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Ponychan is an imageboard dedicated to the wildly popular My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

When 4chan was overloaded with ponies, many people who didn't care for the show, as well as the Hatedom, grew tired of seeing ponies all the time. Because it was practically a stampede, for a short time pony threads and references were even banned on 4chan (and with the advent of its own /mlp/ board for ponies, are once again banned everywhere else on the site.) So they could post pony threads without running into the Hatedom, and so they didn't have to annoy everyone else, and to be in a community with nobody but pony fans, the many fans built their own imageboard to discuss ponies to their heart's content.


This imageboard provides examples of:

  • Lighter and Softer: To its parent site 4chan and more notably /mlp/.
    • In its early days, Ponychan was much less light-hearted as well. Especially during the Moderator Drama between late 2011 and early 2012.
      • An example of a Retcon in and of itself.
    • /vinyl/ is this to 4chan's music board, /mu/.