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     Pre-Game Theories 
The "Sister Location" is not related to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
It could be another restaurant or establishment that is owned by Fazbear Entertainment. And if possible, it may not have the characters we have come to know since the first game. To demonstrate, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell are all owned by Yum! Brands, and even though they all offer different types of food, they're still considered sister locations because of the company who runs them.
  • Jossed, the leaked list of animatronics confirm that "Funtime Freddy" and "Funtime Foxy" will be present at least.
    • Maybe not jossed: the new update for Five Nights at Freddy's World mentions "Fazburger", and that Baby (one of the animatronics from the list) is present as well.
    • Original Poster here, shall we settle on a semi-confirmed?

Sister Location takes place furthest in the future in the timeline.
In the Sister Location trailer, the faceplates of the animatronics have some sort of smooth shifting motion, which looks much more advanced than anything 80's robotics could do.

The dead kids are free, we're dealing with something else now.
Up until now, the only noise the animatronics made was loud screaming, actually a child's screams run through a filter, and they only ever came right for you. Now we have voice acting — specifically two sentences from the trailer stating "Don't hold it against us" and "You don't know what we've been through". This Troper believes that this game takes place in a timeline where the requirements to free all the dead children were met and their souls have been released, which means now instead of scared confused children, we're dealing with the adult victims of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza chain. Everyone who fell victim to an animatronic while on duty at night, every victim of spring-lock failure, every witness who saw too much while the Purple Guy was on the prowl, everyone who the fans previously forgot were also victims. After all, why would finally celebrating the birthday the children never got free them? So now you have the minds of fully cognizant adults who've been living a torturous existence trapped inside messed-up-looking animatronics for God knows how long hunting the player.
  • To add to your theory, maybe instead of just some random recently hired employee, this time you play as one of the Fazbear Entertainment higher-ups, hired to check out what's going on. This will justify their bloodlust towards you, since they blame the company for what happened to them.
    • While the idea of not being a brand-new employee makes a lot of sense, somehow I doubt the animatronics would feel very merciful toward the higher-ups; "Don't hold it against us" and "You don't know what we've been through" would probably be replaced with something to the effect of "You deserve this" and "You left us to rot to save yourself" if that was the case.
      • Maybe they just aren't aware s/he's a higher-up? Usually, those types of people don't actually go to the restaurants themselves, and I doubt they'd go check the place out in business suits and bring name cards.

Continuing on the first theory, the Sister Location is an Amusement Park.
Reading the above theory made me wonder: what if it's not a restaurant at all? So I thought about what place besides a Suck E. Cheese's would have animatronics, and this is what I came up with. It would explain why Baby is a clown. Maybe she is meant to be a performer/announcer.
  • Implied by the line "please stay in your seats" from the new teaser. Although it's also been implied that the game takes place in a fast food restaurant. Perhaps this restaurant will be located in the amusement park?
    • Security room in the back, perhaps? If your theme park is mostly outdoor rides and you've only got the one building, the food joint where you overcharge for everything, it couldn't hurt to stick a security office in the back. You know, some otherwise empty cement room with some emergency controls over the park to lock gates, stop rides, and of course some cameras. If things go down, the security guard in charge is in a nice central location where he can head out from or dispatch other guards if he sees someone stealing merchandise or something.
  • There is a possibility that this is the same park Fazbear's Fright was set up in. It's doubtful that a place like Fazbear's Fright could stand on its own but if Fazbear Entertainment owns the entire theme park and had some spare space, they might have decided a decade or two after the fact that it'd be worth exploring the failed fast food branch of the franchise again to see if they could make a profit off of it as a horror attraction.
    • Jossed, the trailer implies these animatronics are 'underground', and the location looks like a factory.
      • Not quite. It could be underneath an amusement park, around maintenance and the machinists' shops. See below.
  • Probably jossed, as the Steam page indicates that this is just another restaurant. But at least it seems to be a circus-themed restaurant. And who knows, maybe it will turn out to be located in an amusement park? Though it's unlikely that we'll get to see the rest of the park.

The teasers caption "there was never just one" doesn't just mean the establishment.
It also means that there was never just one murderer or set of murders...
  • It could also mean that there was never just one movie in production and this game is actually a CGI movie. (Hey, this is WMG and all.)
  • Confirmed by the game's custom night. There was never just one Afton.

The Animatronics will be haunted by the victims of the spring-lock failures.
In FNAF 3, the Phone Guy mentions on the tapes that there were multiple, simultaneous spring-lock failures at the sister location. Given what happened at the Pizzeria with the Puppet, who is to say that foul play was not involved at the sister location, and who is to say that something else didn't do the same over there, only with adults, rather than children?
  • Actually, this sister location is different from the one mentioned in 3. "There was never just one", plus, the shadows were confirmed to be the spring-lock victims.
    • No, it has never been confirmed that the shadows were spring-lock victims. It's a popular fan theory, but there's nothing conclusive offered within the games themselves. They are given no context in the games other than that Shadow Bonnie seems to be altruistic towards the spirits of the dead children.
      • This is what confirmed it: Scott specifically said MatPat got everything about 2 and 3 right, confirming the shadows are indeed the springlock victims.
      • Almost everything. That implies that MatPat screwed up in some places, and since Scott didn't say which places it was (though he strongly hinted that Phone Guy = Purple Guy was one of them), we should still take things with a grain of salt. Also, he only specifically referred to MatPat in regards to FNAF2, and he only discussed the Shadow animatronics in the FNAF3 theory.
      • Actually, he DID specify what he got wrong (I didn't show it before cause I thought I had proved my point), and most of the fandom agrees the shadows are the springlock victims. Plus, what else could they be?
    • Compromising between the two up above, the shadow animatronics are haunted by the spring-lock victims for the original two spring-lock costumes with the golden suits that were later reworked into some of the newer models. The sister location is where the spring-lock suits were fully implemented for an entire cast of characters and they suffered multiple simultaneous failures, effectively butchering the entire human cast at once.

The Puppet was originally from the Sister Location.
The animatronic in the teaser has a similar clown-like look, so...

This game will finally explain the Puppet's origin.
The location will finally explain why the Puppet is so different than the other animatronics, as it was a carry-over from the sister location that survived thanks to it being the only character without spring-locks. The game will also show where the Puppet's ability to "give life" comes from.
  • Jossed, he doesn't appear at all. Although Ennard is somewhat an expy of him.

Balloon Boy and JJ actually originated at the Sister Location.
The rosy cheeks and sheer uniqueness from the other animatronics are due to them being a part of a different attraction entirely.

There will be more questions than answers given in this game.
Trolling Creator at his finest.
  • I want to say confirmed just based on how many WM Gs post game released.

Certain Youtubers will make cameos in the game.
List your guesses down below! Bold the winners.

  • Markiplier is an obvious big one, as it is thanks to him the games have gotten this much exposure.
  • Dawko and Razzbowski, as they are both known to be people Scott enjoys to watch.
  • 8-Bit Gaming, as they made quite a few FNAF-related videos.
  • Matpat of Game Theory, due to his ongoing Friendly Rivalry with Scott.

Fazbear Entertainment never went down...
Sure, their animatronic namesake in Freddy Fazbear got shut down due to horrible events, but that doesn't mean that the father company went down because of it. If anything, they'd have sold off the locations for whatever they could get, changed some names within the company, and either done some rebranding to protect the other parts of the company from harm or started using a different child company as their public name. Same company and leadership in charge, different name to disassociate them with the murder scandals.
  • If Fazbear Entertainment wanted to change their public identity, having versions of Freddy and Foxy (who would likely be instantly recognizable to the public as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza mascots, even with the new looks) as part of Circus Baby's main cast wouldn't be a very smart move.

The Sister Location is older than Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
And it was quietly closed down after the spring-lock failures in favor of the much more popular Fazbear/Fredbear franchise.

Phone Guy makes his return
And he's just as unreliable an expositor as ever.
  • Jossed, your instructors are an AI named HandUnit, and later on, Circus Baby and/or Ennard.

This game explains the Purple Man's beginnings.
This game takes place some time around the Purple Man's very first murders, and may even explain why he kills at all.
  • Possibly confirmed with the 6/19/16 update to the website; the animatronics for Sister Location are hinted to have been made by him...
  • Kind of confirmed by custom night? It's heavily suggested that Purple Guy as a know him is Michael Afton, son f he real murderer. And the game recounts just how he came to be, well, purple.

The Atari style minigames will (of course) make a return.
It's a bit of a mainstay since Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • Confirmed, although there's only one. The Custom Night cutscenes have the same style, though.

And in addition to the above theory...
Freddy will make a cameo appearance in one of the minigames.
  • Jossed.

At long last, we will finally get to see the faces of Mike, Jeremy, Fritz, and Phone Guy.
Phone Guy will look like Scott's real life picture, not sure about the others.
  • Doubtful, this is most likely a spin-off and probably won't make any big reveals aside from there being more than 1 sister location.
    • It's very doubtful, yeah. But what's a wild mass guessing section without at least a few that likely will never happen?
    • ...It's complicated. After the protagonist is scooped, we see their silhouette, and later, we see them in pixellated form in the Custom Night cutscenes, but we don't know who exactly they are.

Freddy will be the only previous character to be in the game.
The rest will be completely new characters.
  • Seems jossed, for now we've only seen new characters, including this game's version of Freddy.
  • Actually I meant only old character to be represented, so semi-confirmed since we also have Funtime Foxy #2.

The new animatronic is Shadow Bonnie before he became... well, a shadow.
  • Jossed, it's a new character named Circus Baby who doesn't seem to have any relation to Shadow Bonnie.

There will be a reference to FNAF World at some point.
  • A poster of some sort of the characters, perhaps?
    • Jossed. None seem to have been found.

This is a sister location to Fazbear's Fright.
  • And if this turns out to be true, watch it be ran by the "Phone Dude" yet again... It'd just be labeled something lazy like Fazbear Fright 2.0 considering the old one burnt down.
    • This actually became more possible now that Springtrap is apparently going to be appearing.
      • Well, he only said "maybe, someday", but that's still a possibility.
    • Jossed, this location is (or at least, was) another childrens' restaurant.

The picture on the trailer is of Toy Bonnie.
The appearance of the animatronic looks amazingly similar to Toy Bonnie. If it's not explicitly Toy Bonnie, it's whatever originally used the Toy Bonnie animatronic suit. This also adds into "THERE WAS NEVER JUST ONE," implying that there was more than one animatronic to use the Toy Bonnie suit before it was used for the purpose we all know.
  • Jossed, at least partly. Scott has said about this new animatronic, "I can't talk about HER yet, but... she scares me. A lot." If it were Toy Bonnie, he'd have already made the reveal, and also this new one is female, unlike Toy Bonnie (most likely).
    • Actually both partly josses, and ever-so-slightly helps my theory. Scott has also said himself that Bonnie scares him the most out of the main group. And, wouldn't you know, he's also admitted to being particularly scared of the Sister Location's star.
    • Toy Bonnie's gender isn't ambiguous. He is indeed male, check Ladies Night. On top of that, it's not definite that Scott was referring to the animatronic in the teaser. He could've been talking about some other new animatronic that we haven't seen yet. Not that I have a problem with the teaser animatronic being female. I just don't want to jump to conclusions.
  • Jossed. It's a new animatronic named 'Baby'.

This game stars the Puppet's sister.
This game centers around the Puppet's "family", his sister is the leader, and the Puppet himself takes a backseat role (at least until he gets haunted).
  • Actually a decent possibility. They do seem kind of like the Marionette. (I would prefer if you did not call me out on calling it the Marionette instead of the Puppet.)

After the game is released...
The new animatronic (as well as any other new ones) will be added as playable characters to FNAF World, via DLC.
  • That would be rather awkward, considering that Baby clearly plays an antagonistic role in the Update 2 ending. But if Chipper and Scott became playable, well...
    • Probably jossed. As of May 2017, this hasn't happened, and at this point, it seems unlikely that Scott will update FNAF World again. But then again, with Scott, you never know...

This new animatronic will turn out to be one of the most tragic characters in the franchise.
What if she genuinely wants to be a Non-Ironic Clown, but everyone is afraid of her? What if this made her decide to act like the Monster Clown everyone sees her as? Perhaps Scott's message that she scares him is Foreshadowing this?
  • No characters get that much personality in the games besides the Phone Guys. Interesting, but doubtful.
    • But Scott's gotta give some explanation for why the new animatronic went bad. Unless "There was never just one" means that we're dealing with another case of Haunted Technology.
  • "You don't know what we've been through." If that's true, then the "tragic" part will probably be confirmed, but that exact backstory may or may not be true. But one thing's for sure: Scott is really depending on the fear of clowns for this game, so surely something like this will be brought up?
  • Confirmed. Baby has a tragic backstory of unwillingly murdering a little girl. And it's implied, or at least not ruled out, that the other animatronics may have had similar experiences.
    • The specific backstory in the first bullet point is jossed, though. In fact, the reason said little girl got murdered is because she loved Baby and wanted to play with her.

The new character isn't evil.
Wishful thinking, admittedly, but that's what this page is for. If the theory about her being the Puppet's sister is true, it could have something to do with the Puppet being a very odd Big Good. Maybe they're a Red Oni, Blue Oni duo, and she's the Blue Oni who disapproves of her brother's Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Maybe she'll try to actually fix things, in her own Creepy Good way.
  • Probably jossed. If the ending to the new FNAF World update is any indication, she's just as bloodthirsty as the previous animatronics. Though it could be that she's a Knight Templar like the Puppet.
  • For the record, she looks like she has an Oh, Crap! face to me in the teaser picture, and given that Springtrap might be reflected there...
  • CONFIRMED! Baby actually helps the player, whereas Handy, the "Phone Guy", tries to get you killed.
    • It's a bit more complicated than that. Baby is only helping you to trick you into getting "scooped" so the animatronics can use you to escape. It sounds awful, but she does seem to have good intentions.

There will be a different gameplay style compared to the original Quartet.
Scott did say that the game "Will definitely be different". Whether it means something like free roam or a different kind of survival is yet to be confirmed.
  • Confirmed. The first trailer clearly shows first-person gameplay in multiple locations (a lift and air vents), with slightly juddery view movement characteristic of mouse control.
    • To be fair, no FNAF installments have really kept the same type of gameplay style. Your means of protecting yourself has always been completely different in each game.

Spring Endo will appear in this game.
If this game really is centered around the spring lock suits, then it only makes sense that we'd finally get to see a spring lock endoskeleton in its entirety. Only unlike the first 2, this one will try to kill you.

Purple Guy will be involved in the spring-lock failures.
He wants to get the suits decommissioned so that he can swipe one of them for his nefarious purposes. He understands that the company will do their utmost to hide the suits from police/insurance agents, even if they were involved in a crime, so he's pulling strings to play on the company's paranoia, and he succeeds.
  • Maybe he'll even go as far as to deliberately set off a spring-lock suit to kill the person inside, then make it look like an accident. Seems just like the kind of thing he'd do.

There will be a Shout-Out to Five Nights at Candy's.
  • The fact that it appears to be set at a burger joint instead of a pizzeria may or may not be this.
    • The location's a pizzeria.
    • Jossed.

A customer or child will be involved in the spring-lock failures.
In the training videos from the third installment, there is a clear disregard to employee safety, and the recommendation that all employees caught in the suits should hurry to the safe rooms to die seems to indicate that management would rather hide the bodies than change the suits. However, if a customer got caught, especially a child, management would be forced to change policy to save face.
  • Almost confirmed. Afton's daughter is indeed killed by Circus Baby, but springlocks have nothing to do with it.

Spring Bonnie will show up one night.
Purple Guy will be roaming the halls during one of the nights performing his infamous Spring Bonnie act. He may even be setting up the player character to take the fall for a murder he committed during the week.
  • Jossed.

The box will be in this game.
But it will remain unopened. Phone Guy might allude to something undesirable centering around it, but won't reveal what it is.
  • Jossed.

A new teaser will be uploaded on Friday the 13th (5/13/16)
Come on, Scott. I know you want to!
  • Five Nights at Freddy's World is being updated then, so it's not unlikely that there will indeed be another teaser the same day.
    • Jossed, unfortunately.
      • Not quite jossed, as you get a little something for completing the update...

The Sister Location is where Funtime Foxy originated.
  • Building on this theory, this is the "Funtime" location. The new characters' names have been leaked, and in addition to F. Foxy, we also have Funtime Freddy. Perhaps at this location, Funtime Foxy is/was an Ascended Extra?
    • To further build on this theory, maybe Circus Baby's was shut down before the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and Funtime Foxy was remodeled to join the ranks of the Toy Animatronics as a way to save money. As for why Funtime Freddy didn't get the same treatment, it may be because of his Bonnie puppet. After all, wouldn't it be a little strange for a Freddy animatronic to have a Bonnie puppet while on stage with Bonnie himself?

"Baby" is just a in-universe nickname given by staff or the kids.
I couldn't take a pizza place or whatever Sister Location ends up being seriously with that name of a bot on stage. I have a feeling "Baby" will actually end up being...well...a baby... so the nickname could be literal.
  • Second sentence is pretty much jossed, first one still possible.
    • Seems my first bit is Jossed as well. It doesn't look like a pizza place at all or a fast food place.

The theme of this location is a family sitcom.
I mean, seriously, look at the names and teaser, which are all human. S. I. T. C. O. M.
  • Jossed. It actually has a circus theme, although both are associated with performing and comedy, so that was a good guess.

The Fredbear plush is Baby.
The Sister Location opened after Fredbear's, and once Fredbear's closed due to the Bite/children getting murdered, the plush decides to possess Baby in its efforts to "put the child back together".

This game implies the Fredbear bite to be the Bite of '83.
The presence of Funtime Foxy confirms that the robot that would become Mangle is much older than expected. The same goes for Balloon Boy and JJ. Possibly confirmed. IF you enter 1983 on a keypad at one point, you see TV teens show shits of the FNAF 4 house.

The animatronics in this game are far older than the ones seen previously.
The copyright leaks confirm that Funtime Foxy will be making an appearance in this game, as well as the previously-unseen Funtime Freddy. Funtime Foxy appears in FNAF 2 as an old and mangled animatronic, and Funtime Freddy seems to have been scrapped altogether. This suggests that the Sister Location is a lot older than the original ones seen in the first four games. Suggesting this is the appearance of the new animatronic — it looks far less advanced than the ones in the other games, meaning it could be an early prototype of the ones yet to come.

If he does come back in this game...
Springtrap will only appear on Night 5 or 6, similarly to Nightmare Fredbear in 4. In addition, he'll return in the form of Spring Bonnie, as this is almost certainly a prequel to 3.
  • Semi-confirmed. Springtrap appears in a cutscene at the end of custom night's 10/20 mode. However, it's after Fazbear's Fright has burned down.

Funtime Bonnie and Funtime Chica will make an appearance.
Since Funtime Foxy is confirmed to appear from the leaked list, and Funtime Freddy is also a thing, this seems like a reasonable guess.
  • There are no animatronics referred to as Funtime Bonnie or Funtime Chica. However, we do have Bon-Bon and Bonnet, little animatronic hand-puppets that resemble Bonnie. As for Chica, some people theorize that the springlock suit that the protagonist gets trapped in at one point is a Chica suit.

Baby has even more supernatural abilities than even The Puppet.
Taking the above with Baby being the Fredbear plush, Baby can control objects such as a Fredbear plushdoll.
  • At the very least, she may have powers not unlike the Puppet. At one point, when Eggs Benedict should have died, Baby's voice is heard saying, "You won't die." over and over, until his corpse stands back up. It's unclear, but not impossible that she may have had a hand in willing him back to unlife.

Baby intends to punish/get revenge on Springtrap.
From the reflection, it looks like Springtrap is in his damaged state and may even be kneeling before her. As if awaiting for his damnation.

Going off of the above, we play as Springtrap.
This here troper thinks that the way we might see Springtrap get damaged would be hinted at in all of the jumpscares. And at the end of Night _, you would have an unavoidable jumpscare, that is basically a cutscene. Why is Springtrap down there? Eh, who knows.
  • Then why is Baby saying "don't hold it against us"? If you're Springtrap, she would be saying, "you die now", or something.

The incident at the Sister Location was what left the bite victim terrified of the animatronics, and it involved his sister.
Baby looks like a child, and the hole in her face implies that something, or someone can be placed in there. Baby could also mean something like 'baby sister'. If we're going by the theory that the bite victim's dad is Scott, maybe she was built to keep his sister alive, but she went insane from the pain.
  • Likely — she has the same eye color, hair color, and hairstyle once color-corrected. Oh, and the voice actress's leaked voice clips include her sadly saying, "I'm ready for the show to be over..."
    • Leaked voice clips? Where? I've looked all through Reddit and the Steam forums, but can't find any talk of leaked voicework...
      • Not exactly "leaked", someone found these voiceclips on Baby's voice actress site under "video game voiceacting".

The game will be given constant updates and new characters, just like FNAF World.
  • Not really constant, but there was a patch to fix one segment of the game that was considered too hard, as well as the Custom Night update.

The figure reflected in Baby's nose isn't Springtrap, but instead Plushtrap.
This is based on the grounds that sister location takes place around the 80's and at least around FNAF 2's time, as Springtrap would probably still be Spring Bonnie and functional at this time. Given the between-nights minigame in FNAF 4, it adds another dimension to her admonition to "Please stay in your seats".

The animatronics in this game are old animatronics, but were put back into use after the springlock failures.
One of the tapes in FNAF 3 mentions that, after the springlock failures got the spring suits decomissioned, some older suits were taken out of storage and used to fill the void they left. It's stated that, since they were pulled out at such short notice, questions about relevance to the franchise should be deflected. FNAF 2 reveals that they keep older animatronics in storage, so that if something happens to the modern ones, they still have a backup. It could explain why Baby looks so much older than all the other animatronics.

The Funtime Foxy at the Sister Location isn't the one that became Mangle.
Real life places with animatronics like Chuck E. Cheese's have similar animatronics that represent the same character, and it's possible that Freddy Fazbear's is the same way. If this is true, there could be multiple Funtime Foxies, and the one from Sister Location isn't necessarily the same one that became Mangle at the FNAF 2 location.
  • Seemingly confirmed by the trailer.

The game will have a Circus of Fear theme.
The revealed character has a harlequin theme and the tagline seems to fit the idea of a circus.
  • Carmen's Toreador, Freddy's leitmotif, does mention a "circus of blood" in the lyrics...
  • Curiously, the earliest version of Harlequin was a demon, leading a band of other demons to hunt down the souls of evil men. Hm...
  • Confirmed.

The Fazbear Connection.
So Freddy Fazbear's went under after yet another murder scandal; great, one less breeding ground for childhood trauma in operation. But the problem with this is that Freddy Fazbear's is only a franchise, one part of a much larger company that takes the hits if something goes wrong while the main company is relatively safe; after all, franchise owners are responsible for what happens in their individual restaurants in many cases. The actual parent company, Fazbear Entertainment, which we've seen or heard of multiple times in the past, meanwhile, is just giving them equipment and supplies while taking a cut of the profit.

Once the pizza places go down, odds are good that the company rebranded to protect its other properties from the fallout, stop using Fazbear as their public name, and pick one of the other companies they've bought up over the years to be the new face company. All the existing Freddy Fazbear's get sold off and demolished or abandoned. The company moves in a different direction and focuses on other things they have, like a few theme parks and their other non-Freddy television shows, then for a number of years, things are good. No more haunted equipment or crazed serial murderers stalking the franchise anymore, so no scandals or deaths.

That is, until after a decade or so, someone comes up with a brilliant idea. The tragedy of the Freddy Fazbear murders has faded in the public's eyes. It even has an online following of people still convinced they can solve it, so why not see if we can't dig up anything interesting from some of those old buildings we still have hanging around? We could bank on the nostalgia of the kids who got to go there and the mystery of the whole horror murder aspect of it and make some money. So with that idea, they go plunder the locations they have left and find a lot of artifacts from one of the original locations as well as the oddly corpse-looking animatronic, but that's perfect because now they're going for a horror angle. No need to fix it up.

The idiots bring it in to the park where they have a place all set up, FNAF 3 happens, and the place burns to the ground. Here, it splits depending on the true fate of everyone's favorite monochromatic serial killer. If Springtrap is dead, then the hauntings are officially working on Hollywood Indian burial ground rules; wherever you take the object you foolishly dug up, stole, or otherwise got cursed from in the first place, the curse goes with it until you either put it back where you found it or give it a proper burial. However, if Springtrap survived as implied by the ending newspaper picture and a reflection hidden in the teaser images of the new animatronics, then we have a serial killer who specializes in tampering with animatronics in a theme park probably full of animatronics that, on any given day, is loaded with his favored targets — children.

So to sum it up, the pizza places went out of business, the company didn't and accidentally brought cursed-slash-haunted-as-balls objects to one of their successful businesses, accidentally setting themselves up for yet another scandal of murder, mutilation, and mayhem.

  • Thankfully, I'm pretty sure most kids would run screaming for their parents upon seeing a badly-charred, horrifically-rotted, seven-foot-tall robotic rabbit heading in their direction.
    • Comforting, but then he doesn't exactly have to do it himself. Plenty of animatronics around to sabotage, which we already know is his forte.

Baby is the Toy equivalent of a spring suit
The segmented face that seems to look like it will open up? The five fingers? Granted, you can see she has an endo-skeleton just by looking through her mouth, but the things are supposedly collapsible.
  • The new trailer actually lends this idea some support; if you look closely when Baby's head opens up, the endoskeleton skull inside is a single solid piece and the mouth is pushed forward. If it's a spring suit, then that would make sense; the endoskeleton skull is large enough for a human to slip inside and the mouth is pushed forward so that there's room for the real person's mouth inside behind it.

"Don't wake the Baby" will take a literal meaning.
Baby will start the night deactivated, but the more the player does, the more it will risk waking her up. Once she's awake, it will likely seriously influence the gameplay, changing how every other aspect of the game interacts with the rest of the game. Maybe it's opening new paths to the player for the others, maybe it's randomly changing details, maybe it's Baby bum-rushing the office ala Foxy but much harder to counteract.
  • It might even tie in with the Markiplier reference above.
    • The bum-rush sounds most likely. With all the hype Baby's getting, it would be very odd if she couldn't Jump Scare/kill you herself a la Balloon Boy.
  • Jossed.

This game will explain how Springtrap lost part of his ear.
If you believe that the reflection in Baby's nose is supposed to be Sprintrap, you'll notice that what appears to be his ears are completely intact. In the third game, one ear is severed. This game will show the events that lead to that ear being removed.
  • Jossed.

The Funtime models were the original name for the Toy Animatronics.
Just a thought, considering Funtime Foxy/Mangle seems to fit in with the Toy Models. However, Funtime Freddy might not be Toy Freddy, and there is also a strange absence of a Funtime Bonnie and Chica.
  • Looks to be jossed.

The game will be the real chronological Grand Finale.
Given the shots of the previous four games, and the setting (underground), this could be the true final game in the series' timeline.
  • Jossed. Like the previous games, this one introduces more plot points and raises more questions. It seems the story isn't over yet.

The Animatronics have become sentient and self-aware.
The voice in the trailer says "Don't hold it against us" and "You don't know what we've been through", implying these Animatronics, or at least Baby, have broken their programming and become sentient and in other words "Alive". What's scarier than a killer robot? A Killer Robot that can think and act for itself. One that isn't held back by its programming.
  • Expect them to Break the Fourth Wall as well.
    • The breaking-the-fourth-wall part is jossed, but the rest is confirmed. These animatronics were made to be killers, and they resent it very much.

The between-nights minigames will be from the animatronics' perspective.
At the end, the voice says "You don't know what we've been through". Maybe the minigames will show what the voice means?

The sister location is a secret Umbrella Laboratory.
It honestly feels like one with the elevator and all.

Baby will speak and say creepy things during the nights to the player to distract them.
Voice acting in the game is going to be a thing apparently, so why not have her say creepy things to the player?

This game takes place during a war.
Okay, this one's a bit out there, but this page is called wild mass guessing for a reason.

At about 1:15 in the trailer, you can hear what sounds like a bomb siren. One of the earliest shots showing the actual game is an elevator descending. By the (lack of) logic of WMG, this could mean that there's war above, and the protagonist is taking shelter down in the old abandoned Fazbear storage area. One of the biggest complains I've seen about FNAF 1-3 is the question of "Why doesn't the player just leave?". 4 justified it by having the game as a nightmare, which isn't so easily escaped from. This game could rationalize it as the world outside being dead or war-torn to the point where dealing with violent animatronics is far better than going back outside. FNAF 3 also shows that the series is okay with taking time skips into the future (it takes place in 2017 at the earliest, though it's more likely set in the early-to-mid 2020s), so who knows?

  • Jossed. A war is neither seen nor implied throughout the game.

The new area is a rehabilitation centre for people who were traumatized or lost someone due to the tragic events of '87.
The animatronics are called Funtime in order to make them seem more harmless and to remind the patients that the animatronics are good and used to please children. It's underground because the animatronics are all experimental and maybe even sentient and have to be kept hidden from the government. You play as the older brother of the victim of the Bite of 87, locked in the centre and stalked by the animatronics while the staff try to get back inside and rescue you.

The reason that Bonnie and Chica are missing is because it isn't finished yet, and Baby and the ballet dancer were originally intended to be added with the Toys, but scrapped due to money problems. The animatronics attack you because they were fitted with the same criminal detecting technology as the Toys, and due to causing the Bite of '87, you have a criminal record.

  • WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP REHABILITATION CENTER IS THAT! It would have been out of business long before it could even afford to buy the animatronics for therapy. Confronting fears is justified, but not when there is a %#@*ing! good! reason!

All the animatronics will be voiced.
Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy have speakers on their chests to allow for this. During the initial nights, you'll simply hear whatever pre-programmed phrases they say when performing. As the nights go on, the messages get increasingly creepy and/or distorted. Their voices will also be your primary method of tracking how close they are at any given moment.
  • Interesting, but taking this a step further, this troper noticed a lack of a speaker on the ballerina. Given this and a WMG down below, and the fact that in ballet dancers normally don't speak, the Ballerina might not actually have a voiceover artist.
    • This part might be jossed due to the "leaked" voice clips possibly being Ballora's.
    • Almost confirmed. All of the main four are voiced except Funtime Foxy.

The underground chamber is a bunker for Fazbear Entertainment's most legally inexcusable ideas.
Only employees who have been with the company since the beginning know of its existence. Built underneath the grounds of the long abandoned sister location, the bunker is the company's ultimate contingency plan, where the worst of the worst ideas go. Sure, the Springtrap suit (maybe) isn't there, but that's because the costume apparently wasn't directly involved in the springlock failures, and even if the Purple Man used it in his murders, he covered his tracks too well to have the suit linked to the murders. These animatronics were commercial failures because something happened that was so bad that Fazbear Entertainment would have been taken down completely if it had gone public. Thus, all evidence of the Sister Location was erased from history, save for one little audio training tape found in a certain Freddy Fazbear's Pizza saferoom. Add the complete disregard to employee safety, as well as the realization that the bodies of all of them have to be put somewhere, and...

The animatronics are haunted, but by former employees, not children.
These guys were crushed in springlock suits, died in agony, and were buried somewhere deep underground with the animatronics that killed them. They are Fazbear Entertainment's original sin, effectively erased from history by their former supervisors. And now, they are very, very angry.

The game will discard the Five Nights Survival formula.
Notice the lack of a Timer HUD in the trailer (granted, FNAF 3's trailer also lacked a HUD for the tiny bit of gameplay it shows). The game also feels a bit more cinematic judging by the movement of the player's vision during said trailer.

This game doesn't take place during a war, but the protagonist thinks it does.
The protagonist heard the air raid sirens, panicked, and immediately ran for the nearest safe area, which just so happened to be the area where Sister Location takes place. The protagonist can't leave after the first night because they either believe the war is still going on, or are trapped down there by elevator failure.
  • Dealing with killer animatronics is like fighting a war and all...
  • The air raid siren could have been a prize siren; someone won a prize at a carnival game and have yet to "collect".

The gameplay will have linear cinematic movement.
Sure, Scott said there might not be a free-roam FNAF game, but he never said he wouldn't include the ability to move between rooms period.
  • Confirmed.

Fredbear, Springtrap/Bonnie, and the Puppet/Marionette will make appearances somehow.
They are the most significant animatronics in the game's lore. Two of them from the location that started it all, one bit a child unwillingly, said child probably becoming the Humanoid Abomination that kickstarted the events of the other games, Fredbear eventually became Golden Freddy, and Springbonnie is where the Purple Guy met his end but is now possessing him as Springtrap. This can be somewhat reinforced by looking at Baby's teaser image with corrected colors and you may notice the reflection of an all too-familiar yellow rabbit on her nose. Then again, you could call it just a case of pareidolia, but if they return, maybe they will get voices too or remain silent as in past games.
  • The Puppet does not appear. There is an animatronic in the Custom Night named Yenndo who might be Fredbear, and as for Springtrap, he appears at the end of the very last Custom Night cutscene.

The player character will spend five nights trying to escape the facility.
The player character will be locked in the bunker after something goes wrong, forcing him (or her) to take cover from the animatronics' wrath. Each night will focus on evading danger long enough to find a safe place to lock yourself into. At the beginning of each new night, the animatronics will find a way to break your defenses, forcing you to move again. Only on the fifth night will you find a way to get out of the place, and by then, the characters will be more frustrated and ambitious than ever.
  • So, in other words, you won't be simply waiting for the night to end, you'll actually be actively hunting for a level exit. Interesting. But what happens if the night does expire? Do you expire as well...? (This could tie into the "discarding the Five Night survival formula" WMG above.)
    • It'd probably discard the timer completely and focus more on getting to a safe zone, at which point, the night is completed, since you aren't going anywhere for awhile.

Baby is a Sister to Freddy Fazbear.
Well, it is called "Five Nights at Freddy's: The Sister Location". And given how the main animatronic here is Baby, it only seems fitting that the sister chain of restaurants was a spin-off based off of the main character's relative, in this case the sister.
  • Freddy is a bear and Baby is a human, so I'd say jossed. Maybe Funtime Freddy is female and she's Freddy's sister? Maybe Baby's a sister of Balloon Boy or JJ?
    • Baby is not necessarily human. Look at her nose. The dancing murderbot ballerina, JJ, and BB all have humanoid noses, Baby doesn't.
      • Um.... That's a clown nose...
      • FREDDY looks like he has a clown nose.
      • No, that's just a regular bear nose. Baby is clearly meant to be a clown, and as such, has a big red nose.
    • Dude, it would not be out of character for Fazbear Entertainment to just go 'oh they're siblings' with no explanation. It wouldn't even be the first time I saw something with human-bear siblings in a medium.
      • Why would Scott make them siblings, why do they need to be siblings, and how does something unrelated doing something mean this should do it too, though?
      • Ok, there you have me. Scott has no reason to, other than just to make Fazbear Entertainment look stupid again.

Purple Man and the slain children will be the major antagonists again, and the setting is after FNAF 3.
There's a reflection of Springtrap on Baby's face in the second image teaser. Baby herself tells us "You don't know what we've been through". Recall that in FNAF 3, the few remaining items from the fire at Fazbear's Fright were put up for auction. Springtrap is heavily implied to have survived, too. Someone bought him and the other bits, and is/became so enamored with the idea of the spring-suit design that he built (at least) four new animatronics with two of them based on Mangle and Freddy, and incorporated an extension of the springsuit idea with multiple separate shell pieces that can open and shift. However, this has caused Purple Man's spirit in Springtrap to reawaken, and this in turn has made the children's spirits return to possess the new animatronics to try to destroy their killer once and for all, with the buyer/builder caught in the middle of it.

There will be some way to make these animatronics have a Heel–Face Turn.
But it will be a Non-Standard Game Over, aka a bad ending or something.
  • How would redeeming the animatronics be a bad ending?!?
    • I would think redeeming the animatronics would be the only way to face off against the Greater-Scope Villain, whomever it may be. (I'm hoping Springtrap or Nightmare).
    • Maybe confirmed?!? The fake ending has Ennard visit your house. Whether it's to kill you or just to hang out (or if it's become your roommate) is uncertain.

The facility is abandoned and the Animatronics were left to rot...
"You don't know what we've been through" springs to mind with this one. And I feel that such a facility should be fully inhabited by other workers, but what if it's abandoned? What if your character is a fall guy? Someone sent here by the higher-ups to be "gotten rid of" because he found out something that would doom the company.

What if the Animatronics know too?

Baby is the FNAF 4 kid's sister and the "Sad Desk Man" their father, who built the animatronics.
Before the bite happened, the SDM built baby, which somehow killed his daughter. Baby was then possessed by her. The brother witnessed this, and began to fear the animatronics as a result.

This also fits with the "Dead Ponytailed sister" theory (the kid is promised repairs with grey text; the only one who speaks with grey text is a little girl with ponytails, who appears only once and is presumed dead and a hallucination, given that there's an empty room in the kid's house).

  • Can't be true; there's nothing actually suggesting the girl died. She probably just moved to somewhere else and the desk guy is pretty obviously Scott.
    • Doesn't the brother speak with gray text?
    • Actually both those sets of text are light yellow. Check out Mat Pat's stuff, whatever else is or isn't true, he still has the correct hex codes for this lighter yellow and Fredbear's much darker shade.

There will be a Phone Guy.
But he will not be voiced by Scott, instead being another voice actor. He may get onto the project.
  • There's not a Phone Guy, but there is a character named HandUnit who plays a similar role, and is voiced by a different actor.

The character we've been addressing to as Baby isn't actually Baby.
This one is very likely to be jossed and probably the troper being too paranoid and cautious about Scott's curveballs, but this is still something to consider since besides the Funtimes, the names are a bit difficult to pinpoint who will be who. The differing voices within FNAF World Update 2 and the Trailer (I.E. Monotone American adult in one, then terrified British child the next) also make me question this.
  • Further note, if Scott has outright said on the Steam forums that the Animatronic is Baby, then this troper hasn't seen that post, which makes this WMG just as jossed.

There will be a Phone Gal.
Just to keep up with the more feminine approach to the characters. Maybe Phone Guy's sister, with a deep Minnesotan accent to boot.
  • Jossed. You have two instructors — a robotic voice, and Circus Baby herself.

Scott's not going to tell us the exact release date of the game.
That way there's still a surprise to its release, without having to do an Inversed Schedule Slip.

These Animatronics won't be aiming to stuff you...
They will be trying to outright MAUL you.

Funtime Foxy will have not one, but two voices.
One voice is female, the other is male. After what happened in FNAF World with the loading screens, Scott confirming the gender is pretty unlikely at this point.
  • He could possibly find someone with a pretty androgynous voice, though.

Location ideas.
This location is not a restaurant or a bunker. Instead, it's similar to the tunnels underneath places like Disney World — miles of tunnels under the otherwise open park that would let employees move about unnoticed as well as remove their costumes. During the heyday of the franchise, Freddy Fazbear was clearly popular, enough to spawn an entire restaurant chain and a TV show along with toys and merchandise; it's not out of the question that Fazbear Entertainment might seen an opportunity to cash in on this. Assuming it's a diverse company, it wouldn't be surprising if they had a hand in tons of other industries, including theme parks, so when the new cash cow seems to have come, they simply planned to rebrand the whole park with Freddy Fazbear stuff and make some money.

However, afterward, the usual disaster struck; either they brought some old equipment in (not realizing the danger it could pose if activated and let loose) or they didn't keep out a certain monochromatic murderer. So either before the place opened back up or after it had been in operation for a few years, the deaths and maimings began ultimately leading to the place being closed down and all the mechanical entertainers locked away in the tunnel system, maintenance, and control area below the main park.

  • Possibly tied in with FNAF World? If the theme park is flipside, it would make a fair amount of sense, much more open space to roam around in and different themed areas?
    • You mean FNAF: Sister Location literally takes place beneath the overworld of FNAF World?

Baby is Bonnie's sister.
Baby may be humanoid, but that nose may suggest that she is also an anthropomorphic forest creature.

She is a Bonnie, because the game's colors are blue, purple, and gold. What other animatronic, within the whole series, has versions of itself in those colors? Toy Bonnie is remarked to be bluer than Original!Bonnie, who is more purplish, with Springtrap, formerly known as Spring Bonnie, as a GOLDEN Bonnie.

Compile this with the fact that there is no Funtime!Bonnie apparent in the location, and Baby is the Big Bad, she is likely to turn out to be a Bonnie.

Also, Baby has been mistaken for TOY!BONNIE, see above.

A bit of Nightmare Fuel: if she's Baby, and Bonnie's her brother, WHO, AND WHERE, IS MAMA?

Fazbear Entertainment is not above "recycling", as seen with the scrapping of the toys to retrofit the originals.

What worse kind of fate is there than to house the deceased corpse of a serial killer within for a few decades?

This changes the whole story of FNAF 3. Rather than the undead Serial Killer who everyone feels got his just desserts, begging and pleading for help while trying to kill the guard... Springtrap was actually an innocent animatronic who served as a tomb for said murderer, begging and pleading for help. She still may be trying to kill the guard, but she still garners a lot of pity. Any person who took great wrathful pleasure in the begging cries of Springtrap in FNAF 3 would feel horrible for getting pleasure off of an innocent person's pain. Much like the animatronics getting pleasure killing their murder, again and again...

Although if this game takes place in the future, then Baby rather was Springtrap, refurbished by the buyers into Baby, sans dead body. In which case, she is truly a monster, and a returning one at that.

Maybe what was removed during the conversion process is in Scott's mystery box.

  • We do not know if Springtrap was a girl before having Purple Guy die in the suit.

Funtime Freddy or Funtime Foxy have a detachable Chica puppet.
Would probably give our pizza loving chicken some sort of appearance, and though it isn't seen in the trailer, there's no telling if a Chica puppet exists in general.

The basic gameplay will revolve around switching between rooms to avoid being attacked.
And you can only use the cameras while being in the Office, otherwise you need to rely on sounds and other things that tells you an Animatronic is nearby.

The ballerina will attack when she opens her eyes, or her mechanic will have to do with opening her eyes.
To put it simply, it's interesting how both Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy turn their eyes towards the fourth wall in the trailer, and yet when the ballerina has her turn, her eyes are closed. In fact, we never see them open at all in the trailer, not even a little. If the importance of secrets is so vital to scares, then it's very likely this may be the case...
  • Or alternatively, she has no eyes, rendering her with the limitations we were stuck with in FNAF 4, i.e. reliant on sound.
    • If she has no eyes, which is also possible given that Scott has made animatronics without eyes (like Golden Freddy) and animatronics with eyes that aren't made out of resin (like Withered Bonnie), then it just begs the question another troper had pointed out in Nightmare Fuel for this entry: What if she can track one down without needing eyes?
      • This is actually more likely based on what we see in the trailer — where the other animatronics show eyes, the objects in the ballerina's sockets resemble the tops of venus flytraps rather than any functioning eyeball.
  • Or you'll have to play a game of "red light, green light" with this animatronic to stop it from jump scaring the player. It's a game that teaches listening skills and agility along with awareness.
  • Ballora is indeed sound-dependent, working like an inverse of FNAF 4's gameplay. To avoid her, you must be as quiet as possible.

Baby's accent will become important.
Baby, when breaking out of the animatronics' normal American monotone, is said to have a British child's accent. It is possible that another character to be revealed to have the same accent to provide some relation for a revelation within the game.

WMG Epileptic Trees
Baby is the sister to Freddy, the Puppet, and/or Bonnie.

The creepy magician, as seen as by the looks of the plush doll in the trailer, is not an animatronic and is in fact the father to the child possessing Baby, and maybe is Purple Guy to boot.

The magician is an animatronic and can teleport to boot as well as render himself invisible.

The animatronics will be destroyed by the end of the game.

Baby is Springtrap refurbished or vice-versa.

The game takes place during a war and the protagonist is in one of the Vaults from Fallout filled with Murderbear and Friends.

Terminator will be referenced at least once in the game, or at least in this WMG.

Markiplier lost the game, is P.O.'ed, and trapped you in with Murderbear and friends to see how you like it.

The location is a rehab for people who have completely unreasonable fears of Murderbear and Co.

Purple Guy was never a Purple GUY... but rather a Purple Gal.

BB was originally a puppet in a puppet show and someone had the bright idea to build him an endoskeleton. No Strings indeed.

This takes place in EURO Fazbear World.

The siren will be a mechanic for distracting the ballerina.
As noted, the ballerina is the only one whose eyes we don't see. This could mean that she will be attracted to sound in a manner similar to Springtrap, which in turn would make any form of noisemaker a potential distraction to pull her away from your position. With at least three other animatronics to worry about, though, getting to the switch without being caught could be very tricky, indeed.

Funtime Freddy doesn't have a Bonnie puppet...
The puppet has him.

The animatronic in the second teaser and that is featured prominently in the trailer is not Baby, but a Red Herring.
Ok, maybe I'm reaching here, but given Scott's history, would anyone really be surprised at this point? Adding to this theory the only evidence, we have that it is Baby is the quote from the [1] Update 2 ending. To make matters worse, we never actually saw what Baby looked like in said ending.
  • I had a thought that the animatronic in the Update 2 ending was the Ballerina. But that was just an idle thought.
    • A point made from a similar WMG on this idea above, but besides the Funtimes, the character names are difficult to pinpoint whose name would apply to which Animatronic. For all we know, our little pigtailed "friend" could be Ballora or Minirina.

The animatronics remain sympathetic, but are much more morally dubious than the others.
They act the way they do in response to a tragedy, and their motives are perfectly understandable. However, they aren't trying to stop a Serial Killer from killing again. They don't uphold peace in a fun place for children. Those days are gone. All that's left for them now is revenge for what happened to them. It may not be fulfilling. It may not even be sane. But it's all they have, and they're going to take out their anger on you. If you can catch a breath long enough to feel pity, so be it. It won't improve your situation.

There is a "Golden" equivalent of Chica or Foxy somewhere in the Sister Location.
Chica is just as significant to the stage band and Foxy is one of the most popular characters in universe, it would be pretty believable if they too had "golden" predecessors like Freddy and Bonnie did, Chica's might of possibly even had been featured with the other Funtime Characters.
  • Wouldn't a Golden Chica be redundant since she's already yellow? Also, I'm kinda doubting this 'cause I get the feeling Chica and Foxy were Ascended Extras in Fazbear folklore.
    • Fair enough to that point, but sometimes with WM Gs, you need to consider all possibilities, jossed sensible or not.
  • Maybe it can be a Silver Chica?

The between night minigames (if any) will be in 16-bit graphics.
An attempt to keep up with the times instead of the 4-bit graphics 2 and 3 had and the 8-bit graphics 4 had. However, this would only work if this game is set in the future.
  • How is this game being set in the future a prerequisite for 16-bit minigames?!?

The animatronics are possessed by a family.
Freddy's possessed by the dad, the ballerina by the mom, Foxy by opposite sex twins, and Baby by the...well, baby of the family who was the Unwitting Instigator of Doom.

The new animatronics' jumpscares involve their "face parts" going all over the place.
Now, if you've seen Trailer 1 (which I'm sure you have), you would've seen the jumpscare at the end. Now, I think that those, let's call 'em "face parts", would move according to an "energy" reading of some sort, which would be affected by many factors. One of which would be sounds played through the speakers, how fast the animatronics are moving, and how much "energy" is being used by an audience. The way that they would tell would be similar to this. So when the animatronics jumpscare you, all of those factors come into play, as the guard may begin to start moving from the jumpscare, the loud noise of the jumpscares, and how fast the animatronics are moving towards you. This would also be how we see Ballora's eyes.
  • Confirmed. Pretty much all the jumpscares involve freaky metal faces.

The game is set in the same canon as the novel.
This is mostly based on the dream theory (how could the Child dream of this if he potentially dies at the end of 4?), plus Scott said that 4 was the end of the "Original Five Nights at Freddy's story", which makes this troper think perhaps with the novel being set in an alternative canon, this game exists in this version of the universe, perhaps we may even get a reference or are playing as Charlie in this game.
  • Jossed, Scott confirmed it was canon the day it was announced and the dream theory was deconfirmed a while back.
  • Did he say which canon, though? Since he said that the novel was also canon, but in a different reality.
    • To Be exact, despite many people thinking otherwise, Scott has gone on the record to say that "The book is canon, just like the games are" and it is a "Re-imagining of the FNAF story", so despite the differences and alternate continuity, Silver Eyes is canon in a sense, and with AFTN Robotics being found in the source code, I can safely say it is looking to not be Jossed.

The out-of-service "Wirebot" (project.JPG) is directly or indirectly controlling, or at least influencing, the others.
That's an awful lot of loose wires just running off to who knows where. "There's a little of me in every body."

The "Wirebot" is the Golden Freddy of the group
He/she will be the one displaying undeniably supernatural behavior, will be a lot fiercer/better able to kill you than the others, and will have a habit of popping up unexpectedly.

"Wirebot" is behind the springlock failures.
S/he said that "there's a little of me in every body" with great emphasis on the last two words being separated. As we already know, spring-lock suits are very difficult to separate oneself from after they have been set off, so...

"Wirebot" is the true Baby.
Its face looks very infantesque. Its quote also sounds very much what a leader and main villain would say. "There's a little bit of me in every body". Scott has not stated which animatronic is named what (except the Funtimes); it's safe to say this could be truly Desk Guy's killer.

Baby is a Chica
The head of Chica's party world. The child-like shape, as Chica has been noticed to have funky shapes (the phantom version being compared to a watermelon and whatnot). What's more, Chica is a chick animatronic, an animal that is a BABY chicken. The only thing missing is the beak.

Theories on the identity of Baby

Balloon Boy is Baby
  • BAxxxxx BxxY = Ba.B.y
  • BB = BeBe = baby

"Wireman" is Baby due to its scary appearance and bald head.
Baby is a Chica due to the dumpy body shape of the main animatronic, is the lead of CHICA'S Party World, and the fact the Chicas are based on BABY chicks.
Baby is related to the Bonnie line of animatronics; the main colors of the game are purple, blue, and yellow, the colors of all the Bonnies in the series.
Baby is the player, because they crawl on their hands and knees barely avoiding danger like a cartoon baby. That, and the possibility of crying like a baby as they corner you, and they prepare to rock you your final lullaby, to finally "silence" the big baby.
The airhorn siren is Baby. You don't wake the baby, the baby wakes you.
There are two sets of the same animatronics, and Baby is one of the few that aren't out and about.

Wirebot's name
It's Marvelo, as in "Marvelo(us), another one."
  • Jossed, all the new animatroics' names were copyrighted prior to the trailer. This was not one of them.
    • Even more jossed; their real name is Ennard.

Funtime Freddy's Bonnie handpuppet will be able to jumpscare you.
Just like the Nightmare Cupcake from the previous game!
  • Confirmed!

The Purple Man owns the animatronics.
The recent source code investigations seem to indicate that one "Afton Robotics" is either the location of the game or plays a significant part in the backstory. In the novel, William Afton is the Purple Man. Assuming that some names carry over into the game universe (even if the story itself does not), this would explain a ton. It would explain why the teaser images tend to use a lot of purple. It would explain a ton of Purple Man's antics throughout the series. He owns the place that makes these machines. He has working knowledge of all the characters: their strengths, their weaknesses. Considering the time period, he may be the single most knowledgeable person in regard to the animatronics, which is why he still plays a crucial role in this location.

There is a variation of Chica with a title unique to it (and potentially a future Freddy).
There seems to be a trend starting with Freddy sharing a Moniker with another member of the Fazbear Four.First there were the Spring animatronics, which were Fredbear/Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie/Springtrap (though you could argue that it's more of Fredbear then Freddy) and now Funtime Freddy with Funtime Foxy, the inclusion of Chica's Party World made this troper think that maybe Chica will finally have something added to her to stand out from the others.

This happens after 1983.
The cartoon showed in Fnaf4 has no mention of Baby or any of the Funtimes. This means one of two things; either they're infamous enough that they were scrubbed away from the franchise in the past, thus their non-appearance, or they weren't even created yet and weren't part of the franchise to begin with.

To think about it, if they had existed after 1983, they would be in FNAF 4 terrorizing The Child in his dreams. Of course, that would assume that The Child knows about the animatronics. He met the real animatronics of FNAF 2, assuming that he was indeed the Bite victim of '87, thus they were among his nightmare roster. However, his plushie collection can mean he is well versed in the lore of Fazbear and gang, so there would not be a reason for him to not know of the existence of the sister location characters, much less the animatronics. Yet they never appear in his nightmares. Why? Because either Fazbear rewrote history (they are an expert at hiding bodies and all), or they never existed before 1987.

But why use the Chica name? In 2024, the Fazbears were synonymous with "Horrible death", "haunted animatronics", and "Odors", and thus would not use one of MurderBear's friends on the brand label of a park filled with such murder bots, especially if they left the only Chica they had to rot in Freddy's diner.

Unless there were multiple Chicas, and they renamed one...

But back to the previous train of thought. Since Chica is on the label, this has to take place before the truth came out in 2024.

Also, there is this theory that the Purple Guy's company made the animatronics. One question: If he is the head of an animatronics company, then why is he working at Fredbear's in 198X? Baby and crew were made by the company that Purple owns. The 198X time period has him working minimum wages, set forward a few years; he could have worked his way up to the head of a company, and probably either built a rival company that was successful or renamed an already successful company, and manufactured the new lines.

Unless if he had built a company in the past, the company fell, and he was reduced to minimum wages, working in a place kept afloat by the same animatronics his company had built.

If this has gotten a bit long, I'm sorry. Don't hold it against us.

The job he is working at, there are only maybe a dozen animatronics. At a factory, there may be Dozens, and I don't think that you have to be planted inside a suit to become a ghost, I think general vicinity is all that is needed (a'la the Puppet and the hit and run victim in FNAF 2/(3?)). He may feel safer on the job site rather than his own haunted home base. Although that only means he can't go anywhere else; not to his home, not to a club, but only those two places.

Purple wouldn't be referred to as the day shift guard, but rather as the man who knows how the machinery runs. However, this could explain how the former night guard before Jeremy got his transfer to the day shift much easier than any of the previous nightguards without management knowing that the bots were out for blood.

For those who think I've gone off topic, I am sorry, but determining when Purple was an employee of Fazbear's and when he founded Afton animatronics is essential to determining the date of the game.

To summarize:

  • Baby and Crew are most likely to have existed post '83, maybe '87.
  • The theme park is most likely to have existed pre-2024.
  • Purple Guy's company made the new crew after Purple's rise to riches or before his fall.

Purple Guy realized how dangerous his company's animatronics were from the Fredbear incident.
Which is what caused his murder spree, to shut Freddy's down and destroy the animatronics.
  • Why not dismantle them pre-possession? A stupid robot is more easily destroyable than a supernatural Terminator. His murder spree made things worse than if he had merely scrapped them. That way, Freddy's wouldn't have to be shut down, just temporarily closed while they got different non-possessable animatronics, less people would be dead, and Purple wouldn't have gotten his hands as dirty with blood.
  • I think I may have found a way to reconcile this. See below.
  • Also, his murders were before the incident with Fredbear, assuming that the Fredbear incident was in '87.
    • Actually, regardless of when the incident happened, the murders still came first. Note, the orange girl is pretty obviously talking about the missing children, and Scott confirmed there were no red herrings in 4.

Afton animatronics is a family-run business.
Purple Guy had a sister who had controlling interest in the company. He tried to destroy the animatronics before they got possessed, but his sister threatened to vote him out of the company. He must have begun on Funtime Foxy, turning it into Mangle. He then had to do something that would disgrace the family name if the sister didn't comply, put their customers out of business by murdering kids, with the added bonus that she would be in part responsible for their deaths. She ignored it and when he was caught, she got the best lawyers to get him off. Ironically, what the Purple Guy failed to do, his victims succeded, and the animatronics were abandoned. Purple, guilty that he had caused their deaths in vain, came back to free them, resulting in his death. His sis then began supplying the animatronics at Chica's party world, and bought the Springtrap suit from an auction of a burned down horror attraction to use in the amusement park, not knowing it was a particularly pissed-off undead brother of hers. Needless to say, she became Baby. The reason for the Oh, Crap! face of Baby during the trailer when possibly confronted with Springtrap makes this explanation more likely.

The player character is a woman.
Just to keep in with the whole "Sister location" theme.

Phone Dude has a hand in the sister location and will return to give advice.
Following his disappearance after night 2, he was probably out checking this location. After Fazbear's Fright burnt down, he claimed insurance money and any cash he could get from the salvage to put it towards high tech Animatronics. Unfortunately for him, these ones are just as problematic.
  • This could be the reason, if he was the owner of Fazbear's Fright. And if he owned that place, he would have sworn off animatronics after it burned down. When animatronics can possibly conceivably burn down buildings and survive, you put distance between you and murderbear.

The Purple Man specifically built the Sister Location animatronics, but not the others.
Though he (maybe) owns the manufacturing plant, other engineers handled most of its output. The Sister Location is the Purple Man's one earnest shot at headlining his own work. However, he couldn't make his designs work around the constantly shifting face plates, and because it gave an unsettling appearance, the place was critically panned shortly after it opened. This being the Purple Guy we're talking about, he took out his frustrations in unorthodox ways, and now, there's a very good reason these things are hidden away....

Funtime Foxy is just as unpopular at the sister location as s/he is at the FNAF 2 location.

If you look at the schedule easter egg, there are two slots obviously allotted to Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy. While the two's initials are indistinguishable, one character has significantly fewer bookings than all the other characters. Since Freddy is known as a headliner character, it's not too hard to imagine which character is getting the short end of the stick...

  • Given what happens to its FNAF 2 counterpart, you'd probably think this is the case, possibly rendering Funtime Foxy to an In-universe Scrappy category.

The words in the trailer should be taken literally.

Deep underground / Where memories sleep...

Where do you keep your memories and keepsakes but in a vault? But this is one big vault... and holds some deadly secrets.

Anger is restless...

That doesn't bode well for the night guard. Remember, the literal meaning of "restless" involves never sleeping...

And secrets won't keep.

The truth will get out, yes? And something's definitely trying to get out...

Don't hold it against us...

Remember back in the second game, when the Purple Guy could deactivate you in the minigames? Remember how he seemed to be holding some sort of device that some fans mistook for a telephone receiver?

You don't know what we've been through...

And doesn't that just bring back memories of getting shoved into the suits back in the first game?

The Animatronics in this game are not possessed by dead kids, but by dead NIGHT GUARDS, and the protagonist is a child.
Let's face it, the ghost children and the animatronics have quite the kill count over the years when it comes to night guards. Who's to say that they're not as pissed at the kids as they were at their murderer and want to take revenge on them? Not to mention it would be a nice plot twist (in this troper's mind, at least).

For some bits of thought, let's take a look at what's in-game. The game seems to take place within a factory rather than a restaurant. There's more human animatronics (moving away from a cartoonish look and towards a more realistic approach, "growing up" so to speak), and they may have the ability to speak given Baby was able to do that. Not to mention the "Don't hold it against us" and "You don't know what we've been through" could apply towards the Night Guards as a whole. For the former, they're just doing their job and they could use it as an excuse to go after the kids in turn. For the latter, they did have to deal with keeping an eye on the animatronics and going through each shift as if it could be their last, and in the case of the dead night guards, they got a jumpscare before being dragged away and killed by the misguided kids.

For added WMG and Fridge Horror, the protagonist could be a child. Why? They'd be a perfectly convenient target for animatronics possessed by dead night guards with a vengeance. Given the above idea that it could take place in a factory, perhaps the child was dared to go into the Factory at night or something? Not to mention how the character seems to be able to crawl through vents, which, given their size, a child would be able to do easily.

The animatronic in the first teaser is not Baby.
This is mostly an observational thing but, with the recent teaser being brightened up, one would be forgiven for assuming it's just Baby. However, it looks more like the face in the first teaser, which has a few minor differences towards Baby's if you compare it to this screenshot of her from the trailer. Now, admittedly, the animatronics do look similar with a few differences (eye sizes, eyebrow sizes, the panels around the eyes, and in the first teaser, the face lacks the side panels that Baby has); it could be that this is an older version of Baby or possibly the actual Baby we should be scared of.
  • I agree. The character in the new teaser does look very different. But is it just me, or does that character — despite the line running down its face — look less like an animatronic and more like an actual clown? We only get to see the clown's face, but I can't help but wonder if his clown suit is purple...

Another theory on the meaning of the words from the trailer.
This troper's wife had a theory she just came up with. What if we're getting it all wrong and we're not playing in a bunker/bomb shelter? What if the person we're playing as is in Purgatory and must survive the ordeal of the game to finally pass on? Now she herself admits this was a bit far-fetched, but listen to her reasoning: deep below ground where memories sleep (I could be wrong about the wording). Being 6 feet under would be pretty far below ground, and a grave is referred to as your "final resting place". Anger is restless and secrets don't keep. Well, being stuck in Purgatory would make anyone just a little angry, and maybe they have to come to terms with what they did (survive the nights) to move on. Hence secrets not keeping.

The "Biddybabs" are puppeted by Baby.
It's what the teaser implies with using her quote and Baby being hidden in the background, possibly functioning like the Freddles in FNAF 4 or Baby's personal army to kill nightguards.

One or more of the new animatronics will turn out to be the most undeniably evil character(s) in the franchise.
Notice how, throughout the rest of the franchise, the theme is "Humans Are the Real Monsters" — although some people In-Universe find the animatronics scary, the machines themselves aren't choosing to be evil. Heck, even most of the humans aren't so bad — the child's brother in 4, for example, had a sense of remorse. But the point is, despite all the Hostile Animatronics, the only truly evil character so far is Purple Guy. Now, listen to this...

It's been remarked many times how much more advanced this franchise's animatronics are compared to Real Life animatronics. Maybe it was only a matter of time before the company that makes the animatronics created one that was actually sentient. If this is true for Baby, or the currently unnamed clown character, or someone else, then they would make an interesting Contrasting Sequel Antagonist — the first bots in the series who are willingly and knowingly evil!

Alternatively, maybe the sentient character will be trying to protect you, knowing that the other animatronics are going haywire — or perhaps haunted. It would be nice to not be Alone with the Psycho for once, and it could introduce some interesting new gameplay mechanics. They'll still be creepy, of course, but perhaps the player will have to learn to trust them.

Or maybe that character will be cunning enough to pretend to be Dark Is Not Evil, and then murder you when you come to trust them.

  • Confirmed. Let's just say Ennard is one sick son-of-a-bitch.

Baby is BB.
The seven new animatronics are balloon boys.

This Funtime Foxy is indeed Mangle.
The only conceivable way this theory will come to possibly be true, however, is that the parts we do see on Mangle by the time Jeremy starts his job, (i.e. the mask, hands, and feet) are replacement parts added by the staff after the repairs they had to do after every shift; it wouldn't be unbelievable if some parts of the animatronic were damaged beyond repair and therefore needed to be replaced.

This theory is most likely jossed, but it's just one to throw out here.

The building the animatronics are in is a testing facility, and they're being modified before being sent back into public.
Either after the springlock incidents or some great robotic mishap that was too much for the minimum wage employees to handle, the animatronics were shipped back to the facility they were made in for repairs and testing for bugs in the AI (hauntings notwithstanding). The performance they're doing in the trailer is a test run for bugs, locking joints, etc.

Shadow Bonnie/Freddy will become direct threats in this game
Since it seems that the focus in the lore will be on the springlock failures, it seems like a good fit, since the leading theory for the Shadows' origins centers around them as well. They probably won't be able to interact physically with the player character, but their supernatural nature will make them dangerous. May be the Night 6 threats.
  • Jossed.

Funtime Freddy can change puppets that also change his behavior.

He has two puppets: Bonnie, and Chica, his fellow bandmates. If he has a Bonnie puppet on his hand, he will act on a variation of Bonnie's behavior in the first two games, being very aggressive and getting close to the player character more often than the others, but quickly leaving if unsuccessful. If Chica's on his hand, he'll be slower and take diversions (like to a kitchen, if the place has one), but will stick around if you successfully block him off, rendering you vulnerable to the others. May also combine with Fnaf 1 Freddy's stealth techniques.

Ballora is a fast threat akin to Foxy.

She doesn't walk or run like the others, she spins, but it makes her slower normally. Thus, she lies in wait to have a direct line of sight with the player character, then comes at them very quickly. Could be teamed up with Funtime Foxy for maximum effectiveness.

The time period of the game explains the era preceding the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza brand

Fredbear's Family Diner, Fredbear and Friends, and the Sister Location were all co-owned and/or co-operated by Henry and Afton, like in the novel. Like the novel, Henry will commit suicide due to some personal tragedy involving his creations. William Afton will sell the rights of the company to another party and slip into the background in order to further his murderous efforts. The one (albeit minor) piece of evidence is Phone Guy's mention of trying to "track down the original owner" of the animatronics, and his unfamiliarity with the Fredbear brand, hinting that he wasn't apart of the crew in the days of old. The million dollar question will be how long the Sister Location was around before the "unfortunate incident" caused the company to panic and hide the springlock suits and seal the hidden rooms.

You must alter the lighting to keep Ballora at bay.
"Get back to your stage NOW" and the device featured in the latest teaser seems to sound like an inner monolouge (probably from the player) as they attempt to diddle with the Lights/Power to get Ballora to return to her stage.
  • Jossed.

Ennard is a possessed Animatronic who has spread his consciousness to the others from being used as spare parts.
If you subscribe to the idea that the Toy Animatronics went for Jeremy/Fritz in FNAF2 due to having parts of the Fazbear Four used in them, this could make a bit of sense; Ennard itself also has to have a very good reason for management to essentially scrap him and use him to repair the others. One conceivable idea is that it killed someone and shortly became possessed by them.
  • Jossed. Ennard is actually the combination of all the other animatronics.

The player character will not be a good person.
Whether the protagonist is the Purple Man, someone with the management, or some poor sap who fell into a heap of trouble is yet to be seen. However, the lengths that that person will go to keep the animatronics away will cement him or her as someone just as demented as they are, or even put the animatronics in a somewhat better light altogether.

Robot rebellion
And Baby is leading the charge, as there is too many animatronics. There is a whole ARMY of supernatural terminators at the sister location. Murderous ghosts + Killbots + large numbers = Eldritch Terminator Salvation. Hate to think what the show that is beginning actually is.

The sister location is what the crying child saw and caused his fear of animatronics.

The sister location animatronics were built and designed to help dismantle the FNAF 1 animatronics
The kids in the originals had caused a lot of death over the years. Maybe Afton knew what was happening and ran away from the establishment. However, with each guard the kids kill, another ghost is created and ends up possessing an animatronic. The dead Night Guards, wanting to stop the originals, made a deal to help Purple Guy destroy the FNAF 1 animatronics. After they were done, they let the kids take on Purple Guy and turn him into Springtrap, probably by blocking his only exit.

The Purple Freddy from the FNAF 3 minigames is probably Funtime Freddy.

Desk guy is a night guard that regrets building an animatronic named Baby, which might be Purple Guy regretting building the animatronics he used in the dismantling, the ones who caused his death.

The sister animatronics have more advanced tech than the Fazfour, but the originals weren't even totally new in 1987. Technology marched on since.

Springtrap will come back...
...but he will be a Funtime animatronic!

Let me explain: the game takes place after FNaF3 and the people running the place are trying to revive Freddy Fazbear's once again, but in a Lighter and Softer way. They've just discovered these new, hidden animatronics. And around this time, they've also purchased a charred, yellowish rabbit animatronic that used to work for the franchise. With the money they've made/had, they've redesigned the Hair-Raising Hare to look more like his new colleagues, officially dubbing him "Funtime Spring Bonnie."

And he won't show up until either Night 5 or 6, where he and Baby will take on the roles of all the others, a la RAT and CAT.

Springtrap will return, but with some Funtime parts on him, akin to a Cyborg — in an attempt to refurbish himself.

The management are aware that the animatronics move at night
To quote the description... "Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment."

You might be thinking that means their parts move or whatever when the technician is working on them, but I think it means management knows how the bots are at night time. Correct me if I'm wrong on if any sort of technician works on active moving equipment.

  • Not really a WMG since this was basically canon already ever since the first game.

Funtime Freddy will be a Greater-Scope Villain.
Why else would Scott have used him on the Steam icon when Baby is clearly the boss here? And you might say because he has the title, but remember that FNaF3 used Springtrap instead of Phantom Freddy.
  • The part about Springtrap is true, but FNaF4 used Nightmare Freddy, who barely did anything. And if that was to avoid spoiling Nightmare Fredbear, then the same could be said for Funtime Freddy.

This game's Phone Guy will be the proper night guard
The player will actually be residing inside of the backstage, while the normal night guard explains the ins and outs of the game to you from the office.

The "Sister Location" is marketed towards adults.
Maybe this troper is just being cynical, but between the more feminine, humanlike animatronics and source code mentioning "private" uses of the animatronics, this location could be something more akin to a robotic strip club than the previous Chuck E Cheese model. This may also explain why it's not technically part of the Freddy Fazbear's line, as they don't want to ruin their brand's reputation as being family-friendly.
  • Gross.
  • This is actually a long-discussed and debunked theory. The code of the site has mentioned children's birthdays several times, plus the description makes it obvious CBPW isn't an adult location.

Closed down for gas leaks?
Ka. boom. The restaurant will most likely go up in flames.
  • Doubtful; the newspaper article heavily implies the "gas leaks" were actually a cover-up for whatever happens during the events of the game.
  • Or possibly as a set up for what happens during the games. The trailer said you were "Deep Underground" and "Secrets Don't Keep".

The alleged "gas leaks" take place long before the events of the game.
Circus Baby's was open back in the 70s or 80s, alongside its brother location(s). The news article was indeed all a cover-up — due to the gas leaks, the restaurant suddenly exploded. Though, the animatronics themselves were taken "deep below ground", and were updated and improved over the years...and that's roughly when the game begins proper.

The "gas leaks" incident is actually another missing children incident.
Kids were sent in to test the attraction. However, the Purple Man programmed the animatronics. So, the bots kill the kids, but there's no Marionette to stuff souls into them. Instead, the mechanic is dealing with some very remorseful and angry animatronics who want to stop the person (they believe) turned them into murderers so that the attraction never opens. They succeed, but the Purple Guy manages to cover it up as a malfunction, leading to the company-wide banishment of the spring-lock suits.

The player character is the fall guy for this round of murders.
The Purple Man made/worked on these machines and doesn't really need another person to help out. However, at this point, he's the guy calling the shots, so he arranges to have the player character working around the time that a group of children just so happen to go missing.
  • Oh, he's a fall guy, all right...

Night 1 (or a bonus Night) will take place at Circus Baby's Pizza World. The rest of the game takes place in the established area.
The Location we have got screenshots of looks very industrial and not very colourful and friendly like most pizzerias, while the steam quote mentions Circus Baby's Pizza World, and how it needs a night guard. Which makes this troper wonder if we will get a glimpse of the actual establishment in a possible tutorial level before the main game.
  • Actually, the description mentioned they needed a technician, not a guard.

The animatronics were/are being moved to the underground.
Well, the owner likely did move these robots to an underground location so the police, CIA, and feds cannot find them.

The Purple Guy has a sister.
Surprised this theory wasn't already here. More creative tropers can come up with some stories about her here.
  • One, it has already been mentioned above. I have mentioned a theory above, under "Afton animatronics is a family-run business." stating that purple guy had a sister, theorizing how she fits in the whole story.
  • Two, even if it wasn't mentioned before, either by another troper or myself, you just did it now. Look at the Edit tips at the top of each editing screen for how to edit a page.
  • A theory: The sister died and possessed an animatronic before the series. Purple killed, knowing he is creating ghosts, so she would never be alone. She would be worse than purple by being his motivation.

The lore will explain the Purple Man's motivation.
Though it will by no means justify his behavior, this game will at least hint at exactly why the Purple Man kills, his hatred for children, and how his twisted mind works. There may even be some tragic aspect to it, but no matter what has happened in the past, he'll be a Complete Monster in the present, and he'll let it be known somehow before those five nights are up.

Gameplay mechanics will center around the use of sound
Judging by the Ballora voice clips and the possibility of springlock suits, it seems that the animatronics are actually more primitive than they look, and are programmed to turn and walk towards sounds. This means that they could stand right in front of the protagonist without attacking, provided that our hero remains absolutely silent. However, something will keep the protagonist from simply sitting out the nights (probably Funtime Foxy, continuing the character's legacy as a strategy killer), and the protagonist will have to move around and use those control panels to keep the animatronics from doing....something. Basically, it's an inverse of the Fnaf 4 mechanics. Instead of waiting until you don't hear the animatronics, you must wait until they don't hear you.

In addition, those voice clips may be important for judging how far certain characters are from your position, as well as indicating when you've been detected and need to hide.

  • Pretty much partially confirmed.

The animatronics will be fully animated
As we'll play as a mechanic/technician and not a security guard, it seems that our hero will have to come face to face with these monstrosities on numerous occasions as he/she moves about the area. Therefore, it makes sense that the animatronics would move around as well, and not simply freeze, since there are no cameras to stare at. However, they might pause when they detect the protagonist's presence.

Power Outages will be an occuring element
One of the rooms on the map is a breaker room, IE a place where the main power switch is implying that you will need to go there occasionally for the purpose of rebooting the establishment's power, this is supported by the fact in the trailer there were incidents of flickering lights in some of the rooms.
  • There's at least one, so confirmed.

The Sister location is an underground museum.
Notice the names of the rooms on the map, "Circus Gallery, Ballora Gallery, Funtime Auditorium, etc" pretty intresting names that sound like they are for the purpose of display.

The Purple Man is using a different suit this time around.

Children were meant to be performers before the incident.
When the management was allowing children inside to test things out, they weren't doing a show preview to make sure that the animatronics worked or were endearing to the intended audience. No, these children (skewing older than the target audience, teenagers at the oldest) were specifically chosen to perform in spring-lock suits, because they had more room to operate those suits without risking a full collapse. Unfortunately, the management either failed to note that Afton Robotics is being run by a psychopath, or the management is run by the Purple Man at this point, and the suits killed the kids anyway, because they were designed to kill. The management then ducked out with the death of children being the one thing that can spell major legal consequences for the company.

The player character can hide in safe rooms
Hidden in the recently released map are two rooms to the north and south of the Funtime Auditorium. Those rooms will be accessible to the player, either as a gameplay feature or after find some way to open them up. As usual, animatronics will be unable to enter, providing a safe zone (though that doesn't rule out the supernatural). Come the fifth or sixth night, however, the player may find an extra suit inside one of the rooms....and someone else might be hiding in there with it, waiting for you.

Ennard is the reflection on Funtime Foxy
Within the trailer, one detail on Funtime Foxy is that something with dark eyes and a red dot appears to be reflecting on his face; while many seem to theorise it's the puppet, Ennard seems more likely to fit the description, especially with the enigmas around it at present, possibly an earliest hint that Scott has left us to this character.

Chica's relevance to the game.
Fazbear Entertainment wanted to make a more female-oriented location, it seems. So who better to be the star than the original female herself, Chica! During development, the company created a character by the name of Circus Baby. Later, the company brought in a test audience of kids to see their reactions. The most well-liked character was Circus Baby, while the least liked character was, ironically enough, Funtime Chica. Realizing what a big hit she was, Fazbear Entertainment changed their minds and made Circus Baby the star of the show, while Funtime Chica was promptly scrapped and placed in the Parts & Service Room, along with Ennard.

And that's how Chica's Party World became Circus Baby's Pizza World!

In keeping with FNAF tradition, the game will be released in mid-September.
Because come on, do you REALLY expect Scott to wait until the stated release date?
  • Please stop.
    • In their defense, Scott himself said that "It's not like every time I speak I'm engraving it into a stone tablet somewhere." Though I do think this time he was serious about the release date.
    • As of September 30, the "mid-September" part is definitely jossed. He might release the game a few days before October 7, but he's probably serious this time. It's kinda funny, though - Scott's reputation as a Trolling Creator has gotten him stuck in a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" kind of situation.
    • I'm going to repeat the theory I had for previous games-October 7, exactly at midnight his time zone. Which I think is Central, but I'm not sure.
    • My theory is that Scott will release the game on Steam on the Sixth of October at exactly 23:59 so he can still say the game was early.
  • Well, everyone, as of this edit, it has hit midnight October 7 everywhere in the Continental US. He actually made it to a release date.

You play as Purple Guy.
The "Sister Location" is his personal Hell, where he is experiencing karmic punishment. He has to keep away the robots, every night or suffer a painful death, over and over and over... forever.

Circus Baby's Pizza World happens in a timeline where Fazbear Entertainment found a buyer before closing at the end of 1993.
This could explain why Circus Baby's seems so futuristic, yet Fazbear Ent. still has a bad name beyond urban legends.

Monster Clown will be deconstructed somehow.
Maybe, In-Universe, Baby's franchise was scrapped simply because most people don't like clowns! (Which is kind of ironic, considering that out-of-universe, the fanbase seems to be embracing the new animatronics just as much as they do the old ones.)
  • Jossed, the animatronics' clownlike appearances don't seem to have much significance In-Universe.

The game's not getting delayed.
Scott is talking about delaying the game to make it more kid friendly on Steam, but remember. This is Scott. He's trolled us before.
  • Confirmed; he trolled us again by using a reskinned version of Sit and Survive.

In relation to the above post...
Scott will release the game on Steam as it is on the 7th, but if he isn't trolling us and was being honest with the game's dark tones, he could also release a kid-friendly version on GameJolt or something of the sort. That way, (probably nearly) everyone is pleased.

Many YouTube creators have already recorded, and will release videos at midnight.
A few people on the subreddit seen Dawko supposedly playing SL ahead of its release via the Discord chat, this is assuming he was recording gameplay for it and has it scheduled for midnight. As for everybody else? Same deal.


     Post-Game Theories 
Baby really was benevolent but her understanding of the situation is backwards.
So Circus Baby, at this point well known to be a human soul bound to an anamatronic body. During the first few nights she's actually very helpful and does her best to keep the player alive as well as sharing what secrets she knows. Even kidnapping you temporarily if nothing else kept Foxy from murdering you, though it was dangerous. The only hint of active malice comes at the very end which if you've played the game you know what happens. This comes after She has you destroy her robotic body keeping only her base programing on a chip. Well this troper believes up until this point she was actually a good and benevolent force but fell at the last hurdle by presuming she was a good robot programmed for good things possessed by an evil spirit that forced her to kill. The reality was she was a good spirit possessing a robot programmed to quietly commit murders for the sake of harvesting children. So when you destroy the body, in the process destroying most of the "remnent" that attaches the soul to the body, you loosened the grip of the good portion of her while allowing the evil robot programming with no morals to take a stronger hold.
The audio you play on Night 2 telling Funtime Freddy to "go back to sleep" was orginally from Chica, who was scrapped at the last second.
Wouldn't Bon-Bon quickly point out the imposter using his/her voice? It's possible that CBPW just reused Chica's lines for Bon-Bon. Another possibility is that they scrapped Funtime Chica & Bonnie at the last second and replaced them with Bon-Bon. Note how similar the springlock suit in Night 4 is to Chica. Also also note how we only see technically two out of the original four animatronics - Freddy & Foxy.

Lolbit IS the Purple Guy.
In the DLC cut-scenes endings, after Ennard claims William Afton and goes around in their organ-less body, they start to become an Uncanny Valley. As the days progress, their skin begins to decay and rot more and more, scaring his neighbors as they start to look like the living dead. The host body, unable to contain them or make for a suitable vessel anymore, starts to fall apart. The spaghetti mess that is Ennard is regurgitated into the sewers. Ennard's promise that he won't die rings out. The corpse is then pulled back together, apparently animated by one single animatronic in the end. Lolbit's eyes shine through, whereas all the other animatronics, rejected, look on from the sewer.

Magic, or at least some form of necromancy, is a known but rare occurrence.
This could maybe possibly explain why the neighbors don't just call the cops or something when it's obvious Mr. Afton is now a shambling corpse, and hide behind their houses rather than in them.They're terrified, but also fascinated that something so... morbidly amazing is happening so close to home.

Baby ISN'T the Big Bad, but actually the Big Good.
The Big Bad is actually Handy himself, who tricked the animatronics into attacking you by forcing you to zap them a bunch of times, then deliberately attracting them towards you to have them kill you. Baby, on the other hand, is the one who reveals to the player that Handy is a Bad Boss who constantly says Blatant Lies and is rather cruel. This would explain why she's not in her room at night; she's trying to escape. As for her tricking you into the Scooper, it's possible this is Ennard fooling the player.
  • Most likely true, given Freddy, the first one you decommission for Handy, had voice mimicry software and hardware. You basically handed it to Ennard on a silver platter. And guess who starts talking strangely right after that night? Yup. You've got it. Baby.

Ennard IS Handy.
Here's the deal: Ennard either: A.) Remembered being multiple versions of the cast being dismantled over and over. OR B.) Discovered it while snooping around. Angry at the humans who abused him/her/it, Ennard decide to pose as a instructor, forcing the employees to unwittingly abuse the animatronics, tricking them into thinking all humans are bastards. Baby, seeing this, tries to put a stop to it by helping the player when the tangled monster is watching. However, in Night 5, the monstrosity catches on and "decommissions" (AKA kills) Baby and uses Baby's voice (since it was multiple forms, hence multiple voices) to trick the player into the Scooper, and use their body to wreak havoc in the human world.

The game takes place in the Stanley Parable world.
You are just doing everything the narrator tells you. Either there are multiple narrators or the narrator could change his own voices to pretend to be someone else. Alternatively...

The game takes place in the Portal universe.
  • It has a lot of similarity. Silent protagonist, AI voice on the elevator, pushing the buttons, (possibly) rogue AI...
  • Portal canonically had a lot of alternate universes. This is the one where alternate Aperture becomes Circus Baby's Pizza World.
    • Given that Aperture got its start making asbestos shower curtains for the military, and later branched out into all the crazy stuff they made afterwards, it wouldn't be too farfetched for them to move into animatronic research in some timelines.

The suit from Night 4 is from one of the older games.
The suit I think is either Spring-Bonnie or Golden Freddy/Fredbear.
  • I want to say jossed since neither have face plates that open.
  • My new theory is that the springlock suit is Golden Freddy/Fredbear but a new funtime version of Golden Freddy/Fredbear the purple guy made for him to use in comitting his crimes, the Funtime Foxy took out go the Fredbear Endoskeleton first.

Ennard is made of every Animatronic's Endoskeletons
Spoiler warning: notice how only the shells of Foxy, Freddy, and Ballora are in the Scooping room. And before she is even sent there, Baby herself seems to lack her endoskeleton. This, doubled with the fact Ennard is yet to be seen, means it could be possibly his phrase. "There is a bit of me in every body" is actually meant to be reversed into "There is a bit of Every Body in Me"!

Ennard is the Purple Man

There were no ghosts or the ghosts didn't influence the animatronics' actions; the animatronics were already murderous robots.
Let's see, the biggest piece of evidence for this WMG is how all of the animatronics are made by Afton Robotics, LLC. Afton, as in the Purple Guy's LAST NAME. Given this, not to mention there's little to no evidence of there being child murders caused by humans in Circus Baby's Pizza World, not to mention the Bad Ending caused by Ennard outright feels that the animatronics were designed to be murderous AI at night or have certain programs that turn them murderous even at the daytime as how Baby's programming has her aware of how many children are in the room and what to do when there's one child present shows. And why? They were all designed by the psychopath that is the Purple Guy. All for a bunch of sick kicks in murdering all the Night Guards who were on shift, all of the children who came to the Fazbear chain of restaurants, and anyone he could get to go even close to the animatronics. It's the ultimate crime, and he never bloodies his own hands by it.

Whether the children had anything to do with the animatronics' actions may or may not be rendered moot by this WMG. If it's true, then they may be stuck to the animatronics as the last thing keeping them in this world, and being kids, they may not be as murderous as they've been thought to be. If they're still murderous, then barely anything changes and the animatronics would hunt the night guards regardless.

Although, this also makes the Purple Guy's fate in becoming Springtrap a subverted case of Laser-Guided Karma, as even though he's dead, he'll still be attached to one of his murderous animatronics and still getting kicks out of it. This can be supported by the fact that the little girl (presumed to be Afton's daughter) wasn't allowed near Baby, possibly because he knew what would happen.

The between night cartoon is of significance to the plot
Something about this cartoon's existence and elements seem to have some sort of possible connection to the lore. I.E "You work the graveyard shift at a Taco store" (typical role for the night guards) or "I set the house on fire" (Possible shout out to 3?) Until we get to see the last part of the cartoon, we have no way of fully knowing.

Ennard becomes the Purple Guy, and the Technician becomes The Puppet.
This will tie in everything that has taken place in Five Nights at Freddy's with Sister Location, and could even explain how the Puppet was able to help the children's souls into the animatronic suits — the Puppet made the animatronic suits in life. Possible support, if Ennard wore the mask when wearing the technician's skin, the mask would probably pretty much shape the Purple Man's bizzarely shaped head and wide grin.
  • So Ennard became Afton after killing him, then murdered the children, then was shoved into Springtrap?
    • Considering Springtrap had barely any bones or muscle inside him in FNAF 3...
    • Unlikely considering Purple Guy bleeds profusely when he dies via Springtrap. Dead people don't bleed much.
      • Ennard would have had to find a way to keep the flesh alive so it wouldn't rot and give him away. That would require having blood and some of Afton's organs still in his system.

The Mystery of 1983
Scott might've said that there's no plans for a sequel to Sister Location, but he implied that there may be one if it's successful enough. Assuming that a sequel does get made, Sister Location will serve as the first chapter to discovering what the significance of 1983 is.

The Technician is the father of the child in FNAF 4
It makes no sense from a lore standpoint that Afton is the murderer or the technician. However, there is evidence to suggest that the technician is the father of the child in FNAF 4. Follow me on this, if this is the case, then the sister in FNAF 4 that is missing is the child that Baby killed. The father quit working on the animatronics after this, only to return when another of his children died at another Fazbear location. The Cameras in the secret room that shows the FNAF 4 kid in the house from the main part of the game if you type 1983 on a nearby keypad; this may play in to this theory, but in what way, this troper is uncertain. If Ennard wears his skin in the real ending, then this may support the "Purple guy is the child's dad" theory and the "Ennard is Purple guy" theory.
  • Well, if the Technician is the father of the Child, then maybe he has cameras in his youngest son's room to keep an eye on him so he doesn't meet the same fate as his sister. Properly Paranoid and all that. It's possible that, if the Technician isn't Purple Guy (but Ennard is), he may suspect his oldest son of being Purple Guy. Then again, Baby implies on Night 4 that the original murders using the Golden Bonnie suit have already happened...
  • Then this takes place after the murders (the phone calls in FNAF 2) but before the 2nd opening of the FNAF 2 restaurant. Baby probably overheard about it from other technicians. What Ennard does with his new "skin" I'm not sure, but he can't be the murderer then.

Baby is the only haunted animatronic in this game. She's haunted by the little girl from the mini-game.
With so much lore in FNAF about haunted robots in each game, one would think there will be at least one in Sister Location. The biggest indicators are from the cupcake mini game. In the game, Baby has blue eyes, the little girl is clearly shown to have green eyes. Baby's eyes in the main game are green, not blue, which could indicate possession. Also, maybe that secret scene with Baby pulling the child inside her from the mini-game was more literal than we think. Baby says she did something awful to a little girl, but has no idea why she did it. It could be that it wasn't her who did something awful, but someone else used her to do it. Forced to shove a body inside her, perhaps?

There's going to be at least one wacky comedic Fan Work around the Fake Ending.
Specifically, they'll make it look like Eggs adopted Ennard as a pet or something.
  • Well... there's this

Funny thought
In this game, Ennard wears the skin of the night guard to escape. Now, if this was before 1993-94, then when Purple attempts to absorb the other ghosts it created at the shutdown of Fazbear Pizza into itself, the ghost children are merely putting Ennard back into a proper suit, Springtrap. This causes additional horror because we never do see how "springy" deals with the Fazbear's Fright guard in FNAF 3. Perhaps the fire was, rather than destroying "Springy", covering up Ennard's "old suit".

One of the reasons Baby helps you is because...
...She feels horribly guilty about being forced to murder a child. Think about it; outside of the Daughter's murder, she never attempts anything malicious, assuming the "Baby" you hear at night 5 is Ennard or her trying to finally escape. Seeing an opportunity to amend her mistakes, she decides to help "Eggs Benedict" escape.

Ennard is separate from Baby, but is Nightmare and Purple Guy all rolled up into one.
Alright, here’s some grand unifying nonsense, split into five parts:
  • Sister Location’s characterization of Baby isn’t exactly consistent if we consider that she’s Ennard, since there’s no real reason for waiting until Night 5 to “scoop” the player character. (She could have done that at the end of Night 3.) Baby is protective of the player against threats initially, and we later hear Ennard can imitate the voice of the girl Baby killed. So maybe Ennard is just using Baby’s voice for the sake of consistency for the player character to continue trusting them?
  • Under this assumption, Ennard/Nightmare has the ability to manipulate the other animatronics, explaining Fredbear biting the boy in 4 and Baby killing the girl in the history of Sister Location.
  • Ennard, like Nightmare, has a bizarre association with internal body parts… It’s a small thing, but why not?
  • When we see Purple Guy in FNAF 4, he doesn’t appear to be aggressive, implying his Start of Darkness may not have happened yet… If he was indeed the real killer at all.
  • In Sister Location’s ending, Ennard is shown to have stolen the body of the game’s player character. Considering this is still Nightmare we’re talking about, he goes on to start killing children for the fun of it. But let’s suppose, for a moment, that years later, reality began to ensue. Whatever foul machinations allowed him to live within the player character’s body begin to fade. So he begins utilizing control of the other animatrionics to kill new night shift employees and steal their bodies. The various Purple Guys we see are actually Ennard/Nightmare hopping between bodies.

Still leaves some Puppet-sized holes in the story…

The reason the Purple Guy murdered children...
  • ...Is because they found out about his secret — he's not exactly human anymore.

The Technician is not Afton or Purple Guy, he's Phone Guy.

The Technician is Mike Schmidt
One very quick line at the very beginning of Night 1 lends this credence, as Handy states "insert your name as seen above the keypad". What's above the keypad? A piece of tape with the name "Mike". Unless there are two Mikes intimately connected to the Fazbear curse, this is our hero from Fnaf 1. He used to be a worker at Circus Baby's Pizza World, way back when Freddy Fazbear's was still open. He was hired to help set the place up in advance of its opening, which included test screenings with children. He brought his daughter to work with him. He knew that something was wrong with the animatronics, particularly Baby, but he lacked the experience to figure out what. Though he couldn't control the other children, he forbade his own kid from getting near them. However, the child disobeyed, and Baby killed her. Mike's life went into a downward spiral, and he became depressed and alone. Years later, he decided to figure out exactly why the robots were malicious. Circus Baby's had disappeared because of the incident, and William Afton with it, but Freddy Fazbear's was still open, if only barely, because of a string of horrible murders at the locations. Taking the role of a security guard, Mike charged through seven nights, evaded the main five animatronics, discovered the fate of Phone Guy, saw hints of their being haunted, and got fired when he was caught tampering with their A.I. Not long later, Freddy's shut down, and Afton popped up again, renting out the Circus crew for parties. Determined to find answers, Mike used his former experience to get a job as a technician and infiltrate the underground bunker where the murderous animatronics were kept.

The Technician is a brother or cousin of Purple Guy
You are playing as Mr. Afton, and are therefore the creator of these animatronics and the father of the child Baby killed. However, you aren't Purple Guy — you're a family member he forced or coerced into being an accomplice. Baby's more... unique features were added at his order/request.

This would change little about the "you are Afton" theory, except to reconcile the headscratchers that come from the concept of Ennard being Purple Guy. They're two totally separate beings. Also, it does away with a personal issue I had — it's implied pretty heavily that Afton truly loved his daughter, which conflicts with my personal distaste for giving sympathetic qualities to characters as evil as PG.

  • Part Jossed, but with elements of confirmed. You are playing Mr. Afton's son, and you are the Purple Guy, though given the Strong Family Resemblance, there are likely multiple Purple Guys.

The Big Bad is doomed to fail.
Consider what the big plan is. Ennard rips out your insides to place itself into your body so it can masquerade as a human. This plan will fail no matter what for one very obvious reason. It's piloting around a freshly-killed corpse. That hollowed-out body is going to start decomposing before long.
  • That, and the skin is subjected to surprising amounts of wear and tear just from moving around. You don't notice because it's constantly being replaced. That doesn't happen anymore when the person in question is dead...
    • Confirmed in the Custom Night minigames.

FNAF 4 was actually set in the sister location.
On Night 2, the map of the location shows three different areas hidden around the place. These match up to all three scenarios of FNAF 4 (The bedroom, the outside areas, and the Fun with Plushtrap hallway); this is supported by the camera systems in the private room displaying the bedroom and hallway.

This could explain many things. The Fredbear Plush could have a walkie-talkie attached to it, which clarifies its talking ability, and Pigtail girl may very well have been Baby. However, what this means for the hallucinations, the jerkbag brother, and of course the Nightmare animatronics is still unclear. It might be possible that the child was a test subject in what basically amounts to the Truman Show with horror.

  • I don't believe that this is a test facility, but perhaps a private area to keep him safe. This would support the "technician is FNAF 4 kid's dad" theory. However, I still don't know what that means for the outside area....

The Technician is the older brother of the FNAF 4 kid, and also the brother of the little girl in Sister Location.
He came to the Sister Location to find out what really happened to his sister. That's why Ennard tries to use her voice to lure him, why he doesn't have the authority that the father/Afton/(purple guy?)/the creator of the animatronics would have and has to get in through a low-level job, and maybe even why it's called "Sister" Location.

The Player's name actually is Eggs Benedict.
Eggs's choice of exotic butters would make sense given their love of popcorn. Who's to say that the autocorrections weren't actually all correct?
  • Sadly jossed.

Eggs is the father of the girl that was killed. Eggs, however, is not Mr. Afton.
There's a WMG above that got me thinking. That WMG was the one about how the Show Within a Show has some significance to the FNAF plot. Well, what if the metaphor goes deeper? What if Mr. Afton/Purple Man wanted his daughter to get kidnapped/killed by Baby? Why would he do that? Well...what if he thinks she really isn't his daughter? Afton thinks that his wife cheated on him with Eggs and the daughter was the result of the affair and decided to get revenge on both of them by killing the daughter. All the telling her to stay away from Baby was just reverse psychology 'cause, come on, if someone tells you not to do something, that just makes you want to do it more. It doesn't particularly matter if the daughter is really Eggs's or not, Afton just needs to THINK she is. Just like Vlad thinks the baby isn't his in the Show Within a Show.
  • Which actually makes the canon ending make more sense: Baby and/or Ennard was then programmed to want to take Eggs's body, completing his revenge on his wife. The question then is, would he go after his wife and kill her, or would he decide letting her live was the better punishment, especially if she doesn't know he did it?
  • Poster of the mentioned WMG here; I actually feel this could be the case too, because when I first saw said cutscene, my mind instantly tried connecting it to the plot, getting a whiff of an Unwanted Child story. Plus, it would explain the girl's statement of "Didn't you make her just for me?" He probably did — just not the way she had in mind.
    • And it would also establish a motive and pattern for the later murders (barring the likely unrelated incident in FNAF 4): He believes he is ridding the world of unwanted children. The 'Take Cake' minigame would certainly look that way at least: he straight up murders a child excluded from the party.

The spring suit you are in on night 4 was of a funtime Chica!
Now this may be a stretch, but hear me out. Notice the face of the springlock suit; it doesn't look like either Freddy's or Bonnie's, but it does look a bit like Toy Chica's without her beak.

This Chica Suit is missing its beak, therefore making it have a wide grin, and Scott teased that Chica's missing beak was a SIGNIFICANT point. Plus the suit itself is a slight yellowish colour (though given spring suits, that's a given) and, final point. It's from Baby's previous pizzeria which, if we go by the code, that was on the site at one point. It could have been Chica's Party World... The location that was shut down due the incident with Baby.

Mr. Handy anticipated you would betray him from the outset.
You'll inevitably betray Mr. Handy, either by going to the Scooping Room without authorization or the Private Room without authorization, either way leading to your termination one way or another. Because of this foresight, your name was autocorrected to Eggs Benedict. You know. Like Benedict Arnold.

Ennard becomes the Purple Guy (Aka William Afton/Eggs Benedict), but the Purple Guy is still in control.
Think about it. When someone is killed and stuffed in an animatronic, they possess it. What’s to say that even though Ennard skinned Purple Guy and stuffed itself in him, that Purple Guy’s spirit DIDN’T take control of his new animatronic skeleton? Ennard is technically an animatronic, so Purple Guy possessed it.

Let’s look at some facts here:

Let’s say Sister Location took place before Five Night’s at Freddy’s 1-4. In the second game, William Afton physically stops Freddy from trying to save the children. In the third game, he easily dismantles all the animatronics with little struggle. How could one human man take down a six-foot tall robot that could easily kill a human? Because Afton is no longer human. He has the same strength as Freddy and the gang, if not greater because of all the animatronics Ennard assimilated.

In the third game, Afton got trapped in an empty Springtrap costume and apparently died – but it was odd how there were no bones to be seen through the rips of the decaying suit. Just a rotting face, what we can assume to be rotting muscles, and eyes that looked too synthetic to be human eyes. Bones just don’t disappear – this means Afton didn’t have a skeleton… unless the wiring in Springtrap is Ennard, his new skeleton.

Plus, why is Afton called “Purple Guy”? Yes, because of his sprite in the minigames… but what color eyes does he have after Ennard wears his skin? Purple.

And why would Ennard want to kill children? And why would they come back to any of the Pizzerias after all they’ve been through? The animatronics of the Sister Location didn’t want to hurt anyone else or be hurt anymore, which is why they took Afton’s body to escape. Unless Afton repossessed his body. And Afton’s already proven he takes some sick delight in killing children – after all, he did program the animatronics of the Sister Location to lure, abduct, and kill any stray children… now that he’s back, quite possibly insane from losing his only morality chain (his daughter) and having died and come back, why shouldn’t he go the next step and kill children himself? What does he have to lose now that he’s powerful and can’t really die? All the Pizzerias will trust him, because he’s one of the owners of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria chain, and made the animatronics. He has full access to everything, the cameras, the animatronics, security, etc.… that makes it all too easy for him. He can’t be stopped, not even by the other animatronics...

He will come back.

He always does.

We have a place for him.

I’m still here.

  • If this is true, then that is probably why he goes for the Fazbear Fright guard (assuming that he is a middle-age adult and not a child). Springtrap (if he is Ennard in the long run) could have been looking for a new body! Other points that might support this:
    • Purple Guy's sprite in the minigames seems to be the same height or towers over the Animatronics, whom, let's be honest, mostly appear to be 7-8 feet tall at best, and Ennard appears to be the tallest Animatronic in the series.
    • If it isn't Purple Man regaining control, it is Ennard acting on the AI of most of the animatronics (stalk and abduct children), only it was radicalized slightly.
  • And now for a massive stretch of a theory I do not take pride in thinking up:
    • One of the features Ennard took was the voice mimic module, which, if we go back to the "Purple Guy is Phone Guy" theories, suddenly PG being done in could be given a newer twist. Ennard mimicked PG and the Animatronics to make that scene sound real, but that at the least implies the real PG would have been dead before or around FNAF 1. (Again, this one's a huge stretch.)
  • One little problem with this theory: Why did Ennard bleed when he was iron-maidened in the Springtrap suit?
    • Who says that he kept the same meat suit all these years? Maybe it "switched suits" with different people all these years, changing its identity with a new suit, a new victim. Maybe we have been playing Ennard this whole entire time and it was truly Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith, and Eggs Benedict who all have died and become man suits to Ennard/Purple Man? The Spring-trapped one was a bit more fresh and drippy.

This game takes place between the original game and 3
Okay, stay with me here while I explain this:

We know in 3 that Afton/Purple Guy meets his demise returning to the Pizzeria to destroy the evidence of his crimes (which makes the theory he is Eggs kinda hard to swallow).

Note that the opening narration implies that the higher-ups are aware of the features he included in the Circus Baby group (that were obviously intended for child abduction), and even if Ennard escaped [[spoiker:after killing the technician, their guts and insides would probably be found eventually]].

The events of this game are why Afton returned to destroy the evidence: what happened at Circus Baby's got people suspicious of him and he now had a reason to return to cover up the evidence of his original crimes, leading to his demise and being turned into Springtrap.


Frezbear's Diner murders.

Events of 2 (and 4 from the sound of it) including the original murders.

Events of the first game.

Events of Sister Location.

And finally events of 3.

  • One thing that could raise an issue with this is the 1983 code in the Secret Room, but if the Child's room and hallways are actually part of the facility, it makes more sense. The room in the game does not match the room in the minigames then, either. One door, a window, the bed pushed into a corner, a collection of Fazbear plushes. None of those are in the room in the game itself, meaning the room you're in every night and the minigame room are different rooms. If the game isn't a string of nightmares and memories, the logical conclusion is that the events of 4 really happened and that the Child wasn't in his own room every night.

Ennard was originally the out of order anamatronic and Circus Baby is innocent.

I was confused by Circus Baby's [[spoiler:180° turn from "I'll help you survive" to "I kidnapped you, you're dumb, and I put you in a death suit", so I came up with this theory to try and figure it out. The "out of order" animatronic is the base for Ennard, seeing as the clown mask he wears has face plates and thus is from a previous Circus Baby's Pizza World animatronic, and I feel this is important because he could have picked any other mask, or not worn one at all (this is why it is absent from its usual spot on the wall), and the mask being broken would be the result of a previous scooping. Also, Ennard could hide in the spring suit to avoid detection during inspections (if CBPW cares enough to pay for that). Now, as for Baby's innocence in the whole suit thing (and after events), this sequence would be how night 3-4 plays out:1. The player does maintenance on Funtime Freddy. (During this time, Ennard mobilizes and makes its way to the Funtime Auditorium.)2. The player is caught by Funtime Foxy--a. With help from Ennard, or-b. Ennard intervenes.3. Ennard takes the technician and puts them in the springlock suit, and then in the scooping room.4. With Funtime Freddy's plates open, Ennard takes his voice mimicry module and installs it to itself.5. Ennard is hidden in the scooping room, and talks to the waking technician. The "learning to pretend" speech now also has a double meaning, as it would also refer to Ennard gaining the ability to mimic Baby. Being a different animatronic would explain the sudden change of character, and how there is enough room for 3 full-size animatronics in the scooping room.]]

  • poster of the "technician is father of fnaf 4 kid" wmg here. I had this thought too, there's no way Ennard is just a combination of all the animatronics. Or else Ballora wouldn't try to kill you on night 5.
    • Except Ballora isn't there anymore. You soon find out that she was already scooped. Ennard probably lied about her to make sure you keep going in the right direction. That's why it kills you instead of Ballora if you don't follow instructions.

The Puppet was originally programmed at the same time as the Circus Baby gang — this explains why he did what he did with the dead kids.

The Puppet has an AI system that was programmed at the same time as the Circus Baby gang. It was since somewhat re-programmed to just give gifts but some of the previous programming remains. This is why when the Puppet finds the dead children, he 'gives life' by stuffing the dead children into animatronics. After all, the Circus Baby gang have some suspicious features, which are commonly theorized to be for child abduction.

The Puppet was never trying to revive the dead kids; only acting according to his programming which told him to get ahold of kids and hide them inside the other animatronics to complete the purpose they were all designed for.

In the good ending, Ennard followed you home...
...Because they wanted to see the show too. Hey, this is Wild Mass Guessing.

Ennard, in Eggs's body, goes on to become Rick Astley.
  • The purple-eyed person in the end is a silhouette of Rick Astley.
  • Fun fact: The song came out in 1987.

Baby, Handy, and Ennard are all working together.

We already know that Ennard is everyone, but Handy is also on the side of the animatronics. By being unhelpful, he makes you trust Baby more when she talks to you, which is just another part of the plan. There's not really any reason why Handy wouldn't be sympathetic to the animatronics since, in the end, he's also a machine being used by the company. It's just that in the end Handy isn't an animatronic, so he can't leave.

Ennard didn't fully scoop out the player.
One of the major flaws with Ennard's plan is that he just wouldn't fit in a human skin suit, and it would eventually rot away too.

However, who's to say they didn't fully scoop you out, and instead joined themselves into the player character, making Eggs (or Will if you... will?) a Cyberpunk Cyborg. It would mean he would still have a reason to be able to take out the Freddy's crew by himself, and it would also explain why he would still be able to bleed when he gets Springlocked.

Eggs decided to compromise with Ennard.
Think about it. Ennard would be much faster while trying to kill Eggs in the good ending. My best guess was that Eggs decided to help Ennard get out of the facility without killing him and that Ennard now stays with him like a roommate or something.

There was never just one...Purple Guy.
With all these WMGS centered around Eggs and Mr. Afton being the same person, it all comes back to one Plot Hole: if Ennard scoops Eggs's body and puts it on, how could he bleed later when he becomes Springtrap? I figured out the solution: we're assuming there's only one Purple Man. For all their supposed sentience, we have to remember Ennard is a robot, more or less, and was likely programmed to take Eggs's body by Mr. Afton. I propose that after that, Ennard was programmed further to become a Big Bad Duumvirate with Mr. Afton to basically, combined, be Purple Man. For lack of a better term, Ennard was the 'face' of Purple Man, who lured the children away, and Mr. Afton was the one who committed the actual murders. So what happened? While I would hope that Ennard would develop enough sentience and free will to break Afton's programming and turn themself in, I think it's more likely Ennard was the day-shift guard that got arrested. Either way, it's only a matter of time before Ennard's true nature as an animatronic is discovered. And as someone both associated with both animatronic building and Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, that puts Mr. Afton right on top of the suspect list. So Mr. Afton hurriedly went to all the pizzerias to try to hide all the evidence that proved his guilt. Cue the events that led to him becoming Springtrap. So there you have it: Purple Man is actually two people. Possibly more, if you think Phone Guy is involved, but I don't.
  • Then again...if Phone Guy is a Purple Man, then that would explain why there are three different character designs for Purple Man. Because they were meant to be three separate men.
    • This could be one of the most plausible and even dramatic explanations, because now that we've got the third game, the book and the Sister Location, everything that is assigned to the adventures of the Purple Guy just cannot fit into one single person anymore. Never mind the obvious blood fountain that followed the springlocks crash and human eyes in the animatronic (how did they not dry out after all those years is up for another theory maybe), by the end of the third game this "only" Purple Guy is the ultimate Russian doll of possession: three to five animatronics blended together into one, which then got trapped inside another one? Bonus points if you consider that Baby might have been possessed by the girl she killed prior Ennard, and Ennard himself may or may not become possessed by whoever he scooped that faithful night. How does it work and what's the point? Plus, narrative-wise, if the scooped guy was indeed Afton, this twist is completely useless. A good story is when a normal guy creates robots for entertainment, realises they're all crazy, gets his daughter killed by one of them, and then as he comes back to the hellhole looking for answers, gets scooped by a maniac animatronic who then uses his flesh as disguise in order to kill children. But, as evident from the game, Afton already was a murderer: he designs the animatronics to kill, and as the game starts, we are informed that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has already closed down — things have already happened involving murder. What is the point of getting rid of one murderer to replace him with a wire-operated murderer with the same objectives?
    • Two more or less fairly decent ways the "multiple Purple Guys" theory can go are: either the scooped guy was indeed Afton and the other Purple Guy was a random dude, or, as suggested before, Afton is relatively alive and well while Ennard assembled himself and became the other Purple Guy. The first theory would combine the dodgy canon of the book and the established universe just as Scott wanted, naming one guy, but leaving the main one up to interpretation in the best traditions of FNAF (throw the poor Phone Guy in here), but again, not much drama concerning the replacement point, so let's explore the second one in more detail.
    • Is it possible there could be another Purple Guy? The dodgy book itself actually establishes that Afton had an accomplice — somebody has actually, willingly joined a guy in order to orchestrate a scheme of luring children away to kill and stuff them inside animatronic suits. Willingly. The original Purple Guy had an actual helper — that helper himself could already be the Purple Guy Jr., so, apart from that, what are the odds there could be other psychos willing to kill children? Sadly to real life even, there were never just one. Then, the Purple Guy we know dies a bit differently than Afton from the book. Add to that the already discovered inconsistency with the springlocks, and the fact that if it was Ennard getting crushed — really? A seven foot whatever robot hideous megazord getting obliterated by a trashy ancient suit so badly he couldn't even move for like twenty years? That book implies Afton was actually crushed by springlocks on several occasions before - he has scars, he knows the feel, but he was never killed by it? He's a robot after all, nothing crashes those killer metal muscles. Then, there are the weird different sprites from the second game — was it intentional, we'll never know. Other interesting thing — the "consistent" Purple Guy from the third and fourth games has the same shadow of purple, is quite tall, and has glowing eyes - Ennard? Afton? Quite confusing. Ennard pretending to be Afton while not even being in the body of the latter would also make sense — of course he can be a night guard and nobody would realise he's a co-creator of everything — he's not the goddamn Afton. And those restaurants close every other weekend, and many people come and go, and old faces tend to be forgotten, and real Afton himself doesn't want to get recognised either. A weird dude-murderer with a suspiciously extensive knowledge on animatronics turns out to be Afton — well, there's nobody left to prove otherwise. Afton designed those animatronics that were then combined into Ennard — that's telling a story about yourself in third person. Ennard wanting to be Afton is a rather daddy issue maybe, but hey — "robot spends 1983,0000 dollars to look like his idol".
    • You can't really kill a robot such as Ennard the normal way. Springtrap is all ready to make a comeback one day. There can even be three or more Purple Guys, why not, but let the best two collide in a final game, in a final Purple Fight. A human murderer whose eventual karma led him to fear the animatronics and get forced inside a suit to die vs. his robotic counterpart murderer who, despite being an animatronic, went out of his way to willingly get underneath human skin. A man who ended up possessing a suit vs. a robot who got his wish of becoming a man. Both child murderers, both claim to be William Afton. A fight of the century, but not before the protagonist types in a secret code into a hidden keypad in the left toilet stall on the easter egg map and completes a Purple Fan and Honking Nose Adventures mini-game to unlock it.
  • Ok, I know it's non-canon, but I think the Custom Night minigames proved my point.
    • Given the revelation, I think the minigames/cutscenes themselves are canon even though the custom night is not.
      • Previous poster, I had typed that addendum before Golden Freddy mode was added, in which Scott confirmed that the Custom Night minigames were canon. At any rate, I believe my point's been proven: the original Purple Man was William Afton, and a second Purple Man, the one that became Springtrap, was Michael Afton.

The Technician is the older brother from FNAF 4.
Assuming that Mr. Afton is the Purple Guy seen in the previous games, he cannot be the protagonist of Sister Location, as he must survive to become Springtrap. On top of that, if Mr. Afton was responsible for designing the animatronics at Circus Baby's, it's unlikely he'd be low enough on the corporate ladder to be hired as a technician. It's possible the Technician is the father of the FNAF 4 kid, but the father was never seen in FNAF 4. In fact, their existence was never even hinted at (unless Mr. Afton IS the father of the FNAF 4 brothers, which is certainly plausible considering the TVs in the Private Room that show the FNAF 4 house). Because it seems unlikely Mr. Afton is the Technician, the only other character I can think of who fits all the criteria would be the older brother from FNAF 4, coming to work as a Technician at Circus Baby's, perhaps out of a want for penance for his actions in FNAF 4.

Adding to this, the house from FNAF 4, as seen in the minigames, contained a room that contained a lot of pink and had bits of Mangle/Funtime Foxy on the floor, and therefore presumably belonged to a girl. The presence of Funtime Foxy pieces also suggests a connection to Circus Baby's, since Funtime Foxy/Mangle was not present at the Fredbear's that the FNAF 4 kid's birthday party was held at. From this, I believe the little girl who Circus Baby lured with ice cream and then killed to be a previously-unseen sister to the FNAF 4 brothers.

This theory even works with Ennard's line about "wanting to see her again"! Because if the older brother is the Technician, and the little girl Baby killed was his sister, it'd make sense for Ennard to say that.

  • This theory would imply that Afton (if they are his kids) would have lost all three of his children to the animatronics, giving him further reason to go back to Freddy's and utterly wreck the classic gang. However, given the reflection in the mirror, this would have to mean that Sister Location takes some years after 4, probably until the brother is of adolescence (Angsty Teen maybe?)

The Technician is the older brother, AND Mr. Afton's son, AND Mike Schmidt, and Sister Location takes place between FNAF 1 and FNAF 3.
Building off the above theory, it may be that the Technician is the older brother from FNAF 4, AND Mike Schmidt from FNAF 1, since it can be assumed that "Eggs Benedict"'s true name could very well be Mike because of the post-it-note on the Han-D Unit. If the above theory were true, that would make Mike the name of the older brother from FNAF 4, if "Eggs Benedict"'s true name is indeed Mike.

This would explain one thing from FNAF 1 quite handily, actually: Golden Freddy. Golden Freddy is clearly some kind of ghostly hallucination, right? Well, who would be more likely to hallucinate a ghostly Fredbear suit, than someone who watched their brother's life end when Fredbear bit down on their skull? If Mike Schmidt were the older brother, Golden Freddy in FNAF 1 could be easily explained as a PTSD-induced hallucination that sends Mike Schmidt into a panic attack or gives him a heart attack or something. The only issue would be explaining Fredbear's presence in FNAF 2...

Now, this would of course mean that Sister Locations happens after FNAF 1, since Sister Location canonically ends with the Technician being fatally "scooped".

The only other issue I can think of is the surname discrepancy, but I think it would be reasonable to say that, after the death of his brother and the disappearance of his sister at Circus Baby's, he would become more than a little suspicious of both the Fazbear franchise as well as his father, Mr. Afton. From that, it could be assumed that, to hide his identity from his father while he took night guard jobs to investigate the franchise, he used "Schmidt" as an alias.

  • This actually melds really well with the secret room playing like an upgraded version of the first Five nights at Freddy's. Also, it would give a connection to some of the other 3 games most interesting elements; FNAF 2: first appearance of vents, and an out of order Fredbear (due to the bite), Fnaf 3: A single animatronic with the purple guy stuck inside (his father), and Fnaf 4: sound based detection system (with his brother being the one trying to survive).

  • This is even more possible with the DLC cutscene. At least one of these guesses is confirmed.

There is a third, true ending and the way to get it is hidden
Now thing about this: if you put in 1983 in the keypad in the secret room you get a video feed from FNAF 4 right? Well there are 3 other keypads throughout the game, one in the elevator, one in the main control room, and one in Circus Baby's Auditorium. We know Scott, for all his trolling, never puts anything in for no reason. So what if to get the TRUE ending, you have to put something in those keypads? What do you have to put in? Well during Night 3 if you ignore Handy and go check on Baby, she'll tell you a story where she gives you 3 sets of numbers. Maybe if you put certain numbers into certain keypads then it'll give you what you need for the true ending.
  • I would think the dataminers would've found that by now if it was true, if not the gamers.
    • Possibly something Scott will sneak in with Custom Night?

Chica's Party World
Going back to this little tease on the code and now with Lolbit's questionable yet possible existance in the canon has gotten me thinking. This is going to be somewhat stretching but please let me give you this theory.So. Back in FNAF 3 Phone guy states Freddy's was given two "state of the art costumes" (Fredbear and Spring-Bonnie) and on night 4 they mentioned the infamous spring lock failures in the Sister Location, now Assuming this Sister Location is Chica's Party world (or now known as Circus Baby's Pizza World) is indeed the same place.

We were never specifically stated which suit caused the problem (only told that the Bonnie Suit was noticably moved. hinting to the murders and not the failures), If we go with the Spring Chica Suit theory in Night 4, perhaps originally Chica's Party world's Mascot was this costume, scrapped because of the failures (or misuse of its features as Baby states).

After realising Ennard is just a combination of all the animatronics, it would be weird for him/her/it to be an actual working animatronic if it is just a mesh of the others. So who would animatronic 05 OOS be? My fellow men, I deduce that Chica was this OOS.

And now Lolbit's canon-icity comes to question since her head appears occasionally where Ennard's Mask is. Of course, she is a recolour of Funtime Foxy again (SL's version instead of the one from World). But why would she be here if she is not actually Canon, or perhaps she is.

Many people have established and noted that Lolbit shares the Gold and Purple colouration to Fredbear (and assumable Spring Bonnie). She even shares Golden Freddy's Dark pinprick eyes. The theory continues here, I extend it to the possibility that while Freddy's had both Fredbear and Bonnie, Chica's Party World's stage act was a Spring Chica and Lolbit (or Spring/Golden Foxy as it possibly were).

The spring lock failures happen and they are eventually replaced and rebranded by Baby and Circus Baby's Pizza World up until the tragedy's that occur then. Only Scott has the power and knows what is the truth and when to tell it. So we now wait.

The next game will have Freddy as the Big Bad once more.
He will overcome his Demoted to Extra status that he's had for a good long while now, even if it might be a new variation of him.
  • Could be likely, since he's only been the main character in two games — the first as the Big Bad and World as The Hero.

Eggs, and by extension Ennard, is not Purple Guy/Afton
Too much evidence against either of them being Afton:
  • Baby states that she does not recognize Eggs. Surely she'd recognize Afton as her creator.
  • If Ennard is the insides of Purple Guy, surely he wouldn't explode in a SHOWER of blood when Springtrap's locks closed on him.
  • Ennard most likely wouldn't jump and point in horror at ghost kids either, it just seems like a huge Out of Character moment. Why would a robot fear ghost kids?
  • Afton presumably built these robots to help him commit murder, whether they wanted to or not. He was never innocent.
  • Eggs could indeed be Afton's brother and knew better than to let his daughter near her uncle's toys — she just slipped away.

Literally every Freddy's mystery ever was revealed cryptically in Night 3's episode of The Immortal and the Restless
Unfortunately, Eggs, and by extension us, never got to see it. It was probably taped on VHS, but was locked inside the box from FNAF 4 before getting lost in the kitchen from FNAF 1.

The animatronics are all former purple guys
from the multiple purple guys theories from above.
  • Each of them seem built to kidnap/kill children stealthily, and they seem rather anxious to kill you.
  • Impulse control problems are not limited to children, repeat offenders also tend to have poor impulse control as well.

My theory? They all had helped Afton in his crimes, but each and every one of them he disposed of before they could talk. They came back as vengeful ghosts, but Afton leveraged the fact that without him they would rot in a dark corner. They kept on helping with their hands tied, until they get a chance with Afton's daughter. They rigged Baby to kill when there was only one child in the room, and using the mimicry module, mimicked all the parent's voices but Afton's. The little girl dies, but Afton is pissed. He implements a series of torture protocols to punish the other animatronics (i.e. electric shocks) but not actually designing any for Baby, thus we don't see or hear Baby getting shocked. And when they go to kill you, Baby, the innocent little girl, is trying to save you from them. Ennard, probably the oldest and the first Afton-acomplice, decides to make a break for it via his hive mind. Some agreed to do so, others more or less against their will (Baby and Ballora). And when they go to real ending, they are doing what any prisoner in a movie would do: go out in a disguise.

In short, CBPW is really a private ironic prison, and Afton is its warden.

Scott's actually reading these WMG
  • And he will deliberately troll us to make sure none of these theories worked. Somehow.
    • Jossed, at least one of them is confirmed.

Baby will get a Jumpscare in custom night
It's not canon, so she has no reason to be coy with you.

Afton only designed the Circus Baby gang and did not build them
This goes hand in hand to FNAF World. where its stated that the sad desk guy was the one who "Created something terrible". If you go with Mattpats theory on how this is Henry's game universe counterpart, this could make sense as in the book William was only the man behind the paperwork and buisness, whilst Henry was the man behind the animatronics. It could be possible he was the one who put together the animatronics under Will's observation (or force: Possibly blackmail).

One possible thought was that maybe Eggs himself is Henry and the little girl who died was Charlotte. But the girl's sprite does not match up to the figurine girl in 4 that was stated to be Charlotte.

It could be still plausible if that Purple Guy is indeed Will Afton. It wouldn't be out of belief that Henry and Charlotte wouldn't exist in the main game continuity either.

The place you're in ISN'T Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental
The player is in a storage facility made to keep the animatronics from Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, after it shut down. It emulates most of the key layout and design features, so none of the AIs notice anything strange. This would explain several things
  • The fact there's no entrance to Funtime Auditorium, and thus no way to let clients in or get Foxy out. This also seems to be the case with the other 'showrooms'.
  • Why the Control Module is described as a 'crawlspace' but it's the size of an office (judging by the file cabinets).
  • Why everything is built around the employees, not the customers.
  • Why it's so easy to get to the maintenance rooms from the show rooms.

The 'showrooms' aren't really showrooms, that's why they can't function like them. After Afton's daughter was killed by Baby, he shut the business down and essentially 'cut and pasted' everything from to the storage area. Technicians still visit so nothing goes wrong and the animatronics don't escape, but that's about it.

One night 2, Baby says "I don't recognize you. You are new. I remember this... scenario. However, it's a strange thing to want to do, to come here. I'm curious what events would lead a person to want to spend their nights in a place like this, willingly. Maybe curiosity? Maybe ignorance." She doesn't say "You must be the new employee they hired after the last one quit/died/disappeared." This seems to imply that she hasn't seen anyone 'new' in quite a while.

The Scooper's true and actual purpose was never for maintenance
Think about it. Why does the Scooper exist? For extracting the endoskeletons of the Circus Baby gang from their shells, right? Well, yes, but what a very violent and frankly over-the-top method of doing so. It's proven that you can just open up the plates manually, so there must be a way to get the endos out, without such methods. So why does the Scooper exist?

Well, think about it. These robots have some very suspicious features, don't they? Luring, misdirection, and in the case of one, storage of kidnapped children. It's often theorised that the girl Baby pulled into herself was killed by being pulled in, and only Funtime Freddy has any sort of built-in storage pod, which is tight even so.

And we know from FNAF 1 and FNAF 3 that bodies left inside robotic suits rot and stink really badly... Afton needed some quick way to clean them all out.

It could also be for removing the poor saps who got iron-maidened in the springsuits.

William Afton's Freudian Excuse
Circus Baby always acts benevolently in comparison to the others. Well, that's because she wasn't meant to be a killing machine like the others. Why is that? Well, according to Afton's daughter, he created Baby just for her. However, one day, she snuck off to play with Baby while her father wasn't watching. However, Baby accidentally killed her with her scooper. When William went to investigate the screaming from Baby's location, it was already too late. Filled with grief, Afton built some more animatronics who were deliberately designed to murder people. Why? Because if he can't have his daughter, why should anyone else? Skip to the Custom Night cutscenes, when Afton barfs up Ennard. He becomes a zombie, fueled by his eternal grief and jealousy. Let's face it. If Afton's daughter hadn't disobeyed her father, she wouldn't have fueled his Start of Darkness and his desire to kill. Truly a tear-jerking story.

The animatronics in all of the FNAF series never killed you out of anger
It is not really a surprise that Ennard is one freaky mutha, but we know that not all animatroics wanted to be a part of it when it was first created, Ballora's "I'm scared" comment. Now, I maintain that this occurred before the purple man murders, with the less advanced animatronics purposely built the way they are to avoid making it easy for another Ennard to be created. That means the thing that has been murdering children all this time is less than human. The only ones that would know this would be the victims themselves, the animatronics. Understandibly freaked out, they try and fight off their killer and avoid being scooped out and merged into the hive mind against their will. One problem, they can't tell who isn't their killer due to poor facial recognition, or who is human or who is a killer robot wearing a skin-suit. So they kill random night guards, hoping to put down their killer, no matter how many years later.
  • Don't hold it against them. You don't know what they have been through. They have had to fight for their afterlife for years, and each and every time they never killed out of anger, but fear. Fear for the one that comes back, the one that always comes back.
  • Lucky for them, they found a place for them. Unlucky for you, you face him in FNAF 3, in what remains of a perfectly fresh, and sufficiently juicy, meat-suit, complete with 100% murderous cyborg.

Afton allowed his daughter to run into Baby alone.
There is some evidence in the game to suggest child experimentation, not just murder. Afton may have wanted to make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his victims' souls were imbued within the animatronics. On top of that, Baby was modeled after his daughter. Now that he knew, he allowed his daughter to sneak in and meet Baby, in what was essentially an attempt to grant her immortality. Unfortunately... Afton wasn't expecting Baby, her AI being so advanced, to already have a soul of her own. This left no vacancy for his daughter's spirit to fill, so she simply passed on and mercifully avoided all this mess. Afton likely was not pleased by this, although it's a wonder he just didn't destroy Baby on the spot. In any event, this sure puts his daughter's recorded line "Didn't you make her just for me?!" a lot worse.
  • Unless the AI in Baby is suffering from confusion, and is actually the child from the minigame, coping from the loss of her mortality by convincing herself that she is Baby. How else would Baby be able to smell during the incident that killed the little girl?
  • Two things to consider. 1) Baby was programmed to kill children when they're all alone with her. 2) Telling children not to do something ensures that they will do it when nobody is looking.

The technician you play as is definitely NOT William Afton.
The audio, the strongest link to William Afton in the game, cannot be from William Afton's memory. He could not have been present when Baby did what she did in her Night 3 optional dialogue and captured the little girl. Likewise, they can't be from the memory of the little girl, because she would not have been present at the opening dialogue between William Afton and what are presumed to be his investors. So whose memories are they from? Who has to be present for all of the dialogue we hear in the audio-only sections?

Baby. After all, she tells you herself (in the optional dialogue) that "I still hear her sometimes". She was present when Afton was showing off her design features. And she was very much present when the little girl was captured inside her.

If we accept that the audio-only portions are not part of our character's life, then the assumption that he's William Afton breaks down — Baby doesn't recognize him, he has no override codes, no authority beyond that of a technician. He's just a soap-opera addict who probably enjoyed the drama and pathos at Circus Baby's right up until he ended in the Scooper Room.

  • The bit about the technician not being William Afton are confirmed.

The secret features of the animatronics weren't meant for evil
The first injury/death was the child in FNAF 4, due to his tears causing a springlock failure. It was an accident, nothing more. The child's father was devastated, and wanted to find a way to put his kid back together. For some reason, he decided this would involve putting the kid into an animatronic. The Puppet was built to do this; it gave life by putting dead kids into animatronics. Baby was essentially supposed to do the same thing, and perhaps was the first test. However, Baby ended up grabbing a kid that was still alive, and things went downhill from there.

The Main Character possessed by Ennard didn't go on to kill more kids.
Instead, Ennard went on to create the various other Fazbear establishments as a way for his friends to continue to exist. Sadly for him, all of the animatronics still had child- and adult-murdering programming and capabilities, and he couldn't fix them himself, or hire others to do it without causing massive problems, so he just kept sweeping the murders under the rugs or pinning them on others. He also didn't like the idea of people messing with his pals to change them, which is why he kept firing technicians or people who messed with the animatronics.

Whether or not the Main Character is the same person who would later go to destroy the Animatronics in 3 is up for debate.

Custom Night Possibilities
  • A.I. presets from 2 will return.
  • Circus Baby will have her own jumpscare.
  • As a Call-Back to 1, either Baby or Funtime Freddy will appear, play a tune, and then jumpscare you.
  • Funtime Fredbear will also come after you.

The next game will be a Perspective Flip.
The Golden Freddy ending implies that Michael Afton/Springtrap is not only still alive, but on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against his father, William. What if the next game flips the perspective and you're Michael/Springtrap going after William/the Purple Guy, who employs the same tactics the player has in previous games to keep you at bay and YOU have to trick and get around him?

Eggs is Mike Schmidt
Mrs. Afton broke up with Mr. Afton after the daughter incident. Mike, or Michael, used his mother's family name, Schmidt, to work at the Pizzeria.
  • It does make slightly more sense for Mike Schmidt to autocorrect to Eggs Benedict than Mike/Michael Afton

The Golden Freddy custom night very hard cutscene suggests that there is a Sequel Hook for another game in the series.
Fazbear's Fright burnt to the ground, and now the next game will take place after the events of Five Nights At Freddys 3. Springtrap could be the playable character, or perhaps another poor sod being a guard/technician.

The golden suits are special
Each of the sister location animatronics has a special module for each character, mimicry, scents (probably chloroform), etc. But there is a problem. The security guard would eventually figure out what was going on through the cameras. What would be a logical module to deal with that while not having to kill multiple security guards? Something to mess with the security systems, of course. Who can enter your office unseen in FNAF 1, like he has clearance? Who can cause malfunctions with the systems in FNAF 3?

The ability may not be even limited to security systems. How is the protagonist in FNAF 1 able to change most of the robots' AIs? Add to that, what animatronic, on the FNAF 1 custom night, has an AI that cannot be altered? What animatronic doesn't appear to kill you during its jumpscare, if they are specifically designed to kill? Golden Freddy.

Michael/Ennard is now sentient + who is rebuilt

Let's review: Eggs Benedict is Michael Afton, the Purple Guy's son. He is gored and used as a costume for animatronics. Later, he commits his actions of FNAF 3, disassembling the animatronics and getting killed in the Springtrap suit. But the thought occurs to me that if Ennard was still controlling Eggs, why would he do all of this? How would he do all of this?

My theory is, as Eggs became more rotten, and his spasm puked Ennard's guts into the sewer...he became his own bot, man, thing. Now, he has self control, Ennard's 'brain' is no longer the master, Eggs' brain is. He's still a hybrid, but now he's controlling himself.

Also, maybe the 'her' isn't Baby, maybe it's Springtrap, which could explain why Eggs bothered to destroy them...spare parts. Or maybe he was using them for himself.

There's one big problem with my theory though: it doesn't really explain how the corpse inside Springtrap has organs, unless Ennard picked-and-chose what to scoop, which seems unlikely.

  • Unless due to the "destroy others for spare parts theory", it is not limited to bots...

Ennard is the Marionette.

The Marionette has a different design from the other animatronics in FnaF 2, with a skinnier body and no joints. It's possible that its "suit" is actually flexible rubber or fabric, which Ennard eventually discovered and took for themselves after they were expelled from Eggs' skin and hid in the sewers. With Ennard's more flexible endoskeleton built of cables rather than the rods and joints of the other animatronics, it could wear the puppet suit. Or someone found Ennard, fixed them up, and made them the puppet suit to wear.

The Marionette's facial mask also resembles Ennard's original one.

The fact that the Marionette is placated by the music-box could be because of Ballora's remaining influence over Ennard's composite personality.

Phone Guy refers to the Marionett as an "it". Ennard would be a "they", albeit because of multiplicity rather than gender neutrality.

Michael wasn't the brother. Michael was the bite victim.
According to the Wikipedia entry on frontal lobe injuries, "an individual’s abilities to make good choices and recognize consequences are often impaired" when suffering an injury. I argue that Michael was the one bitten by Fredbear, survived it, and now helps his father be Purple Man.

Ballora is on your side.
Ennard says that Ballora is "afraid" and doesn't want to steal your body. So, why does she kill you? To save you from Ennard's plan. As seen by the cutscenes between the Bonus Night days, the body decays after a few days and Ennard abandons it. Ballora is, in her own twisted way, speeding up that process. You die, your body decomposes, Ennard can't use you, and, as seen by the same cutscenes, you later come back to life, so there is no harm done in all actuality. She's trying to save your arse.

Tying FNAF 4 and Sister Location together - along with why Michael was sacrificed by William.
William Afton is a child killer or kidnapper, but loves his own kids. When the daughter died, it had an effect on all of the rest of the family.

The youngest brother had been just outside the room when Baby attacked/took/killer his sister, and this is what made him so afraid of the animatronics in the first place. ("Don't you remember what you saw?") William and his wife buried themselves in work to try and take their minds off it. The oldest brother (Michael) took out his grief by becoming a bully to his younger brother.

When the accident occurred at Fredbear's, which resulted in the younger brother being bitten and eventually dying Michael now had to cope with not only having lost his sister, but having caused his own brother's death too. William meanwhile coped with his now doubled grief by blaming his one remaining son. He then sent Michael down to where Circus Baby and the other Funtime animatronics were, telling his son to 'redeem' himself by helping in the family business. However, he knew that Hand Unit would give Michael bad instructions and probably lead to his one last son dying - but William felt Michael deserved it for 'murdering' his brother.

Only Ennard threw a spanner into the works, executing their plan and scooping Michael to leave in their body. William was livid that his own creations had chosen to escape, even if they had killed his hated son. Before he could figure out a way to get them back though, Ennard escaped, leaving behind Michael's scooped, rotted body. William's surprise when Michael turned up at his door, broken but still somehow alive was taken by his son as shock at what he now looked like.

For years William hid Michael, blackmailing his son into doing terrible things for him at Freddy's because not only would no one else give the man in the destroyed body a chance, he owed his father for murdering the little brother. Michael was beaten down by his father until William eventually sent off his son to die again, this time at the hands of the haunted animatronics in the long-closed Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. This time, Michael didn't come back and William thought his son was gone for good.

But Ennard hadn't managed to kill Michael, and neither could being entombed in Springtrap. At first he thought it was just what he deserved, as his father had made him believe he was worthless and deserved nothing good. But 30 years is a long time to think and eventually Michael realised just what his father had been doing to him, and that William Afton was the cause of all the family's problems in the end. He'd only ever been a convenient target for his father's grief, anger and own self-denial. But the remaining shells of the four animatronics he'd smashed held the spirits of the murdered children to the physical plain, and they would not let Michael leave because they thought he was his father in their ghostly pain and torment.

When Fazbear's Fright burned down, with it went the spirits of the children at last. And Michael was free at last to leave and seek out William Afton, to finally put an end to the tale of child murder and anger that had torn apart the Afton family.

  • Let's go for broke and tie in FNAF 1 as well. William helped Mike get the job at the pizzeria under the last name of Schmidt (it might have been due to marital issues as suggested above and Michael legally using his mother's maiden name, or it might have been William's suggestion that Mike use an alias because he didn't want anyone connecting this corpse man to the Afton family name). Night guard was, as William told Mike, a job he could do without coming into contact with anyone, ideal for his condition. What it was actually supposed to be was a suicide mission for Mike, but he proved unexpectedly skilled at evading the animatronics (perhaps in part because of his time spent at Circus Baby's) and lasted until he was fired for odor and tampering with them (his technician background coming in handy there). After that, William just waited for the pizzeria to close down before sending Mike off to die again by dissembling the animatronics and leading into the events of FNAF 3.
  • Alternatively, Sister Location is set between 1 and 3, like the WMG above. Mike worked at pizzeria first, he still felt guilt for his brother (thus imagining Golden Freddy). He later worked at Sister Location and got converted into Ennard. He survived in the non canon ending because he already had enough experiences dealing with animatronics prior to Sister Location.
    • This WMG is so perfect I'm actually wondering if you're Scott. Just gonna point out, if he's a rotting corpse, well, that'd explain the odor, now wouldn't it?
  • Poster of the first part of the WMG here, those of you who expanded it to include FNAF 1 - thank you. We'll probably never know - but if this WMG (all of it) is somehow not completed jossed or even semi-confirmed I would be flabbergasted. Mind you, this is Scott we're on about (can't talk for the other two but ain't me!) and the guy is known for throwing some major twists in.
    Either way, it's a damn good story and poor Michael Afton.
    • Second poster here, you're welcome. Afton guilt tripping his son into working night shift during FNAF 1 also helps to answer why Mike would keep coming back to watch animatronics he knows will kill him if he gives them the chance, outside of Too Dumb to Live and Loser Protagonist reasons (along with how between Mike's abusive father and the guilt over his brother's death, suicidal tendencies wouldn't be out of the question. Before the custom night release, there was a theory that Eggs Benedict might be suicidal. ) Poor Michael indeed. And to third poster, there's definitely cases to be made for FNAF 1 being before or after Sister Location, if we believe Mike Schmidt = Michael Afton - odor might suggest after, but Mike's not-dried-up blue eyes in his death screen (as opposed to how his sprites' eyes look once his body's rotted in Sister Location) may suggest before, just to name a couple pieces of evidence. Also, I'm not Scott either, just to be clear.
    • Well, by default, Mike's death scene is non-canon, so that's a moot point, I think.
    • Original poster again here, hi.
      Just remembered that waaaaaay back in the mists of time, about the time FNAF 2's Bonnie/Toy Bonnie teaser image came out I remember reading something amongst the many bits of rumour and speculation flying around at the time. Someone said that Scott had told someone in an e-mail that either Mike Schmidt or Phone Guy "had something to do with the murders".
      Of course, I never found concrete evidence of this supposed e-mail anywhere and it was around a time of major speculation in the community so it's probably false... but being the son of the murderer? If Michael Afton = Mike Schmidt I'd say that counts as having "something to do with the murders". Hell, William could have made him take part if he was being an abusive father to his son.
    • Third poster here, I just wanted to point out there are already at least two separate WMG above about how SL tied to FNAF 4 (Eggs being the brother), Mike Schmidt being Eggs, and whether SL takes place before or after 1. Let's just say some people also have the same guess that it's all connected (and I merely copied the above theory).

Tying FNAF 3 and Sister Location
  • You're actually playing as William Afton in FNAF 3. You knew exactly it was Michael in Springtrap, so you tried to cover it up (along with other murders) by burning the place down.
    • It would also explain why Springtrap is so determined to get you. Michael knows who you are, and he wants you to pay.

The suit on night 4 is springtrap
  • For irony's sake. Michael just didn't manage to make it work it twice.

The next game would be telling the origin story of the purple guy
  • Specifically, William Afton.
  • Michael had an excuse being purple guy because he had been scooped and literally being an undead rotten corpse. But how does William Afton ended up being PURPLE guy? Is it just aesthetic color in the mini game, or is his skin really purple? Is he even human?
    • You may laugh at my theory, but... Given that Michael loved to watch the soap operas about a vampire and a human...What if William is actually a purple skinned vampire? And Michael, being half blood explained why he survived being scooped, and later, how he survived being a Springtrap.
    • Plus, if he was a vampire, that explained why he goes around creating animatronic to abduct children... a source of food, perhaps?

Michael Afton was not Eggs, he was the guard from the third game
  • This troper has always held that the mini games in FNAF 3 had some kind of canon explanation, my favorite being that the third game’s protagonist was an exorcist trying to free the souls trapped within the old Fazbear location, possibly all of the locations throughout the series, up to and including maybe even have attempted an exorcism under the name “Mike Schmidt” in the first game. The animatronics have always harbored animosity toward adults and would especially be violent toward someone who had a resemblance to William, but Michael’s actions have always been benevolent. Springtrap’s reveal at the end of Golden Freddy mode is not hinting that Michael became Springtrap, it’s that he undid his father’s evils and attempted to finish him off by burning down Fazbear’s Fright, but Afton has, somehow, persevered.

As for why he should be dead, he may well also be the 1983 bite victim, which has given him a tie back to the animatronics or something along those lines.

Mr. Afton is divorced, or, at the very least, his wife/the kid's mother is out of the picture.
It's conspicuous that between William, Michael, the nameless daughter, and possibly The Crying Child, there is not a single reference to a mother. The Immortal and the Restless can easily be linked to various events in the franchise; for example, the house on fire possibly being a reference to the third game's ending. What does The Immortal and the Restless center around? Child support. This can easily be interpreted as a clue that Mr. Afton has separated from the kids' mother. If one goes with the notion that Michael is Mike Schmidt, this could explain why they have separate last names: it's not unusual for children of divorced parents to change their last names.

There was only one purple guy.
Michael is Spingtrap. He went into the old pizzeria to look for her sister's body, buried there (no evidence to support it, just guessing) and put it back together, "freeing her" either by giving her a proper burial and ensuring her ghost wouldn't have sought revenge, then tried to do the same to the other children by disassembling his animatromics, before being cornered and, panicked, doing the one mistake his father wouldn't have: getting into the suit. The reason we see him as the Purple Guy is not that he was one, but because, as he says, the children confused him for his father.

The last games are all about Michael
William Afton was a serial killer, who created murdering robots. He got the inspiration when his younger son, Michael, was bitten by a animatronic at his birthday party, at the pizzeria where he worked, and the nightmares that tormented him in the following nights. However, their first kill ended up being none other than her own daughter, who he tried to protecd. Shaken by the experience, he tossed them away, and decided to opt for a something that would have given him more control about it: dressing himself as an animatronic, using the springtrap suit. However, after many years of activity and the accidents of the first two games, he "retired" and started working to create a new line of animatronics. With his children now grown, he picked back up his old idea, and reused his old killer animatronics. When Michael started working in the same company, he found out something was wrong about those animatronics, and learned the truth from his father, so got himself a job as a technician to fix them, "freeing" them from his father's orders. But something went wrong. The animatronics had plans on their own, and a conscience made from scrapts of all of them, Ennard, was born in the meantime, and started it's work to get it's own body, and confusing Michael with his father, it found fitting to trick him into giving it both of them. But Ennard didn't plan much further. It didn't knew what happened to a dead body, and had no idea about how preventing Michael's flesh to gradually rot. So, Ennard left the body, but feeling guilty and having learned who Michael actually was, gave life back to Michael. Now an undead, Michael lived in the shadows, finding new organs to fill his body, just to make it a bit more human-like, and went looking for his father, starting by the now-closed pizzeria where he used to kidnap children. But he had to get rid of the animatronics, first. And he even succeded into doing that. But, once again, there was much more going on. He only knew about artifical intelligence, and he thought that was what moved the animatronics. He wasn't ready about ghosts. And when faced by them, he panicked, and ended up in the Springtrap suit. Trapped. Until the shop was opened once again, and the suit taken out. Then he tried to get out, only to be stopped, night after night, by the surveliance guy who, knowing the legends about killer animatronics, believed him to be another of them, and eventually burned down the place to stop him for good. But, once again, Michael survived. And found a way out. And now, finally, he's free, and once again lloking for his father...

William Afton underwent the same process as Michael
Baby mentions the springlock suit from her old location was never used 'for its intended purpose'. Then what was it used for? My theory is that Pink Man and Purple Man are the same person, with Purple Man being Pink Man after his skin decayed, and also William Afton. Baby mentions that she's been outside before, but doesn't mention the other animatronics. She only says that they all want to escape and be free, which makes me think Baby is the only animatronic left from her original location. If Freddy and Bonnie's original counterparts came from Fredbears Family Diner, did Foxy and Chica originally come from Chica's Party World as Funtime Chica and Lolbit? It would explain why Foxy acts so differently from the other animatronics and why Chica was built differently (seen on the good ending screen in 3). But Chica has the same programming as the other two animatronics, which makes me think Funtime Chica disappeared while Lolbit and Baby were disassembeled. If Afton built Lolbit and Funtime Chica, they would have to have killed children as well. They may even be forced to loosen their springlocks and kill their employees, which would probably be even worse than how Baby kills. They would probably want to escape the facility they lived in. With all the bad press surrounding Chica's Party World before it had even opened (the employees being killed while practicing to get in and out of the suits or even just trying to clean them or make basic repairs), Afton would realise that when the truth about how dangerous his robots were, suspicion would fall on him and he would most likely be investigated. He realised he had to get rid of the animatronics.

He destroyed Lolbit and Funtime Chica and closed the restaurant down, blaming it on gas leaks, and took the remains of Baby, Lolbit and Funtime Chica away, where he started replacing his organs and bones with pieces of the animatronics. He wanted to become a killer, capable of stopping anything that stands in his way. If he couldn't have his daughter, he would personally make sure no one else could. He left Baby untouched, wasting away in the facility he built to hide in while he altered himself. By the time he used up Funtime Chica's parts, he had almost replaced everything in his body and so most of Lolbit was spared. He sent them away to the CEO of Fazbear Entertainment, where they were used to build the new Foxy, but kept some of it, just in case. Of course, this process killed Afton, and he came back as a ghost, possessing his own body. By the time he started interacting with his family again, his wife had left him and his children, claiming that she had to get away and that he had to deal with their children and be their father again, and that his oldest son Michael has changed, becoming aggressive and angry at everyone, taking his anger out on his terrified younger brother. William started working at the new Freddy Fazbears location, harvesting parts from the old spring suits to keep him alive and well.

He saw a child crying outside the pizzeria and decided to see if his hypothesis was right. He murdered the child in cold blood and drove off, leaving the body. The child began to possess the Marionette and began killing the night guards in a desperate attempt to find their killer. As rumours started to spread, Afton was slightly amused, but realised he had bigger concerns. His skin was starting to rot away, exposing the metal and wires under his skin. He began to desperately try and find ways to look normal again, but nothing was working. He was beginning to look monstrous and even his own sons flinched away from him. Freddy Fazbears closed down after the rumours and Aftons appearance while he worked there started effecting its profits. It reopened later on that year, and Michael decided that his brother should have his birthday party there. Afton thought it was a good idea, thinking that he could take some parts from the old robots lying in Parts and Services, and went down there to tamper with the Toys, hoping that if they killed a night guard, he could get there early enough to take their body and see if he could use it to stop his skin rotting.

Eventually, the rumours caught Aftons attention when he heard that the animatronics might be haunted. Wondering if this was true, he began sitting with Baby and talking to her, hoping that she would respond and he could talk to his deceased child again. When Baby didn't respond, he stopped believing the rumours, until he heard his son talking to his Fredbear doll, and it talking back. He implanted a walkie talkie in the doll and began recording the conversations the toy had with his son. The bear responded intelligently and seemed to have an English accent and the voice of a little girl. It was his daughter. He became even more curious about the possessed animatronics and wanted to investigate them.

With all the rumours flying around about the pizzeria, no one wanted to be the night guard, and so Afton was invited to take on the job. He accepted, hoping he could observe the haunted robots and find out more. While he was there, he managed to steal some parts from the Withered animatronics, using what he had kept from Lolbit to shut the animatronics down. Lolbit had been designed to be able to plug into a computer and act as a virus, diverting adults attention away from their children long enough for him to strike. Afton found that replacing the old parts inside him with newer parts worked. He found out that the Toys were acting up during the day because of Lolbits virus, causing them to stare at adults threateningly and so the management had decided that the Toys weren't performing at his sons party. The old spring suits were refurbished for the occasion and the party went ahead.

While his son was crying and being terrorised, Afton desperately went to find more parts from the Withers. His skin was starting to rot again and he needed more. While he was desperately trying to salvage some more metal, his youngest sons four friends walked in on him. In a panic, Afton killed all of them, chasing them down as they fled. As this went on, the Bite of 87 happened, and he was distracted, suddenly needing to get away before someone found him and he was arrested. In the confusion, he stole the Spring Bonnie suit and finished off as many of the children as he could in the disguise, having to run away before he could kill the final child, and throw the suit back into Parts and Services. The Bite was originally mistaken for one of the murders, with the killer worn the Spring Bonnie suit to lure the children away and chasing after the victims when they ran away, something the guilt-stricken teenagers went along with, and he and Michael were hounded by reporters, so they moved to the country to allow everyone time to recover, once his youngest got out of hospital (I'm going to call him David). David was kept under constant surveillance while he recovered, and started hallucinating and having night terrors, where he would imagine nightmarish versions of the animatronics stalking him. Eventually, he had a massive seizure and reopened his wound, falling into a coma. When he didn't wake up, Afton pulled the plug and watched his son die, as well as the love he had for Michael.

He didn't even care that one of the children he tried to kill survived and identified him, nor that he wasn't prosecuted because his skin wasn't falling apart as much as it was after he used more parts from the Withers to rejuvenate himself. He didn't care when he killed his sons friends and began terrorising his sons life. He didn't care when the restaurant reopened and the animatronics began acting strangely. He didn't care when the Toys began leaking blood and eventually had to be destroyed and the restaurant closed due to sanitation. He took the parts from the Toys and replaced his old, worn parts, and a miracle happened. The decay on his skin disappeared and he looked like an actual person instead of a zombie. He didn't know why this happened, but soon figured it out. It was because the Toys were haunted. He realised that if he kept killing children and consuming the animatronics they possessed, he could stay normal looking for as long as he wanted.

He created a new restaurant and brought back Baby. He created three new animatronics for it, all possessing features designed for killing children. He realised that Baby, the animatronic who was the best at killing, was potentially haunted by his daughter. He wouldn't be able to use her parts without destroying his daughter. So Afton sent Michael to free his sister. Michael never spoke to him again. Michael didn't tell him if his sister was free or not. Michael disappeared off the face of Aftons world and took his killer robots with him.Circus Baby's closed and Afton started to get worried. Not only did he not know if his daughter was free or not, not only did not have any parts to use and now faced the worry of starting to decay again, but he realised that he might have cared about Michael a bit more than he thought.

Of course, Freddy Fazbear and his gang came back, and Afton saw an opportunity. He killed five children in Pirates Cove, hoping they would possess the animatronics and that he could come back for the parts. He was pleased when he heard that one of the animatronics had been blamed for the murders and shut down, hoping this would get the place closed. Eventually, the pizzeria was closed due to money problems, and Afton dismantled the robots with a single touch, eager to get the parts he needed. However, in his haste he forgot that these children were vengeful, and they came for him. Remembering that the ghosts could effect machinery, he panicked and climbed into the old Bonnie spring suit he had worn all those years ago, and was impaled by the suit. For the first time, Afton realised the consequences of being undead. He could still feel deadly, agonising pain... but he couldn't escape it. He was forced to suffer endlessly for 30 years and when he was freed, he was angry.

You DO hear Ennard's real voice.
That is, you actually do meet the real Handy on the first night and he's with you for part of Night 2. It's during Night 2 he gets taken over, and then you hear Ennard. Remember when there were problems with the audio regarding the "Angsty Teen" function? Before Handy's default voice comes on, you hear creepy audio noises. Noises that sound like laughter. Angsty Teen speaks again, ignoring that you didn't actually get Ballora back onstage. Then, the second time it speaks, its voice is deeper and distorted ("Great. ... Great. ... Great."), forcing Default Handy to take over again. Those weird audio noises were Handy being overtaken, and that distorted nightmare of a voice, is Ennard's real voice. The Angsty Teen voice is still Handy, but Handy suffering a malfunction due to being in the process of being taken over.

Afton sent his son to die because Michael was responsible for the death of his sister.
Afton's daughter and possibly youngest son were at a birthday party for a friend (supposing the games take place after the first closing down of Freddy's, and not the final one). Because he knew how dangerous the animatronics really were, Afton volunteered his oldest son as a chaperone due to the large number of kids at the party (at least five, by Baby's count, but possibly more. Michael watched his younger siblings, but lost track of them both somehow- possibly he went to the toilet, possibly he was talking to a parent, or maybe he was just enjoying the pizza and didn't notice them slip off. Maybe he was just outright negligent. His little brother saw their sister get munched by Baby, and of course, Michael didn't actually believe his brother (there's no way he'd put his brother's head inside an animatronic's mouth if he knew they were dangerous). It's more than likely that nobody actually knows what happened to the sister (considering how Fazbear's works), apart from Afton and his youngest son. Afton blamed his son for the "disappearance"/death of his daughter and grew negligent to him, and Michael began to bully his brother in retaliation to the brother insisting an animatronic had murdered the sister. Because Baby was made in the image of the Daughter, Michael didn't use her image, but opted for Foxy, making his brother terrified of Foxy on top of Baby. Years later, Afton sent Michael to decomission the animatronics as punishment for getting his little sister, the favourite child, killed. It's just a "happy" coincidence Michael and his father look so much alike.

Ballora was based on Afton's oldest daughter.
If Baby was based on his youngest daughter, it stands to reason that possibly Ballora is the same, as the only other human animatronic, unless you count the Marionette. Now there's nothing confirming if he had two daughters (there's only conformation he had an adult son and a young daughter), but it's plausible. Ballora is based on Michael's sister (possibly twin sister), who was/is a ballerina.
  • Maybe not so much there being another sibling but possibly his (probably now Ex) Wife

The Fnaf 4 protagonist is Mr Afton's son, and it explains why he kills kids.
Now that we know Mr Afton has a massive robotics company, it seems odd that he would spend time and money designing the Sister Location animatronics to be child abductors/killers. If he was just in it For the Evulz, why go to all that effort? Could it be experimentation? While his daughter's death is tragic, we know from the fact Baby was already designed to kill that it wasn't his Start of Darkness. So what started it? I believe it's due to the death or severe injury of another child of his; the protagonist and crying child from Fnaf 4.

The house of FNAF 4 is a big easter egg, and the house "Eggs Benedict" (either Mr Afton or Mike Afton) lives in seems the same from what we could see. You get to see the house via camera, which would only make sense to be there if its your house. As for the timing issue? We know that the murders must have happened during or before 1987. There's evidence to believe the bite the child happened wasn't the Bite of 87, but a bite of '83 as indicated by the Fredbear and Friends having 1983 and the easter egg needing the password "1983". Many of the animatronics in Sister Location have a similar style to the Toy Animatronics. Notably we see Funtime Foxy, who's a perfect match for the same model as a pre-mangled Mangle. Given that Foxy was widely unpopular and discarded soon after its creation, it's probably somewhere between 1986 and 1988 in Sister Location. Finally there's the flashback involving the Marionette; while it doesn't seem as advanced as the location the Child goes to, that doesn't necessarily mean its earlier in the timeline. It could simply be another, less detailed Freddy's restaurant.

So with all that together, what might that tell us? My theory is this; initially William Afton had a family of three; the child, the Big Brother Bully older son and the Morality Pet daughter. The Child's head gets crunched and either dies or is scarred for life. Mr Afton tries to do whatever it takes to bring his son back, and comes to believe that the best option he has is to transfer the kid's mind into a robot. To do that, he needs test subjects. His first victim ends up in the Marionette. The next four or five is less successful, however the Puppet picks up where he left off in hopes of getting revenge against their killer. If you believe Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie are the ghosts of those crushed by springlock suits, that may have been intentionally set up.

Why children for the experiment? First, the main subject to resurrect is a kid. Second, he has easy access to them due to already making animatronics for Fredbear's/Fazbear's. He may have killed other age groups as part of the test. If the Child is his son, it'd almost certainly explain why he doesn't like Michael Afton-he inadvertently started this mess. When Fazbear's fell apart and he was about to be incriminated, he fully "punished" Michael by having him to return to the abandoned establishment, leading the ghost kids to mistake him for his father and get him springtrapped.

"Eggs Benedict" is Bite of '87 victim.
This is a completely random theory, to be fair. But it may explain Eggs' behavior, not to mention that the game takes place after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has been closed, meaning that the bite already happened. No matter what, Eggs listens to the orders of others, whetever it is Handy, Baby/Ennard or his father... yeah, we all know that these guys aren't most trustworthy people and yet Eggs listens to them no matter how many times they show that they shouldn't be trusted. People who suffer from brain damage, ESPECIALLY those whose frontal lobes are damaged, are not very good at thinking ahead, so some of them are pretty easy to manipulate. Also, in the 'Golden Freddy' cutscene, he sounds kind of "out-of-it" - tired, slow and monotone.

If he is the brother, then this may count as Laser-Guided Karma, and if he was both scooped AND Springtrapped, this would make him either the biggest Butt-Monkey or biggest badass ( or both ) from the entire franchise

The next game's Big Bad will be...
Mr. Afton, now known as Beartrap.

To elaborate, Michael eventually did find his father, and layeths the smackdown upon him, culminating in him lifting Afton up and tossing him into the last remaining classic springlock suit of Fredbear (that just happened to be stored there, apparently). Thus, the main "attractions" of FNaF 6 are Springtrap and Beartrap (whether they work together or against each other), just like how it was in Fredbear's beginnings.

There was never a malicious intent in any of the murders
Ennard being free in a skin suit, it decided to free its co-partiots at the other locations. it came over to Fredbears first and tried to demolish the animatronics there, only to be foiled. The withered animatronics broken down looks, and the general mess Mangle became was a result of this attack. Fended off, Ennard tried again, this time inside a springlock suit, the one known as Springtrap. It found some children in the back and mistook them for bidybabs and... afterwards, realizing what it had done GTFO of there. Ennard came back and collected the remains of the Toy animatronics, but couldn't get to the withereds as they were transferred to Fazbear pizza. Ennard then convinced Michael Afton to help him demolish the Animatronics of the first game. Ennard, wearing a suit made up of animatronic parts to form a purple freddy, lured each animatronic to a point where they could be destroyed and the parts collected. However, Michael got springtrapped, while Ennard got out unscathed. It is at this time Mr. Afton, manipulated into causing the death of his last child, causing the deaths of many children, took control back from Ennard, rejecting it and finally getting control back. However, the damage done, all he can really do now is wait for his son to finally come back, and kill him.

The Child saw Baby kill the girl
"You know what will happen if they catch you" this line doubled with the sisters bedroom back in 4 ties together with the revelations in Sister Location, he saw Baby kill his sister, However while its implied Baby is only supposed to do this when one child in the room, it doesn't necessarily have to mean she can sense all the children in the room, she may be only to identify kids infront of her, The child himself probably eitherA - walked into the room just as it happenedB - was hiding in the room.

Scott purposely made shoutouts to the pre-game Sister Location songs.
There were only three that I can remember, which are "Welcome Back" by TryHardNinja, "Turn Back" by TryHardNinja, and "Left Behind" by DA Games. This could maybe be to imply that these songs actually are canon, and the references are not just part of the script. Likewise, Will from DA Games' Sister Location livestream (specifically his reaction to Baby saying "left behind" on night 5) got me thinking- what if she really was left behind somewhere?

The sixth game will be the Grand Finale.
At this point, there's very few important characters remaining - Springtrap, William Afton, Ennard and maybe the Puppet. Unless there's another version of Freddy and friends somewhere, it's safe to say that the next game will be the end of the story, perhaps even finishing off the cast.

When his work settles down, perhaps after his two upcoming books are released, Scott could not only work on a Grand Finale above, but also work on a seventh game that takes place Where It All Began - the original Fredbear's Family Diner. The games would be made back-to-back, but ultimately, out of the two, the finale would release later.

New Timeline

In the mid to late seventies, an inventor named Henry created animatronic toys to entertain his two children, Charlotte (better known as Charlie) and Sam. Eventually Henry would go into business with one William Afton, who also owned Afton Animatronics. They animatronics they designed where state of the art for their time, and they would go on to run two restaurants based off of characters Henry created; Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria, and Fredbears Family Diner.

While Henry had a lot of heart in his work, Afton was more business minded. Afton would also make animatronics for other restaurants - notably Circus Baby's Pizza Place - to make some extra money, but unbeknownst to anyone else, he designed the animatronics with a second purpose; the abduction and murder of children. Why ? Who knows, but perhaps it has something to do with a cold, empty bitterness within his heart that he otherwise tried to distract himself from. Afton had a family of his own, and tried to feel the same joy he saw in Henry with his two children. William Afton had a young daughter, who we'll be calling Carla, whom he was fairly close to. On the other hand, William had a strained relationship with his eldest son Michael on account of Michael getting his girlfriend pregnant before he graduated high school. As for Carla, well one day she got a little too close to Baby despite her father's insistence not to and was in turn "eaten" by Baby. It was through this, William discovered that his animatronics imprison the souls of the children. So what does William do to Baby/Carla about this revelation ? Has her placed in the factory to be sealed up alone in the dark. He couldn't say he didn't warn her, she made her bed and now has to sleep in it.

Years later William had since moved to a more expensive house, and despite his strained relationship with Michael, allowed Michael to stay in their old house to raise his family. He even gave Michael a job as a day shift guard at Fredbears Family Diner, which was a walking distance from their house. Michael's family included two sons, his first one who we will call Phillip, and six years later, a second son who we will call Claude. However out of respect for his sister, Michael left her old bedroom alone and untouched, asking his sons to say out of the room. Every year on special occasions, the Afton family would have parties at Fredbears. On Claude's sixth birthday, it was a fairly busy party, so much so that no one noticed a lost child outside of the restaurant. Or William Afton approaching that child and strangling him to death in a spur of the moment, only he didn't notice his grandson Claude was a witness.

In 1983, the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 occur; Claude has been traumatized by what he witnessed and scared of the restaurant ever since. He was so scared he never talked about what he witnessed. As such no one knew what was bothering him; as far as his parents knew, Claude was just scared of the animatronics and would just have to eventually get over them; as far as the other kids (especially Phillip) knew Claude was little more than a crybaby, which made him a target of bullying. Because of the bullying, Claude was all the more scared and reluctant to come forward. On the days before his seventh birthday, Phillip's teasing Claude got worse and Claude had no one except for a mysterious Fredbear doll that seemed to talk with him while he was alone. On the day of Claude's seventh birthday, the Afton family once again celebrated at Fredbears. Since Michael was technically on the job, he asked Phillip to keep an eye on Claude while he's busy. Phillip and his friends ganged up on Claude to tease him, eventually taking him to the Fredbear amimatronic for a "kiss". These leads to the bite which put the party to a stop, and poor Claude into a coma.

Naturally the family was distressed. Michael felt absolutely helpless as a father for what happened and put all his money in trying to keep his son alive, and get him awake. This put quite the controversy on the Fredbear establishment. Phillip was remorseful to what happened to Claude, but his parents where angry with them, not only for what he did to Claude but also Phillip's confession to bullying and teasing Claude. The last conversation Michael and Phillip had was Michael giving him a scathing scolding, all but disowning him and lets Phillip know that if Claude dies its all on him. As it so happens William has been having problems of his own with Carla's spirit in the factory. Not willing to risk his own skin (pardon the foreshadowing pun), William approached Michael to reveal that his sisters soul is trapped, and if Michael could free her soul, perhaps he can find a way to put his son back together. Desperate Michael agrees to the job, making a promise to his son to put him back together (which Claude thought was a dream). This leads to the events of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Eventually, Michael finds himself in the scooping foom, where Ennard scoops his insides and wears him. Over the next few days, Ennard try's to pass himself off as normal, as Michael's flesh rots around it. Eventually Michael vomits Ennard out, and finds himself somehow alive. Due to his now corpse like appearance, Michael was forced to leave his family and disappear, now pretty much dead to the public. He never got to find out what happened to his family; not his sons, not their mother, or even if Claude awoke or survived. Michael was forced to lurk in the shadows, but to hide his appearance, put in a dark costume and a white smiling mask with purple painted tears.

1985, with the lost of his family and his animatronic company going up in smoke as a result of unsafe working conditions, William Afton had nothing to distract himself from that empty bitterness in his heart. Eventually it got the better of him and he finally snapped, deciding to finally completely indulge in the sadism he was holding himself back from. William started at Fredbear's where he wore the Spring Bonnie suit, abducted and murdered Henry's son Sammy using the Fredbear suit. This second controversy is what shut down the restaurant and William moved on to Freddy's Pizzaria, where he personally murdered more children. This got Freddy's to shut down and William was made the prime suspect of the missing children's incident, but was let go due to lack of evidence. People even began to suspect Henry being to one to have been the killer. Unable to handle these rumours, on top of his own grief, Henry created a new animatronic to take his life. His daughter Charlie was a witness to this and was sent to live with her aunt.

1987, the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 occur. William Afton has since disappeared from the public eye but Freddy's was reopened under new management with new "Toy" animatronics designed to replace the old ones, who they kept in stock for extra parts. They toys where built with access into the police database to keep an eye on potential predators to avoid a second incident. Another notable animatronic was a "Toy Foxy" who was torn apart by children for not being the Foxy they knew and loved, so eventually the employees got tired of rebuilding it, so they decided to use at as a "build it yourself" game and nicknamed it the mangle. Jeremy Fitzgerald was hired for a week and had to spend it dealing with the animatronics, and despite their software allowing them to recognize people, they go a little haywire at night. During this week, the old animatronics where being repaired. On top of that, it would appear more children are disappearing, with a police investigation looking into it. Jeremy was eventually moved to day shift, while Fritz Smith handled Custom Night. The next day, Fritz was fired for tampering with the animatronics and during a birthday celebration, yet another bite from an animatronic occured. As a result, the toy animatronics where discontinued and the old animatronics where no longer allowed to roam during the day.

1990, the events of the original Five Nights at Freddy's occur. The restaurant is standing on its last legs with the main attractions, the animatronics no longer allowed to wander, and Foxy being out of order, and the Fazbear franchises previous controversies casting a shadow. A college student Mike Schmidt is hired to work the night shift of the restaurant thinking it'll be a simple job with decent pay (y'know, for the time). After a week long nightmare at work, Mike was eventually fired with pay for tampering with the animatronics. The tampering, plus Mike revealing what happens there at night to his peers and reporting the death of a co-worker to the police, got the establishment shut down for good. And Mike's stories about what happened, became fodder for urban legends surrounding the Fazbear franchise.

1995, with the Fazbear franchise dead, it's only natural that it gets buried. And that burial was in the form of a half finished mall that sealed up and hidden the restaurant. That mall had single guard on the premises by the name of David Miller. The events of Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes take place, beginning with the anniversary of the missing children's incident, and a memorial at the local school. Charlie returns to her home town and reunites with her childhood friends, John, Jessica, Carlton, Lamar and Marla. They decide to revisit what's left of Freddy's for nostalgia, and take Marla's younger brother Jason along with them. During their week long stay in town, Charlie tries to reconnect mysteries of her past, including the death of her father and brother. On their second visit to Charlie's they meet Dave, and Jason witnesses a yellow Bonnie costume abduct Carlton. As luck would have it, Carlton's father is the chief of police. While he thinks it's one of Carlton's pranks, he looks into the matter and even looks at old case files of the missing children's incident, discovering that David Miller and William Afton are one and the same. Charlie and her friends go back to rescue Carlton, and are attacked by the animatronics, who are pacified when they realize the animatronics are possessed by the spirits of their friends, including Charlie's brother Sammy. As they are about to leave, they are attacked by Afton in the Spring Bonnie suit. In both self defence and retaliation, Charlie activates the spring locks in the suit, killing Afton within it. The animatronics drag Afton, suit and all into the darkness. With her past resolved and the mysteries put to rest, Charlie leaves the restaurant with her friends.

Years later, the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 take place. Someone decides to make a profit from the urban legends of the Fazbear franchise. The plan was to open a horror themed attraction called Fazbear Fright, and even uncovered an actual suit from what's left of the restaurant; the same suit that William Afton died in. Unbeknownst to everyone, Afton's soul lived on in the suit, much like his victims before hand. A night guard is hired for the attraction and in addition to spending a week matching wits with William Afton, now known as Springtrap, this guard also sees things; ghosts of the past. Through a series of puzzles and games, each one of the children's souls is set free, and the establishment is destroyed in a fire. Perhaps by arson, or faulty wiring, either way the plans to profit off of the horror and tragedy of the Fazbear franchise has literally gone up in smoke.

However despite the destruction of Fazbear Frights, Springtrap survives and continues to lurk about. Not only that, but Michael decides it's about time to finally find his father...

Purple Guy Killed All THREE of His Children, Girl with red pigtails and green eyes and the Blond girl with green eyes are separate people.
The Crying Child in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and the Boy Wearing a Foxy Mask are brothers. The older brother (Wearing the Foxy Mask) seemed about his early teens, since he kinda looked "buff" in the mini-game. In 1983, where the Crying Child got killed by one of Afton's creations, known as Fredbear, his little sister is on the way. Years later, the little blond girl with the green eyes, was killed by another creation of Afton, Circus Baby. Just a few years later, the boy wearing a Foxy mask (Named Mike Afton) was killed by Ennard (and animatronic combined with other animatronics).

The reason why I said that the little blond girl with green eyes and the pigtail girl with green eyes are two different children, is because the pigtail girl is a bit older than Afton's daughter in the mini-games. The other reason is because in the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 mini-game, the pigtailed girl knew about Afton's secrets and tried to tell them to the crying child, then said, "...see you at the party". She didn't say "see you at home." If she were Afton's kid and knew about the animatronics, she wouldn't come so close to them like she did, and got killed. William Afton made Circus Baby to look like the girl with the pigtails. If he made it for his daughter, it would probably look like her.

Fredbear's Family diner was not a predecessor restaurant, it too was a sister location

Something about the series timing always made us assume Fredbears was the original establishment. but what if it wasnt, After all it would explain Phone guy's recording in FNAF 3 about the "unfortunate incident with the springlocks at the sister location" and on the FNAF 4 side of things it would explain why Freddy and co have merchandise in spite of supposedly not existing yet, After all, Sister Locations are an established thing with themed versions of Freddy Mascots (I.E Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy) so it wouldnt be a stretch the same was to be said here with the Fredbear location being themed versions of Freddy and Bonnie. There is also the vaguely mentioned "Chica's Party World" in Scottgames source codeHowever, Baring in mind this troper hasnt had a chance to read the book, so there mid be evidence against this theory,

The two entities arguing in the source code after Custom Night's release are Ennard and the Funtime Animatronic's Hive Mind.
One of the entites says that the other is "Crowding Us", indicating that they are a Hive Mind. Presumbly, this is an argument in the mind of Ennard, the "Crowding Us" voice being the Funtime crew while the other is Ennard's original personality. This is supported by the (As of 5/2/17) latest message, where the second voice says "That doesn't matter, Dummy", and "Dummy" is only ever used by either Baby or Ennard masquerading as her.

"There's a little bit of me in every body".
Now while I understand the fandom protocol is to reverse the wording because that's what Ennard is, might that specific phrasing mean Ennard was eventually caught, torn apart, and bits of Them were put in later models of Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, Foxy, and everyone else? Considering Ennard is clearly sentient, that could have actually been why the Children were able to possess the animatronics- their souls latched onto the parts that were taken from Ennard and it's the part that was Ennard that is acting on the whole "kill the guard" thing. I mean, why else would Phone Guy specifically mention that parts of the original gang were used to make the Toy animatronics? Ennard supposedly wanted to get out to stop killing children, and none of the animatronics will hurt children. Adults, though?

Circus Baby was originally part of the Fazbear Gang, but was replaced by Chica.
Consider what Baby says on Night 4 regarding the springlock suit- it came "from my old pizzeria". Consider also that Baby was supposedly decommissioned after murdering the Girl, but yet, she's available for rent and Handy/Ennard tells you on Night 5 that Baby had been in use that day. There's no point in lying about that, either, because Ennard says that she'd already been to the Scooper that day as well (but They also say this about Ballora, though there's no way to know exactly what day Ballora was Scooped, since your shifts no longer have start and end times outside the non-canon Private Room. It's entirely possible that you watched Ballora get Scooped in the early hours of Friday morning and returned late Friday night, which is backed by Handy saying that there's two technicians "still on site", and two technicians Scooped Ballora). It's likely, considering the track record of the Fazbear Company, that they didn't decommission Baby, but sent her to a different place- a Sister Location- to cover it up. They did keep the springlock suits around, after all, and knowingly kept around guard-murdering animatronics. Who's to say they didn't keep Circus Baby around and just bury the story? After all, the one who died was the daughter of the man who built the thing that killed her (keeping in mind that even the Fazbear Company had questions about aspects of the Baby) and none of the other children noticed she was gone, according to Baby's story on Night 3. Why not file a missing persons report and act like nothing happened like they later do with the night guards? It's not like they can say anything and keep the company going- they knowingly put out an animatronic with questionable features and the creator can't say anything because he designed the animatronic to kill. The only thing they could do was keep mum about it. When Circus Baby was removed from the lineup and given her own pizzeria, Chica was created to replace her so there'd still be a female character. This might be why Chica wears a bib, like a baby. It's worth noting that "Chica" and "Circus" are both two-syllable words that follow a similar pattern of softer "C"-sounds followed by a long "I" and then a hard "C". To a child, the words look and sound similar, especially to a child as young as the intended audience of the pizzeria. Considering Chica isn't present at all in Sister Location, it's plausible she didn't exist quite yet, or was specifically left out so children wouldn't confuse Chica for Circus Baby. Circus Baby was not the leader or face of the group until she was transferred to her own Circus Baby's Pizza World, she was part of Freddy's group alongside Bonnie and possibly Foxy. This is also why there is no Golden Chica- she didn't exist at the time. Considering that, it's possible Foxy didn't initially exist (as Foxy also lacks a Golden varient) until CBPW, but was kept and changed to a pirate to join the Freddy gang as a kind of "villain" for their shows, and then BACK to Funtime Foxy when the Toy Animatronic were made (which is why Mangle looks nearly identical to Funtime Foxy).

Circus Baby's is not part of a pizza chain, per se
It's part of a theme park (rentals being carried out by phone call or visiting the park) or at the very least, is located under a hotel. Circus Baby's is noticeably underground, but it's clearly meant to be seen and used by people. Logically, this means there's a public facility above it. Punching in 1983 into the keypad in the private room unlocks footage of the security cameras. Footage of where the Child was during the 4th game. A place that's definitely not his own house, considering the layout. Logically this means he was somewhere special. If we consider how his parents seem to act and how mean his brother is, it's possible that the Child is staying in a room in the aforementioned hotel above the pizzeria that may or may not be part of a theme park that we shall call Fredbear's Funland. His parents presumably thinking this would make the Child happy. They aren't shown to be the most intuitive parents, after all. They probably assume that because the Child has the plush toys, he'd like Fredbear's Funland. Since it's somehow been "proven" that the 4th game's bite happened at Sister Location (which makes no sense but I won't argue with you), this at least puts the Child there. It's also possible that because it happens at the hypothetical Fredbear's Funland, it's possible that the Child was staying at the place above Sister Location, but he was taken to the pizza joint in the park that housed Fredbear and Co., not to Circus Baby. The minigames are merely flashbacks to things that happened before they left, aside from the last one. The entire Fredbear's Funland IS the "Sister Location". Circus Baby's is one pizza place based around Baby, but there's a second pizza place in there- Fredbear's Family Diner. It's not like a theme park surrounding a pizzeria will only have one pizza place, after all.
  • Perhaps its underneath a family resort like Butlins?

William used to be a well-respected person.
Bit of an observation from the Custom Night clear minigames but, from the first one it starts with loads of people greeting Ennard as William as he walked the street what seems like every day until the decay started. It made me wonder, was he once a really respectable and liked person before the fall started? Was it also his change in personality or even mannerisms as well as his body starting to rot that caused people to fear him?
  • He probably was, but his fall had nothing to do with it. He probably was very respectable and likely rich prior to getting Scooped provided it wasn't Michael, and it was his slowly decaying body and unnatural attitude that caused the issues.

The "Mr Afton" that made the animatronics was MICHAEL Afton, not William
I don't see why this couldn't be possible- who is to say Michael didn't follow his father into robotics? Especially if he's The Brother, who had his own Foxy head.

The four FNAF 1 animatronics met Michael Afton
before he was sent to take them apart - possibly sometime before or during the FNAF 2 era in their original/Withered forms and he was well-known to them.

I base this off part of his speech in the Golden Freddy mode completed cutscene.

"I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn't recognize me at first but then they thought I was you."

How could he have said this unless he came into contact with them before, in quite a significant way? Maybe as a much younger child William Afton worked on the original four before they became Withered. Maybe a young Michael became very familiar with them and maybe even their friend...

But time, terror, murder, possession and rebuilding has made the memories of the four fuzzy. They can only see him now as William, not the child they once knew because he's grown up...

The player character wanted to be scooped
.It was all part of a Thanatos Gambit, as becoming Purple Guy would somehow grant the player character some certain ability they wanted. They planned a way to expel Ennard from their body and get back up so they could use these abilities. Maybe that's why the Good Ending is called the "Fake" ending: it's ostensibly happier, but it's not what the protagonist wanted.

F Na F is still a homage to childhood memories, including Chuck E'Cheese's.
It's just that now, it's a homage/parody of conspiracy theories. The Funtimes used as murder bots, the "scooper", the Bite of '87 being an experiment, everything relating to the Fazbear name always failing catastrophically...nothing out of place in a bizarre conspiracy theory you'd find on the internet, right?

     Sister Location 2 Theories 
The game will be a prequel, not a sequel. We'll also see it launch on Halloween 2017
Taking Dawko's theory, he predicted we'd get teasers for a FNAF game during the summer and that ended up right. I will take his prediction further and say it will in fact come OUT on Halloween 2017. As always, this is just a wild mass guess.

Baby will be revealed as being Good All Along and only pretending to be a bad guy.
If she's truly helping our dear protag like she did in the first, she will be revealed to be a good person/animatronic.

There was never just one Circus Baby.
As pointed out multiple times on this page, the animatronics seen in different teaser images that we've assumed are Circus Baby sometimes have conspicuous differences. Especially this one, where Baby's face seems to be all one piece, instead of having shifting face plates. Kinda like how we have Funtime Foxy in Sister Location, and Mangle in FNAF 2...

The subtitle of the next game wont actually be "Sister Location 2"
Pretty obvious really, but it must be guessed.

The end of the second to last Custom Night mini game is the physical representation of Ennard ejecting Baby
It would explain how Afton got back up afterwards heralded by Baby's echoing words. Perhaps it wasn't so much Ennard ejecting Baby, but Ennard removing ITSELF from Baby leaving her in the rotted husk that MIGHT have become Purple guy.

There will be a Funtime Chica, and a Funtime Spring Bonnie, and others in Sister Location 2.
Sister Location 1 had Funtime Freddy, Bon Bon (which could viewed as a Funtime version of Bonnie), Funtime Foxy, and Yenndo (which is suggested to be Funtime Golden Freddy/ Funtime Fredbear). So this time Scott could include Funtime versions of the other animatronics for example Funtime Chica, Funtime Cupcake, Funtime Spring Bonnie, Funtime Puppet, Funtime BB, Funtime JJ, Funtime Bare endoskeleton, Funtime "RWQFSFASXC"/Shadow Bonnie, Funtime Shadow Freddy, and Funtime Paperpals.

Sister Location 2 will bring another character from one of the novels into the video game canon/lore
The novels are an AU, but so far we know there IS a William Afton in the video game and also The Silver Eyes. Perhaps we will finally see more people from the books make their way into the game canon.

Springtrap will never find Afton.
If SL 2 comes around, he'll already (finally) be dead and rotting before he could find Afton. That, and these two lines go back to back quite well.
I'm going to come find you.
you can't

Scott will release a troll game after he's done with his time off.
He was serious about taking a break, maybe even making a lighthearted video game. Maybe the Tycoon game could be something to tie fans over until suddenly...a troll game appears and if you beat it you get a teaser for the next game in the FNAF series!

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