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An immigrant to the US from England via Canada, Michael Z. Williamson has written in a multitude of Genres, although most of his work falls under the Science Fiction/Fantasy umbrella.

Series by Michael Z. Williamson.

Standalone Novels by Michael Z. Williamson

Trope examples include:

Wrongful Accusation Insurance: At the beginning of the first novel, protagonist Kendra Pacelli is framed by her superiors for their crime of selling weapons to terrorists. She flees to the titular Freehold of Grainne, a minarchist nation with no extradition treaties with Earth. Over the course of the novel, Earth invades Grainne to destroy its competing economy - by then she has enlisted in the Freehold armed forces and does an impressive amount of damage as a resistance fighter. After the Grainneans drive them off, they prevent a second invasion by hitting Earth with a massive WMD strike that reduces the superpower to a third-world nation - one that actually acknowledges that she was framed by her superiors, hoping to draw the hero of the resistance to rejoin Earth's military. She "respectfully" declines.