would be "colored" under Mississippi state law and thus forbidden to marry a white women. If the latter, he would be white and thus freed. The prosecutor lampshades how unusual this is, as generally it would be the father whose identity isn't clear. Eventually the Knight family Bible is uncovered, revealing that it was Rachel.
  • Dear White People: Sam, whose father is white, though she identifies only as black.
  • Jungle Fever: Drew's father is white. She gets concerned that her husband's initial attraction to her was because she is lighter due to this after he cheats with a white coworker.
  • Kill Bill has O-Ren Ishii, who is half Japanese, half Chinese-American, and faced a lot of discrimination for it.
  • Captain Pierre Cordona in Rio Lobo (John Wayne, 1970):
    Cordona (Jorge Rivero): You keep calling me "Frenchy"; I'm half Mexican, you know.
    McNally (John Wayne): Well, which half was kneeling and which half was kissin' her hand?
  • Fast Color: Ruth, who's the child of a black mother (Bo) and white father (Ellis). Technically, this also applies to Lila as well, being the child of a biracial mother (Ruth) and an unknown (presumably) black father.
  • Where Hands Touch: Leyna is half German and half African, the source of her very fraught status in Nazi Germany. Her baby with Lutz (who's a white German) is mixed too, and since such relationships are illegal under Nazi laws, she's at risk just by being pregnant.
  • Belle: Dido has an African mother and English father. It's Played for Drama as she's not only legally a slave due to her mother being one, but faces frequent racism as a "mulatto" even when her father's family treats her fairly well in contrast.
  • When Evil Calls: Samantha's father is white, while her mother's East Asian (the actress playing her has only East Asian ancestry however).
  • Lady Macbeth: Teddy has this, as he's Alexander's son with a black woman. Unusually, despite the racist time period, there's no adverse reaction from anyone.
  • Room in Rome: Alba says her father is a Saudi Arab, and her mother's Spanish. However, since this is the second version of a story (in the first, she's the mother rather than the child) that all might be made up.
  • Thelma: Anja's mother is White, while she clearly is not. We don't see her father though, and thus his race isn't made clear.
  • The World Unseen: Amina is a quarter Black, and gets dislike from the Indian community because of it. Her mother was half Black due to her grandmother being raped by a Black man. Jacob and several more minor characters are also described as mixed race.
  • In Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold, the heroine Yellow Hair is the daughter of a Caucasian father and a Native American mother.
  • In the Shadow of the Moon: Rya is mixed race, with a Black father and White mother. This allows the reveal of her being Lockhart's granddaughter to be a surprise, since he's White (his daughter was her mother).
  • Australia: Nullah is the child of an Aboriginal mother and white father.
  • The Eiger Sanction: George is a woman of color, whose father turns out to be Ben, who's white.
  • Happiest Season: Sloane (who is white) and Eric (who's black), have two biracial children.
  • Aquaman (2018): Arthur is the child of an Atlantean mother and human father. Further, Atlanteans visually appear to be like white humans, while his father is Maori.
  • Endless: Riley's dad is White, her mom's Black.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming: Liz's mom is Black, her dad's White.
  • For Colored Girls: Nyla and Tangie are both mixed race it turns out, with a White father and Black mother. Their grandfather arranged this, since he considered lighter skin more beautiful.
  • In The Shadow of Chikara, Army Scout Half Moon O'Brian's father was an Irish trapper and his mother was a Cherokee woman.
  • Blockers: Kayla's mother is Indian-American while her father's White.
  • Harriet: One of the slaves toward the end escaping with Harriet is a biracial woman, who's light enough to pass for White. This comes in handy as she covers their escape (while also disguised as a man) to the patrollers and when one sees her resemblance to her master truthfully answers that she's his child.
  • A New York Christmas Wedding:
    • Jenni's dad is Latino and her deceased mom was a Black woman.
    • David (who's Black), in the new timeline, has two children with his White wife (however, neither actually looks mixed).

  • In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Injun Joe is a "half-breed" and evil. In spite of his very progressive views on racism and imperialism, Mark Twain's early writings on American Indians were usually very critical.
  • The Alice Network: Eve is half French and half English. This, along with growing up near the border of Germany in France, means she speaks French, English and German fluently. It comes in handy as a spy.
  • Animorphs has some odd examples, since Shapeshifting is a major part of the series: for example, Tobias had an Andalite father, but was born totally human. Similarly the Hamee family are Hork-Bajir descended from a Shapeshifter Mode Locked Andalite, Aldrea.
    • The Ellimist had children while living among the Andalites in a genetically engineered body millions of years ago, so a great deal, if not the entirety, of modern Andalites should be his descendants. Which means Tobias and the Hamee family are his descendants, too. And indeed, it is implied the modern Andalites inherit their built-in Translator Microbes (i.e. "thought-speak") from his artificial body. The primitive Andalites he lived amongst had only sign language.
  • Annals of the Western Shore
    • In Gifts, Orrec is the son of an Uplands brantor and his wife from the lowlands, who still experiences some culture shock from all the "witchcraft." It's why Orrec has no gift at all, resulting in his father faking that he does.
    • Memer of Voices is one of many "siege brats" resulting from the rape of Ansul women by Ald soldiers. She's subject to some Half-Breed Discrimination over this.
  • Area 51: Turcotte is French-Canadian and Native American, or "Canuck Indian" as he puts it, from Maine near the border with Canada.
  • The Barrakee Mystery has several characters with mixed ancestry (mostly white/Aboriginal, but there's also a minor character who's noted to have a touch of Chinese ancestry which he's touchy about), and attitudes towards these characters are central to the plot. One of the characters, the half-caste detective Bony, went on to star in 28 more novels.
  • Rehv, from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, is half-vampire and half-sympath.
  • The eponymous villain in Brokenclaw is half Chinese and half Native American, which gives him what is described as striking and charismatic features.
  • The Boundless: Mr. Dorian is a Metis, people who are descended from Native Americans and French settlers.
  • In A Discovery of Witches Diana's paternal grandmother was human, and either she or Matthew had demon ancestry. Her children are a mixture of all three creatures and human. Matthew's son Benjamin, a vampire, impregnated a witch and their descendants have been long-living witches. Sophie, a demon born of witches, and Nathaniel, a demon son of a demon mother and presumably human father, have a witch daughter.
    • In the TV series, Nathaniel is black and Sophie is white. And in Time's Convert it is revealed that Phoebe Taylor has mixed British and Indian ancestry.
  • It's suggested (but not confirmed) in The Discworld Companion that the Ogg family might have a bit of dwarf in them (they live in a country known for dwarf mines, tend to be skilled at magic or metalwork, and are sometimes rather short). However Raising Steam suggests that dwarf/human crossbreeding is uncommon (in the context of a mixed marriage that will probably have to adopt).
  • Divine Blood Novels:
    • In Smoke Over Grimsvotn, the Demoness of Smoke, Lilitu Geisthexe is strongly implied to be the daughter of the Goddess Urd Jotundottir. Urd herself refers to the Queen of the Demons as Mother, making Lilitu 3/4ths Demon biologically.
    • More central to the plot of the actual novel, the children of Mao Semezou are Demi-Gods.
  • In Dogsbody, the dog star Sirius is is cast down to Earth in the form of a Labrador-Hellhound mix.
  • Earth's Children: Due to people not realizing in-universe that sexual intercourse causes reproduction, most of the characters listed as siring children here aren't recognized as such. However, people still usually do realize mixed ancestry exists, they're just unaware of how it really does (thinking that it's a result of spirits mixing) but the Clan don't and think children with Cro-Magnon ancestry were simply deformed.
    • Ayla's son Durc is the product of her rape by Broud. She's a Cro-Magnon (Other), he's a Neanderthal (Clan). Many other people of this lineage also appear in the series later, some conceived by rape, but others not from what they can infer.
    • Ranec was born to his white father, a Mamutoi (from what's now Ukraine) and a black Aterian woman (in northern Africa). He's also fathered a number of children with white Mamutoi women who also count.
    • Joplaya, the child of Jerika (who's East Asian) and Dalanar (a white man from what's now France).
  • In Everworld, Vikings have a tendency to raid other lands for women, resulting in the number of Black Vikings the protagonists see (as well as Asian ones, Amerindian ones, etc.). The Amazons apparently do the same thing with men; their queen, for example, seems to be a hodgepodge of everything.
  • The Ysabel Kid, from The Floating Outfit novels of J.T. Edson, is half Kentucky Irish, a quarter Commanche, and a quarter French-Canadian.
  • In The Goblin Emperor, Maia, the titular character is actually half goblin, half elf. His mother had been forced into a loveless political marriage with the elven emperor. Of course, to the elves the fact that he is part goblin is more relevant than his elven half.
  • Nathan from The Half Life Trilogy is half white witch and half black witch.
  • Harry Potter:
    • A major theme is Fantastic Racism based on how much wizard ancestry one has. However, it's stated at one point that "half-bloods" actually make up a large percent of the population, including the series's four most prominent characters: Harry, Snape, Voldemort and Dumbledore. Generally it's the Muggle-borns who, according to Word of God, are very distant descendants of Squibs that get persecuted.
    • There's generally three kinds of halfbloods: characters who are products of a muggleborn/pureblood marriage (ex: Harry, Dumbledore and his siblings, and Tonks), characters whose parents are a muggle and a wizard (ex: Seamus Finnigan, Snape, and Voldemort), and characters whose parents are both wizards but have recent muggle ancestry (ex: Harry's three kids and godson Teddy Lupin).
    • There's also some Half-Human Hybrid examples: Word of God says that Professor Flitwick has some distant goblin ancestry (explaining his extreme shortness), while the books eventually reveal that Hagrid and Madame Maxime are half-giant.
  • Dee Moreno, the central character of The Hearts We Sold, is half-Latina, half-white. She's apparently white-passing; another character comments that she didn't realize Dee was Latina until she saw it marked on a form.
  • Honor Harrington: Honor has white and East Asian parents. This is stated to be the norm in future human society, with Honor actually being less mixed than most humans on average.
  • Terry Brooks's Magic Kingdom of Landover series has Willow, born of two different kinds of faerie, whose status complicates both her relationship to Ben Holiday, and later their child's gestation and birth — as the child of a wood nymph, she has to spend part of the time as a tree.
  • In Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, the titular character's father is British (Scottish, to be precise) and his mother Swiss.
  • Oliza in Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' Kiesha'ra series is a half-snake shapeshifter, half-hawk shapeshifter. She has the forms of both a hawk, a cobra, and a combined form referred to as a wyvern. Her cousin, Hai, is half-falcon and half-cobra and suffers from unstable magic that allows her to see several possible timelines (making her a Waif Prophet) but leaving her starkly out of touch with reality. Oliza and Hai are also both example of All Genes Are Codominant.
  • Martin Fierro, the central character of Martín Fierro: Martín Fierro is a Gaucho, meaning that he was part of the peasant population in Argentina, who is mostly mestiza (White and Native American ancestry). Even they call the women chinas, probably by the "Indian" eyes. The relevance of this fact is that Fierro story is one of a survivor of the Final Solution from his government.
  • Technically anyone of note in both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Shadowhunters are half-angel half-human, Warlocks are half-demon half-human, Faeries are half-angel half-demon, etc etc.
  • In Överenskommelser by Simona Ahrnstedt, Beatrice Löwenström had a Swedish father and a French mother. And hers and Seth's kids will be 1/2 Norwegian, 1/4 Swedish and 1/4 French.
  • The Power: Allie is mixed race, but it's only mentioned a couple times. We never learn what her exact background is, although she's described as having dark skin.
  • In Race to the Sun, Nihzoni's Only Friend Davery is Navajo on his father's side and African-American on his mother's side.
  • In Remnants, Yago is the son of the first African-American female president and her white husband. His skin tone is noted to be a perfect bronze color; since he's known to have had a lot of plastic surgery, Violet wonders at one point if it's natural.
  • Halfway through The Rise of Kyoshi, it's revealed that Kyoshi's mother was an Airbender. This shocks her friend Rangi; though Kyoshi had long avoided saying anything about her parents, she actually didn't consider this detail to really be a secret. Really, Rangi is more shocked that an Airbender would become a bandit leader.
  • Santa Olivia: Loup has a Latina mother and Black father (who was also a GMO). Her older half-brother had a White father.
  • Laura from Sarny is a rich multiracial, one-eight black, woman living in America right when slavery is being abolished. She passes herself off as White however the newly freed protagonist learns about her heritage when a part of her curly hair pokes out. Sarny is the only one who knows her secret.
  • There are a few examples of hybrids in Terry Brooks's Shannara books (the Urda, for example, are Troll/Gnome hybrids). Justified, in one sense, by the fact that dwarves, gnomes, and trolls are simply different subspecies of human mutated by the apocalypse. Less explicable is how humans can interbreed with elves, who are just fae evolved into humanoids...
  • The Silerian Trilogy:
    • Ronall is the son of a Valdan man and Silerian woman.
    • Mirabar's daughter with Baran. She is a Guardian (fire magic user) and he's a waterlord (water magic user), while their daughter will have the ability to use both as a result. This is significant as the two groups have been deadly enemies for many centuries.
  • A number of characters in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth writings (like The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings) are of multi-species descent: the most notable are Lúthien (half Elf, half Maia), her son Dior (half Human, 1/4 Elf, 1/4 Maia), Eärendil (half Elf, half Human) and their various Heinz Hybrid descendants (Elwing, Elros, Elrond, Aragorn, etc.). All seem to be well loved and respected by both sides of their respective families.
  • This is very common in A Song of Ice and Fire: GRRM has stated that very few families, if any, in Westeros are 100% First Man or 100% Andal due to 6,000 years of coexistence and intermingling.
    • The most prominent are the children of Eddard and Catelyn Stark. The Starks are First Men and so are the Tullys (Catelyn's House), but the Tullys are Southroners and totally assimilated into Andal culture and have some known Andal ancestry. Their kids are considered to be thoroughly Northern and the only notable Southron practice they keep is worshiping the Seven (along with the Old Gods). However most of them resemble Catelyn, and only Arya looks Stark.
    • Any Targaryen who breeds outside their family will have children who are this, with children who display only some distinctively Valyrian features. Dany named her unborn son Rhaego to reflect his Valyrian and Dothraki heritage. In a vision, she sees him as a Dothraki child with silver hair.
    • Most Dornish people are a mixture of Andal and Rhoynar. The Rhoynar were Essosi refugees who settled in Dorne and married with the Andals, which created a hybrid culture. The few full Rhoynar who remain kept their language and customs and live along the Greenblood River in southern Dorne, or have returned to the Rhoyne. The narration notes that there are three general categories of Dornishman, distinguished by their distance from the coast and the amount of Rhoynish heritage in their blood.
    • Brown Ben Plumm claims to have Braavosi, Summer Islander, Ibbenese, Qohorik, Dornish, Dothraki, and Westerosi blood in him as well as a drop of Valyrian.
  • Talion: Revenant: Countess Jamila is of half-Stelosian (a black African counterpart) and Hamisian ancestry (a European counterpart). She and her Hamisian husband also have a son, who's thus another example.
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel: Sana, who's Iranian/Indian by ancestry, has cousins who all have a white mother (two are blonde), her aunt by marriage to her mom's brother.
  • The Teresa Knight Trilogy: Numerous mixed race people appear, always of Black and White descent.
  • There There: Thomas, who grapples with his mother being white and his father being "one thousand percent Indian".
  • Tortall Universe: Dove and Sarai in the Trickster's Duet are half-raka and half-luarin (the latter being the conquerors of the Copper Isles). They were the product of a happy marriage but they're subject to a lot of snide and flagrant discrimination outside the family. It also makes them subjects of The Prophecy, which stipulates that the rightful queen will be descended from both the raka and luarin royal lines.
  • In Graham McNeill's Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarines novel Black Sun Dead Sky, Honsou is termed a half-breed. In Storm of Iron, it is revealed that this is because he has gene-seed stolen from Imperial sources as well as the Chaos ones; the Warmaster exploits this to develop rivalries. Honsou's gene-seed isn't just from an Imperial source - it's from the Imperial Fists, the Iron Warriors' arch-enemies. As a result, calling him "half-breed" remains his Berserk Button for quite some time.
  • Plenty of characters in Warrior Cats have been descended from cats that came from the mountains. After that, they split apart...though inter-Clan relationships can make this trope happen. Examples are Windflight, Lionblaze, Flametail, and Mistystar.
  • The Ewu in Who Fears Death, being born from the union of Okeke and Nuru people. Looking surprisingly like neither tribe, the Ewu have sand-colored skin and hair, with light eyes, like albino Africans.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Alia and Jason are children of the white Greek Nik Keralis and his black American wife Lina Mayeux.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The 4400: Isabelle is biracial, having a Black father (Richard) and a White mother (Lily) by a mystical pregnancy.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Daisy Johnson is the daughter of a Chinese (and Inhuman) mother and a white father, and is portrayed by Chloe Bennet, who has the same ancestry (except for the Inhuman part, of course).
  • Almost Family: Edie is biracial, having a Black mother and White father. Her mother is also indicated to have mixed race ancestry, since she's even lighter than Edie.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club (2020): Mary Anne's mixed race, with a white father and black mother.
  • The Barrier: The epilogue features the child of a pair made out of one of the few black characters and another member of the otherwise mostly-white cast.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003): Bill Adama is half-Caprican, half-Tauron. Lee Adama is correspondingly a quarter Tauron.
  • Beauty and the Beast (2012): Catherine and Heather's mother was Asian-American, while their father is white though Catherine's biological father turns out to be someone different than she thought, reflecting Kristin Kreuk's actual ancestry.
  • Better Things: Dorman's father is White while his mother's of East Asian descent.
  • Blindspotting:
    • Sean, the son of Miles (who's White) and Ashley (who looks to be mixed race of Black and White descent).
    • Trish, Miles's half-sister, is clearly Black on her dad's side (possibly Afro-Latina, since she refers to herself as Sean's tia).
    • Janelle's mother Nancy fits as well, since Trish mentions that she has a white grandmother.
    • Their status as mixed-race people is a subject for discussion in episode 6, since it makes Nancy, Earl, and Janelle wonder if the "black experience" has been different for them because of it.
  • Bonekickers: Vic it turns out is half white, having a white mother (shared with Magwilde) and black father.
  • Angela on Bones is half Caucasian and half Chinese. Her husband is white and they have a son together, another example.
  • Burden of Truth:
    • Joanna is half Caucasian and half Chinese-Canadian.
    • Luna is half Indigenous Canadian and half Caucasian.
    • Kodie's younger daughter, True, is half Indigenous and half Caucasian too.
    • Joanna's daughter with Billy, her Caucasian partner (in both the business and romantic senses) is another example.
  • Carnival Row: Sophie's father is Burgish (like English people) and her mother was Pharoanic (similar to Egyptians).
  • In Charmed (1998), Paige is a half-witch, half-whitelighter. She gains whitelighter powers such as orbing and healing without having to actually die, though she has to learn how to use them while whitelighters know them automatically. Wyatt and Chris are also the same though stronger because their mother is a Charmed One.
  • Charmed (2018):
    • All three of the sisters have this, though in different ways. They share a Latina mother, while Maggie and Macy have a black father. Maggie wasn't aware of this for most of her life, and has to adjust with whether she's black, or should identify that way.
    • Jada is the child of a whitelighter and witch. As a result she was shunned, and rejected the Elders for it.
  • Community: Abed Nadir is the son of a Palestinian father and a Polish mother. Annie's mother is Jewish and her father is a gentile.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Heather has a white mother and black father.
  • Crossing Lines: Arabela Seeger is the child of a Dutchwoman and Nigerian man. The killer (a Russian) in the series finale also has a daughter with her deceased husband, an Angolan.
  • The Dark Crystal Ageof Resistance: Kylan's mother was from the Spriton clan and his father was from the Stonewood.
  • Dash & Lily: Lily and her brother Langston have a Japanese mother and a white father.
  • Dear White People: Sam openly mentions she's biracial to her friends, something which she never does in the film.
  • Defiance: Although not highlighted in the show, it's revealed that the McCawley children's mom (who's still alive, contrary to what they believed) is white (played by Linda Hamilton), while their father Rafe is Native American. Given that her first name is Pilar, it's possible she's a white Latina. The three children are played by a Latina and two indigenous actors, but their appearance makes this plausible.
  • John Gage on Emergency! is half white/half Native American, like his actor Randolph Mantooth.
  • Euphoria: Rue and Gia are biracial. Their dad is white and their mom is black.
  • Feel Good: Laura, Sophie's daughter (who's Caucasian), was pretty clearly sired by a man of South Asian heritage given her appearance.
  • The Flash (2014): Nora's biracial, with a White father and Black mother.
  • Prominent in Game of Thrones, which centers on the melding of three major ethnic groups: the First Men, the Andals and the Valyrians:
    • Jon Snow is revealed as the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him more or less half-Valyrian, half-First Man.
    • The Stark children are half-Andal and half-First Man, as Catelyn Stark comes from a largely Andal family and Ned Stark comes from one of the oldest First Man families.
  • Gossip Girl (2021):
    • Julien has a White dad, and her mom was Black.
    • Aki has a White dad, while his mom's got East Asian ancestry.
  • On Grimm Renard is the illegitimate child of a Hexenbiest and a King. This gives him a fair amount of clout in both Wesen and Royal circles but it also means that neither group really accepts him as one of their own.note 
    • Marriages between different Wesen races were taboo until recently and used to be punishable by death. In fact, the Wesens in the Nazi ranks specifically prioritized interracial marriages over actual racesnote . Children of mixed Wesen ancestry will generally assume the Wesen characteristics of one parent or the other thus avoiding Hybrid Power. A third possibility is mentioned but it is not elaborated on.
  • Guerrilla: The son of Afrikaner Pence and the black informant who he's involved with has this.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: Offred's husband Luke appears to be mixed race in this series (their daughter Hannah is too).
  • Hanna: Sophie and her brother are both mixed. Their mom's white and their dad is of South Asian ancestry. The children of Dieter (a white German) and his wife (who's Turkish by descent) also count.
  • Hell on Wheels: Elam Ferguson, due to being conceived by his black slave mother's rape by their master.
  • Heroes: Micah Sanders, the child of a black father and white mother.
  • Duncan's friend Charlie Desalvo on Highlander was half Italian, half black, and got picked on a lot for it.
  • Himmelsdalen: Helena mentions having an American mother and Swedish father (along with her twin Siri).
  • Intergalactic: Ash's mother is a Briton of South Asian ancestry, with her father being Black.
  • JAG: Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie has, other than presumed ancestry from the British Isles given her name, Cherokee and Iranian ancestry. The Native American ancestry is only mentioned in "The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse", while the Iranian part is mentioned in several episodes.
  • Jeremiah: Elizabeth is revealed to have some White ancestry along with Black.
  • Jupiter's Legacy:
    • Raikou is the child of Walter, a Caucasian American. Her unseen mother was East Asian, to judge by her looks.
    • Skyfox, Hutch's father, is also Caucasian. Hutch however visibly is not, which indicates his mother comes from another race.
  • Kung Fu: Kwai Chang Caine is half Chinese, half white American, played by David Carradine.
  • The King Loves: Won's father is the King of Goryeo (Korea) and his mother is a Yuan (Mongolian) princess. His father calls him a half-breed to his face and tells him his blood is mixed with barbarians'.
  • Lost in Space (2018): Judy is the child of Maureen (who's white) by her first (black) husband.
  • Lovecraft Country:
    • Atticus it turns out is partly descended from a white slave owner. This lets him into the otherwise all-white "Sons of Adam" secret society (which ordinarily doesn't allow men of color in).
    • Though unstated, it's implied that Leti has some white ancestry (like her actress) as she's significantly lighter than her half-siblings.
  • M*A*S*H: Nurse Kellye brings this up when Hawkeye asks for an arterial graft for a patient:
    Hawkeye: These are too small! They're spaghettini, I need rigatoni!
    Winchester: Spoken like a true meatball surgeon.
    Kellye: Rigatoni? Doctor, I'm half Chinese, half Hawaiian. Give it to me in ethnic measurements I can understand.
    Hawkeye: A small egg roll.
  • mixed•ish: Bo and her siblings' mixed heritage gives the series its name, along with being the main focus.
  • Never Have I Ever: Paxton Hall-Yoshida is of Japanese and white heritage, as indicated by his name, just like his actor.
  • Noughts & Crosses: Yaro, the son of Kamal, a Cross (black) with a Nought (white) woman. Sephy's interracial relationship with Callum causes the conception of a child as well.
  • The Outpost: It's said in the second season that Talon isn't a "pure" Blackblood, though how this is known or the reason is not explained.
  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us: Mentalist Henok Negash utilizes his ambiguous features as part of his routine. As part of his routine, he challenges Penn and Teller to guess what his ethnicity is. At the end of the act, Henok reveals he is half Irish and half Ethiopian, neither of which were guessed by the judges, but they know his routine and were not fooled by that.
  • The Practice: In "The Lonely People" a racist who murdered a Black man was revealed to be half Black himself, with the man he says order it being his father (who preaches interracial relationships are forbidden). He was light enough to pass for White, so no one suspected.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Emily is half Filipino on her father's side (with an Ambiguously Brown mother) as confirmed in Season 5.
  • Quantico: Main character Alex Parrish is the child of an Indian mother and white father. This was enforced by fully Indian actress Priyanka Chopra: the character was originally written as a white woman, but when Chopra was cast instead she refused efforts to have the character be more stereotypically Indian, including changing her surname.
  • Resident Alien: Unbeknownst to her at first, she's half Native American as Asta is really her birth mother (her birth father being White).
  • In Revolution, Jason Neville is the son of a black father and white mother (his actor is actually Hispanic though).
  • Rise of Empires: Ottoman: Mehmet is the son of Sultan Murad and an unnamed Greek noblewoman. It's suggested that this plays into his desire to unite the east and west under one ruler.
  • Roswell, New Mexico: Alex Manes is half White and half Native American (Navajo specifically).
  • Sense8: Wolfgang has a German first name, but a very stereotypical Russian last name. Also his relatives have Russian names like Anton, Sergei and Irina, and his uncle is in the The Mafiya. The funeral he attends is also Russian Orthodox. Since he lives in the former East Berlin, where there is a sizable community from Russia and the former Soviet Union who now have German citizenship, it makes sense.
  • Shadow and Bone: Alina is half Ravkan and half Shu Han. They're loosely based on the Russians and Chinese.
  • The Society: Helena's of White and East Asian ancestry.
  • Strange Empire: Kat and Caleb are Métis (First Nations/White ancestry), and Isabelle (Black/White). Ruby's mentioned though unseen son would also count, as she's black with him having a white father.
  • S.W.A.T. (2017): Erika mentions she has a Black father and White mother in "Crusade", saying the Imperial Dukes (a racist group) would hate that.
  • Sydney to the Max: Sydney Reynolds has a white dad and a black mom. Sydney also has a friend named Emmy who's half Cuban and half Filipino.
  • Teen Wolf: Scott McCall is half-Hispanic on his mother's side, just like his actor, Tyler Posey.
  • Trinkets:
    • Tabitha is biracial (her mother is black while her father is white).
    • Moe's mom is white, while her dad is a man of color, apparently Latino since he refers to "mi familia", though their last name (Truax) is of French origin.
  • Underground: A large number of the slaves have at least some white ancestry.
    • Rosalee is usually described as "mulatto", the period-appropriate term for a person of one half white/one half black ancestry. She along with her little brother James were sired by their owner, Tom Macon.
    • Later their mother Ernestine mentions she's half white as well.
    • Pearly Mae is also the half sister of Suzanne, Tom's wife.
    • Several other of the black people also appear to be mixed race, although it's not elaborated on.
  • Vagrant Queen: Elida's mother was dark-skinned, while her father was fair-skinned. Her complexion is somewhere in between.
  • The Wilds: Flashbacks reveal that Nora and Rachel are actually biracial. They have a White father and Black mother.
  • The Witcher (2019): Yennefer's mother is human. Her real father is revealed to be half elven.
  • Years and Years:
    • Bethany and Ruby Bisme-Lyons are half White British and half British Jamaican.
    • Lincoln Lyons is half White British and half Chinese, although the family jokes he inherited all of his father's genetics in terms of appearance.
    • Rosie and Jonjo's unnamed son is a mixture of White British and British Asian, as Jonjo appears to be of Indian or Pakistani descent based on his surname (Aleef) and the actor's ethnicity.

  • Sequinox: Elena Park, Caiden's mom, is initially stated to have heritage that's hard to nail down. When Shannon appeared to talk about the Parks in The Home For Wayward OCs, she states that she's Black Italian with Hispanic heritage as well.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Raúl Castillo, who was renamed Maravilla in All Japan Pro Wrestling, was of Dominican and Cuban ancestry. This is not an especially strange combination, as the Taino inhabited much of the Caribbean, including the parts that came to be known as Cuba and The Dominican Republic, but brother Fidel, better known as Huracán Castillo, was "just" Cuban. This means Huracán Castillo Jr. is Cuban and Puerto Rican, while Maravilla's son Magnificent Chris is Dominican, Cuban and Puerto Rican. The Dominican was most pronounced in Chris's tragically short career, as he was a member of La Revolución Dominicana in Puerto Rico's IWA.
  • All Japan's Mitsuo and Yoshi Momota, sons of the Rikidozan, are of Korean and Japanese acestry. This also applies to Rikidozan's grandson Chikara. After being discriminated against as a Sumo Wrestler, Rikidozan tried to down play his Korean roots when founding Japan Wrestling Assocation but it was an open secret to the point officials from North and South Korea came together to honor Rikidozan after his death.
  • It's been said people used to pick on Aja Kong growing up because she had a black father.
  • Legendary Japanese wrestler El Gran Hamada loved Mexico so much that he married a Mexican woman. Two of his daughters, Xochitl and Ayako, followed in his footsteps as luchadoras.
  • Carlito Colón has described himself as half black, the black obviously being his father, who is also a famous pro wrestler. His mother isn't as well known. Logically, the same would apply to his siblings Eddie and Stacy. His cousin Orlando is not as clear, but given he grows a brown afro if his hair is left unchecked, people assume he has some black in him and most Puerto Rican do have some tracable amount of African ancestry.
  • Jimmy Wang Yang has described himself as part Korean and part Caucasion. Despite this he has been given multiple gimmicks where he was "just" Asian, sometimes the wrong kind of Asian, or "just" a redneck (though him taking after his Korean father made the claim there wasn't anything "yeller" about him hard to take seriously).
  • Athena described herself as half black. She was happy to have found "another" when she met Marti Belle, who initially scoffed and claimed to be "pure Dominican", but later admitted being Dominican means there likely is some black in her.
  • Su Yung was billed as a half white Chinese woman in Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling and its Distaff Counterpart Memphis Ladies Wrestling, although PGWA billed her as a crazy Japanese woman and Yung sometimes claims to be black.
  • Mia Yim used to be known as the "Blasian Barbie". She loves Japan but does not like being called Japanese, evenatually sowing the South Korean flag into her tights and assuring us she is black.
  • Satu Jinn calls himself "black and gifted". Given the long brown hair, green eyes and almost peachy skin, pretty much everyone just assumes he is mixed. At Vicious Outcast Wrestling he claimed it was from not being entirely human...and possibly contagious.
  • Perhaps the most famous example is probably The Rock, whose father was black, and whose mother was Samoan. If you weren't told this up front, though, you could be forgiven for thinking he was one of several different ethnic groups.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Ciro Gardner is half-white from his father's side and half-Mexican from his mother's, with her apellido (Alvarado) serving as a middle name for him and his siblings. While he takes after his mother, his two siblings take more after their father, which has caused a subtle disconnect between them.
    • Ivy Havilland is Chinese on her mother's side and white on her father's, and takes most strongly from her mom. She's remarked that people tend to assume her name will be something more 'Asian' than it is.
    • Jemimah Chen is Sino-Japanese, with her father being a Chinese accountant and her mother being a retired Japanese judoka (a passion that Jem inherited).
    • Daigo Hiraga has a Japanese mother and a white father. Because he's white-passing, and his mother has long since passed away, he feels a disconnect with his heritage.

  • In Show Boat, riverboat actress Julie La Verne is half black, half white. This being set in the 1880s, it causes a lot of problems, including her losing her job. It's the same in every film adaptation as well.

    Video Games 
  • This trope is played up in the video game Red Dead Revolver with Red, the main character, being the offspring of a white settler and a Native American.
  • Assassin's Creed:
    • Connor Kenway, the main character in Assassin's Creed III, is the son of a British father and a Mohawk mother.
    • His descendant Desmond Miles takes this to eleven, as being a descendant of Ezio and Altair means he is also of Italian and Syrian/Arabic descent with Japanese thrown in for good measure. Altair himself is apparently half-European (his mother was a Christian named Maud while his father was a Muslim) and his own wife was an Englishwoman, making Altair's sons, and distantly Desmond by extension, half-English.
  • In BioShock Infinite, while Booker DeWitt passes off as a Caucasian man well-enough, there are a few hints that he has at least one Native American ancestor and is capable of speaking Sioux. The significance of this is foreshadowing that he and Comstock are the same person — Comstock claims that during the Wounded Knee Massacre (back before he became born-again and assumed his current name and identity), he was accused of having Native American blood, which he "disproved" by way of setting fire to teepees. Retroactively adding these events to our Booker's backstory would explain a lot of why he feels he's so beyond redemption.
  • The Final Fantasy series falls into this:
    • One of Reveals in Final Fantasy IV is that Cecil Harvey and his brother Golbez are half-Lunarian. Cecil's son Ceodore is a quarter-Lunarian, owing to Cecil's marriage to the human Rosa.
    • In Final Fantasy V Bartz is fully human, but his parents hail from different halves of the world that existed as separate planets for centuries.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, Terra Branford is half-human and half an esper, a race of powerful magic beings who are not always humanoid. Most of the first half and her character arc revolve around her powers and identity struggle.
    • In Final Fantasy VII, Aerith had a human father and a Cetra mother. This is also highly significant to the plot.
    • In Final Fantasy X, Yuna is the daughter of a normal human and an Al-Bhed, a human ethnicity distinguished by their green eyes and spiral irises. The mixture manifested itself as Yuna's heterochromia.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • This is the case for all mixed-race hybrids in the series, being Uneven Hybrids while averting All Genes Are Codominant. Throughout the series, several in-game books and backstory details indicate that each race of Men (Imperial, Breton, Redguard, Nord) and Mer ("Elves" - Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, Orsimer) can indeed interbreed, with the race of the offspring usually being virtually identical to the mother, with a few of the father's traits potentially sprinkled in.note  For example, if an Altmer father and Nord mother produce a child, it wouldn't be a Magic Knight combination of each race. Instead, the child would be almost entirely Nord with the potential of having some Altmeri traits, such as slight points to his ears, higher cheekbones, or a slightly different skin tone.
    • The Bretons are the most famous hybrid race in Tamriel. Their (human) ancestors were Breeding Slaves to the Direnni Altmer of High Rock. Over the course of many generations, some of the Elven traits started to come through with greater dominance. This has led the Bretons to be the most magically inclined race of Men in Tamriel at the cost of some of the Humans Are Warriors traits of the other races of Men. It still isn't accurate to call the Bretons "half human" hybrids, however. They are still almost entirely human with some Altmeri ancestry. It's noted that some elite noble Breton families still have slightly pointed ears.
    • The Bosmer are said to be result of ancient hybridization as well. When the Aldmer (Precursors to all of the modern Elven races) first settled in Valenwood, they started to take "Mannish wives," leading to the modern Bosmer. It is worth noting that out of all the races of Mer, the Bosmer are the ones who look closest to humans and have the most human-like skin tones. In the exact opposite of the Bretons, the Bosmer are still almost entirely Mer.
    • In Oblivion, the Gray Prince, a champion gladiator is part human, part orcnote .
  • Rexxar in Warcraft III is a Mok'nathal, the union of orcs and ogres. The first orc guard he sees greets him with "You've got the look of an ogre, half-breed. What's your business here?"
  • Granté from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is half Hylian, half Sheikah. He has his Hylian mother's blond hair (as opposed to the Mystical White Hair of the Sheikah) and pointy chin, while he has his Sheikah father's Japanese-inspired fashion sense and interest in the Lost Technology of his ancestors.
  • It's implied in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that Malon's mother was a Gerudo due to her father's comment about the Gerudo mask reminding him of his wife.
  • Overwatch: As eventually confirmed by Word of God, Fareeha "Pharah" Amari is the daughter of Egyptian hero Ana Amari and a Canadian First Nations father. Unlike her relationship with Ana, Pharah's paternal lineage isn't referenced much outside of her Thunderbird and Raindancer skins, which are based on the art motifs of the original inhabitants of North America's Pacific Northwest.
  • Red Dead Redemption II: Charles, a member of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang and a friend of Arthur Morgan, has a black father and a Native American mother.
  • Chloe from Uncharted is the daughter of an Indian man and a white Australian woman.

  • Banquo of Goodbye Chains. His character profile proudly describes him as "half-Mexican and half-Swedish, and also a colossal dick." He was the result of a one-night stand between an actress and a mestizo Mexican man, and faces quite a bit of racism because of his background. His Distaff Counterpart and part time lover, Cordelia, is half-Ute, but there are certainly no parallels between them and how they treat their companions, no siree.
  • Antimony Carver from Gunnerkrigg Court is a (mostly human) human/fire elemental hybrid, which is lampshaded by Coyote.
    Coyote: What an interesting first union that must have been...
  • Half-Identical Twins Walky and Sal of It's Walky! and Dumbing of Age. Their mother is all-white, their father is half-black. Lampshaded by Walky:
    Walky: "Well, my sister is black, but I'm generically beige."
  • Kevin & Kell has a few.
    • The title characters are a rabbit and a wolf, respectively, and they have their daughter Coney, who looks like a rabbit but displays carnivorous tendencies.
    • Coney's half-brother Rudy is half fox on his father's side.
    • It's eventually revealed that the sheep Corrie is the child of Ralph, making her half wolf.
    • Rudy's girlfriend Fiona is part Fennec Fox on her father's side, and part Red Fox on her mother's.
    • Fiona's father George remarried to Danielle, a rabbit, and they had a son of indeterminate species named Francis. Further complicating this is the fact that Danielle was originally human. Francis eventually spontaneously turned human.
    • Lindesfarne, a hedgehog, is married to Fenton, a bat, and they have a flying hedgehog-bat hybrid named Turvy.
  • Parodied in Oglaf with the sorcerer who taught Kronar how to 'shoot bzowts', who referred to themself as 'a half-breed of man and woman'.
  • Grace of El Goonish Shive is mixed in several different senses due to having four parents. As far as appearance goes she's (usually) an Ambiguously Brown human. Her parentage includes aliens and non-aliens which consist of: a sapient alien, a non-sapient alien, a human and an animal. On top of all that, since she's a powerful shapeshifter, she can appear as if she's the offspring of almost any combination of human ethnicities and/or humanoid mammals ranging from Little Bit Beastly to Beast Man. This is lampshaded when Nanase transforms into Grace and asks Tedd what Grace is ethnically. Tedd's response? "Mixed. Very, very mixed."
  • Cloud and his little sister Yuna from Sandra and Woo are both half-Caucassian, half-Southeast Asian (their mother being a former Burmese guerrilla fighter who immigrated to the US).
  • In Skin Horse, Unity plays with the trope in a very odd way. She's a Frankenstein's Monster-type zombie whose body is stitched together from people of multiple races. This is especially evident when she's wearing any clothes that show her arms and legs, but it's always noticeable due to her head—the right half is from a black woman, while the left is from a blond white woman.

    Western Animation 
  • From The Boondocks, Jazmine DuBois is the daughter of a black man and a white woman. Though compared to the comics, Jazmine's insecurity about her mixed ethnicity is rather downplayed for the most part.
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures:
    • The Freemaker siblings Zander, Kordi and Rowan are the children of a black woman and a white man.
    • Zander later goes on to marry a white woman, Becky Smoochenbacher and together have a 1/4 black daughter, Moxie Freemaker.
  • Young Justice:
    • Both Cheshire and Artemis are half-Asian, half-white. (In fact, they're sisters.) Interestingly, Cheshire comes across as much more Asian than Artemis in terms of appearance, style, weapons, and voice. Semi-justified by the fact that Cheshire has explicitly rejected her white father; she goes by "Jade Nguyen," while her daughter is "Lian Nguyen-Harper."
    • Kaldur has a white Atlantean mom and a black human father.
    • M'gann is a White Martian with a Green Martian mother. Apparently Not All Genes Are Codominant.
  • Increasingly common in the world of Avatar. Avatar Kyoshi (the last Earthbender Avatar) is the oldest confirmed character to have been mixed race. Her mother was an Airbender and her father an Earthbender but it's pretty common by the time of The Legend of Korra. The original Avatar: The Last Airbender (which takes place about 70 years earlier) had very few mixed-race couples and only four children (three of whom are descendants of two tribes of the same culture, and the other only ever appearing in the comics), but in Korra, due to the nature of Republic City many characters are of mixed race. This is most interesting since elemental bending is partially genetic, and benders normally can have access to only one type of bending, leading to siblings with completely different abilities, such as:
    • Aang and Katara's children, consisting of two sons named Bumi and Tenzin and one daughter named Kya—Tenzin was born with airbending abilities like their dad while Kya was born with waterbending abilities like their mom. Bumi was originally born a nonbender, but eventually gained airbending abilities through Harmonic Convergence, his appearance also combines Air Nomad (grey eyes, light skin) and Water Tribe (dark hair) features unlike his siblings.
    • Mako and Bolin are brothers, but Mako's a firebender while Bolin's an earthbender—their dad (who Bolin takes after in appearance) was an earthbender from Ba Sing Se while their mom (who Mako takes after in appearance) was a firebender from the Fire Nation.
    • At first glance Asami Sato looks like an archetypical Fire Nation beauty. She has the pale skin, pitch black hair, and love of the colour red, however her green eyes pin her as having Earth Nation heritage as well. Both her names are Japanese which is what the Fire Nation is based on so she’s likely Fire Nation from her dad’s side.
    • One minor character in Book one is a waterbender who looks Fire Nation.
  • According to Word of God, Ambiguously Brown Mike Chilton from Motorcity is of mixed race.
  • On Gargoyles the main human character, Elisa Maza, has a Native American father and a black mother.
  • Nadine from Hey Arnold! is a Dark-Skinned Blonde. Her parents appear in one episode, and it's shown that her father's white and her mother's black.
    • Also, from the same show is Phoebe Heyerdahl, born to a Japanese father and a white American mother.
  • Abby Hatcher is half Chinese through her mother Miranda and half American through her dad Lex.
  • Jake and his sister from American Dragon: Jake Long are half Chinese through their mother and half white through their dad.
  • In Phineas and Ferb, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is described as being Mexican-Jewish, and a running gag with her mother is that she's constantly cooking some improbable mash-up of the two culture's cuisines, like kreplach tortillas or matzah ball-ritos. This is taken Up to Eleven when she hosts a Mexican-Jewish cultural festival.
  • W.I.T.C.H.:
  • Sidekick has Mandy Struction who is Persian from her mom and Italian from her dad.
  • Miraculous Ladybug has its main heroine Marinette Dupan-Chang who is French-Italian on her father's side and Chinese on her mother's side.
  • The titular protagonist of Nella the Princess Knight is half-white and half-black, having got the former from her mother and the latter from her father.
  • Sanjay from Sanjay and Craig is half-Indian and half-white.
  • Alex from Totally Spies! is shown to have a white father and an Ambiguously Brown mother—while never confirmed, Alex's mom is implied to be of Hispanic, Latina or Filipina descent.
  • Tommy Pickles from Rugrats has an American father and a Russian-Jewish mother.
  • The Rocket siblings from Rocket Power have a white father and a Polynesian mother. This isn't revealed until late into the series as their mother is deceased.
  • Even though not clarified, Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor from Jem is Hungarian-American based on her name.
  • In The Dragon Prince, half-brothers Callum and Ezran had an Asian mother, while their respective birth fathers were white and black, respectively.
  • In Voltron: Legendary Defender, Ambiguously Brown Hunk was confirmed to be of mixed Samoan and African American descent in the Voltron Coalition handbook, with his father being Samoan American and his mother being Afro-Samoan when they appear in the seventh season.
  • On Puppy Dog Pals, supporting character Chloe is Caucasian on her mother's side and Chinese-American on her father's side.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has the titular Kipo as half-Black, half-Korean (with a dash of jaguar blood). Word of God states she was originally intended to just be of Korean ancestry until one of the show directors insisted one day that her father be African-American.
  • In Central Park, both Molly and Cole are biracial children, since their father, Owen, is black and their mother, Paige, is white.
  • In The Owl House, Luz is half Dominican, and per Word of God, identifies as Afro-Latinonote , that being her mother's side. Her father, though he's only been shown in part in a photograph, appeared to be Northern European. Another character in the series, Willow Park has been speculated to be the Boiling Isles equivalent of half black, half asian, per her parents, but as she Has Two Daddies and it's unknown whether she was adopted, a stepchild, or if Homosexual Reproduction is an option in the Boiling Isles, it isn't entirely clear.


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