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Roleplay / El Cafe du Watchog

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El Cafe du Watchog (originally known as RP General during its time on 4chan) is an ongoing Pokemon-based roleplay. It originally started as a series of joke threads, before evolving into a more serious, but still casual roleplay.

The roleplay's setting is primarily told in and around the cafe, owned by a Watchog named Caleb. The stories involve murder, espionage, romance, and drama, but are usually more light at hear. Later in the roleplay, several arcs are established, with the most recent being the rivalry between Team Cipher and Team Galactic. Pokemon and humans live as equals, but there are still Pokemon who choose to be trained by humans.


The story is set after the Alola saga. After switching to a new site, the story underwent a Continuity Reboot of sorts. While some of the previous site's lore is still intact, much was trimmed or simplified to avoid Continuity Lock-Out.

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