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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. All spoilers are unmarked, including the big twist of the movie. You Have Been Warned.
I Super-Hate you.

Get in a comfy chair (or double-decker couch) right now, tropers. If you know the directors and their nutty sense of humor, as well as the animation supervisor's work, you can expect to be here awhile!

  • These two screens in rapid succession:
    Emmet: Man, I feel so good right now! I could sing this song for hours!
    5 Hours Later
  • "I guess I'm going to have to report yyyyyyyyyyy..."
  • Someone throwing a shark at Emmet, and of course, it making the same plastic-on-plastic clacking sound that all other Lego bricks make.
    • Then it chirps like a dolphin.
  • The trio have just entered Emmet's mind... which is just a vast space of blue ground:
    Vitruvius: Not seeing a lot of activity...
    Wyldstyle: I don't think he's ever had an original thought... in his life.
    Emmet: [chuckles] That's not true! One time, I wanted to have a bunch of my friends over to watch TV... [as a TV is formed out of thin air] ...not unlike this TV that just showed up magically, and not everyone can fit on my one couch. [forms a couch] And so I've thought to myself, "Well, what if there was such a thing as a bunk bed, but as a couch?" [adds a couch to the top] Introducing the double-decker couch: so everyone can watch TV together and be buddies!
    Wyldstyle: [Beat] That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
    Vitruvius: Please, Wyldstyle, let me handle this. That idea is just... the worst.
  • While Emmet is preparing to start the day, he almost misses the part of his instructions that tell him to put clothes on.
    • Take a look at Emmet's bookcase during that scene. All the books are instructions.
    • One of the pages has a guy being eaten by a shark, but he's still waving with a smile on his face.
  • When Emmet comes across the Piece of Resistance, he suddenly states aloud his instinct to touch it as he nears it. Naturally, the movie plays up the dumbness of the situation by having the Piece softly whisper, touch the piece, touch the piece.
    • Before that, the Overly-Long Gag of Emmet falling down the tunnel, which includes a loop off to the side that he goes through...somehow. At one point, it seems like Emmet is about to tip into a tunnel of soft things (likely leading to Cloud Cuckoo Land), but then his construction helmet tips him into a tunnel of sharp objects.
  • Emmet and Wyldstyle stand just outside the doorway to an old western bar. Emmet is told to pretend to be an ordinary cowboy except, well, he's Emmet. He walks in and shouts cowboy cliches and some unrelated sounds including but not limited to, "Bang, bang, zap, zap! Shoot, shoot, shoot! Bullet bullet gun!". Wyldstyle pulls him back outside and tells him to just pretend to be a stool. Emmet walks in, declares he's a stool, and promptly shouts at people to sit on him. He's pulled back out, Wyldstyle tells him she'll show him how it's done, walks in, spits in a nearby spittoon, then everybody loses interest and shifts back to what they were previously doing.
    • Right after she spits in a spittoon, somebody offscreen yells, "What a lady!" Because everybody in the Wild West spits, but only a real lady would bother to spit in the spittoon...
    • And while he's pretending to be a stool, Wyldstyle is furiously whispering "Stools don't talk!"
    • Careful examination of when Emmet causes the entire saloon to stop what they're doing and stare, a cowboy swinging on a chandelier stops mid-air.
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    • When Wyldstyle and Vitruvius are talking in the bar, watch Emmet in the background. He takes a drink from a bottle and makes a face that just screams "Yuck!".
  • When Emmet falls through the mysterious portal to oblivion, he keeps falling, basically to the point of an implied offscreen Overly-Long Gag while the rest of the Master Builders are saving the world.
  • This:
    Emmet: I wanna go home!
    (crashes into a house being moved on the roadway)
    Emmet: This is not what I meant!
  • "Trust your instincts."
    • Emmet's first try at being a Master Builder is putting two flat pieces together then weakly throwing it in front of some pursuing robot cowboys, only for said pursuers to trample over it without even noticing what Emmet was trying to do.
    • "Unless your instincts are terrible."
  • When Emmet is taking a shower:
    Emmet: Always remember to keep the soap out of your eye-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!
  • Emmet raving about how great President Business's rule is, mentioning all the awesome things his company has made-music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, history books, voting machines...
  • In The Old West, Wyldstyle is explaining the situation of Lord Business and the Master Builders... except that Emmet's paying too much attention to her.
    Wyldstyle: (how Emmet is viewing her) Blah, Blah, Blah blah, proper name. Place name, backstory stuff. I'm so pretty! Blah blah, I like you but I'm angry at you for some reason.
    • "I think I got it, but just in case... tell me the whole thing again, I wasn't listening."
  • And this (also a bit of a Mood Whiplash moment):
    Emmet: (hugging a sobbing Uni-kitty) Gosh, I'm so sorry Unikitty. Do you want to sit down and go talk about it?
    (Camera turns to reveal a double-decker couch)
    Batman: What...the that?
    Emmet: (Sadly) It's a double-decker couch. Which seemed like a good idea at the time but I now realize... is not super helpful. But, you know, it does have cup holders, and the seats flip up with the coolers underneath.
    Batman: You are so disappointing on so many levels.
  • While coming up with a plan to infiltrate the Octan headquarters, Emmet asks the team what the last thing is that Lord Business expects the Master Builders to do.
    Benny: Build a spaceship?!
    Vitruvius: (holding a chicken mini-fig) Kill a chicken?
    Uni-Kitty: Marry a marshmallow!
    Metalbeard: Why, THIS? (transforms into a giant face that sings "How Ya Gonna Keep Them Down On the Farm (After They've Seen Paree)?")
    • Admittedly, Lord Business probably wouldn't expect a giant steampunk Power Armor cyborg pirate to turn into a giant face that sings old-timey songs...
  • When Emmet gets hugged by Lord Business, mimicking the one Finn is receiving from his father at the time.
    Emmet: Whoa, okay, we've got a hugger!
  • When Emmet and Wyldstyle are caught by Octan's robo-workers, Emmet distracts them by... mentioning "Everything is Awesome". It doesn't take long for the robots to start singing in robotic monotone.
    "No-way. This-is-my-jam!"
    • Emmet's beatboxing just comes out of nowhere and says just how resourceful he is for thinking of that right on the spot.
  • Emmet making frustrated noises as he tries to get off the table in his semi-inanimate state, while the Man Upstairs is right next to him.
    • And when Emmet manages to get off the table and onto the floor, he lets out a very quiet "Ow".
  • Emmet falls down into the Old West and continues screaming for ten seconds straight after hitting the ground. He stops when he gets up though.
  • Wyldstyle hitting him with a cactus.
  • There's this scene when Wyldstyle and the others discover everybody fighting back against Lord Business:
    Wyldstyle: If only Emmet was here to see this. He'd say something adorable, like-
    Smash Cut to Emmet, still falling in the abyss
    Emmet: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
  • Emmet getting a glimpse of the real world and remarking, "it's adorable." Then when Finn approaches him, Emmet's instinct is, of course, to think "Don't eat me, don't eat me." What makes this humorous is that this is probably what a sentient minifig would think if he came across a human.
    Emmet: DON'T EAT ME! Please don't eat me!
    • Doubles as Fridge Brilliance because, prior to the release of the Brick Separator tool, how did many kids get a tightly stuck piece of Lego to separate? With their teeth. Look closely and you can even see teeth marks on Benny's helmet.
  • Vitruvius' explanation about what makes Emmet so special:
    Vitruvius: Most Master Builders spend years clearing their minds enough to catch even a glimpse of The Man Upstairs, and yet your mind is so prodigiously empty that there was nothing to clear out to begin with!
  • When Emmet is in the real world, he sees more Kragle bottles and pluralises "Kragle" as "Kragles" while exclaiming "MORE KRAGLES?!?!"
  • Emmet thinks human hands look ugly.
  • Emmet's anti-climatic first attempt to move in the human world. He grunts and groans and screams a lot and then... pop, his leg moves a bit.
Lord Business
  • It's the contrast between the dramatic setting, the whole super-enthusiastic, 'modern-day' character of Lord Business with his helmet spouting fire, and the monotone robots...
    Lord Business: The Kragle. The most powerful superweapon... is mine...
    (He opens the case. We see something glowing)
    Lord Business: Oh, the Kragle!!! Now my evil power will be unlimited!!! Can you feel me?!
    Robots: (monotone) I can feel you.
    Lord Business: Whoo-ooo!!! Nothing's gonna stop me now!!!
  • After Vitruvius gives his prophecy for the first time:
    Lord Business: Ooh, wow. That was a great and inspiring legend that you MADE UP!
    (kicks Vitruvius off the ledge)
  • Towards the beginning of the movie:
    President Business: "Let's all remember to follow the instructions (quietly into the microphone) oryou'llbeputtosleep. And don't forget about Taco Tuesday this week!"
  • Lord Business to Bad Cop after he let Emmet and Wyldstyle get away:
    Lord Business: That's super frustrating. It makes me just wanna pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just throw them through this window, and out into the infinite abyss of nothingness! (cue a shot of the black hole below the building) I wanna do it so baaaad!
    Bad Cop: (nervously) I know you do, sir. Now please, please don't.
  • When Lord Business first hears about the double-decker couch, he spends the next minute ranting about what a terrible idea it is, even as the scene transitions away from him.
  • Lord Business' doomsday device has a countdown clock that counts down in "Mississippis".
    • Even funnier is that when activated, it counts out the first few seconds and then just goes "...and so on."
  • During the scene where we first see his office tower, President Business has his robots surrounding him giving them papers to sign. He ends up getting distracted by one of them and accidentally draws on a robot's face.
  • Wyldstyle interrupts a taping of "Where Are My Pants?" and throws some pants at the actor — "pants" being "non-skin-colored LEGS".
    Wyldstyle: Found your pants! Series is over!
  • The banter when Emmet first hears what Wyldstyle's name is.
    Emmet: What did you say your name was!?
    Wyldstyle: Wyldstyle.
    Emmet: W-Wild... st...
    Wyldstyle: Wyldstyle!
    Emmet: Wyldstyle? Are you a DJ?
    Wyldstyle: What? No.
    Emmet: I-is that your real name?! So... on your birth certificate, it says Wyldstyle?
    Wyldstyle: Let's not talk about my name! (they then get cut off by going into the next world)
    • Later in the Old West world, Vitruvius is playing the piano in a bar when Wyldstyle tries to make him recognize her. Vitruvius then points out that he is a blind old man, which prompts Wyldstyle to say her name instead.
      Vitruvius: Are you a DJ?
    • Doubles as a Brick Joke in an Emmet Awards video when Wyldstyle served as a DJ.
  • When Wyldstyle and Emmet arrive in the Old West, she throws a cactus at him.
  • During the Octan break-in, Wyldstyle breaks into a room with several robots in it, leading to this moment:
    Robot: Who're you?
    The shot cuts to an outside view of the room's window, and there's a brief moment of various dismembered robots parts hitting the glass, before Wyldstyle/Lucy appears
  • How about the fact that Wyldstyle's boyfriend is Batman?
  • Wyldstyle knocking out two cowboys to get disguises.
    Cowboy 1: Y'all want a giant turkey leg?
    Cowboy 2: Do you have any idea what that does to your colon?
    (Wyldstyle knocks them out and throws disguises to Emmet)
    Emmet: Oh my G-O-S-H!
    Wyldstyle: Just put the hat on (throws him a ten-gallon hat). Oh, and this (Mexican poncho), and this (bundle of other "Wild West" clothes), and this (six-shooter), and this (horse).
  • The frustrated noise Wyldstyle (and her horse) make when Emmet reveals he wasn't listening.
  • When Wyldstyle/Lucy nearly snuffs out the Bavarian Fire Drill.
    Robo-Lucy: I don't want to sing this song.
    All the Robots: DEATH GLARE
    Robo-Lucy: ♪Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!
  • Wyldstyle renaming Taco Tuesday during her Rousing Speech:
    Wyldstyle: Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday! It will be known as "Freedom Friday"! (pause) But still on a Tuesday!
  • Wyldstyle opening the broadcast before her Rousing Speech with:
    Hey everybody. You don't know me, but I'm on TV, so you can trust me.
  • The very first lines, telling viewers what kind of movie they are in for:
    Vitruvius: He is coming. Cover yo' butt.
    Knight: ...Cover the what? (Lord Business bursts in)
  • Lord Business punting Vitruvius into a pit after he tells him the prophecy.
    • And just before then, what the closing words of the prophecy are:
      Vitruvius: ...and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times. All this is true... because it rhymes.
  • During the meeting of the Master Builders, Vitruvius can't tell the difference between Gandalf and Dumbledore, much to both wizards' chagrin.
    • Vitruvius keeps calling Dumbledore Double-Door.
      Vitruvius: (talking super fast) Alright you're gonna have to write all that down because I'm not gonna remember any of it, but herewego!
      • The best part is that that line wasn't in the script; Morgan Freeman actually had trouble keeping all the names straight and improvised that line, and they kept it in the final cut.
    • It's possibly funnier because it might be a reference to an actual scene in the fifth Harry Potter book, where Neville, with a broken nose, sounds like he's saying "Dubbledore" when he's trying to say "Dumbledore", which naturally spawned a Forbidden Forest full of Epileptic Trees about how a set of double doors would be important to the plot of the series.
    • THIS:
      Gandalf: Have the young man step forward.
      Vitruvius: As you wish, Dubbledore.
      Gandalf: I'M GANDALF!
      Dumbledore: It's pronounced "DUM-Ble-Dore."
  • The entire scene with ghost Vitruvius, made all the more hilarious because it looks like he's just being dangled from a string.
    • It's even funnier when you realize that Ghost Vitruvius actually is animated. The movie was done in CG, not actual Legos, so someone had to animate something to appear like a really bad attempt at animating.
    • Not to mention we get this line:
      Vitruvius: I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it's true.
    • It's also inherently amusing to hear Morgan freaking Freeman going "oooooh" like a stereotypical ghost.
    • "Emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier... because I died."
      • Even funnier. It sounds as if he is blaming Emmet for his death!
  • Vitruvius trying to sneak around in the Think Tank. He's somehow managed to have gotten several hundred feet up inside of it, and attempts to sneak around a corner over a gap. It goes about as well as you'd think.
  • Vitruvius' words to Emmet to inspire him one last time to get the Piece of Resistance are uplifting. They're also delivered from a cat poster with the word "Believe!" in glowing letters, with Morgan Freeman's voice coming out of a lazily-animated cat's mouth. It's so absurd that it's perfectly acceptable to laugh even while being inspired.
  • There's a load of visual gags related to Vitruvius's blindness, such as when he tosses his messenger birds into a closed window, but here are some of the best ones:
    • When Emmet attaches his head to the wheel and saves them, Vitruvius is going to hug Emmet... but he hugs a pig instead. It's adorable though.
    • When giving roles for his plan to infiltrate Lord Business' tower, Emmet puts Vitruvius on look out. Cut to Vitruvius 'looking' through a pair of binoculars and announcing that there's no enemies... at a wall.
  • Vitruvius keeps some messenger birds in his room in case he needs to arrange a meeting with the rest of the Master Builders. How will they do this? Vitruvius explains they will go to an internet cafe and send an email to all the Master Builders.
  • At the ending after the day is saved:
    Ghost Vitruvius: I liked Emmet BEFORE it was cool.note 
  • During the Wild West escape sequence, Vitruvius spends the entire latter half of the chase thinking that one of the pigs is Emmet.
  • Just this moment.
    Vitruvius: (attaching a fish to a magic wand) Your training begins now.
    Robo-cowboys: (banging on the door) Hey, piano-man! Open up!
    Vitruvius: Your training begins later!
  • While the rest of the scene is heartwrenching, Vitruvius' "last words" aren't.
    Vitruvius: What I am about to tell you... will change the course of history: BLEAGH! (dies)note 
  • When the submarine begins to leak, it leaks on Vitruvius first and he asks why his pants are cold and wet. Wyldstyle, thinking that he wet his pants, says, "Ew!".
  • Vitruvius' reaction to when Wyldstyle first speaks to him:
    Wyldstyle: [Whispering] Vitruvius.
    Vitruvius: Who? I have never heard of this man, whom I am not.
  • The fact that Batman is a main character, and he's voiced by Will Arnett.
    Batman: I only work in black! *Beat* And sometimes very, very dark gray!
  • Another one from the trailer.
  • There's this:
    Guard: Who are you here to see?
    Batman: I'm here to see... your butt.
    Guard: I see. Is that last name "Butt", first name "Your," or-
    (Batman takes the guard's head clean off with a Batarang)
    Guard: Oh my gosh! (collapses in pieces),
    (Batman throws many Batarangs at a button next to the guard, getting more desperate with each miss)
    Batman: Pow! Wham! Ka-zap!
    (A Batarang finally falls on the button in what is clearly an accidental fluke)
    Batman: First try!
  • Also this:
    Batman: To the Batmobile!
    (a fighter plane fires lasers at the Batmobile, which then explodes)
    Batmanm Dang it.
    Wonder Woman: To the invisible jet!
    (the same fighter plane fires lasers at thin air, which then explodes)
    Wonder Woman: Dang it.
  • Batman's reaction to Cloud Cuckoo Land.
    Batman: (As a clown and a person in a dino suit dance around him) I hate this place.
  • When the heroes are stuck in the ocean, after having survived by hiding inside Emmet's double-decker couch, after their submarine is destroyed, Batman remarks that they're basically screwed and that it's not like a ship is just gonna magically appear and save them. Cue Metalbeard and his pirate ship.
    • Batman just gruffly shouts "Oh my gosh!" in wangsty surprise mid-sentence.
      • Consider the situation and it's funnier. This may be the only movie where you will ever hear Batman say "oh my goooosh" while standing on a coffee cup attached to a doubled-decker sofa while floating in the middle of the ocean.
  • The heroes soon after need a hyperdrive for their big plan, and we get this gem:
    Benny: Maybe we could find one!
    Batman: What do you think? A spaceship is just going to appear out of the blue- [Cue Star Wars theme as the Millennium Falcon appears]-ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THE SAME BIT?!
    • To get a hyperdrive, Batman steals the one from the Millennium Falcon. The result? Han, Lando, and company get eaten by the asteroid worm.
    • Bonus points for this line from Batman: "Those guys were so lame. All they did was play space checkers. Plus, it turns out that hairy one's a dude. The metal one too. All dudes."
    • Before that, when Batman is trying to convince Wyldstyle why it's a good idea for him to go with them:
      Batman: Babe, look. If this relationship's gonna work between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it.
      Wyldstyle: What?
    • He then departs Wyldstyle with this:
      Batman: I will text you.
  • The lyrics to Batman's "Untitled Self Portrait"
    • The funniest part is that Wyldstyle knows the lyrics by heart and is lip-syncing them.
  • This:
    Emmet: Hey, guys? I think we're about to crash into the sun.
    Batman: Yeah, but it's gonna look really cool.
    (The Batplane smashes through the sun, making a hole shaped like the Bat-Logo.)
  • Batman manages to land on a police cruiser in mid-air, and rebuilds it into a baby carriage so it falls down!
  • The entirety of Emmet's plan is this combined with Awesome but notable credit goes to Batman becoming Bruce Wayne to distract President Business.
    • How? By selling him a stereo system — bonus points for also being a Brick Joke and that it actually works.
      Bruce Wayne: Cool, what kind of sound system does it have?
      Lord Business: Sound system? Ehhmm, we have an iPod Shuffle?
      Bruce Wayne: Wait a minute, are you telling me you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound?
      Uni-Kitty: Embarrassing!
    • When Emmet is describing this part of the plan, we are shown how Batman and Uni-Kitty will distract Lord Business and get the stereo system made:
      President Business: I vote that we freeze the universe, can I get a second on that?
      Bruce Wayne: [bursting into the room] Seconded! Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises!
      [Smash Cut back to Emmet explaining the plan to the group]
      Batman: Bruce Wayne?! Uhh, who is that? Sounds like a cool guy!
      Wyldstyle: [facepalming] Ugh...
    • As of The LEGO Batman Movie, the fact that Emmet, Wyldstyle and the other cast members know who Batman really is when nobody in Gotham except Alfred has any clue is hilarious. How the hell did they even find out?
Good Cop/Bad Cop
  • The mere existence of Bad Cop/Good Cop as the same person. It doesn't hurt that he's voiced by Liam Neeson.
    Emmet: Isn't there supposed to be a good cop?
    Bad Cop: Oh yes, but we're not done yet.
    [Bad Cop/Good Cop's head changes to Good Cop's face]
    Good Cop: Hi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer. Would you like a glass of water?
    Emmet: Yeah, actually—
    [Good Cop's head changes back to Bad Cop's face]
    Bad Cop: TOO BAD!
    [punches glass of water across the room]
    • Good Cop's cutesy voice is made ten times funnier when you realize that Liam Neeson is doing both voices.
    • Pretty much all of the interrogation scene between Emmet and Bad Cop.
      Emmet: [upon being accused of being The Chosen One] I'm not special! Just ask all my friends!
      Bad Cop: Oh, we asked them alright. [theatrically spins Emmet round to face a screen and smacks a button down triumphantly, turning the screen on] Boom!
      Guy on screen: That guy's... not a criminal mastermind.
    • And this:
      Emmet: You gotta believe me! I have no idea how this thing got on my back!
      Good Cop: Of course, buddy. I believe you!
      Emmet: Really?
      [Good Cop's head swivels round to Bad Cop]
      Bad Cop: [motioning stiffly with his hands] Oh, yes. I "believe" you too. See these quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I don't believe you!
    • And when they tie Emmet to the melting machine, Bad Cop phones Lord Business:
      Bad Cop: Hello? Lord Business? I have him right here, sir. We've told him he'll live to stop him trying to escape, but... we're lying to him.
      Emmet: What?!
    • And then later when Wyldstyle rescues Emmet, Good Cop comes casually strolling in with a LEGO croissant.
      Good Cop: [cheerily] Hi everybody! How's the melting go— [switches to Bad Cop] Hey, hey, HEY,HEY!!
    • Interestingly, many fans found this scene so hilarious that most fan-art depicting Good Cop features a croissant somewhere.
  • Bad Cop's abuse of chairs.
    • Taken up to eleven in one scene where they specifically give Bad Cop a chair to kick around for a minute before punting it and dropping it on top of another officer.
    • His dialogue just before that is also a classic parody of the kind of censorship the movie is expected to take for the M-rated shows from which Bad Cop's character is based:
    • Later, we also see a chair fly out of the side of Bad Cop's hovercar.
    • During the interrogation tantrum, Bad Cop kicks a chair yelling "AGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA!" You're now picturing Liam Neeson yelling it.
  • While Bad Cop is questioning the cowboys in the saloon on whether they have seen Emmet or not, none of them recognize his face in the wanted poster until Bad Cop draws a cowboy hat on it.
    • Which ties in to the earlier joke that all of Lord Business' attempts to track Emmet based on facial recognition failed because his face is so generic, that it's a 100% match for everybody in the system.
  • When Bad Cop scribbles a good face with a marker on his helmet, how it looks so badly done, how it moves when he talks, how he continues talking in Bad Cop's voice (only now he's trying to sound higher pitched), and of course there's this:
    Benny: [snaps out of his Master Building daydream] I could build a spaceship!
    [no-one says no]
    Benny: You're not going to say no?
    Bad Cop as "Scribble-Faced" Good Cop: Build away, whatever your name is.
    • This scene becomes even more hilarious because that precise set of circumstances causes Liam Neeson to sound like Caboose from Red vs. Blue, especially his childishly cheerful "Yaaay!"
  • Look closely at Good Cop after Emmet gets strapped into the melting chamber, and he looks happy operating the controls. His grin doesn't look like a Psychotic Smirk, but rather the same kind of smile he made when trying to act friendly.
  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but in one scene Bad Cop is on his laptop singing. The song? "Danny Boy".
Princess Unikitty
  • They barely wait at all to reveal the truth about Unikitty.
    "All ideas are good ideas, except the not happy ones. Those we push deep down inside where we can never ever ever (Moves closer to the screen and then becomes momentarily psycho) EVER (serene again) find theeeem~"
    • The moment when she finally snaps after seeing Emmet in danger by the micromanagers, she tries to stay positive while threatening to get angry, before screaming, "OH, FORGET IT!"
  • Uni-Kitty serves as a distraction in one of the funniest scenes in the movie.
    Batman: Left the weird cat thing to stall.
    Uni-Kitty: *Prancing around on the meeting table* Business, business, business. Numbers. (whispers) Is this working?
    Robot: Yes.
    Uni-Kitty: YAAAAAAAY- (Smash Cut)
    • Even funnier is her "disguise": crudely drawn-on glasses and dollar signs printed all over her body.
  • When Uni-Kitty explains the rules of Cloud Cuckoo Land:
    Uni-Kitty: ...and no negativity of any kind!
    Wyldstyle: You just said the word "no", like, a thousand times.
    Uni-Kitty: And there's also no consistency!
    • For many experienced tropers, just the fact that the place is named Cloud Cuckoo Land.
  • While the Master Builders are working on the Octan delivery ship, Uni-Kitty tries to add some white flowers to her section.
    Emmet: Uni-Kitty! You're supposed to follow the instructions, remember?
    Uni-Kitty: (smiles sheepishly) Sorry.
  • When the submarine has sprung a bad leak:
    Uni-Kitty: The walls are crying!
Metalbeard and Benny
  • While infiltrating Lord Business' headquarters, Metalbeard reveals he can transform into a copy machine. However, a pair of guards decide to use it to photocopy their Lego butts on it, causing Metalhead to destroy them and deliver this line:
    Metalbeard: Rule 1 of the sea: Never place yer rear end on a pirate's face!
    • When the above line is said, there is a board full of other amusing rules, such as "Never release the Kraken" and "Never wear a dress on a Tuesday"!
  • Metalbeard is, if not actually undead, a Frankensteinian creature rebuilt from only his head and organs. And a robot. And a pirate. And as shown when transforming into a comparatively tiny copy machine, surprisingly good at stealth, not unlike a ninja. He's literally a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot!
  • Benny tries to tell the Octan Corp computer to lower the laser shields so Emmet can get the Kragle, but the computer keeps reading his input codes wrong, and at one point, even talks like he's ordering Moviefone tickets!
    Benny: Cool, Talking Computer! Please disable the shield system!
    Computer: Of course... There are no movies in your area with that title.
    Benny: UGGggghhhh!
    • And when does the computer finally lower the shields? When Metalbeard speaks like a pirate.
      Metalbeard: Be ye disabling of yon shield?
      Computer: Disabling shield.
      Benny: WHAT?!
  • When Metalbeard moans about losing his once "strapping and virile" pirate body to Cleopatra and The Statue of Liberty, they're cringing. Looks like his attempt to impress the ladies didn't go too well.
  • Metalbeard's crew consists of him, a pirate wench, his first mate and a Magician, Speed Racer, the Flash, Disco Guy, a Witch, a Mime and a Gorgon.
  • We have this scene when Metalbeard rescues our heroes from being stranded at sea.
    Benny: Metalbeard? I thought you said we were a lost cause!
    Metalbeard: YE ARE! Did ye not hear me whole story circumscribing the folly of this whole enterprise?
    Batman: It's kinda hard not to hear when you're yelling everything...
  • Benny's face when he's flying into the Octan Corp building with Batman. During the whole scene he's just grinning happily.
  • Metalbeard randomly transforming into a folksy robot and singing a Judy Garland song. Uni-Kitty was terrified/disgusted!
  • Just the fact that in Emmet's plan, he decided to send Metalbeard, a giant clanky metal robot, on the stealth portion of the mission.
...and Everyone Else
  • "...and the 2002 NBA all-stars!" (with Shaq O' Neal voiced by the man himself!)
    • And 1980-something Space Guy (Benny). Looking his age with a broken chinstrap and a faded sticker.
    • One of the Master Builders is Milhouse. That alone is worth a few laughs.
  • This scene:
    Abraham Lincoln: A house divided against itself would be better than this! *flies away on a jet-powered version of his seat*
    Emmet: "Hey, Abraham Lincoln, you bring your space chair right back!"
    • Doubly funny if you remember how much the directors liked to mess with Abe Lincoln before.
  • This bit:
    Emmet: (reading from his instructions) Drink overpriced coffee!
    Barista: That's $37.
    Emmet: (Beat) Awesome!
    • The fact that the coffee place is literally called "The Coffee Chain")
    • Also considering that when the barista is interviewed a mere day later, the price of coffee has increased to $42. Even funnier as it's a background gag delivered after the police interview him!
  • The interaction between Superman and Green Lantern, with the latter constantly fanboying over his hero and the former being annoyed to no end. Their universe takes advantage of this, producing one of the funniest lines in the film's penultimate climax:
    Superman: (After being placed in the Think Tank) At least it can't get any worse...
    Green Lantern: Hello neighbor! Looks like we're room 'mates! How crazy is that?
    Superman: Does anyone have any Kryptonite that they could give me?
    • Before that:
      (Superman is stuck in gum)
      Green Lantern: Don't worry, Superman, I'll get you out of there!
      Superman: No, don't—
      Green Lantern: (falls onto the gum) Oh, my gosh! My arms are stuck! My legs are stuck as well!
      Superman: I super hate you.
  • The entirety of Lego Shaquille O'Neal's plan of attack. Y'ALL READY FOR THIS?!
    Shaq: Oh no! They were ready for that!
    • While Cleopatra and the Statue of Liberty wave pom poms to cheer them on.
  • Wyldstyle hijacks the camera that was filming "Where Are My Pants?" to tell all the Lego worlds what Emmet's done through huge, mounted monitors... we cut to Middle Zealand, and find that they're only listening to a messenger on horseback reading what she's saying out of a scroll! In falsetto!
    • In The Old West, everyone has stopped trying to kill each other and is listening to a phonograph to hear Lucy's speech. Then a cowboy takes "break the ground" a little too literally and starts trying to pull up the floorboards.
      • And he succeeds! And everyone cheers!
  • "Where Are My Pants?" is funny on its own just for the utter silliness of its one-joke premise and the actor's head-spinning as he asks his wife the titular question. Not to mention how that alone gets Emmet to burst out laughing.
    • In an easily missed joke during the climax: "The Man Upstairs", while fixing everything with Krazy Glue, removes the actor's pantsless leg pieces and glues a pair of pants'd legs to his torso. Guess he won't be losing them again.
    • When Wyldstyle hijacks the show to broadcast a message to the world:
      Wyldstyle: "Found your pants, series is over!" (throws pants at the main character)
  • The ending. William Shakespeare starts doing the worm.
    • Shakespeare gets pistol-whipped by a robot when the Master Builders are brought into the Think Tank!
  • Abraham Lincoln zooming into the final battle on his chair, with Shakespeare and Gandalf hanging on.
  • When Vitruvius announces that Lord Business plans to end the world, Cleopatra tries to kill herself with her asp and Michaelangelo hides in his shell.
    • Also, the shot of the Dragon putting two pieces together in awe and wonder.
  • The medieval fantasy world is called "Middle Zealand". Even New Zealanders loved this joke considering how much the local tourism board loves to promote the connection to the films despite it being a British property.
  • Superman trying to hit on the Statue of Liberty. Truth, Justice, and the American Way!
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Vitruvius get knocked off of their wagon and land on the train, the pig that was riding with them misses the train completely and explodes into sausage links.
  • In another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, Chewbacca is holding one of the oversized turkey legs, before switching it out to a wrench.
  • While the Robots are attacking Cloud Cuckoo Land, one of them is attacked and subdued... by ducklings.
  • During the revolt, one cowboy on a horse is riding... a giant horse built of LEGO.
The real world
  • After the climax and the Man Upstairs agreeing to let Finn actually play with his large collection of sets, we get the best Sequel Hook since Toy Story- "And since you can play here now, [so can] your sister." Cue a Flat "What" and without missing a beat, a cut to the LEGO world where a massive pink spaceship appears... and beams down Duplo creatures bent on destroying the Master Builders, followed by an Oh, Crap! and credits.
    • Double Points for being made with the much hated toddler Lego.
      • Triple Points for giving the Duplo alien the voice of a toddler girl, most likely Finn's sister.
  • Given without context, because it's a huge spoiler otherwise, but this one line sums up LEGO so well.
    "But the box says '8-14 years'!"
    "That's a suggestion. They have to put that on there."
  • This:
    "This is not a toy!"
    "It... kinda is."
    "It's a highly sophisticated interlocking brick mechanism. And the way I play with it makes it an adult thing."
  • When Finn says he "accidentally" took the top off the Octan Tower, The Man's reaction is priceless.
    The Man Upstairs: (incredulous) You accidentally, expertly, CAREFULLY took the entire top off of that tower?
    • When he first finds the set and the chaos that ensued from it, he has a lot of disbelief.
Meta and Out of Canon
  • The various names given to the human artifacts are often funny, especially the Sword of X-Act Zero (it's an X-acto knife blade).
    • The Poleesh Remover of Na'iil. It's just nail polish remover. And an old Band-Aid (a.k.a. the Cloak of Ban Da'id), which Lord Business hears is very painful to take off. The latter example even has a Funny Background Event as two henchmen have significant trouble handling it after Lord Business tosses it away.
    • And who could ever forget the Fleece-Crested Scepter Of Q'Teep?
  • Anytime a minifig falls and lands. They're just animated on 1s, for about 8 frames in total, and then they fall flat on their face! It looks so unnatural yet it's hilarious!
    • Just seeing minifigs move to begin with, let alone for an entire movie. They just look so cute yet clumsy and awkward!
    • This is especially noted in the scene where Emmet and Wyldstyle fall into the Old West world. Emmet continues to scream for a few seconds more after he's already hit the ground face-down.
  • Any of the on-screen cards with text on them, made with, you guessed it, Lego, such as "8 1/2 Years Later" or "5 hours later", etc..
    • The "10" seconds later card that follows Vitruvius in the Old West implies it might have taken more than ten seconds to blindly navigate up a flight of stairs. A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins...
    • The "10 seconds later" card after Wyldstyle is accompanied by the Double Dare (1986) theme, and is apparently produced by Octan!
  • Seems like the writers and directors or at least Finn really don't like Bionicle, LEGO Friends, and LEGO Speed Racer!
  • The secret knock to enter Cloud Cuckoo Land is shown to be just one knock.
    • Which actually does kind of make sense; when's the last time you just knocked on a door once?
    • Especially considering there's a rather long pause before the door opens. Anyone who doesn't know the secret would probably think no one is coming to the door and knock again.
  • The fact that the names of the worlds that appear when the characters enter them are part of the world itself. If you look in the background after Emmet and Wyldstyle enter "The Wild West", you can see the words "The Wild West" still floating behind them. Later in the movie, Benny's spaceship smashes through "Middle Zealand", scattering pieces everywhere.
  • A lot of the sound effects are lazily done on purpose making them comically brilliant and are definitely worth a giggle or two.
    • Emmet's neighbor has a lot of cats voiced by people just going, 'Meow' in a high note, except for the last cat, Jeff, who has a deeper voice.
    • In the Old West, the soundtrack is accompanied by a high-pitched voice going, "A-Yah" and "A-Yah-Yah" whenever the robot sheriff and his deputies are staring down Emmet's wanted poster, the heroes themselves, or any other type of dramatic reveal.
    • The LEGO pigs themselves are even saying straight up, "Oink oink oink", and it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the same guy voiced all the animals and even some of the extra characters.
    • Emmet and Vitruvius land in the pigpen, with the "ground" just being a brown LEGO surface, then:
      Lucy: Guys! Quit playing in the mud!
    • The pigs make for an utterly hilarious gag when Emmet and Wyldstyle are fleeing in the Wild West. Wyldstyle starts to build a vehicle for them as Emmet runs wild getting tangled up in wire and pigs. As they reach Wyldstyle, she grabs the wire, snaps it in the air and suddenly all the pigs get in line like sled dogs with one synchronous "OINK!"
    • Yet another pig gag comes when, after the pig-driven car smashes into the train, one of the pigs lands on the ground and turns into a mess of Lego sausages!
    • Several times throughout the movie, when ships start moving their motion sounds are exactly the sound a person would make if they were imitating a plane. Makes a certain kind of sense, given The Reveal...
    • The Micro-Management robots sound exactly like someone pretending to sound like an evil robot.
  • The film's theme song "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" is partially performed by The Lonely Island. Even with G-rating constraints, they still manage to have some great lyrics.
    Blue skies! Bouncy springs!
    We just named two awesome things!
    A Nobel Prize! A piece of string!
    You know what's awesome? EVERYTHING!
    • Then there's the "MTV Unplugged" version of "Everything Is Awesome" at the very end of the credits.
  • The entire third trailer is basically one big parody of the Man of Steel trailer, using the same music, referring to Emmet as a 'Man of Plastic' and ending with a Lego-Superman commenting aside:
    Lego Superman: "You ruined it. Good job."
  • In the Behind The Bricks trailer, there's a scene where Good Cop and Bad Cop argue over who is the lead in the film. It's funny enough, but pay attention to what is going on in the background instead, and you'll be laughing much harder. A mini figure is trying to wrangle some chickens when one pulls a GUN on him. The next scene then shows said mini figure lying on the floor while the chicken pins him down with the revolver and another chicken steals his cash.
    • In the same video, Emmet talks about the pranks that happened on set, such as the others having a big party. ...And not inviting him. ...Every weekend.
    • The intro to this (and several trailers) involve Batman uninterested in performing his line to announce the "totally sweet" item to follow. At least until it's revealed that Superman is the replacement, upon which he says it with gusto and passion!
    • One shot from the party scene mentioned above is really funny. Pause when Emmet walks in and the shot comes into focus, and you'll see Bad Cop and President Business are holding Vitruvius upside down to do a keg-stand, Wyldstyle and Batman are doing karaoke on a table, and- this is the good part- Uni-Kitty and Benny have what can best be described as alcohol bottles up to their mouths. In addition, there are a ton of bottles and cups all around on the floor.
    • "Oh, no, those weren't pranks. I was legitimately trying to destroy them all." "WHAT DID HE JUST SAY???". And then the entire main cast stops what they're doing and glares at President/Lord Business. With Bad Cop about to throw a chair and Batman hanging upside down and glaring.
    • "...weird unicorn cats." Gilligan Cut to a confused Uni-Kitty (cleaning herself) asking, "Who said I was weird?"
    • Vitruvius talks about how he's voiced by Morgan Freeman, and then talks about how Morgan could make reading the phone book sound interesting. And proceeds to do just that.
      • Also pay attention to the boom mic operator, he looks like he's in a state of pure bliss during the phone book reading.
        Vitruvius: "555-3492... Mmmm... just listen to those rich molasses."
    • When President Business is complaining about being voiced by Will Ferrell, after he puts his shirt back on, the camera jumps back and you can see he's wearing Wonder Woman briefs. (Where are his pants?)
    • "They're shooting at us. With real lasers." "And blowing us up, to be reassembled!"
    • Other amusing background antics:
      • A stagehand talks with a female stagehand and then laughs. Whatever he said prompted the female to get angry and pour her drink all over him and storm off.
      • A horse attacks a crew member and they land off-screen.
      • Abraham Lincoln talks on a cell phone!
      • A technician works on overhead beams and then falls down.
      • During the first scene with Metalbeard, a stagehand is brushing his shark-arm's teeth.
      • A mermaid tries to move around the set without having legs. One time she even falls forward, gets up, shakes dirt off her arms, and continues.
      • Batman, angry, intimidates a crew member by lifting him up by his throat with both hands and shaking his head, as if to say "You don't mess with the goddamn Batman!"
    • And of course, Benny.
      Benny: We got a space dog, a space cat, space chair, space shelves, uh, I think there's some space food, astronaut ice cream, we have astronaut milk, uh uh SHELVES, DID I SAY SHELVES!?
    • Batman's Take That!:
      Batman: So they [the directors] got Will Arnett to voice me. Guess that means Clooney passed.
    • And President Business:
      President Business: You'd think for a characters as important as President Business, they'd be able to get someone with serious chops. You know, I'm talking DeNiro. Pacino. Ryan Gosling. (shirt comes off, wolf whistle) Cuba Gooding Jr. But no! They get Will Ferrell? When you're scraping the bottom of the barrel, you find yourself with a Will Ferrell.
  • The bloopers video. All of it.
    • Vitruvius introduces the video and then falls, doing his infamous scream again!
    • Emmet tries to tell the barista a joke, but trips over his words and ruins it.
      Emmet: I'm on a seafood diet! I eat s- I see seafood, and I eat it. (Beat) Never mind... (Wyldstyle walks on screen laughing while the barista turns around with a confused smile on his face)
    • Emmet lands and continues screaming. ...and continues screaming. ...and gets up, weirds Wyldstyle out, and proceeds to chase her screaming!
    • Batman's improvised one-liners when he crashes into the sunset.
      Who wants to see me do something really cool? Me! (crash)
      This is a great idea! (crash)
      Who wants to go into the Sun with me? (crash)
      This is one of my worst ideas ever. (crash)
      Let's get in the sun! (crash)
    • Emmet making mention of "Lucy", and Batman going off on a rant about that name.
      Batman: What kind of lame-o name is [Lucy]? That's like that name of a bank teller, or a preschool teacher. Boy, did I just date myself with "bank teller". [stagehand comes on screen and laughs] I'm not that old.
    • Made Hilarious in Hindsight by the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, when it turns out he is that old.
    • Angry Vitruvius.
      Vitruvius: Ah, we gotta write all that down 'cause I'm not gonna remember any of it, but herewego! [deep breath, zooms in on Vitruvius' eyes]
    • Unikitty trails off her "no rules" line into "no frowny faces, no poo-poos, no boo-boos, no hooooooooo-hoos!" and laughs, admitting she kinda lost it there. Then, Alison Brie breaks character and starts speaking normally, but the animators continued to animate her voice to Unikitty's face, resulting in the childlike Unikitty speaking in the voice of a grown woman.
    • Batman and Emmet are taking a break between takes on the pirate ship set, and Batman says he'd like someone to invent arm-rests, not the chair, JUST the arm-rests! That he can take to a concert...
    • The Running Gag of Batman's grappler repeatedly malfunctioning.
    • Not to mention the constant, never-ceasing use of the smacking sound effect whenever anyone hits anything. It's almost as bad as the whip-crack sound effect Johnny Test uses.
  • The fact that the real LEGO playset featuring Benny and his spaceship is officially titled "Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!"
  • The music video for "Everything is Awesome": Instead of showing Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island in person, the creators of the video made minifigures of them, stuck them to pencils, and wove them around in front of the camera.
    • The line "Everything is better/When we stick together" gets accompanied by a Visual Pun of Tegan and Sara taped to each other.
    • One of the Lonely Island members gets dipped in chocolate frosting, then cleaned in a fishtank, only to get dipped in frosting again later in the video.
  • The "Enter the Ninjago" clip from the Blu-ray bonus features. All of it.
    • "Kids love ninjas. It's a sad fact of life."
    • Having been shown several clips from his movie with Lloyd the Ninja edited in crudely, Emmet gets annoyed, giving us this exchange:
      Emmet: Okay... but at the end of the movie I still save the day, right? Like how it actually happened in my actual, real life?
      Hollywood Guy: You know, you'd think that after two examples your expectations would be lowered already. But if they're not... LOWER THEM MORE! (shows another movie clip with Lloyd the Ninja saving Emmet from his Heroic Sacrifice fall, and letting him land safely on a horse, causing a chain reaction of falling horses that ends with a squeaky panda)
      Emmet: What?!
      Hollywood Guy: Yeah, we had to put that in there for the international audience. Turns out, they don't love words! They love pratfalls, slapstick, physical comedy, and cute furry animals.
      Emmet: Instead of making my life story, why didn't you just make a whole movie about ninjas?
      Hollywood Guy: What a great idea! The Ninjagos!
    • The rise and fall of The Super-Crunchy Ninja Skateboard Party Movie With Pratfalls Slash Physical Comedy And Cute Furry Animals For The International Audience:
      Announcer: Warner Bros. presents the The Super-Crunchy Ninja Skateboard Party Movie With Pratfalls Slash Physical Comedy And Cute Furry Animals For The International Audience! (then, whispered, in Rattling Off Legal style and becoming increasingly inaudible) The international audience includes the UK, Australia, and other English-speaking territories not part of the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. (Smash Cut to Emmet's utterly bewildered face) Coming soon to a theater near you! (Smash Cut to black screen with text, with wind playing in the background) The Super-Crunchy Ninja Skateboard Party Movie With Pratfalls Slash Physical Comedy And Cute Furry Animals For The International Audience was the biggest bomb in the history of cinema. The Studio lost all their money, they tore down Hollywood, and no-one ever made a movie again.
    • Bonus points in that this all takes place across about 15 seconds.
  • The Lego Movie: Censored Version.
    • "I AM SO ***ED UP!!!"
  • The cheesy DVD trailer for "History Cop" which plays up every cop buddy cliche for laughs.
  • We get this gem from the video game:
    Lord Business: Behold, the Giant Micromanager! ...And I know that technically that means I should just call it a Manager, but that doesn't sound as terrifying.
  • The characters "auditioning" for the movie, which can be viewed here.
    • All the characters have good moments here; Emmet trying various takes of "I don't know what I'm doing" (including a 'fat guy' take), Wyldstyle listing the body parts of the robots she's killing, Good/Bad Cop being told they can't be in the movie together due to 'union issues', and let's not forget Lord Business complaining about the poor acting.
      Lord Business: OK, guys. What I like is when you bring the laughs... so let's see it just FOR ONCE!
    • When Emmet, Wyldstyle, and Batman introduce themselves... Well, Emmet and Wyldstyle each do a typical "I'm [X]". However, you'd expect Batman to do his famous "I'm Batman" line, but instead he wasn't even paying attention and was just fiddling with his "bat-phone". Then they try to get him to say the line:
      Casting Director: (as Batman takes a selfie) The line is, "I'm Batman."
      Batman: Ah, you don't want me in your movie. I'm not into it and uh-
      Casting Director: You know maybe we should just get Superman do it. (Superman comes into frame from left gleefully smiling as someone off-screen whispers "Yeah, yeah!")
      Batman: (pulls out a batarang) I'm Batman.
  • When the movie was notably snubbed for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Phil Lord responded by tweeting "I made my own." with a picture of an Oscar statue made of LEGOs.
    • On the other hand, "Everything Is Awesome" was not forgotten for Best Song. And warranted a performance which just stringed hilarious moments one after another (An animated intro featuring a choir of minifigurines! Badly drawn scenery built out of cardboard! The aforementioned Lego Oscars being delivered to the audience! Will Arnett dressed as Batman singing the opening of "Untitled Self Portrait"!), and Mark Mothersbaugh playing keyboard while wearing a Lego version of his famed Devo hat.
  • On the DVD Commentary, the directors apologize for unleashing "Everything is Awesome" onto the world, while Will Arnett relates how his father called him about the early reviews and stated "Everything is amazing."