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Administrivia / Launch Displacement

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This special case of Renamed Tropes occurs when an existing article is renamed to allow a new article to occupy ("displace", if you will) the old title. It is also nicknamed a "Trope Transplant", in the sense that the old trope was "transplanted" to a new title.

Reasons for this wiki phenomenon vary; it may be because the original title wasn't getting used correctly (possibly caused by the definition not matching what other tropers thought it was), or because it matched the name of a pre-existing fictional work (causing confusion about whether a given link refers to the trope or the work); the latter is now a formal policy, though the existence of namespaces could serve as a temporary solution while a new trope name is decided on.

Sub-Index of Split Tropes.

Tropes renamed because of a fictional work

In some cases, we were able to preserve the reference to the Trope Namer during the rename.

Other displaced tropes:

Nonstandard Cases:

Alternative Title(s): Trope Transplant