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As this is a Funny Moments page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
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Despite the series coming back and giving us a ton of scares, that doesn't mean we can't have a good laugh!

  • Scott simply admitting that he changed his mind on ending the series!
  • The new Freddy animatronic has a freaking Bonnie handpuppet. Oh, and just like the cupcake from the previous game, it can kill you too! It's unexpected, but it's definitely hilarious.
  • Baby kinda looks like a stereotypical Spoiled Brat, especially with the microphone in her hand.
  • Ballora encourages kids to keep fit and enjoy pizza. And here we thought these two are mutually exclusive.
  • As of now, this image is on, seemingly showing that the game was cancelled... but once you brighten it, that doesn't seem to be the case. Scott's done it again!
  • So Scott decided to release the "mature" version of Sister Location over at Game Jolt... ...and this game (which is Sit and Survive with a Freddy Fazbear head for the child's head) is what we get. Oh, Scott, you glorious troll...
  • The introduction to the first night, in contrast to the previous games, presented by the automated instruction unit Handy, is positively steeped in Black Comedy. Enhanced greatly by the fact that Handy's VA sounds like, and was clearly inspired by, the Announcer AI from Portal 2.
    Handy: Welcome to the first day of your exciting new career. Whether you were approached at a job fair, read our ad in 'Screws, Bolts and Hairpins', or if this is the result of a dare, we welcome you. [...] Your new career promises challenge, intrigue, and endless janitorial opportunities.
    Handy: (when the player character is crawling though a pitch-dark air vent) Allow me to fill the somewhat frightening silence with some lighthearted banter.
  • The Running Gag of the Elevator touch screen's auto-correct.
    • On your first night, you are given the option to type your name. Due to the touch screen being glitchy, it doesn't type in right. In the end, it auto-corrects itself to Eggs Benedict, even if it wasn't even close to what you were trying to type.
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    • On your second night, you have the possibility to change the computer voice guiding you. Using the same glitchy touch screen. So instead of a mature, cold man voice, you have... an angsty teen. Really.
    • Night 3 has you select "soothing music"; this time, it auto corrects to "Casual Bongos".
    • Night 5 (you were not in the elevator in day 4) has the option to choose a bonus (taken out of your next paycheck, of course). What does the auto-correct choose this time? Exotic Butters.
      • Even better? The extras menu has a button of said exotic butters. Pressing it will say Exotic Butters.
      • Additionally, there is no B button on the touch screen. Three of the auto-correct statements have "B" in them.
      • The fact that the most popular bonus is the cash basket. Probably has to do with how the cost of the gift basket is taken out of one's own paycheck. The bonus was money you already earned.
  • Instead of Atari-based minigames, the intermissions now have your character (with the ability to eat popcorn) watching a cheesy soap opera involving vampires. It's as goofy as it sounds.
  • There's something darkly humorous about the bad ending. All these times, the animatronics, thinking you're an endoskeleton, stuff you inside a spare suit. Now, you play the role of the suit they stuff the endoskeleton in.
    • Also the fact that you were dumb enough to go into the scooper room, and that the scooper basically punches you.
    • There is also the fact that the music that plays during the final cutscene sounds like it came from an old B-horror movie. Makes the whole idea of having your skin worn by a robot a lot less horrifying if you were to see it in that kind of light.
  • Discovering the Private Room has Handy nonchalantly inform the player that after they are rescued at 6 AM, they will be fired.
  • The Good Ending has the player watching TV, only for Ennard to just... waddle towards you. It doesn't lunge or screech at you, just... waddles towards you.
  • For Black Comedy, there's the fact that on Night 5, you can find the two technicians that Handy tells you are still on site. They're just hanging around, despite not being scheduled to work the graveyard shift. Seems they're dead tired from a long day's work, you see, but anyone would be about at the end of their rope working for that company. Granted, this is only funny if you're not startled by them. And HandUnit still sees this as perfectly normal.
  • Funtime Freddy's voice can be this, since it sounds nothing like someone would expect it to be. Besides the glitching, he actually sounds kind of Adorkable, calling his hand puppet "Bon Bon" and possibly speaking with some kind of lisp.
    • Bon-Bon/Bonnie also seems to have gotten this as well. Despite what you would expect, this version of Bonnie for some reason has a female voice with a chipmunk-like laugh. It's so divorced from the fandom's expectations that you can't help but wonder if Scott was intentionally trying to troll the fandom via giving these two the least expected voices possible.
  • When doing maintenance on Funtime Freddy on night 3, you are given a small series of button presses to open Freddy's face-plate. One done, the face-plate opens and produces a loud, startling noise...which is followed by Handy simply saying "Good job!".
  • When Baby tells you about the Scooper, she points out how its name sounding like something used to serve ice cream wouldn't sound so cute if you were the ice cream.
    Baby: I wonder, though, if you were a freshly opened pint of ice cream how you would feel about something with that name. Thankfully, I don’t think a freshly opened pint of ice cream feels anything at all.
  • There's something legitimately amusing about Baby calling you a "dummy" on Night 4, when previously she spoke in a formal, almost ethereal tone of voice.
  • The fact that the Custom Night is non-canon seems to have given Scott free rein to make things as ridiculous as reasonably possible while still being scary. Some of the highlights:
    • We have a female version of Bon-Bon called Bonnet. You defeat it by clicking on its nose. It even falls down and reaches for its nose, making it look like it just got bopped in the schnoz.
    • The Minireenas. Their ability is to climb into your field of view and just... sit there. They don't attack you; they just make it harder to click on things. The menu goes out of its way to point out that there's no way to get rid of them; you just have to ride it out. On a meta-level, it's almost like Scott is subtly poking fun at himself for the original, nigh-unbeatable version of Night 4.
    • Lolbit is an animatronic in this version; they act as a hallucination which causes visual and audio distortions. The cherry on top is the way you defeat it: you have to, and this isn't a joke, either enter "L-O-L" into the office keypad or type "LOL" on your keyboard.
    • When you close the door on Bon Bon when Freddy sends him to attack you, you can hear a light but distinct thunk. That's clearly the sound of Bon Bon smacking into the door.
    • Whenever you reach 6 AM in Custom Night, an active animatronic will say some final words as the screen fades away. Funtime Freddy's words?
    (In a pouty tone) What a party pooper!
    • Funtime Foxy's jumpscare animation isn't creepy on its own, as she just leans into view just like the original Foxy — he doesn't even open the faceplates. She even looks like he's smiling happily!
    • The custom night "Minigames" that you get for beating any mode on Very Hard shows Ennard, in Afton's body, cartoonishly walking across the street over and over again, with people waving at him. Oh, and every minigame after the second one shows why using someone's dead body as a disguise wasn't exactly a good idea.
      • When you look at the sewer grate when your body gets back up after Ennard evacuated, you can see Ennard's eyes all open up in what appears to be complete shock.
      • While what happens to Mike Afton is rather gruesome to say the least, it doesn't change the fact that his sprite for the minigames looks like Heinz Doofenschmirtz.
  • On a meta level the fact that, in terms of fan perception over the course of the game and Custom Night releases, The Purple Man went from an irredeemable psychopath down to a sociopath with a tragic past and a horrifying demise, then back up to a supernatural serial killer keeping himself alive through sheer force of evil and then finally a completely innocent patsy/dutiful son who just wanted some familial closure is a true testament as to how volatile the whole theory scene is. Poor, poor MatPat...
  • The blueprints' notes are generally Nightmare Fuel, since it's clear what these machines were used for, but there is one note worth mentioning. Ballora has the ability to "Deter & Misdirect"...and this note is located right beside her breasts.
  • For the third anniversary scottgames released more 'making of' pictures from when he was making the game. Sister Location highlights include:
    • Funtime Freddy doing the splits in midair.
    • Baby taking her head off, and being completely non-nonchalant about it.
    • The fact that the model for the exotic butters is called exotic margarine in the file name. Yep, the company couldn't even give you butter without screwing it up.
  • On Night 2, Handy will deactivate himself before you enter Ballora Gallery as to not cause any auditory disruptance... and then he will suddenly activate himself again and loudly remind you to hurry up as you are trying to get out of there.


Let's Play

  • As usual, Markiplier is hilarious to watch.
    • The way he stops the first time the little girl speaks and just listens is hilarious. And to make it better, he asks the camera if it heard words to ascertain he wasn't crazy.
    • His reluctance to administer controlled shocks (as the last thing he wants to do is piss the animatronics off).
      Mark: What?! Why am I gonna make them mad?! Why do I want Dancy-Pants to be mad at me?!
    • Mark's response to the button for Baby's shock administration being broken. From the moment he gets in the room to when the lights go out is just priceless.
      Mark: (overly excited) Hey... Baby! BABY! Mmmm...BABAY, COME OUT! BABEH COME BACK! (Button buzzes flatly)'' ...Uh-oh.
      Mark: (overly excited) Baby! Baby, didn't work! Baby! It didn't work on Baby! Button buzzes again (flat) Oh boy.
    • His reactions to the first run through Ballora Gallery and the scene in the breaker room are what one might expect. His reaction to having to go back through Ballora Gallery to end the night is hysterical.
      Ballora: Is someone there...?
    • As well as...
      Mark: You don't need to worry about me... I just need to worry about me. And don't mind the yelling! I YELL WHEN I'M NERVOUS!
    • His little song and dance after he gets past Night 2.
      Mark: (To the tune of the "Shift Complete" song) We did it! We're the best in the world and we are friends for— (Song ends) —oh. Ever...? OK.
    • His reaction to the whole Casual Bongos situation. First he expects Handy to autocorrect his selection to dubstep, and his indignity when informed his pay has been decreased substantially due to his lackluster performance yesterday.
      Mark: WHAT?! These causal bongos have turned sour! How can you say that? What did I do?
    • Ending in the middle of Mark ruminating on the significance of Mr. Afton, aka The Purple Guy, being the creator of the Funtime animatronics, we get this:
    • Although his reaction to Handy tends to be ambivalent at best, Mark appears to become completely fed up with the AI during the routine check on Ballora and Funtime Foxy on Night 3. Considering Ballora's... condition and Funtime Foxy's complete absence, it's hard to blame him.
    • His reaction to Baby's secret confession on Night 3. His facial expressions are priceless.
    • Funtime Foxy gets him, and he ends up in the cupcake minigame. After his incompetent run-through of it, he's taken to the Game Over screen, then back to the game... and gets jumped by Funtime Foxy again immediately.
      Handy: "You have been provided with a flash beaco-"
      Mark: OHHHHHH... KAY! WHAT THE FUCK?!! (calms down) I, uh... got BONED.
    • He gets the bad/real ending. He refuses to accept it and immediately starts looking for another ending.
    • He finally gets the good/fake ending. When he sees Ennard (or "Bumbo" as he insists on calling him/her/it) crawling towards him, he's a little scared at first, then he just keeps eating his popcorn like it's nothing.
      Mark: Well... (crunch) ...ain't this just a son of a bitch.
    • His reaction to the "exotic butters" easter egg. At first, he is just so excited to be back in his living room, only to break out in laughter when seeing the basket and cheering how much better the popcorn must be now. And when he finds the butter in the extras menu...
      Mark: *repeatedly clicking on the exotic butters* How long until someone makes a remix of...
      Handy: Exotic butters, exotic butters, exotic butters...
    • His first video of the Custom Nights, he was going to not start with Golden Freddy at first, but decided to do it. Then drops this great line.
      Mark: Fuck it! I'm going to start with Golden Freddy mode, 20/20/20, just to see what the shit I'm getting myself into! Because if I'm anything, I AM A MAAAAAAAAN WITH RED HAAAAAIR!!
    • Other prearranged Custom Night variants at least gave him a little trouble, and sometimes more than that, but a ways into his first try at the "Top Shelf" setup, he's literally singing to himself as he coasts to the end.
    • His reaction to the plot-cutscenes at the end of each completed Custom Night depicting Ennard-in-Skin-Suit walking down his neighborhood, proceeding to get increasingly decomposed. He finds them hilarious and sings to the background music's tune about what's happening, even as they begin to get creepier.
  • JackSepticEye's run has begun!
    • He gives his interpretation of the angsty teen AI, and is disappointed when it goes back to normal.
    • He's very happy to be shocking the animatronics on the first few nights, if a bit worried of the later consequences.
    • He wishes that when Ballora is near, she blasted heavy metal instead of the music box tune.
  • Gavin Free and Michael Jones from Achievement Hunter return to give this game a crack.
    • Michael furiously mashing the shock button on Funtime Foxy.
      Michael: Is there a 'gun' button we can push?
    • Gavin gets terrified after dying on Night 4:
      Gavin: This game is insane! It's for maniacs, made by a maniac!
  • And now MiniLadd has begun a playthrough of it, after skipping a few of the games. He spends the first three nights completely terrified.
  • Dawko's animated highlights reel is up. His reaction to the Scooper Room is golden.
    • And now the sequel is up too!
      Baby: Do you know why they call it the scooping room?
      Dawko: Ice cream!?
      Baby: It's because, DUMMY, this is the room where they use the scooper. I thought that would be obvious. Isn't that a fun name for something?
      Dawko: Baby's turning mean!


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