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"Make the rest of your life happy. For me, when I started dating Megan [Mullally], my auditions became so much better, because I knew that when I came home from the audition I got to kiss her. I didn't give a damn about the audition nearly as much, and that gave me a sense of confidence."
Nick Offerman on starting an acting career.

Nicholas Offerman (born June 26, 1970 in Joliet, Illinois) is an American actor. He has starred in TV and film since 1997, his breakout role being Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. He's well known for his deadpan delivery in some roles. He also has great woodworking skills as seen in Last Call with Carson Daly.

He has been married to Megan Mullally since 2003.

Notable Roles:

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  • Badass Baritone: Offerman has a deep, almost melodious voice.
  • Badass Creed: "Paddle your own canoe," from his one-man comedy show American Ham. Clear, sound advice, but just vague enough to be applicable in a great many aspects of life.
  • I Am Not Spock: Although he has some similarities to Ron Swanson, such as carpentry, saxophone playing, possessing a Badass Mustache, and fooling around with Megan Mullally, he has had to make it clear on multiple occasions that he is not a hyper-masculine libertarian Gun Nut.
    "While I admire the philosophy of the libertarian mindset, I think it's proven to be ineffectual in actual governance. So no, I'm not. I'm a free-thinking American."
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  • Sophisticated as Hell: His writing style, such as describing how British policy toward the American colonies "caused their collective asses to become severely chapped" or describing the inherent dignity of each human being, then contrasting that view with "racist fuck-nuts".


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