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Awesome Music / The LEGO Movie

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     The original 2014 film
Emmet's not the only one who thinks this song is insanely catchy!
  • The list would be incomplete without a mention of "Everything Is Awesome". It's played while Emmet and the other Bricksburg citizens are going about their normal lives, and sticking with the rules. The song was nominated for Best Original Song at the 2014 Academy Awards. It's so catchy, the construction workers (Emmet included) sing it for five hours straight. Eventually it's revealed that it's a pacifying tool used by President Business to keep the citizens mindlessly entertained; the parallel can be both hilarious and unnerving, but you can't beat the music.

     The sequel
♫ Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, the least evil queen in history! ♫

From the film that brought you the insanely-catchy "Everything is Awesome" comes The Second Part with more insanely catchy songs! Spoilers are Unmarked.

  • You heard of "Everything is Awesome" but this film provides a new version: the Tween Dream Remix, a soft, but catchy song that you just want to wake up in the morning to.
  • Queen Watevra Wa'nabi gets a Villain Song... called "Not Evil", which has her trying to win the gang over, while displaying full-blown Suspiciously Specific Denial that she's evil. It turns out she's telling the truth, though.
  • Speaking of "Everything is Awesome", the sequel gives us the next catchy fad: the oh-so-blatantly titled "Catchy Song".
  • "Everything's Not Awesome" is, at first, a Dark Reprise of "Everything is Awesome" as everyone is stranded in the Bin. Then, Lucy sings, inspiring everyone to not give up. At that point, it becomes a Triumphant Reprise as everyone rises up to save Emmet.
  • "Super Cool" features the return of the Lonely Island, sung by Beck! And plus, there are rap segments on how awesome the end credits are!
  • "Gotham City Guys" is an awesome song filled with Batman references and name dropping all of Batman’s live action actors. What makes it even more awesome is the section where Batman raps over a chopped up remix of Danny Elfman’s iconic theme.
  • "Rex Vanishes" begins with a triumphant orchestral opening when Lucy saves Emmet, which slowly fades into a somber piano piece as Rex vanishes, creating a perfectly bittersweet piece of ending music.
  • "Apocalypseburg" provides a impressive techno beat to give you an idea on the idea of the level of shadiness in Apocalypseburg, before turning into a joyful techno piece out of nowhere.
  • "General Mayhem" is a fittingly creepy Leitmotif for the masked minidoll.


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