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The setting is life within the entertainment industry. Action takes place on the back side of three-wall sets and in trendy bars and eateries. Provides a good setting for explaining or lampooning the industry.

Overlaps with Show Within a Show. Compare with Most Writers Are Writers and The Musical Musical. See also Work Com.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Skip Beat! follows the life of naive everygirl Kyoko Mogami as she decides to become a superstar to get revenge on the boy who broke her heart. She doesn't start out with the goal of becoming an actor, but she ends up stumbling into the job anyways. Much of the story takes place on the set/ between takes of whatever project she's working on... or at the location shoot of the film her love interest is working on... or the set of the tv series her best friend is in... or the set of the promotional video her mortal enemy is shooting.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • I Know That Voice is a documentary that explains the work Voice Actors go through, with much of the film being interviews with well-known voice actors.
  • Singin' in the Rain is a Rom Com musical that portrays a time when The Jazz Singer was released and a film studio's response, changing from silent films to "talking pictures". Shows the the tools of the trade, sets viewed from off-stage, etc. Moses Supposes for example, is a dance number about actors undergoing speech training from a dialect coach.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Classic Albums: This documentary series about the creation of classic music albums shows the viewer a glimpse how the sessions, production and personal history of the songs and the album itself came about.
  • Drop the Dead Donkey is set in the offices of "Globe Link News", a fictional TV news company. This includes the TV studio, with many episodes featuring the hijinks of the anchors Henry and Sally as they prepare to go to air.
  • Made in Canada is set in the meeting rooms of Pyramid Productions, a Canadian film and television production company, and on the sets of the various films and television series they produce. It uses this premise to satirise the corner-cutting, compromising, and executive cynicism that goes on at television production companies.
  • The Newsroom follows a cable news show and uses the setting to commentate on news, politics, and the purpose of television news in contrast to entertainment media.
  • NewsRadio is a comedy set at (fictional) news radio station WNYX set in the 1990s, in New York, initially focusing on it's director and later other characters as an ensemble.
  • Remember WENN is set at the ficitional Pittsburgh radio station WENN in the 1930s-1940s.
  • Sonny with a Chance is a Disney Channel show, although instead of trendy bars and eateries a lot of the action takes place in the studio commissary, complete with Mystery Meat and a school lunch lady clone.
  • Sports Night follows the production of a sports news show and the quirks of its cast and crew.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is about the production of a late night variety show in the vein of Saturday Night Live and how hard it is to write comedy.
  • UnREAL is about the production of a The Bachelor-type show called Everlasting.

  • Noises Off shows three different points in the sex farce Nothing On - the final rehearsal before opening night, backstage partway through the run, and when the wheels come completely off toward the end of the run.

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons: The episodes The 138th Episode Spectacular and Behind The Laughter play with this trope. If depicts The Simpsons as a show and does this in a Mockumentary style.

    Video Games 
  • RuneScape: Exists as a news update and a location that mocks the desires of the players