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Nightmare Retardant / Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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  • The game over screen, consisting of Freddy leering at you through the lenses of the mask. It looks less like he's about to kill you, and more like he's... checking you out.
  • The distorted audio in the game over minigames can sound like belching at times.
  • The jumpscares in general, compared to the ones from the first game (with the exception of Foxy and Puppet). In the first game, the screen was shaking, there was lots of motion blur, and the animatronics were actually moving. Here, all that happens for the most part is that they... pounce on you. And that's it. Every last one of them is a render that's separate from the Office. Golden Freddy's stands out particularly as it consists entirely of his head moving closer to the camera (like an inverse zoom), looking like the Batman (1966) series' opening or something from an old screamer video.
    • Of special mention is Withered Freddy's kill screen. He looks overly cheerful when doing it.
      • His position before the jump-scare also counts. Many fans compared it to a father scolding his child for staying up past their bedtime.
  • The way Chica stands in front of you when she gets into the office. Looks like Scott forgot to change her model's default position for the arms, because it's almost as if she was about to try flapping them to fly away. Her arms are actually frozen like that constantly, except for when she's in the air vent. FNAF World confirms that this is actually intentional, as Adventure Withered Chica retains the frozen arms.
  • Seeing an animatronic in one of the vent entrances in your office could have been scary... if it wasn't for the fact that, in order to simulate actually rotating your head in a 3D fashion, the office's 2D texture is applied to a round surface, which makes the animatronics inside the vents look like flat posters.
  • Toy Bonnie getting in the office from the vents. He slides across the room to you with an expression that looks more like shock than anything else.
  • Toy Chica's tendency to take off her beak. Without it, her face just looks like a big yellow M&M. Even if she needs to do this to bite you easier, you can't help but smirk at it. And when her face is filling the screen in her kill screen, with the yellow coloring, black eyes, and Blush Stickers, she looks an awful lot like Pikachu. Observe.
  • Mangle looks like cheap photoshop in most of the rooms it appears in, since it's a transparent overlay in most of the rooms (excluding the Kid's Cove and Right Air Vent).
    • With that, it also looks like it's photobombing in every place it appears in.
  • Balloon Boy's handicap factor and lack of a jumpscare make him considerably more annoying than scary.
  • The Purple Guy's sprite used in his (random) appearance in the "SAVE THEM" minigame can be this if one looks at it a certain way. While the black parts of his eyes are supposed to be his sclerae (with the white being his pupils), it's very easy to see it the other way around, looking less like an intimidating stare and more like a dissonant Aside Glance.