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Webcomic / Corner Alley 13

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A fantasy take on Alien Nation, in which fantasy species find themselves in the human world, trying to adapt. Actually attempts to take a more realistic take on this (to some extent), with all the paranoia, Fantastic Racism and bureaucracy that would actually happen. The main story follows Noelle, a rather petulant and very determined elf, who tries her hardest to get a job and stay off the streets, while having to deal with not only her human enemies and plain apathy, but also a set of hangers-on who make her life complicated, and a burgeoning invasion attempt by dark elves.

Notable for a story with an unusual amount of development and surprises.

Other than Noelle, main characters include:

  • Dusty, a rather laid-back but persistent dwarf;
  • Rosie, a naive fairy who (as it turns out) can grant wishes;
  • Ixy, her fellow (rather badass) fairy, who's lost her wings;
  • The trollish bartender of the eponymous Corner Alley 13 bar;
  • Tsac Tuo, a waiter at the bar;
  • Drel, a shapeshifting thief;
  • Cole, a semi-sympathetic drow.

Available here.

Tropes in this work include: