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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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The Silver Eyes

  • While all of the player characters get points for badassery, the nameless Fazbear's Fright guard takes the cake. Unlike all of the other playable characters, they do not have Phone Guy to help them in any meaningful way (Phone Dude just gives the basics of the systems and the original is simply giving backstory.) They're never said to close the doors (obviously, they can't), nor to use a mask (they don't have one). All they know is that there's an animatronic in the building that their boss has lost track of, not even if it's active or not. Nevertheless, they proceed to successfully track it down, devise a way to use the systems available to keep it away and consistently outmaneuver what is arguably the most dangerous (in the very least, the smartest) animatronic in the series (Prior to the reveal of the Nightmare Animatronics) for five whole nights. No prep time, no briefing, no screw-ups. A perfect run, first try.
  • Scott gets one for the road to the True Ending, as he plays the greatest mindgame of all with us in this one: Golden Freddy himself. In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, we were certain that Golden Freddy had been the suit the murderer wore, proving its physical existence in the plot as more than a hallucination that Mike suffered. Suddenly, we have another golden suit. Things aren't so clear, anymore. And Phone Guy confirms that the "Spring Bonnie" suit had gone missing, proving that was the Murderer's tool of the trade. However, you can't let this fool you into dismissing the yellow bear. The mystery of Golden Freddy has to be resolved in order to reach the true ending; his was the sole animatronic suit that wasn't broken by the Murderer when he was cornered. After thirty years, you have to finally track down and put the soul of the child in Golden Freddy to rest through minigames in order to bring it all to an end.
  • Successfully completing the mini-games through Night 5 reveals that the ghosts of the children lured the murderer into Springtrap, only he failed to crank it properly and the animatronic collapsed with him still inside the suit, killing him. Years after he brutally slaughtered five defenseless children, the villain is ultimately done in by his own method of murder. Poetic justice at its finest.
    • And doubling as a twisted Heartwarming Moment, the kids have finally gotten their justice. After three decades of attempting to blindly murder innocent night guards in their quest for revenge, they have finally brought an end to the real killer. With their deaths avenged, they can finally move on and rest in peace.
    • For added bonus points, the Purple Man's death completely exonerates Phone Guy as the killer, as Phone Guy died before Purple Man met his end.
  • The end of Night 6, aka "Nightmare Mode", possibly shows a final end to the Fazbear horror that has spanned at least 40 years, as Fazbear's Fright was undone by the shoddy wiring in its electronics and burned to the ground before it was ever opened to the public, taking nearly everything with it and what remained being sold at a public auction.
  • These animatronics were apparently durable and strong enough to force grown men painfully into spare suits filled with cross-beams and wires... and in a truly villainous example of nightmarish awesome, William Afton/the Murderer dismantled them all by hand, with no indication on-screen of any tools. Give the asshole some credit: that is quite a feat in-universe.