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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    Private Room And 10/ 20 Mode Winners 
Veteran players of FNAF Series will be at home in their natural element in the Private Room... With an insane hardness on par with 4/20 and Aggressive Mode. So those who beat it have likely proved their stripes before.

October 7, 2016

  • Dawko is the first confirmed person to complete the Private Room challenge.
  • Swing Poynt also completed the Private Room challenge right down to the wire. He ran out of power just seconds before 6AM, yet he still reached 6AM before Ennard pounced.

October 8, 2016

  • Entoan the Pack completed the Private Room challenge on a livestream while ranting about the electricity bill that Ennard was going to force him to pay, realizing quickly that he only had to take action after hearing two sounds from the same area, and completing the night with only 3% power left
  • Razzbowski completed the Private Room with 2% power left. His final attempt had him not talk as much, and he gives a shout-out to Dawko as well.

October 9, 2016

  • Markiplier completed the Private Room challenge directly after defeating the Baby Cupcake mini-game. He was concentrating so much that he had to do a voice over in order to inform the viewers what he was doing and how he learned Ennard's system.


  • DJ Sterf becomes one of the first YouTubers to beat 10/20 Golden Freddy Mode in Custom Night — the same number of Animatronics as FNAF 2, and this time four of the 10 are saboteurs who make it harder to deal with the other six (blocking sight, draining power, draining oxygen to black you out).
  • Dawko is the newest winner on December 5th.
  • Also Omar Sebali after 20 hours of attempts.
  • As of December 8th, DAGames (Will) beat the mode after DAYS of trying. Tears of joy included.
  • Markiplier beat it on December 22nd, and would probably do so earlier if it wasn't for other commitments. Despite two days' worth of attempts, he dismissed it in video description with:
    It was quite a challenge, but not the hardest 20/20/20/20 mode I've had in any Five Nights at Freddy's game.To be fair... 

    The Game 
  • The whole game. Scott's definitely outdone himself. The mechanics, the voice acting, the atmosphere, the story... Some people even think it's too good to be an FNAF game. Did we already mention the outstanding reviews of this game?
    • After 4 games, Scott finally gave all the animatronics their own individual jumpscare sound. Plus, we finally get to hear Freddy (or at least one version of him) speak.
  • While also very chilling, this particular line likely made many a FNAF fan jump out of their seats in excitement:
    Employee: With all due respects, those aren't the design choices we were curious about, Mr. Afton.
  • The entire event of the good ending through the Private Room. Not only is it essentially a souped-up combination of the FNAF series' one-room survival elements put to the ultimate test against Ennard, but surviving the whole night even has Ennard outwardly spiting you for ultimately getting away. It gets diluted once everything concludes only to see Ennard walking right up to you in your own house, but Alternate Character Interpretation and the fact that it's merely a Fade to Black has had some conclude that the player isn't even murdered or attacked, but rather that they basically took Ennard home with a middle-finger to company protocol to save them.
    • The custom night ending actually adds credibility to this interpretation, since it's revealed that Michael is probably the brother of the girl whose spirit is inside Baby and, by association, Ennard, and he is trying to help her.
      • Well, it was confirmed that the ending is the one in which Michael gets scooped, so bye-bye to that theory.
  • The ending of the Custom Night story. Springtrap walks out of the ruins of Fazbear's Fright after hearing his son talk to him, revealing he survived.


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