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Fanfic / Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

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"Oh, and while you're at it — kindly free those lovely ladies from the toothbrush holders."

See CAPTAIN PROTON in SEVENTEEN THRILLING CHAPTERS as he battles to SAVE THE WORLD from a diabolical globe-spanning conspiracy! What SINISTER PLOT lies behind the theft of a DEADLY DOOMSDAY DEVICE? What FIENDISH FOE is responsible for the ruthless abduction of BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? What TERRIBLE MENACE threatens the entire future of humanity?
— summary

A Parody Fic in which Captain Proton (the pulp hero of the Show Within a Show on Star Trek: Voyager), Tagalong Reporter Buster Kincaid and Martian investigator TuMok investigate the theft of a Doomsday Device from a weather balloon storage facility in Roswell, the Alien Abduction of beautiful women by a No Budget monster, and the machinations of a Mad Scientist who (of course) wants to Take Over the World, all of which is an Excuse Plot for a journey through the Zeerust future of the early 21st Century in order to riff on sci-fi tropes, serials and B-movies.

Can be found here or here.

Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space provides examples of: