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Standard Superhero Suits

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Dressed to save the day!
"A masked adventurer's costume is one of those things nobody really thinks about. Should it have a cape, or no cape? Should it be thick and armored to protect you from harm, or flexible and lightweight to allow maneuverability? What sort of mask should it have? Do bright colors make you more of a target than dark ones? All of these were things I had to consider."
Hollis Mason, from his autobiography Under the Hood, Watchmen

Capes, tights, masks, underwear outside of pants, these are the tropes about the costumes worn by the heroes and villains of superhero stories.

Some of these can even involve Clark Kenting, and often lead to an Iconic Outfit.

And it doesn't hurt to have a Heroic Build, or the Most Common Superpower, when wearing these.


Alternative Title(s): Common Comicbook Costumes