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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    50/ 20 Winners 
  • On July 8th, almost two weeks after the game was released, Twitch streamer Rhemery was the very first person to beat 50/20 mode.
  • The next day, Dawko followed suit and beat the mode, and won his bet with Scott.
  • Third in line to beat the mode was this Japanese fan.
  • Fourth place is DJSterf.
  • Another Japanese player followed suit in beating the 50/20 mode.
  • EricVanWilderman managed to successfully conquer 50/20 mode, earning himself a place within the top 10.
  • Argon Matrix is notable in that he completed 50/20 - without using any power-ups, not even the Death Coin, this proving that 50/20, even at its fullest, is possible.

  • Scott has now confirmed that an "Ultimate Custom Night" is in development; said Custom Night will feature no less than fifty animatronics, all drawn from previous games; characters range from old fan-favorites like the original Freddy's crew to Unexpected Characters like JJ and Old Man Consequences. And as if the idea of getting to see all these classic characters in action one last time isn't enough, Scott has confirmed the existence of a 50/20 Mode! All the FNAF experts better buckle down for their greatest challenge yet...
    • Hell, the announcement of 50/20 Mode was awesome in and of itself. During this video, Dawko quite literally dared Scott to make such a mode and to make it as difficult as possible, and said that he would attempt to beat it on livestream. Scott's response in the comments of the video?
    • How ultimate is this Custom Night? Phone Guy is on the roster. Everyone's back this time, friends and foes alike: all gathered for the most spectacular Grand Finale they could be given.
    • And now Scott has started posting voice-actor jobs for several of the animatronics, including Withered Bonnie and Foxy! So not only are we going to get to see all these old animatronics one last time, but we're apparently going to be getting official voices for many of them!
    • And exactly like 4/20 mode, Scott himself can't beat 50/20.
    • And then the number got even higher. It now stands at a resounding 58, including the absolutely final True Final Boss and the very first Fazbear animatronic ever made; Fredbear.

  • A lot of the voices for various animatronics.
    • Special mention goes to Nightmare Fredbear. Despite his ominous Voice of the Legion, he sounds oddly calm, making his voice a special kind of threatening. This particular voice line is especially awesome:
      • Granted, it becomes a tad unsettling once you realize there's a kid's voice overlapping with his. But still!
    • Nightmare Freddy also has some excellent lines, made especially cool by his Darth Vader-esque bass voice:
      I am given flesh, to be your tormentor.
      I am remade; but not by you - by the one you should not have killed.
      No light can save you now.
    • Nightmare himself has a voice that never rises above a cold, deadly whisper that delivers some truly spectacular one liners. Add into that his slightly peculiar cadence and pronunciations, and one easily gets the feeling he's the avatar of an inhuman, elemental force of justice and vengeance come to personally repay some great evil. Which, if you believe you're playing as William Afton...
      You will not be spared. You will not be saved.
      I will vomit you back... to relieve your horror.
      The shadow fears me.
    • The Puppet has something interesting to say if she catches you, which further inflames the theory that you're playing as William Afton in an Ironic Hell, as the girl inside (his first victim, if you'll recall) taunts you.
    "I recognize you, but I'm not afraid of you. Not anymore."
    • Pigpatch's voice is also pretty cool, with his Guttural Growler tone and Southern drawl. He also delivers some epic Bond One Liners in the form of idioms.
      "The talented hawk hides his claws."
      "If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by." (menacing laugh)
  • The Nightmares deserve special mention as a whole, especially if give creedence to the idea that you're playing as William Afton trapped in his Ironic Hell. At first, they only existed in the fear-stricken psyche of the Crying Child. But now, they are very, very real and every ounce of their once fictive malice and sadism is laser focused on avenging the decades of fear, death and anguish William inflicted on so many. From Fredbear pondering how many times he can pull this evil man limb from limb, to Nightmarionne taunting William with his inability to flee into death to escape justice this time, to Nightmare coldly telling him that he is William's evil made flesh. Dying at their hands is a deeply cathartic experience.
  • Many of the previously silent, save for the ear-melting scream, animatronics are voiced in this game. So now they can totally sass the heck out of the player character who may or may not be William Afton trapped forever in an ironic hell. Going from unintelligible and unable to explain what happened to anyone to talking down to their former tormentor.
  • After 4 years, Scott finally did what would normally be an unfeasible task. He made 50/20; a mode that is so utterly impossible and futile, that it made Markiplier give up on it. The self-proclaimed king of Five Nights at Freddy's has actually been bested! note 
  • While 50/20 is still a long way from being beaten, FNAF veteran DJ Sterf managed something almost as impressive by beating it on 48/20 (everyone except Funtime Foxy and Toy Freddy). The run can be seen here.
  • As of 8th July 2018, streamer Rhemery has set the current best time for 50/20 at 4 minutes, 27 seconds and 8 milliseconds and is extremely close to beating 50/20.
    • And now he's done it. Looks like we've got this game's counterpart of BigBug.


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