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Sequel spinoff to Kamen Rider Hour Of The Void, set sixty years later in a slightly alternate reality. Yet another play-by-IRC on Rizon, this one using #RideAloneComplex and DM'ed by the illustrious Haken_Browning of Team Phantom Tiger and /m/erotica fame, it serves as a testbed for the uTOHpia Toku-themed e-splat for Mutants & Masterminds (itself drafted by those KRV players carrying over to RAC who mourned the loss of the system in its shift to near-pure freeform).


RAC functions more as a "Good End" to the previous game (when it isn't busy reading more like a scathing in-character critique thereof); the heroes won, and some serious efforts on FangOreo's part have brought Grongi, Fangires, Orphenochs, and Worms out into society under their own power - especially Fangires, with a FangOreo-backed Development & Pioneer engineering a Life Energy feeding substitute (and Coca-Cola Expy) known as FN-TAU.

The bright future has its dark spots, however: though the kaijin races are mostly integrated into society, they bring with them a whole new grade of criminal activity against both humans and their own kind. To counter their threat, the FangOreo construct a "public security firm" (more like "privately-owned military"), "Justice Unlimited Nocturne-Kinetic Elimination Riders", or JUNKER, which is sort of a "good guy" version of ZECT, complete with various "trooper" level mooks and more elite Riders, represented by PCs and NPCs across the say nothing of the various foreign and domestic henshin tech rivals cropping up amid the All-Riders expo.


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As usual, tropes referring specifically to one character's assets go on the character sheet. Anyway, Ride Alone Complex provides examples of:

leads to I Have Many Names when he's playing in a different game that uses "nickup" rules - "Xiaohu", "Wei_Angxian", and "Fionna" are all Axel as well.

Now has a Film Noir-esque Darker and Edgier Alternate Universe spinoff, Hardboiled Pink Lemonade, set in a Crapsack World where SHOCKER wins and most of the SEES Riders are killed. Focuses on Wyll Ascher and Aelita Schaeffer, running a Private Detective agency called Pink Lemonade. Makes frequent use of the Private Eye Monologue both to transition between scenes and to let the two characters act seperately while sharing screentime.

Hardboiled Pink Lemonade provides examples of:

Even after a thorough polishing to remove large swaths of IC natter, the uTOHpia e-splat remains quite tropable as its proprietors take on the nuances of M&M2e along with several oddities from RAC, KRV, and even canon Kamen Rider.

The uTOHpia splat provides examples of:


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