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Wet Sari Scene

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The Indian way to achieve Fanservice.

Bollywood-specific trope of wet clothing played for sexiness.

In Bollywood films, it's pretty much a cliche that if an attractive woman is wearing a sari, she will get soaking wet at some point in the movie (getting soaked in the rain is considered especially romantic).

India has a legally enforced nudity taboo, so this is Fanservice without the nudity (even if you do see breasts, but not nipples).

Sub-trope of Sexy Soaked Shirt. See also Sexy Surfacing Shot.

Wet Sari Examples:

  • Dil Se..: Shah Rukh Khan's character and the leading lady end up drenched in the opening scene. He is in another song with the other love interest where they dance in a river and get very wet.
  • Fanaa: Features a scene where the blind heroine writhes in the rain with the soon-to-be-terrorist hero.
  • Hercules Returns: Lampshaded when the women go for a swim in their togas, the Gag Dub has them practicing for a Wet T-Shirt Contest.
  • Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham: Particularly gratuitous example is one song which features both the hero and the heroine dancing in the surf - which they've been conveniently transported to after dancing in front of the pyramids of Gizeh just seconds before.
  • Main Hoon Na: Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen spend the last half of one of the songs dripping wet. SRK's shirts are so hilariously see-through that they were obviously sheer even before they got wet.
  • Mujhse Dosti Karoge!: Everyone at first goes "oh crap it's raining!" and heads back inside, but the Jerkass hero decides to pull the heroine out into the yard and sing a soaked, steaming, sexually-charged ballad in front of everyone including HIS fiancee and HER soon-to-be-fiance. It's awkward for all of ten seconds and then everyone's like "YAY! RAIN!" and they all dance together like nothing happened.
  • Om Shanti Om: Shah Rukh Khan's character emerges from a pool which seems set in LSD-Land and jumps around in slow motion while the camera focuses on water dribbling down his back. Then he opens his arms and someone off-screen throws a bucket of water at his chest.
  • The Simpsons: Lampshaded in My Way or the Highway to Heaven. Lisa imagines herself as Princess “Siddmartha” - a female version of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism - and seeks out the wisest scholars in the kingdom on her road to enlightenment. Arriving at Kathmandu University, she finds it’s really a party school, complete with a Wet Sari Contest.