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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!


Hey, just because there's more scares than ever before doesn't mean there can't also be plenty of laughs!

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  • Granted, when it happens it'll become decidedly unfunny, but just the idea of Helpy, the Trash Animatronics, or Phone Guy getting in on the Custom Night action is hilarious.
  • The image on Scottgames while Scott worked on the first office was his avatar wearing a hard hat. It's adorable.
  • Scott finally posts the first image of the new office, and what finally makes its terrifying return? THE FAN.
  • Scott has begun posting details about how certain characters will work in the Ultimate Custom Night; and while it promises to have plenty of scares, there are some pretty amusing details:
    • Helpy will randomly appear on the desk when the tablet is lowered; if the player doesn't immediately deactivate him, he'll attack. How exactly will Helpy attack you? According to the Steam post, he literally plays the airhorn straight into your face. GAME WIN for him!
      • Not as funny when it turned out the airhorn would generate noise, which aggravates Music Man, while also forcing the Monitor down.
    • Remember all those jokes at Balloon Boy's expense? Well, it turns out JJ is even worse; Balloon Boy just temporarily disables your flashlight before wandering out of your office, whereas JJ disables your door controls while she's in the office! Looks like there's a new Enragement Child in town...
    • And then there’s Old Man Consequences, which just says “Better catch a fish”. No explanation of what he does or if he kills or just hinders you, just “Better catch a fish”.
    • The sheer idea that before Ennard strikes, it makes a squeaking sound.
      • Not so funny when it turned out to be a metallic squeak, taken straight from Sister Location's Custom Night.
    • Mangle's description. Sure, it may be Nightmare Fuel, but Scott once again trolls us by flip-flopping Mangle's gender, using "he/him/his" pronouns in one sentence and "she/her/hers" pronouns in another.
    • Withered Chica's mechanic: she crawls around in the vents, like a number of other animatronics...except that because she's significantly larger than most of them, she gets lodged in the vent while trying to get out. And none of the other animatronics (well, aside from Mangle) can get past her if she's stuck there! Apparently she can eventually climb out and jumpscare you, but even this is amusing if you picture the mental image of a broken animatronic chicken awkwardly trying to free itself from a tight vent while three other animatronics impatiently wait for her to get the hell out of the way.
      • Even funnier when you realize that Springtrap is one of the animatronics in the vents. Springtrap- demented relentless serial killer and the Big Bad of the entire series- can be trapped and prevented from reaching his victim because a fat bird got stuck in the exit Winnie-the-Pooh style. The most serious character in the series is stymied by the most ridiculous pratfall.
    • Rockstar Chica's Mechanic: she stands outside the doors at all times, and not even closing the door on her will make her leave. The thing that will stop her from attacking you is double-clicking the "wet-floor" sign at the door where she is standing at. Only that will discourage her from entering the room, as she is afraid of slipping on the water.
    • On April Fools' Day, Scott posted three fake descriptions related to theories about the animatronics — namely, that the entire series is a dream (claiming Nightmare Freddy would show up with a clock and you would wake up if you didn't stop him), Foxy is trying to help the player (claiming Foxy would assist the player in various ways), and Phone Guy is Purple Guy (claiming Phone Guy won't call if Springtrap is in the vents).
      • He's actually telling the truth about one of these things. Rockstar Foxy actually will usually aid the player if they can get him in the office, though he has a chance, higher if set to more aggressive AI, to instead jumpscare the player.
    • And now Phone Guy's actual mechanic has been revealed: he calls into the office, and you have a limited time to find the mute button and mute the call before he starts talking; once you miss that window, you — and the noise-sensitive animatronics near you — have to listen to the entirety of his phone call.
    • While Nightmare Freddy's mechanic is mostly terrifying, there's something chuckle-worthy about the fact that the mini-Freddies are now officially referred to as "Freddles".
    • Apparently Scott is on a mission to give every version of Chica the most ridiculous mechanics he can come up with. Chica starts out in the kitchen, being generally clumsy (Scott's description, not ours) and knocking over pots and pans; the description suggests that the camera in the kitchen will be broken again, so you have to listen for Chica's sounds. The music box for this game is also located in the kitchen; Chica doesn't care whether the music box is wound up, but — and we are once again using Scott's exact words — "she can grow tired of the music selection playing". Basically, you have to turn on a new song every time the sound of the pots and pans stops, as this means Chica is bored with the current music and will soon leave the kitchen; and if you change the song while she is happy with it, she'll immediately leave the kitchen and hunt you down. So basically, along with the various other tasks you have to do in order to survive the night — watch the cameras, check the doors, close the vents, adjust the heat, "catch a fish," not look directly at the demonic puppet in your office — you also have to cater to the musical sensibilities of an animatronic chicken.
      • The fact that Chica only leaves the kitchen if she doesn't like the music makes it even better, since it suggests that she's attacking you more out of boredom than malice. (Or perhaps she is so annoyed with your music tastes that she tries to kill you in order to turn it off!)
    • El Chip does not actually jumpscare you; rather, he pops up in your office to play loud, colorful ads for his home restaurant, "El Chip's Fiesta Buffet." You have to hit "Skip" on the terminal or press Enter on your keyboard to turn off the ads, presumably before Music Man or another noise-sensitive animatronic gets you. Special mention has to go to this spectacular line from the Steam description:
      El Chip is just a cameo mascot when he appears at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. His real passion lies in authentic Mexican cuisine.
    • While Withered Bonnie's description is pretty creepy, it can still make you chuckle due to its resemblance to a certain SpongeBob meme. ("He's just standing there...menacingly!")
    • And to round out the Chica brigade, we have Funtime Chica, who... doesn't actually attack you. Instead, the description states that she just wants her time in the spotlight (quite possibly a Fandom Nod regarding Chica being Out of Focus), and she occasionally appears in the office to pose like a model, complete with distracting camera flashes.
    • Toy Freddy has quite possibly the most meta mechanic so far: he's apparently "retired", and spends his time in the Parts and Service Room playing his favorite video game, "Five Nights at Mr. Hugs". Unfortunately, Toy Freddy isn't very good at video games, and if he gets jumpscared (by Mr. Hugs, remember), he'll Rage Quit and leave the office to jumpscare you, without any way of pacifying him or preventing him from reaching you. This means that the player effectively has to play FNAF within FNAF, checking the cams on Toy Freddy's big-screen TV to make sure the correct door is closed.
      • This also serves as a Brick Joke for Mr. Hugs having a risk rating of 1 in the Tycoon Mode; from a certain perspective, Mr. Hugs can and absolutely will kill you if not managed properly.
    • Circus Baby, Nightmare Mangle, and Nightmare Bonnie all share the same mechanic: they'll attack only once per night, in a random order and at a random time with no warning. There are only two ways to stop them; one is to keep the right door closed at all times (less than ideal, for obvious reasons), but the other is — and once again, this IS the actual mechanic — to buy their plushies from the Prize Corner using Faz-Coins, which you accumulate by blocking jumpscares and/or finding the coins on the cameras. Oh, and the difficulty setting for these characters doesn't affect their AI, but rather the prices of said plushies.
    • Rockstar Freddy stands in your office throughout the night and occasionally wakes up to demand Faz-Coins from you. You can either pay him (which puts him back to sleep) or, should you be pressed for coins, you can turn up the heat in the room briefly, which will cause him to malfunction and think he's been paid. Between the plushies and this mechanic, it's not out of the question that Scott is delivering something of a Take That! towards DLC and microtransactions.
    • The same day as Rockstar Freddy was announced, the Trash Animatronics also had their mechanic posted. It's just three question marks, with the mechanic itself being concealed. At this point, we probably should have expected it.
    • While Bonnie's mechanic is mostly terrifying, there's something amusing about how Scott describes the arrangement. Bonnie and Foxy have apparently been forced to share Pirate's Cove, and Bonnie is not happy about it; it almost sounds like the premise to some sort of insane sitcom. Not to mention, the way you monitor whether or not it's safe to look at the Pirate's Cove camera is with a figurine on your desk. Looks like those plushies aren't the only life-saving merchandise in Ultimate Custom Night!
      • Not only that, the nature of the mechanic sounds like something out of a comedic Garry's Mod or Source Filmmaker sketch, since a common source of the comedy there is flipping through cameras and finding the animatronics screaming about either something petty or absolutely nothing in particular.
    • With all of the animatronics that don't gun for you unless you fail to do something specific for them, alongside the ones that just exist to annoy you rather than kill you, one can't help but imagine the scenario as a single person in charge of babysitting a bunch of loud and bratty robots.
  • As a meta-example, Scott beta-tested 50/20 mode and recorded his results. You can see where this is going, but the most surprising thing is that he died to Nightmarionne in less than a second! He actually died to Nightmarionne multiple times on his few tries (four of his first six deaths were to Nightmarionne, while the other two were to Nightmare BB), to which Scott gave this wonderfully understated reaction:
    • Later that day, Scott's son Braden playtested Ultimate Custom Night, leading to this incredible exchange:
    He recommended that I nerf Bonnie and Foxy. I told him to git gud.
  • As another meta-example, voice acting listings have been discovered for the Mediocre Melodies as well as other characters. One interesting listing is Mr. Hippo's, who happens to have a word count of 2000 while most of the others have around 100.
    • Based on the job descriptions, these voices will be used for when the animatronics kill you, just like in the main game. So what Mr. Hippo is going to say that warrants this large amount of words is anyone's guess.
  • Scott's response to his ongoing "friendly rivalry" with Dawko. From the almost Phone Guy-like way in which he calmly describes how Dawko apparently took four hostages and demanded that Scott make 50/20 mode easier to the possible accidental spoiler of 51/20 mode, it's clear that Scott hasn't lost his edge when it comes to messing with the fans.
  • Pretty much everything related to the lead-up to release is either amusing or terrifying, but special mention must go to the way Scott built up the extra characters:
    • A few days later, the site was updated to reveal Shadow Bonnie as one of the two characters revealed. A few more days passed, and the other character was revealed as Plushtrap, which would seem to finalize the number of characters at 53...except the same update added a third box with question marks. The text below now read:
    • On the subject of Plushtrap, his mechanic is apparently that he sits on his chair on a specific camera, and will jumpscare you unless you startle him off his chair first. That's right: after six games of getting jumpscared by animatronics, you finally get to jumpscare them back!
    • Between the reveals of Shadow Bonnie and Plushtrap, Scott apparently decided to release the UCN demo for everyone else to test. Upon downloading the file, the first thing you may notice is that it's somehow only 8 MB, which seems strikingly small even for the apparently stripped-down version Scott mentioned. That's because it's yet another troll game. This time it's a reskinned version of Doofas (the very first game Scott ever created).
      • From that demo, we also obtained this legendary conversation:
    Withered Chica: The fandom will be so happy!
    • And then, on Sunday June 22nd, the day after the demo, Scott created a new Steam post mentioning that, in the grand tradition of FNAF, he was originally planning on releasing UCN that day, rather than in a week as promised; however, due to his promise to Dawko not to release the game while Dawko was on vacation, he is unable to do so. He then says that the fandom "will suffer for it", vowing to add at least one new character every single day until the game releases!
    • Scott has updated his website again, the third character has been revealed as Nightmare Chica. He has also added three more boxes below Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap and Nightmare Chica. The text now reads:
    • Bonnet appeared in the next update, with a pose and facial expression that screams "And I'm here too!"
    • The Minireenas have a similar expression, in the update after that.
    • Scott has updated his website with Lolbit in the sixth box, and a seventh box below the Minireenas. The text now says:

  • Immediately when you start the game, you get a quiet voice and a prompt to turn up your volume until you can hear it. Seconds later, any unfortunate fans who have followed the instructions will get their ears blasted off by Trash and the Gang's distraction sound.
  • When you get jumpscared by Mr. Hippo, you can get an extended monologue about completely random, everyday things like sourdough bread. Complete with an overlayed graphic of Mr. Hippo thoughtfully rubbing his chin and gazing towards the sky. The whole thing is a hilariously silly take that to the audience expecting secret lore in every cutscene, complete with his monologues often ending with him blatantly referencing the series' trademark hidden supernatural hints and then shutting down the whole idea with "maybe it doesn't mean anything at all."
    My friend, you have met a terrible, terrible demise. But you know, I don't feel too bad about it. After all, if it weren't from me, it would have just been from someone else, ya know? I guess what I'm trying to say, life goes on. Well, for everyone else, life goes on, not for you. You're dead. That's neither here nor there. That reminds me of one summer day in the park. I was having a delightful picnic with my good friend, Orville. And I said to him, I said: "Orville, I have a story." And he said to me: "What's the significance of the story?" I said to him: "Orville, not every story has to have significance, ya know? Sometimes, uh, sometimes a story is just a story. You try to read into every little thing and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll yourself crazy, I had a friend do it once, wasn't pretty, we talked about it for years. And not only that, you'll likely end up believin' something you shouldn't believe, thinkin' something you shouldn't think, o-or assuming something you shouldn't assume, ya know? Sometimes I said a story is just a story, so just be quiet for one second of your life and eat your sandwich, okay?" Of course, it was only then I realized I made sandwiches and... poor Orville was having such difficulty eating it! Elephants have those clumsy hands, ya know? Actually, I suppose that's the problem. They don't have hands at all, do they? They're... They're all feet. I couldn't imagine someone asking me to eat a sandwich with my feet. Now, if I recall correctly, there was a bakery nearby, I said to him: "Orville, let me go get ya some rye bread." Now, I'm not sure elephants enjoy rye bread, but, I assure you that Orville does. Now this was on a Tuesday, which was good because rye bread was always fresh on Tuesday. They made sourdough on Monday, and threw it out Wednesday. Or rather they...sold it at a discount for people who wanting to feed the ducks and then...probably at the end of the day they threw it all out. I don't recall. I do remember a man who would bring his son to the bakery every Wednesday, and go feed the ducks. He would buy all of the sourdough bread, of course, you know, you're not supposed to feed the ducks sourdough bread at all. It swells up in their stomach and they all die, at least that's what I've heard. Ya know, I never saw any ducks die myself, but I did notice a substantial decrease in duck population over the course of a few years. I just never thought to stop the man and tell him he was killin' the ducks by feeding them sourdough bread. And if you want my opinion on the matter, and I told Orville this as well, if you wanna feed ducks or birds of any kind for that matter, especially buy seed. I mean, when you think about it, breads of any sort don't occur in nature. They don't grow on trees or spring up from the bushes! I don't think birds know what to do with bread. What was I saying? Oh, oh, yes, yes. So I bought Orville some rye bread. What a fine day it was.
    • His monologues are also completely unskippable, unlike everyone else's post-death quotes. Think you can alt+f4 out of the game to skip them? Nope, the game re-opens to another monologue that you have to sit through, regardless of how long you listened to the last one before attempting to leave.
    • Sometimes, he will round to a tangent about lemonade, at which point he starts gushing about how delicious lemonade and iced tea taste together. He'll suggest that the player try some, only to realize they can't. Because they're dead.
  • The unlockable cutscenes...are FNaF anime cutscenes. It's as hilarious as it sounds, and then some.
    • The first series of cutscenes take place in feudal Japan, with Freddy depicted as a Ronin warrior planning a sneak attack against his Arch-Enemy, Foxy. It's all spoken in Japanese with English subtitles, and Mangle also appears as one of Foxy's minions.
      • If one pays attention to the audio, one can tell that the subtitles in the cutscenes between Freddy and Foxy don't even match up. Even if you know nothing about Japanese, you'll catch the out-of-turn mention of "potato chips" at some point. Fans have discovered the actual dialogue spoken is far more bizarre than what the subtitles read.
      • Adding to that, Foxy's bandana and the scar over his eye switches sides after the first shot.
      • Freddy is The Comically Serious Failure Hero, coming up with the most outrageous plans to catch his opponent off guard, none of which actually work. Attacking on his own birthday, believing that no one attacks on their birthday. Attacking on the night of Foxy's favorite show, not knowing reception is terrible and Foxy won't be distracted. Trying to put Foxy asleep with a flute, which only makes Foxy angry. Sneaking a dead fish into Foxy's robe, which he eats and finds delicious. Out of all things, Foxy finally grows weary when he anticipates that Freddy will sneak down the chimney dressed as... well, see below.
      • The "punishments" that Foxy gives Freddy, including taking care of a giant pet frog, cooking his breakfast (including cooking his bacon crisp black), wearing a fruit hat, doing his laundry (which turns his whites pink), and most absurdly of all, celebrating Christmas and BECOMING SANTA CLAUS.
      • On top of that, Mangle, presumably acting as his minion, makes a comment at Foxy's expense after each time he boasts about punishing Freddy, including saying he's getting coal for Christmas and that he doesn't even eat the bacon, just building tiny forts with them.
      • The whole skit revolves around Freddy planning to take down Foxy, and fails every time with hilarious results. At the end, Foxy grows weary and decides to go on a vacation, which Freddy misconstrues as an admission of defeat and plans to pursue him further.
    • Doubling as Hilarious in Hindsight, the cutscenes with Toy Chica take place in a "FNAF High." There is also a fan series often referred to as FNAF High School which is the subject of much criticism and drew controversy after its creator tried to trademark the term, implying a subtle Take That! in reference to the legal kerfuffle.
      • While this does dip into Fridge Horror when we see her slowly claiming body parts of her previous "lovers", her scenes still get a few chuckles out of how outlandish and outlandishly violent her ideas of getting their attention become. Also, when looking at the anime version of Pigpatch, the nicest thing she say can say about his appearance is his snout, before giving up and saying "looks aren't anything." And when she plans to kidnap him, she figures the best person to frame would be Balloon Boy.
      • Toy Chica's hairstyle and uniform makes her bear a slight resemblance to Monika.
  • Just the very fact that Pigpatch has a banjo riff after he kills you!
    Pigpatch: If you sit by the river long enough... you will see the body of your enemy float by... (Sinister, drawling chuckle) (Cheery Banjo riff plays)
    • The best part is, all of his lines are actual Asian proverbs.
  • Now we know what the Trash Animatronics do- they just try to distract you and interfere while you're viewing the cameras. What else were we expecting from everyday, household items?
  • Happy Frog. "I go 'boo!' And they go 'bleugh!'"
  • Find out about the hidden sound file of William Afton screaming bloody murder as he's tormented in Hell for all eternity? Super unnerving. Imagine it's a Youtuber after failing attempt number 500 at 50/20 Mode? HYSTERICAL.
    • Speaking of 50/20 mode, Because of a glitch that renders the "Prize Corner" Animatronics a non-issue for the rest of the night that also essentially deprives you of your cameras, one of the most lethal animatronic in the game that you can't cheese by not checking the cameras is Toy Freddy.
  • After years of the fanbase meticulously dissecting and over-analyzing every tiniest detail regarding the games, one of Mr. Hippo's speeches includes a lengthy explanation about how not every story has or needs a deeper meaning.
  • Withered Bonnie - who (we'll remind you) is missing his face - makes face puns when he kills you.
    Withered Bonnie: Time to face the consequences of your failure.
  • Just in case you were wondering, yes, of course you can still honk the nose of the Freddy plush on your desk.
  • Seems like Scott is well aware of a certain section of his fanbase, if Ballora, Foxy and Toy Chica are any indications.
    Ballora: Admit it - you wanted to let me in.
  • When Freddy is very close to the left doorway, he gives a very devious look towards the door as if to say "got you now, smartass".
  • When you scare Plushtrap in order to avoid certain death, he basically goes flying out of his chair!
    • It's even funnier when you get the feeling that he could smack into a wall with that kind of gravity defiance.
  • Rockstar Bonnie apparently serenades you when he kills you.
  • Scraptrap's one and only Bond One-Liner in Ultimate Custom Night is "I always come back!", buuuut mechanically, the one thing that makes him unique is that he shows up exactly once all night, whether he's successful or not, meaning he never actually comes back.
  • Turning up the heat to short out Rockstar Freddy is risky, but worth it purely to hear his voice glitch out before he short-circuits. It gets all high-pitched and squeaky, made all the more amusing by the fact that he is aware you're trying to trick him and calls you out on this. Still works, though.
    Rockstar Freddy: YouareattemptingtotrickFreddy!
    Rockstar Freddy: Youareatt— [glitchy gibberish]
    Rockstar Freddy: Freddy doesn't like this!
  • Not so funny when it's happening to you, but Dee Dee takes being a Troll to impressive heights, including singing about your plight when she adds another animatronic to the night.
  • Funtime Foxy. Like Mangle, his pink and white design evokes an Ambiguous Gender, but unlike the latter, he has a masculine and loud voice like that of a game show host and lines that assert his identity as a performer:
    Funtime Foxy: It seems you couldn't make it to my show, so I brought the show to you!
    Funtime Foxy: Showtimes are on the hour; not a moment before, and not a moment later!
    Funtime Foxy: I’m sorry, but there was never enough room on this stage for both of us.
    Funtime Foxy: It's time to take your final bow!
    Funtime Foxy: A performance was demanded of me, and now I have delivered. Encore!
    • The last line is especially funny when you remember that Funtime Foxy is the only animatronic that can still kill you even if you make it to 6 AM, so it might very well be directed at players who got too cocky when they thought they were home free.
    • Not only that, but the main way you ward Funtime Foxy off is by checking in on his stage, not unlike classic Foxy. However, instead of merely being slowed down by visual contact, Funtime Foxy gets stage fright and delays his show by a few hours.
  • Even though the Nightmare animatronics are mostly played completely seriously, Nightmare Freddy does a silly sort-of rhyme for one of his lines:
    "What a gift to relish, a victim who can't perish."

  • After finally beating 50/20 mode, Dawko held an interview with Scott Cawthon, who introduced himself with this gem:
    Scott Cawthon: Hello? Hello? Um, if you're hearing this, that means you beat 50/20 mode, and I have to do an interview now, which I'm kind of uncomfortable with, but I'm gonna do anyw- (drops the act) ah, forget it, I'm done with the Phone Guy shtick.
  • Someone modded the game into Ultimate Nintendo Night. Ever wanted to get jumpscared by your favorite Nintendo characters, plus a few Sonic ones? Well, now you can!
    • Dawko had already found out, and he was not pleased about having to go through the hell of UCN all over again.
  • The Toy Chica "FNAF High" cutscenes "animated" by Dr. Dash/Hitlerspimp, who also did the FNaF In The Weekend videos. While the whole thing is gold, there are highlights.
    • Freddy telling Toy Chica to stop creeping on him.
    • Twisted Wolf trying to hide from Toy Chica, and later her trying to lure/"invite" him into her house... with a frying pan.
    • Toy Bonnie freaking out when Toy Chica "hugs" him, the latter preparing to tranq him, and then the last part of her monologue getting cut off by the two of them getting hit by a car.
    • Funtime Foxy's weird behaviour (especially the dab dance) and Toy Chica actually taking hostages and then dumping them down a trap door when her "crush" shows up. She then holds him/her at gunpoint... only for "the one thing that could possibly go wrong" being Funtime Foxy stealing the gun from her and holding her at gunpoint instead.
    • The Puppet acting like a creepy jerk. Also, noticing that Toy Chica is hiding behind his couch with a "wait, wha-" expression.
    • Toy Chica beating the crap out of Balloon Boy with a shovel.

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