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As this is a Fridge page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Handy's GLaDOS-like behavior suddenly makes sense once you realize the whole establishment, Hostile Animatronics and all, was made by William Afton, aka THE PURPLE GUY, who, in case you don't know, is a Serial Killer.
    • Handy's entire purpose may be to keep the animatronics from finding an ally to help them escape. The first thing it has you do is shock them, turning Ballora and Foxy against you, and then snarks at Baby, indicating greater awareness at the situation than a simple guide should have. Later on, it ignores blatant signs of violent behaviour since that's what it wants.
  • Don't Hold It Against Us.... You don't know what we've been through.... This could pretty much relate to all of the animatronics throughout the entire series. It's just... Baby might be the first one to be vocal about it....
    • Except Springtrap, but including Spring-Bonnie.
    • Hell, it could be a step further and whatever happened to her and/or the other animatronics is something worse than the ten-to-fifteen child murders. The trailer has built-up our expectations regarding what happened to them, it'd be kinda disappointing if it was the same ol' thing we've gotten used to.
    • Maybe they're saying this because they have to attack you, either through "tradition", faulty programming, or angry spirits of children being inside them.
    • Or maybe because of the Bad Ending, in which you are gutted and used as a suit. They don't want you to hate them in your last moments. After all, they don't kill you out of hate, but because they will never escape from their mistreatment unless they leave the facility... which they can only do if they don't look like themselves.
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    • When starting to play the game, it shows very early how severely mistreated the animatronics are. You literally shock them for not being on stage, the voice AI makes you do flimsy repairs, and we later hear how they regulary get scooped if they malfunction. It is no wonder that they feel sorry for what will happen to the player; after all, they don't exactly seem bent on killing him, they just want to get out.
    • When listening to Baby's story, you get to know that she killed a girl without understanding how or why. They don't want to kill; attacking someone when they are alone with them is a programmed or faulty part of their body that they have literally no control over. Don't hold it against them, it is literally not their fault.
    • In a way, it's also a subtle line from the Bidybabs. After all, when they try to open your hiding place's door, you do hold it (closed) against them...
  • The sister location has literal gender-flips of the original characters (except Freddy) and new female additions. During the time period of FNAF 2, the 1980s, having gendered merchandise for children's fiction was a huge thing, say, with the first My Little Pony series. It also shows how out of touch the corporate executives are with their fans, in addition to their being corrupt about covering up the murders, since within the game it's implied that girls enjoy the originals.
    • Given most of the company has situations beyond their control happen, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that they were pressured/forced to make the Distaff Counterpart in order to avert claims of sexism.
    • Mangle debates aside, with the fact that the Freddy's franchise has only one definite female (Chica), this is most likely the case.
    • It could also be a play on the fact that it is both a sister location AND a sister location, and considering the empty pink room in 4, it might also be the Sister's Location...
  • The game seems to focus on the colors blue, purple, and gold. What animatronic scares the creator the most? Bonnie. What colors has Bonnie shown up in the FNAF games? Blue (FNAF2/4), Purple (FNAF1), and Gold (FNAF3/6).
  • Though "exotic butters" being a gift basket for the main character appears to be part of the glitchy keypad's Running Gag, the technician may have been attempting to request it on purpose, considering how much popcorn he eats.
  • The name "Eggs Benedict" Handy auto-corrects to seems like a throwaway joke, but it seems weird that he would auto-correct to a food item (especially since there is no B button on the keypad), but then I realized something. What person does Benedict have the most famous connection to? Benedict Arnold. Foreshadowing Handy's traitorous nature.
    • "Eggs Benedict" is also an English-style breakfast, a possible reference to the Afton family, who is British.
  • The trailers reveal stuff that happens in the games that we don't realize until later. We see Springtrap thrashing around in the FNAF 3 trailer, which looks like he's coming to life, but after playing the game, we realize it's the Purple guy's last moments. So here, we see what we thought was Baby's in-game jumpscare. Instead, it might be her getting a 'controlled shock'.
  • Some have been baffled with the title image used to promote the game on Steam and on this site; it's Funtime Freddy, not Circus Baby, even though Funtime Freddy is not the main antagonist anymore. It's especially odd as Springtrap headed the title image for FNAF3, despite the existence of Phantom Freddy. Perhaps, then, it's foreshadowing? Could it be that it was Scott telling us Baby WASN'T the main antagonist after all? Obviously putting Ennard there would be a massive spoiler, so why not the character who A: the game is named after and B: is more of a threat to the player than the supposed real antagonist?
  • The title itself only makes sense when you understand the full context of the game. Circus Baby's Pizza World is the sister location to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. However, that's a red herring, because it was shut down before it even had a chance to be opened to the public. The underground bunker where the main game takes place is not a sister location to Freddy's. It's only a place to store the CBPW animatronics for repair, analysis, safety, and legal reasons. That's why the company rents them out during the day. No, the place is a literal sister location: William Afton's daughter, who died when Baby acted on her murderous programming. How fitting, then, that the final revelation be that the player character is Michael Afton, the sibling required for that meaning to make sense?
    • On a related note, a lot of Eggs Benedict's Too Dumb to Live moments (such as trusting Baby after Night 4) make a bit more sense when you realize that Baby is based on his dead sister, and Eggs may even be aware that she's possibly possessing Baby. It's a brother, either consciously or otherwise, trusting what's left of his sister.
  • Why are there so many cameras being watched constantly? Afton probably wants to witness the murders his killer robots are committing.


  • The fact that most animatronics in this game (not just the humanoid Circus Baby, Bidybab, and Ballora, but also Funtime Freddy and BonBon) speak seems to support the theory that all animatronics in the series can speak, but only did so during the day (IE: They sang songs and told jokes to entertain kids during business hours). At night, they'd simply roar, groan, and shriek to sound more terrifying to the poor night guard on duty. Plus, the pained groaning sounds the animatronics occasionally make in FNAF 1 are the ghostly children trying to speak from within the animatronic suits they were stuffed into after their murder.
    • The poor condition and age of the animatronics in previous games also suggests that any sort of vocal device they had to speak were either malfunctioning or damaged in some way. For example, Mangle in FNAF 2 has some sort of damaged vocal box that emits random static and radio noises. This hints that he/she/it/yes was able to speak at one point but was rendered speechless after being damaged by children playing a little too rough. The animatronics in Sister Location appear to be in better condition, meaning their vocal devices are likely intact.
  • The whole point of night 4's Unexpected Gameplay Change? It's so that Circus Baby (or possibly Ennard) can test whether or not the human crew members will rescue the technician when they realize he's in a suit so that she can escape the next night.
  • At first, it might seem difficult to figure out what exactly is wrong with these animatronics. Sure, they're malicious, but they don't act like they're malfunctioning. There's hardly any of the usual hints of supernatural behavior like in the other games. But think: William Afton made these animatronics. His only role as far as we know is as a mechanic, a business executive, and as a serial killer. The reason the mechanics can never find anything wrong is because there isn't anything "wrong". The animatronics are acting precisely like they were programmed to act. They were programmed to kill.
    • Furthermore, programming issues aren't something that are easy to spot if you're unfamiliar with the code used for programming the machine. Technicians examining a machine wouldn't be going over the coding in the machine's CPU, either. With the mechanical issues in all of the animatronics, it would be easy to dismiss behavioral problems as something that could be fixed through maintenance and the occasional "motivational" action as this seems to fix whatever mechanical problems are causing the malfunctions. Even if they went over the code line-by-line, it would be nearly impossible to sort out that the machines are being intentionally programmed to be violent.
  • Okay, Night 3, you perform "maintenance" on Funtime Freddy, get jumpscared by Funtime Foxy, and... wake up in a springlock suit. So, Baby monologues to you about how she, unlike Ballora, learned a certain trick: how to pretend. She outright states that she kidnapped you and put you in the suit... but how did Funtime Foxy not kill you, then? It may be more simple than that. After all, there's a little of me in every body. It may very well be that Ennard was in control of Funtime Foxy the whole time.
  • The name 'Ennard' sounds a lot like the word 'innard'. What happens at the end? He replaces your innards.
  • It might seem odd that Funtime Freddy can be found in the Breaker Room instead of with Funtime Foxy, but it actually makes sense once you see the extra map locations. If someone outside of the company snooped around and found that, it could spell a whole mess of trouble for the company (or more importantly, its executives). Eggs Benedict has a means to fend off Funtime Freddy, because he is an employee. Anyone else is not welcome. Therefore, even if an unauthorized person was clever enough to elude Ballora (like, say, a criminal investigator), and even if they saw the Breaker Room's secrets, they would never leave that room alive.
    • Additionally, both Funtime Foxy, Ballora, and even Circus Baby have all been on the receiving end of the "controlled electric shock" at the hands of "Eggs Benedict" at the behest of the Handy Unit AI, meaning that they have personal reasons to hate and want to attack him (Circus Baby aside, being developed enough to think beyond base vengeance). Funtime Freddy has not, but still seems just as intent on killing the technician despite having no particular reason. Despite this, he only attacks on his own in the breaker room and, despite being fully sentient, still backs off whenever the recorded message tells him to. This implies that he's actually more controlled by the company than the others and may well be the unofficial guard of the breaker room.
    • Another way to look at it, based on his dialogue and him obeying 'Bon-Bon', he might still think he's hosting a party and you're the birthday boy. Similar to Baby's story on what happened to the girl, he might not be aware that he'll kill you horribly if he does get close enough to you. He might end with a My God, What Have I Done? moment wondering what happened to the birthday boy.
  • It is very likely that the springlock suit the player is stuffed into on Night 4 is the one mentioned by Phone Guy in FNAF 3. Phone Guy specifically mentioned a "sister location" when describing an incident involving a springlock suit failure, and it coincides with the "Out of Service" listing in the source codes containing a schedule for the animatronics. Baby seems to have been a witness of this incident, as she fully understands the danger of letting the springlocks come undone. This also indicates that Circus Baby's Pizza World was from the era of either Fredbear's Family Diner or the very first iteration of Freddy Fazbear's pizza. The only remaining questions are which character this springlock suit is (Chica is a good candidate; due to her absence, and the inside looking a bit like her beakless Toy form in FNAF 2) and why this particular incident got all the springlock suits put away when the company already had a plan for springlock failures.
  • A subtle one, but look at Circus Baby's faceplates. The plates just above her eyes have the same high, arched shape of the eyebrows usually painted on by clowns, like this.

The Purple Man

  • Mr. Afton's little spiel at the opening of the game seems a little too formal in light of the conversation he's having. He lists Baby's qualities almost as if he's reading a script or making a sales pitch. An understanding of psychopathic behavior explains this. Psychopaths do not feel empathy like normal people do; as a result, they pay close attention to social norms and try to conform to them as best as they can, so as not to stand out. In conversation, this means that they often plan out potential responses in advance, or otherwise stick rigidly to particular themes or forms of speaking, based on how often normal people repeat them. This means that psychopaths can sound and act quite charming, but can't deviate too far from the "script" without saying something that no emphatic person would say. In this scene, Mr. Afton demonstrates an acute degree of control, but through that control, he lets the "mask" slip ever so slightly. He's as uncanny as his creations, it seems.
    • Well, if he really is a psychopath, why would he care if his daughter dies or not if he is completely fine with killing other children? Well, while psychopaths are incapable of feeling love, they can feel a certain type of attachment to those close to them. For example, they won't care if you tell them that there are starving children in Africa, but they will care if their own child is starving. This little tidbit is completely realistic.
    • Though, there's the theory that Will Afton used to be a nice man until his daughter's death was his Start of Darkness. Afton's formal attitude and love for his daughter probably came BEFORE he became a villain. He gives a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds vibe, doesn't he?
  • There's a big hint that Eggs Benedict isn't Mr. Afton; the latter doesn't play fair when it comes to the animatronics. He's a Combat Pragmatist and takes pride in it, while Eggs follows the instructions given to him in the game instead of cheating unless you figure out how to get to the Fake Ending. In the third game the Purple Man sneaks up on the animatronics and dismantles them from the back, utilizing the Secret Rooms and a purple Freddy suit. It's very likely that Afton would know the Sister Location inside out and not trust any of the AI voices that he hears, instead heading straight for the Secret Room.
  • This game implies that the girl's room in FNAF 4 belonged to Afton's daughter, which means that the Crying Child and the Big Brother Bully were her siblings. They say that abuse is cyclical, and that kids learn abusive behaviors from their parents. So the big brother was emulating from his father what he thought was correct behavior, which explains why he was such a huge jerk, and why the Crying Child was forced to go to the Freddy's location against his will. The only way that they're different is that the older brother apologizes.
    • Why the Crying Child could be afraid of the animatronics but not the toys. One of them ate their sister. Which makes his brother's Jump Scares more dickish in-universe.
    • History Repeats: Mr. Afton got his daughter killed by creating an animatronic built for that purpose. Afton's son gets his brother killed by shoving him inside Golden Freddy's mouth. Seeing that her room is empty, we can assume that she died first.
    • Think about it. Mr. Afton lost TWO children at the hands of the animatronics. That's got to scar a parent for life.
    • Not to mention the implications of 'Eggs' being Michael Afton, the unfavorite son who was probably sent to die by William. Could this status be due to his role in his little brother's death?
  • Why did the Crying Child flatline? Because Mr. Afton, due to spending his money on the animatronics, didn't have enough to keep his son on life support indefinitely.
    • Overlapping with Fridge Horror, there may be a reason we don't see the older brother's fate after the fourth game: Mr. Afton read him the riot act for getting his younger brother killed.
  • Why would Afton return to destroy the animatronics in the shut-down Freddy's before FNAF 3 if he already had a patsy take the fall for his murders? Especially when the animatronics displayed such bizarre, murderous behavior? Because he didn't know about the ghosts at all. He thought that the animatronics were developing their AI enough to act on a version of his child-hunting programming. Without the company to cover everything up, eventually somebody would notice and naturally start asking questions about their creator. He knew it was only a matter of time before somebody managed to link their murderous behavior to him, exposing his serial killer nature. That or the bots themselves would come for him. Either way, he had to eliminate them to keep himself free. So he decided to use his understanding of their limitations and an old suit to take them out as soon as they were unguarded. Unfortunately for him, the real source of the problem was far deeper than some malfunctioning machinery and he got his just desserts.
  • If The Purple Man and FNAF 4's protagonist are related, he lost his son to an animatronic, lost his daughter to an animatronic, and his other son became scooped. Fate was not kind to his family. You don't know what we've been through, indeed.
  • It may seem out of the blue that there are most likely two "Purple Guys" running around, but this isn't without precedence. There are two main sprites for Purple Guy in FNaF 2. One is shown in the Give Cake and Foxy minigames in FNaF 2, where he clearly kills a child in the former and is happily looking upon his handiwork in the latter. This one ends up inside Springtrap. The other sprite is the one who stops Freddy in FNaF 2, saying "You Can't". The "You Can't" Purple Guy is never shown killing children, only opposing the animatronics. These two sprites may represent different characters. The former is William Afton, a definite child murderer who deserves the animatronics' wrath; the other is Michael Afton, whose only "crimes" are doing his father's dirty work and providing the reason the animatronics go after night guards.

The Immortal and the Restless

  • There are some parallels with the vampire soap opera and with the story of Circus Baby and Mr. Afton:
    • Vlad refuses to admit that he fathered a child, even though the baby has his skin color and habits. Mr. Afton created Circus Baby based on his daughter, but now he's left her to rot in the Circus Baby basement, to be shocked and forced to perform for no audience.
    • Vlad's son wreaks havoc in his mother's house and at the daycare. Circus Baby killed a girl by accident and at night manipulates the security guard into helping her and the other animatronics escape.
    • In the Fake Ending, Vlad and Clara reconcile, but they don't address their bigger problems like the child support, or her cat getting traumatized. Eggs escapes in the Fake Ending and is fired with a severance package that included exotic butters, but Mr. Afton is still on the loose, Ennard is in Eggs's house, and the two technicians will remain vanished from the lore.
  • With the Custom Night cutscenes now providing a full context to the main story, the words "Immortal" and "Restless" apply to Mr. Afton more than ever.

Fridge Horror

  • In the private room, there's a Fredbear toy holding a walkie talkie right next to security monitors that monitor the FNAF4 house. This means Afton may have been using the Fredbear toys to monitor his son and, knowing his son trusted the Fredbear toys, he may have been using them to talk to him while pretending to be Fredbear so he could manipulate him. When a probably hallucinated Fredbear said "You know what he'll do if he finds you.", he may have been referring to something Afton made up to scare his son away from the restaurant so he wouldn't be killed by an animatronic. Alternatively, it's possible the kid saw his dad shoving a kid into an animatronic & thought he'd do the same to him if he found him there. Ironically, without all of these fears, the kid wouldn't have died the way he did.
  • Night 4 has "Eggs Benedict" trapped inside a springlocked suit. That in itself is rather disturbing. But, think about it for a moment. Why and how would such a device be in what's supposed to be a brand new establishment? Then you remember the animatronics (and possibly other aspects of the facility) were designed by William Afton himself. He of all people would know firsthand just how dangerous such an item can be.
  • A bit of retrospective Fridge Horror with a touch of Fridge Tear-Jerker. Night 3 has Baby tell an incident where she lures a little girl into a private area via the prospect of ice cream and ends up murdering her. She then explains that she was unable to control her actions, doesn't understand why she did it, and is remorseful for her actions. Now, this is the second time an Animatronic unwittingly harmed a child. The first time? The Bite of '83. In other words, it's possible that Fredbear from FNAF 4 was also completely aware of what he had done but was unable to stop it.
    • That might explain why Fredbear just slammed his mouth down hard enough to crush a kid's skull instead of just harmlessly nibble on him.
  • If one believes that Baby was genuinely kind and protective of you before Night 5, Ennard's existence has an extra layer of tragedy. Baby states that she understands how to "pretend", presumably, how to remain docile and innocent when people are watching. This seems much like how the animatronics in other games act relatively docile during the day. It's heavily implied that the other animatronics, particularly Ballora, never learned to behave themselves during the day. With all that in mind, consider this: Ennard is the combination of all of the Circus Baby animatronics. This combination could also apply to their A.I. In other words, by Night 5, the Baby that we know is now assimilated into the personalities of the homicidal, violent animatronics, which translates to her warm nature being used to manipulate Eggs Benedict and lure him to his death. "Why didn't you trust me?" may very well demonstrate her inability to cope with her murderous new existence.
    • Or maybe Baby's voice asking that means that Ennard doesn't understand why you didn't do what it wanted. You listened to Baby the whole time, trusted her that she truly wants to keep you safe. But when Ennard takes her voice in an attempt to get you to the Scooping Room, you ignore that trusted voice, leaving the machine puzzled why its plan failed. This would gibe with Ennard's seemingly psychopathic personality — a psychopath considers humans to be much like machines, in that you push the right buttons and get what you want. He pushed the right buttons, but you didn't obey.
  • Why is an animatronic like Baby, who was made to resemble a small child and is typically portrayed as such in promotional media, so enormous? A very simple answer; If she was the size of an actual child, she wouldn't be able to fit any children in herself.
  • On Night 2, when re-appropriating power throughout the facility, you have a notably extensive map that you never get to fully cover. Nothing new in this series, but then you enter the code 1 9 8 3 in the Private Room keypad and see rooms from the fourth game's house, which everyone thought was merely a coma dream. Look at that map again. It has rooms off to the side that correlate to that very house, as well as the pizzeria during the flashback minigames that The Child had to wander through. You're in nothing more than a secret, expanded facility to the original pizzeria.
    • This has even worse implications given that the animatronics are fully capable of kidnapping children and carrying them inside. Those stomach-mouths on certain Nightmare animatronics were bad enough before, but now it's clear that the children weren't just being murdered — they were put here, out of sight and sound from friends and family, for mysterious purposes only Afton and, potentially, the Fazbear company know about. Which has unsettling implications for what The Child went through and where he went. This could also go some lengths to partially explaining why bodies were found in the animatronics originally beyond efficiently sickening stowaway spots.
  • Remember how in Ennard's teaser image, there was info in the source code about each of the animatronics' names? If Ennard was just made out of the parts of the already existing animatroics, then who was the Out of Order character on the list?
    • Chica, since there isn't an obvious Chica equivalent?
  • In the trailer, the Madness Mantra is being whispered by a young girl with a British accent. In game, something very bad happened to a certain little girl with a British accent...
  • Ennard claims while posing as Baby that Ballora was against the plan and is afraid of the Scooping Room. Did Ballora actually agree to becoming Ennard, if we can believe the latter, or did she get forced into being scooped due to Ennard's control?
  • What killed the technicians? Did they commit suicide after helping to rescue you, or did the animatronics get them and made their deaths look like an accident? The latter theory has some support if you consider that Handy says things are fine when you see their bodies hanging from the platforms; it could be that Handy judges that if there is weight on the platform, then everything is fine.
    • ...but how do hanging corpses put weight on the platform...?
      • It's just as likely that Hand Unit simply looks for the base features of the animatronic without sensing weight. This is supported by Ballora on Night 3 given that she's being held up in pieces by Minireenas, and thus is minus her endoskeleton, though it doesn't answer how he repeatedly misses the absence of first Circus Baby and then Funtime Foxy from their respective stages.
    • Why didn't Ennard manipulate those technicians into getting scooped? Did the technicians know better than to get lured into the Scooping Room, and got killed for their defiance?
  • For whatever reason, Ennard chose you. They killed the guards and put them there to make Hand Unit think everything is ok with the auditoriums and also cut him off whenever it tries to warn you about restricted areas. There's a slight chance that Hand Unit could have put the place in lockdown if it determined that some animatronics were missing, and that would have ruined Ennard's plans. There's also a chance that Ennard is lying about Ballora, since when you arrive at the scooping room, you find out she's already been scooped. Markiplier had the perfect reaction for this; if Ballora has been scooped, then who have they been hiding from in the darkness? And if Baby has already been scooped, then who was guiding them around? It was all Ennard at that point.
    • FNAF World's ending has Scott warn us that he created something horrible named Baby that he can't deactivate. Now, assuming that Baby was going to become Ennard and escape in a meatsuit all along that probably can't be deactivated... he was right.
  • While the room of the child in the previous game is being monitored and the implication that the Nightmare Animatronics were Real After All is scary enough, if one prescribes to the theory that the crying child is Afton's son, with the animatronics designed to help abduct and kill children, the thought that the Nightmare animatronics were being tested on the poor boy makes the horror even worse. With this in mind, one must wonder if his daughter's accident was an accident. Guess that makes Afton a bigger monster than previously thought.
  • Assuming that Ennard does indeed get "exorcised" by Michael's spirit, the conglomerate parts of the Sister Location crew are still at large, appear to be able to function on their own. Where do they go?
    • Pizzeria Simulator confirms that they really are still at large, having molded into Molten Freddy. They kick Baby out, though, as they blame her for the failure of the plan.
  • The Custom Night becomes even more terrifying if one thinks of it another way. If "Eggs Benedict" is a different person from Afton, then that means something very terrible has just happened. Now, we have two Purple Guys. And, if that's not bad enough, Ennard is likely going to be searching for a new victim to use as a suit. What kind of a Crapsack World does this franchise take place in where there's a(n) undead serial killer trapped in a mechanical rabbit suit (Springtrap AKA Afton), a body-stealing robotic endoskeleton (Ennard), and now a new undead ("Eggs Benedict"). It suddenly makes the prospect of being stuck working with haunted Animatronics trying to kill oneself the less horrifying choice.
  • The name on the HandUnit is not a mistake, or even a continuity nod. "Mike" is Michael Afton, the son of William Afton. There are two Purple Men in the games: one is the child murderer William...while the other is his innocent son, who just wanted to free his sister. The man who gets scooped by Ennard to make room for themselves.
  • The return of Springtrap as well as Michael's monologue brings back memories of a certain quote in 3's early phases. I am still here...
  • Following the "different sprites for different characters" theory, the second Purple Man, Michael Afton, may not be responsible for the murders themselves. However, he is by no means innocent. When Freddy is being led by the Puppet to save the kids in the 1987 location, Michael intervenes. It's open to interpretation whether he did it out of malice, if he was just performing his night guard duties, or if he knew what Freddy wanted and was trying to tell him that it was too late. Nevertheless, there are children's corpses scattered around the establishment, something he should have reported. The corpses are positioned right in the camera systems' blind spots. In other words, even if Michael was innocent, he was covering for his father. From what little we know of him, it seems like he doesn't have anything against children, and would actually rather help them than hurt them. So, what kind of psychological grip could William Afton have had on his son to make him do all these things, potentially throwing his own reputation into question?
  • The tagline of "You don't know what we've been through," applies not just to the animatronics, but Eggs Benedict. AKA Michael Afton, who at the very least has been scooped. And that's not counting theories that he's also Mike Schmidt and/or the bully brother from FNAF 4. We really had no idea of his suffering before the final cutscene.
  • If you choose to believe that Michael is Eggs, the Crying Child's brother, and Mike Schmidt, his entire life becomes either this or a type of Black Comedy. As a kid, he loses two of his siblings to the animatronics, one of which was because of his own behavior (which he may have gotten from his sociopath father). As an adult, he spends a lot of time working at his father's restaurants, risking his life and getting fired, only to be brought back. He may have been forced into helping his father kill children at the restaurant. Baby then manipulates him into getting his skin ripped off and used by Ennard. And he lives, however rotten his body is now. He then spends who knows how long living in the shadows (as his monologue in the Custom Night cutscene indicates) as spirits of his father's murdered children hunt him because of his resemblance to his father. You really can't be a bigger Butt-Monkey than a large section of the franchise being your Body Horror-filled Trauma Conga Line.
  • Eggs being Michael Afton would make his unquestioning obedience even more terrifying if you consider this. His father is a serial killer. People like that tend to be sociopaths and are very good at manipulating others to do their bidding. And, there's also the likelihood that Mr. Afton either mentally or physically abused Mike into submission. It suddenly makes tragic horrifying sense why "Eggs Benedict" is so loyal to a fault.
    • Face it, Michael's life is pretty awful. His sister disappears and no one knows where she went. Then in a moment of stupidity, he gets his little brother horribly injured, and tears his family apart. It's no wonder that he follows his father's orders unquestioningly; look at what happened the last time he acted out. Not only does he have to mourn his brother's death and also deal with the guilt of killing him, but his father most likely psychologically traumatised him into being more obedient. He then finds out his sister is dead and restless and tries to help save her, and ends up dying horribly and is forced to watch Ennard piloting his body around, probably destroying his life in the process. When he finally takes control of his body back, it's irreversibly decayed to the point of terrifying everyone who sees him and the one person who could have helped him, his father, has gone missing. Michael has lost his entire family and has no way of supporting himself. If he shows his face to anyone, he would be feared and possibly taken away to be investigated. So he has to live in the shadows, possibly even homeless, and try and come to terms with the fact that his beloved father saw him as expendable and was willing to kill him if necessary, and finding out all the atrocities his father committed, and it still paints a sad life for Michael.
  • Thanks to the fans, the music that plays during the final Springtrap cutscene is now available without Michael's narration. There are a few minor details that are likely to be overlooked in the game itself. There is some ambient noise at the beginning of the piece that sounds a lot like distant sirens. This indicates that the Fazbear's Fright fire was sudden, consumed the building, and largely extinguished itself before firemen could arrive at the scene. It's bad enough that Springtrap could find a space to escape the literal explosion that occurred that morning, much less what could have happened to the poor night guard, but the real kicker comes in just before the main music begins. A slow, labored, out-of-tune music box plays El Toreador somewhere in the wreckage. The animatronics are just a bunch of parts now. Keep in mind, of course, that we have absolutely no time stamp on the children's Happiest Day, and the Good Ending may not be canon, or at least, hasn't happened yet.
  • Now that we know that William Afton has had at least two (and possibly up to three) children, that means that he was once either married or in a relationship with someone. Three things come to mind: one, since we never see any sign of this woman, what happened to her? Two, since every single known family of his has not enjoyed a happy life, what tragedy has befallen her (besides the death/maiming/social outcasting/general depravity of her own family)? Three, if even a despicable man like Mr. Afton loved his daughter enough to protect her from his own evil plans, then could he have loved someone even closer than a daughter, and could her loss have been the catalyst for the mess that drives this series?
  • Even though the timeline surrounding FNAF 4 and Sister Location is a pretty jumbled mess (as both games have evidence that the other game precedes it), if Sister Location comes after FNAF 4, then we have an interesting take on the "Nightmare animatronics are real" theory: that they were the prototypes for the Sister Location animatronics. William Afton may have tested his creations on the Child protagonist to monitor their effectiveness. A problem arose when the Child kept his wits and got through the nights. Because of these results, Mr. Afton figured that he should focus on making machines that appear innocent and lure children to their deaths, rather than being outright malicious.
  • It is entirely possible to interpret the death of Afton's daughter as an act of premeditated murder on Afton's part. In the first place, since we're playing as Michael Afton, anything in the main story that could be interpreted as love for the girl is either a brother's love for his lost sister (which is almost certainly the case), or Baby misidentifying Michael for his father, and thus misinterpreting his motivations. In the second place, everything we know about the events leading up to the girl's death can be seen as Afton Sr. manipulating his daughter to visit Baby when they are alone. He first discourages her from seeing Baby, planting a forbidden fruit mentality in his daughter. He refuses to explain his reasons to his daughter, who has a noticeable persistent streak, and who rightly points out that all the other kids are getting to go (a circumstance which would have kept her safe, which Afton knew). He also seems to let her see Baby from a distance, as she can point out Baby's features (and Afton didn't tell her, because why would she tell him what he already knows?) This child is the kind of child who will disobey her father if she doesn't see a good reason to listen to him, and there is no reason Afton would not have known that. He's not above manipulating his other kid into some absolutely terrible situations, and since he's killing kids anyway, there's no reason, sadistic as it is, that even his daughter is exempt.
  • The eyes of Baby in the newest teaser look suspiciously like a higher res version of the eyes you would see starting up FNAF World for the first time...
  • Now that Scott has basically confirmed that William Afton is the one inside Springtrap, Michael's final speech must be referring to his experience in this game. This means that the Circus Baby animatronics at first couldn't place his identity, but soon assumed that he was his father. That gives certain details of Michael's experience a new, sinister context. Baby's speech/backstory on Night 3 is possibly directed to who she thinks is her creator, and thus asking "why did that happen" is a desperate attempt at getting an answer from the person who made her kill Michael's sister. After Night 3, she begins to lose the kindness that she had shown up to that point, insulting Michael and slightly taunting him when he is trapped inside the springlock suit. By Night 5, she's ready to kill him. It's possible that she only lets you live that whole week because she wanted to know if William Afton truly did design them to kill, or if it was just an accident. By Night 5, she's certain that William never intended on helping them, and goes forward with the plan to kill him, but gets Michael instead. Add the possibility that she's partly influenced by the spirit of Afton's daughter, and it becomes even worse.
  • The image of Baby thrashing around at the end of the teaser, with her endoskeleton exposed; a common theory is that this is her receiving a "controlled shock," but consider this: remember the teaser for Part 3, with what we thought was simply a twitching Spring Bonnie slumped on the floor? One of the minigames would reveal that we were seeing one of the game's plot points - William Afton, aka Purple Guy, locked inside Springtrap and thrashing in his death throes. One of this game's minigames shows Baby killing Afton's daughter...could that shot of Baby in the teaser be her in "kill" mode?


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