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A 2005 film starring Bill Sage, Sabrina Lloyd, Tatiana Abracos and Leo Fitzpatrick, The Girl From Monday is a sci fi satire which mocks modern consumerism. Jack Bell (Sage) is a jaded advertising executive who had helped to bring Triple M (for Multi-Media Monopoly) into power in the US via a revolution. He then devised the innovative idea of turning sex into a commercial act.

Realizing that the most sexually active people also consume more, due to much advertising linking economic consumption with sex, Jack proposed they record each sexual act electronically. For each act, their credit rating will be raised, along with a desirability rating. As a result of his idea, sex becomes commodified, and soon doing it for simple pleasure or love has been stigmatized. Jack is disgusted at what he's ushered in, first buying a gun to kill himself but then backing out, instead joining up with "counter-revolutionary" rebels.

At the same time, his abortive encounter with a fellow ad exec named Cecile draws her into joining the resistance too, while an alien woman who's come from her planet to Earth for mysterious reasons enters the picture.


  • Alien Among Us: An alien called only "Nobody" has come to Earth in human form. It's later revealed Jack too is an alien, who came earlier.
  • Ambiguous Ending: Did Nobody make it? Will the resistance succeed? Is Cecile doomed to live out her life on the moon? What will happen to Jack? The film never says.
  • Axes at School: Students are now required to have guns in school, in self-defense.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: The government tracks all citizens when they buy anything electronically or use the web, not only to identify dissidents but sell them products (since they're ruled by a huge corporation).
  • Bungled Suicide: Jack hates that he helped the ruling Triple M, and so nearly kills himself twice. However, in the first case he stops before doing it. In the second case he overdoses before planning to shoot himself. He survives, simply passing out then waking up later.
  • Capitalism Is Bad: The film takes aim at the drive to commodify things, having a monopolistic corporation ruling a future US determined to turn a profit off everything imaginable.
  • Cyberpunk: The film has some aspects of this, though it's not really a straight example. It has a future US ruled by a huge corporation which constantly spies on the citizens, harshly punishes dissent, actively tries to brainwash youths and seeks to commodify everything. There's a plucky underdog resistance against it, with the protagonist being a jaded man who aided the state of affairs coming to pass but now deeply regrets this. However, most new technology is only mentioned or briefly seen without it playing much of a role in the story. There's also less of the stereotyped gloomy atmosphere, and the change is more implied or mentioned than shown.
  • Government Drug Enforcement: The Triple M government now mandates that all school children be drugged with anti-anxiety medication.
  • Human Aliens: Nobody, an alien traveler, appears to be a lovely young human woman. It's explained her species lacks a corporeal form however, so she took one on to blend in among humans. As with most examples, she's also white. Jack turns out to be one too.
  • Humans Are White: The whole cast is white, even minor characters. Apparently, the future US has gotten far whiter, contrary to demographic predictions.
  • La RĂ©sistance: The Partisans are a youthful rebel movement seeking to overthrow Triple M, the corporation which rules the future US.
  • MegaCorp: Triple M (Multi-Media Monopoly), a huge corporation which rules the US as the result of a revolution.
  • Ms. Fanservice: "Nobody", the titular Girl, is shown completely naked underwater in the opening of the film, and she's played by a model, Tatiana Abracos.
  • Next Sunday A.D.: The setting is a near future US, but aside from VR helmets there's no visible change in what can be seen. Drastic social change has occurred however, but it's not very obvious.
  • No Name Given: The female alien simply answers that she's "Nobody" when people ask her name, and that remains the only thing they ever call her in the film.
  • One Nation Under Copyright: The future US has come to be ruled by a huge corporation called Triple M, which structures everything for maximizing profit and punishes dissent harshly.
  • Penal Colony: It's mentioned that dissidents have been sent to the moon, where tourist resorts exist now which they must work for. Cecile is sent there near the end.
  • Police Brutality: William is shot dead by the police for running away from them.
  • Police State: Triple M has turned the US into one, with its black-clad paramilitary police everywhere hauling dissidents off, and spying on all the citizens.
  • Really Gets Around: This has been enforced and incentivized under the Triple M government, where people record every sexual act they engage in for higher credit ratings. Consequently, most people will have casual sex frequently. People who do it just for their pleasure or love have been deemed counter-revolutionaries, and non-economic sex is now punishable by hard labor.
  • Sex for Services: One of Cecile's fellow convict teachers has sex with the school principal in return for reducing her sentence. Later on Nobody also has sex with him to get Cecile out of jail by him posting bail (but it doesn't work, since he's caught).
  • Sex Sells: This is discussed in the film. Advertising has linked sex with consumption to such a degree, Triple M can convince most people to turn all sexual encounters into a form of commercial act.
  • Scannable Man: Every citizen in the US now uses a barcode tattoo on their wrists for economic transactions. It also lets them be tracked whenever they use it by the government.
  • Socially Scored Society: The film is set in a future USA where your sexual activity is translated into a "desirability rating" and treated like a credit score. As a result, sex is completely commodified, with people (mostly) only doing it to improve their lives. In fact, doing it simply for pleasure has become a crime.
  • State Sec: Triple M has police in menacing black military-style uniforms, helmets and carrying rifles patrolling the streets at all times, taking away dissidents wherever they are found.
  • Threeway Sex: Nobody wakes up to find Jack and Cecile having sex. Later the three of them are lying in bed together under the covers of his bed.